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Song of Jigglypuff (045)


Shinx <3
I remember this episode. Jigglypuff was truly one of my favourite pokemon because of the way it acted. It doesn't even know it's luring people to sleep and it gets mad at them :) Awww Kanto eps were truly original. Jiggy's first appearance also!


Hehe, did'nt Jiggly realized that?


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i wish she came back 2 the show...
I have jigglyppuffs song on a burnt cd. in my car. i admit it! lol. ooh and team rockets song too. man this was a good episode.
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Very funny and good episode, nice seeing Jigglypuff's first appearance again. I thought Misty really stood out in this episode even though it really wasn't about her. TR's song was very good on par with "TR Rocking.", also Jessie and James look better as rockers then they do in in their TR outfits. It's nice that Jigglypuff becomes a semi recurring character after this.
I just watched this episode today on my Kanto series boxset and after not seeing it in many years, really enjoyed it. I hope Jigglypuff returns to the anime soon.


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I wish Jigglypuff would return to the show. Seeing this episode makes me miss it more and more.


I really liked this episode a lot because it's Jigglypuff's first appearance.

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This episode was really funny,and you could say that even if Jigglypuff was star of this episode Misty had a good part of role while trying to teach him to sing.This was Jigglypuffs first appearance along with many others and it was definitely worth watching.I also like how team rocket sang a song for a change instead of their usual moto reciting and it was nice to see them dressed as rockers.

Too bad we dont see Jigglypuff anymore because he was pretty funny back than.


oh yeah this was the first episode featuring clefairy if i'm not mistaken, it's a long time i watched this episode.

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I bet they regretted helping Jigglypuff to start singing, because it became a stalker lol.

I do feel sorry for it though, i think Whismur and it's evolutions came a little too late for poor Jigglypuff, then it could have had someone to listen to the full song.


So far, I liked this episode a little bit. I found it weird that the people in a non-sleeping town never slept at all! They stay awake causing too much trouble!
Sleeping is good for everyone! If we had no rest then we'd feel a bit cranky, which is not a good thing. At least Jigglypuff saved them by making them fall asleep and making them feel a lot happier than ever.


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Since when did kanto have a desert that magically turns back into a forest later 0 . o
other than that it was a good episode.


I LOVED this episode! It was the very first Pokemon episode I ever got on VHS & I watched over & over again at least 5 times :]


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I quite liked this episode, actually. Trying to find people to listen to Jigglypuff, and Psyduck falling asleep with its eyes open... haha.

I'm actually glad that the people of Neon Town got a good night's rest. This episode taught me that staying up late makes you grumpy. Seriously. Pokémon teaches life lessons, kids.


Good filler.

Jigglypuff was cute. i loved it.

And Misty was mean. she was trying to hute it.