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somewhat noob, rate my team


skarmory: (impish)leftovers,6speed,252 def,252 hp(phys wall)
-ariel ace

gengar: (modest)razor claw?,6hp,252spa,252speed(sp sweeper/hazer)
-shadow ball

lucario: (modest)choice scarf?,6hp,252 spa,252 speed(sp sweeper)
-aura sphere
-dragon pulse
-dark pulse
-extreeme speed

blastoise: (calm)leftovers,252spd, 152hp,106spa(spinner,coolness)
-rapid spin
-ice beam
-mirror coat/protect

tyranitar: (adament)leftovers,252hp,252 atk,6def(wall killer)
-focus punch
-thunder fang(for skarm)

garchomp: (adament)choice band,252atk,252speed,6hp(phys sweeper)
-fire fang/dragon dance
-dragon claw

what do you think? critisize all you want, cept dont be too harsh on blastoise cuz i already know...lol...i jus wanted somthing that wasnt overused...oh and i need help with the right items to put on people....and blastoises last move...mabe even toxic or earthquake....what do u think?
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