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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood [RPG]


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Remember the last time a platforming mascot made a turn-based RPG with a quircky art style?

It was fantastic. With no inherent faults in the concept, developer or play style, I'll probably give this a whirl.
I've yet to see Bioware make a really bad game, so I'll stay optimistic about this. Of course, even if I wasn't, a lot of you are blowing it out of proportion.

Though I hope 'Shade' is just a development name and will be changed eventually.


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I'm cautiously optimistic.
In a series with a recurring character named "Shadow," you'd complain about this?
Both are hilariously bad names, but I'd expect Bioware to have more sense than to name a character 'Shade', while I already know that Sonic Team went off the deep end a long time ago.


Both are hilariously bad names, but I'd expect Bioware to have more sense than to name a character 'Shade', while I already know that Sonic Team went off the deep end a long time ago.
I doubt that Bioware is the one behind making the names.

Of course, its pretty much gotta be SonicTEAMs thing to name characters and all that stuff.


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What has BioWare done to my favorite Hedgehog?! RPGs doesn't suit Sonic at all. The only good games Sonic makes are the 3D Sonic games.
And there we have Dattebayo's usual "make one post and run like hell" tactic.

****ing idiot.

Anyways, the title alone has made me VERY wary of this. This is why the Sonic series is considered as a joke these days. EVERYONE keeps trying to play it off as a serious series when what made Sonic so great was that it didn't require a "deep dark story." As Gravy mentioned, the SMB series doesn't take itself serious. Hence why there's very few bad Mario games compared to Sonic games.

I do like how BioWare has opted NOT to make clone characters or characters with Sonic-style shoes and the usual furry character fandom crap. I don't like how the background smells of the old SatAM/Archie Comics Sonic setting.

I'll keep an eye on it, but I'm going to be very skeptical about it.
Got me some more images.

The rest I found was the whole Nintendo Power article on it.

Oddly, she reminds me a bit of Midna from Twilight Princess.

But yeah... another new Sonic character. Didn't see this one coming.
THat suspiciously looks like Nights.(Can't write it properly)




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This is interesting.
I don't get why Rave 77 saying that it ripping of Zelda. Shade look more like a evil verison of the Nights character.

It seem some of y'all don't like the archie comic idea. SaTAM fans will like the game.


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Well I scanned my copy of the magazine and sent it to my brother. Anyway, this game looks really awesome to me, too bad it won't be out till Fall, that's so far away :(


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I like the idea of a sonic RPG because it would seem like it would give me more play time then other sonic games that came be beat in a couple sit downs. And if Mario could pull off ton of good RPG I don't know why sonic couldn't. From what I see it looks like a great game so far and there are loop-de-loops in it and that makes me happy. I will defely get this when it comes out in fall