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Song of Jigglypuff (045)


Good filler.

It wasn't actually Filler though, since Jigglypuff debuted.

I liked it. The whole thing about a city where the people never sleep reminded me of Vegas. I liked how Team Rocket changed their motto to a song.

Overall, I kinda wished that Jigglypuff would've gone with Ash and Co. instead of following them and randomly appearing in places, 6/10


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This episode wasn't my absolute favorite but it was acceptable, since Jigglypuff was in it, sang, got mad, and drew on everyone, it cracks me up everytime I see it xD Makes me kinda wonder why I have not seen a lot of Jiggly lately, I definately would not mind seeing another Jigglypuff episode again. This one was ok, just not the best one with Jiggly in it... ~


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Didn't really like this episode. This was where Jigglypuff debuted, and started a string of episodes where Jigglypuff interupted episodes... It is funny when it draws on everybody though. It was great seeing the crazy town people be upbeat after finally getting to sleep again.



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Jigglypuff was such a funny Pokemon! I loved how everyone would fall asleep when it sang, and how it would then go and draw all over everyone's faces. The drawings were all really funny and made the characters look strange. Psyduck sleeping with its eyes open was one of the best moments in this episode IMO, I didn't understand how that was possible! I also liked how Jigglypuff would puff up like a balloon when it got mad because I liked how it looked fat. :p

I kinda wish I had a Jigglypuff in real life. Maybe its singing would cure my insomnia. ^^


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I love Jigglypuff and how it just pops out of nowhere in future episodes. I also like how they gave Jigglypuff an attitude and it just draws on everyone's face. I agree with Aquarelle that Psyduck sleeping with it's eyes open was one of the more funnier scenes. It's so silly. ;3 Jigglypuff's angry face is so ftw!
Funny episode, and a good first appearance for Jigglypuff. It was funny to see when Jigglypuff became angry because everyone fell asleep, and then Psyduck stays awake and still angers Jigglypuff. This is a cool, funny, enjoyable and rewatchable Kanto episode, just like every Kanto episode. 9/10, I was considering a 10, but there are better episodes than this.


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Jigglypuff's debut. This episode was hilarious, Jiggly's face expressions and so cute how Misty wanted to catch it. I liked how affectionate it was to her.
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That Team Rocket song was epic lol! And don't I occasionally enjoy a fourth wall breaking. The running gag with Jigglypuff in my own opinion, was hilarious. It was a smart move [SPOIL] to get rid off it when Hoenn started. It would else drag on for far too long and would've resulted in massive complaints like what happened when Team Rocket's motto became repetitive and the makers decided to give them a newer version [/SPOIL]

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One of the greatest episodes of the show. Introduces one of the best characters ever.


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This was the first episode I saw, and it holds up well.
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And this is the beginning of the Reign of Jigglypuff. I'm glad Misty didn't capture it. But, it was good to see her use Staryu to try to catch it. Sucks that she didn't use Starmie instead.


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This was a medicore episode tbh. I thought the idea of a town where people NEVER sleeps was stupid, I mean...seriously? A town where Everyone stays awake all the time? Meh.
Also, This is the episode where an annoying recurring Pokémon Jigglypuff debuted! After Ash, Misty and Brock helped her become a 'singer', she started stalking Ash's group and appeared in various episodes.....putting people to sleep with her song. After then, Jigglypuff putting Ash and the others to sleep and scribbling on their faces became a repetitive running gag.

The only thing I liked about this episode was Team Rocket singing.
Thus begins the I-can't-recall-how-many-episodes long Jigglypuff gag.

Since when did kanto have a desert that magically turns back into a forest later 0 . o

I was thinking something (I guess not so) like this.
I was wondering where that forest suddenly came from?
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Seeing Ash and friends in an actual desert at the start was pretty cool imo. I love how rude the residents of Neon Town were as well; they're my kind of people. I actually felt bad for Jigglypuff having problems singing here and I could at least tolerate her. Also, Team Rocket's rocker outfits at the end looked so good; they should've kept them imho.

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Loved it because it was Jigglypuff's debut (the Jigglypuff that followed Ash until AG). It was nice and funny that when Jigglypuff put its audience to sleep, they had their faces scribbled on, and something like that happened a lot of times after this episode. Misty teaching Jigglypuff how to sing was nice, too.

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Thus begins the I-can't-recall-how-many-episodes long Jigglypuff gag.

Lol I didn't mind Jigglypuff as much here even tho his singing gag originated in this episode. I just thought Jigglypuff was cute especially when it put the city folk to sleep. Also I really liked Team rocket's theme song.


The city people were just rude as hell and I got Las Vegas vibes from Neon Town. Jigglypuff's debut needed more excitement.