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Sonic the dark Chaos

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by ashds, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Sonic the dark Chaos
    Long ago there was an evil scientist named Dr. Ivo Robotnik. he lived a planet called Earth the very same planet he was hell bent on ruling, but there were heroes that stood in his way their names were Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow and Sonic. They have battled against Dr. Robotnik, or better know to them as Eggman. Many times the Doc was beaten but he kept on trying. Creating a robotic army of clones but with the help of the seven chaos emeralds he finally died, however there was one robot that was able to break the seven chaos emeralds thus destroying there power. This robot was also able to drain the power of the Master Emerald making him even more powerful.

    Using his new powers he destroyed Sonic and the others and did what his master never could do: rule the earth. His name was Metal Naizl, but there were people who refused to bow down to there new ruler. So as an outcome, a war has begun between the rebels and Metal Naizl’s army. What was unknown to him was that although he destroyed the chaos emerald he did not destroy their power. Now their power lives in seven anthro’s.

    You are one of those anthro’s. You have the ability to do things that would need a chaos emerald in order to accomplish. You are also a new rebel recruit with six other anthro’s. Your job is too work with those six other anthro’s and liberate the zones under Metal Naizl’s control. You have been chosen because of your and the other anthro’s special talents. The Zones are Green hill Zone, Fire city Zone, swamp lake Zone, Golden Kingdom Zone, Black Valley Zone and many others. Along the way you all must learn to master your chaos powers and beat Metal Naizl with the other chosen ones


    Matt woke up one morning he looked out the window it was sunny he got out of his red bed grabed his sword and left he apartment he walked down the street of a town called Metal Wood town. When he was on the outskirts he saw just the tree he was looking for it was different to the other trees because the other trees were made out of metal but this one was wood. Matt stroked the middle of the wood tree he then turned around and saw some stair leading downwards into the ground.

    Matt walked down those stairs untill he came to a door. Matt opened that and he saw a huge ring of metal going a round a metal tower. Matt then looked at his feet and saw he was standing on one of those metal rings "Hey you" Matt heard someone say to him a look up and saw a hedghog that was a bit bigger than him but purple not red, black and bule "Are you here for the misson" the purple hedghog said "Yes" Matt replyed "Ok I want you to wait here for the others" he said "Ok" Matt said and stood there
  2. Nuts the squirrel was enjoying his unusually peaceful morning. In the region where he lived, curiously there were no villains and crooks. Nuts really loved fights and battles, but at times the gore tired his soul.

    Nuts got up and realized that there was a mission for him to do. Rapidly grabbing his whirler, he got out of his cosy bed in the treehouse and went to this "Metal Wood" town. When he got there, a huge wooden tree, unlike all the metal ones in the town. He raced towards it gleefully.

    When he got there, a curious hedgehog was outside.
    "Hi!" said Nuts. "You are?"
    "Matt" said the hedgehog simply, but kindly.
    "Nice to meet you Matt, my name's Nuts."
    Then a purple hedgehog called out.
    "Are you here for the mission as well?"
    "Uh-huh." said Nuts
    "Stay there and wait for the others then."
    And Nuts waited
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2008
  3. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    As Hollo wakes up early, he realizes he has a mission to attend. He grabs his broadsword and mother's crystal
    and heads out to Metal Wood town. His father remains in his dreams...

    When he arrives, he already sees two hedgehogs and a squirrel.

    "Are you one of us?" the purple hedgehog asks
    "Yes" Hollo replies.
    "Good, stay here and wait for the others.
    Hollo decides to meet the other hedgehog and squirrel
    "Hey, Im Matt" the other hedgehog says
    "I'm Nuts, Nice to meet you" the squirrel says
    "...-smiles- Hi im Hollo, nice to meet you too"
    " I guess we wait for the others." Hollo says.
    Hollo decides to listen to their thoughts..-crystal MINDREAD!-
    Matt's thoughts: I hope the others arrive soon
    Nuts' thoughts: I can't wait for bloody,gory fun!

    Hollo sighs... and then waits..
  4. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Gilvo was up at dawn doing his daily training outside in the bamboo thickets near Green Hill zone as usual when he recieved mail from a passing news person. He said that it was for him and him only as it was from the rebels. Not very happy about being recruited, he read through the mail and saw inside with the mail, a little cash gift along with a note. The note read, "We know that you don't want to really join in the war effort, but we need you and your abilities to help defeat Metal Naizl. We have enclosed with this letter, one hundred dollars to help pay for your equipments. Also, please note that you will be working with six others that are gifted as you are."

    Not really enthusiastic about it, but not going to turn it down, he walked into his house and strapped two katanas to his back and walked out of the house and locked the door. He walked towards Metal Woods and found three already there. He sighed as they saw him coming towards them, but he put on a smile and when he got to them said, "So... You're the ones I'll have to work with you hm?"

    He didn't really wait for an answer and went to the nearest tree and leaned against it while he waited for the rest to show up
  5. Adohikai

    Adohikai Regi Trainer

    (Ok guys, don't Bunny. Which means taking control of another character. Just don't do it...)

    There was a war going on away from the group, a battle in Crisis Town. There were Rebel soldiers, ducking behind cover, with their Assault Rifles, blind firing over the wrecked cars and rubble, to avoid upcoming bullets. The GUN Soldiers were firing, pinning the Rebel soldiers down behind cover.

    There was another soldier, one that stood out over the others, he was...strange, for one, he was a Hedgehog. He jumped over the cover, holding a Lancer Assault rifle, the engineer's improvedo n the bayonet design quite a bit with the Lancer model, a chainsaw rather then a knife, little more effective. The Hedgehog jumped over the GUN cover, and started firing with extremely precise accuracy. 3 Headshots, even with the recoil, GUN Soldiers littered the floor, the captain aimed his pistol at the Hedgehog, who dissappeared, and reappeared behind him. Before he could react, the chainsaw was revved, and cutting through the unfortunate captains spinal column.

    The hedgehog returned to the Rebel soldiers quarters, after saving them.
    "Captain Ashura, you were great out there, you saved us." said the Rebel Captain.
    "It was no problem, sir. They were all pathetic. A disgrace to Soldiers." Ashura stated, as if it were a fact. "Ashura, we had a transmission for you, something about a mission, you will have to go to Metal Wood Town." the Captain said to his Hedgehog friend. Ashura nodded, and grabbed an arsenal of fire arms. Including, but not limited to, a Lancer Assault Rifle, and a Gnasher Shotgun.

    Ashura then set off for Metal Wood town. He arrived upon the town, the ground was made of Steel Alloy, something Ashura knew well, being based in Crisis Town, he had to use it to make more ammo. Ashura found the stair case, and walked down it. He arrived, to see a purple hedgehog,
    "I am Ashura, captain of the Rebel Soldiers based in Crisis Town, i am a veteran at war, and i, am at your service."
  6. the blade of light

    the blade of light im really sorry

    the sea was placid as the afternon went on a single boat was out on the ocean its content a crimson hedgehog named gan ning. "so a land at peace...its nice...but its not so fun" said gan ning. suddenly the boat shook men boarded gan nings ship. "ha i knew it couldent last for long!"*kicks up his sword ocean king* " all right im back in action". gan ning slashes at the largest man only to discover hes a robot. "robots eh? well then lets finish this!"*gan ning slashes all of the robots until they are destroyed*" better make for the main land....(to be continued)
  7. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra was kicking a rock near her home in Green Hill. She stops and looks up. "Why do wars have to happen?" she looks at her weapons on her black belt. "i'm lucky that i was taught almost everything i know from them..." she feels a feeling that she was being watched, so she got her gun and turned around. " Whos's there!? Show yourselfs!" she hears machines, so she switches her gun for her sword. The robot came out pouncing at her, but she sliced it in half. "stupid robot." she then returns to her home to attend to her hybrids. one of her favorite flowers was the one with the black and yellow flower she had. she tended to it and thought, 'boy, did Shadow like that Maria girl.' after she tended her flowers she decided to go to the ocean. (to be continued)
  8. the blade of light

    the blade of light im really sorry

    gan nings ship docked near a rocky cove he was trying to dicide what to do when gan ning heard a noise twoards the north
  9. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra kept walking and when she came to the coast, she saw a crimson hedgehog. she was trying to figure out if he were an enemy or not. 'well there's no other way to find out... looks like ill just have to stay here and wait if he sees me and says somethin.' she thought. so she came closer and sat down on the soft sand and started drawing in the sand. she was trying to draw the crimson hedgehog, so she kept lloking up at him and scooting a little.
  10. the blade of light

    the blade of light im really sorry

    "look out!" said gan ning. *throws sword at the other hedge hog but is really aiming a a robot
  11. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    "Ahhh!" Alondra ducked and turned around to look that there was a robot there with the sword in it. she made a smile knowing that he was an allie. "Boy, am i glad your an allie!" She sits there as she waited for him to come to her. while she waits, she finishes the sand drawing of him. alondra then stands up and gets the hedgehog's sword. he is standing infront of her drawing looking down on it. She then walks over and hands the hedgehog his sword back. "Here you go!" she says he looks up from her drawing and accepts the sword(to be continued)
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2008
  12. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Keep posting single lines like that and this RPG will be closed for Christmas. Read the rules, 7 lines.
  13. the blade of light

    the blade of light im really sorry

    gan ning takes his sword and sheths it. "be glad i dont miss" gan ning goes and inspects the fallen robot. "what do you make of this"? gan ning points to a small insignia on the robots exterior. "hmmm anyways this seems like a pretty week asassian bot whoever sent it must not consider you a true threat". mechanical moans can be heard from the robot. gan ning slashes at the head of the robot severing the head from the body
  14. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    "Assasiniation... Robot?!" Alodra looked at the hedgehog all tarified. " since when have i been such a, oh, wait... that robot i slashed this morning... that's probably why..." she buts her hand over her face, and thinks a while, when she noticed that she hadnt introduced herself. "Oh, sorry. i havnt introduced myself. My name is Alondra. The seedfox. What's yours?" she puts her hand out.
  15. Nuts was getting bored of Metal wood town. Just a little, but he had a very short straw of patience. He could wait a little while, but it was the third day since he'd got here and Nuts was very bored, understandably. He decided to draw on quick action and secaped the town for a day. I couldn't hurt to warm himself up, right?

    So he picked up his whirler and ran quickly to the gate. He saw the guards. As he hadn't come in legitemately, he yelled "Chaos Charge!!!" Nuts became a blur as he charged very fast through the gates. He called off the Chaos ability, and ran a little bit. He stopped abruptly as he saw a band of crooks. They were obviously crooks, and they were stealing from a little owl girl.
    "Come now darling, give us et"
    "Y-y-yes s-s-sir" she mumbled terrified.
    "Stop." said Nuts simply.
    "Can't tell you that. All I'll tell you is you'd better give that back now."
    "Ooh! A little freedom fighter, eh! Well, I'll have you know, the Red Bang clan don't stop at nothin'. Charge lads!!!!!!!"
    "Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-BANG!" the three yelled, charging.
    "Take that!" shouted Nuts, twirling his weapon skillfully as he killed one of them, a weasel.
    "Charlie! Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Yell pay, squirrel!"
    Nuts dodged to the side, skipping both lunges from the Clan leader, an ugly fox. The other one, another skinny weasel, took the opportunity and slashed at Nuts. Nuts saw it just in time and yelled "CHAOS WRATH!!!" quickly. The blow from the weasel missed, and Nuts switched to his final Chaos power, yelling "CHAOS RUSH!!!" as he brought down a killing blow on the weasel. The leader and he battled for a little while, and finally Nuts smashed the weapon and slew the fox. He picked up the little heling pouch and gave it back to the owl, before running off towards the beach. Nuts' plan for that day HAD been to wash in the sea, so he went ahead with it.

    When he got there, he hid behind a bush as he saw two animals, a hedgehog, and a type of fox, as Nuts didn't know much about others he didn't know which kind. Nuts stepped out towards them, slowly, so that they didn't see him at first.
  16. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt chose to follow Nuts to a beach he then saw a fellow hedge hog and some kind of fox. Matt walked up to them. And then out of the sea came a huge group of robot (they all look like E-101 v2 from sonic advence) Matt drew his sword one of the robots fried a missle at him.

    But Matt douged it and cut the robot in half. He then quickly put his sword away and said "Chaos Beam" two beam seven colored beams fired out of the palm of his hand which hit two more robots Matt then said to the other hedgehog and the type of fox "Hi I'm Matt nice to meet you" before running away with every bot following him.

    He lead them to a different part of the beach he then ran around in curcles on the sand he them yelled "Soinc Wind" a big sandy twister rose from the ground and picked up the robots Matt then stoped running and wait the twister will give me some time before backup come
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2008
  17. Adohikai

    Adohikai Regi Trainer

    Captain Ashura stepped onto the Metal ground of Metal Wood Town. He was ready to fight, and for his new mission, he had been fighting Metal Naizl's army for years with the Soldiers. This was nothing new to him, he had done special missions before. Upon arriving at the staircase, a Squirrel and a Hedgehog rushed passed him.

    Ashura didn't take it in, nor did he care, he just walked down the stair case, He got to the bottom, and was greeted by a purple hedgehog.
    "Hello There, you must be Captain Ashura, correct?" The Purple Hedgehog questioned.
    "I am, at your service, sir." Ashura answered, without a hint of emotion. Ashura was calm, and knew very well not to get involved in friendships or relationships in this time of war, he would treat everyone with the same cold, harsh stare. This was war, anybody could die at any moment, so it was best not to trust anyone.
    "So, sir...briefing?" Ashura asked, as the Purple Hedgehog laughed,
    "Await the others, once we have all gathered here, you will be briefed."

    (Nobody else better control my character, that means no making him say things, nothing. ONLY i control Ashura.)
  18. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    Gilvo saw what the other two were doing and just smirked. They were already trying to improve their special skills they said in the letter. Well, they can have their training, it was never enough no matter how much you train, its always different on the battlefield. He just simply followed after the black hedgehog who walked down the staircase.

    It was going to be a tough mission in his opinion as there was already too much difference in the people he was going to work with to form an effective strategy. In his opinion, two of them were all about destroy as much and advance as much as possible. The one that just walked in before he did, he couldn't quite place what he would do, but it seemed like he had deep hatred. Gilvo contemplated what he liked to do in terms of strategy.

    He liked to do all out assualt sometimes, but also liked advancing slowly and making sure everything was clear. He shook his head and just as he reached the bottom, he heard two different voices. He peaked around the corner and saw two hedgehogs, one purple and the one he had followed into the staircase. He decided to wait at the staircase and leaned against the wall and closed his eyes and waited for them to finish before he made his entrance.
  19. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    (Clover and blade careful with lines)(Please do not control any aspect of my character. Request it on a PM if you wanthim to say or do a certain thing)

    Hollo got bored of waiting. Matt,Nuts, and Ashura already had left.
    "Crystal Speed!"-dashes to the beach-
    on the way he was suddenly kicked in the back of the head.
    "Huh? what happened? ow, my head.."
    "You! what do you want on my turf?" a voice said.
    "Who's that?" Show yourself!"
    -A robot who looks like Shadow suddenly appears-
    "I am Shadow-1200 i have attained the power to slow time flow and stop you from moving
    so quickly" the robot replies
    "Ok then, Show me what you've got!" Hollo replies -Hollo pulls out his broadsword and moves toward the robot-
    "Too slow"-kicks Hollo's face-
    "this enemy is unavoidable! how can i defeat this robot?" Hollo thought-looks for something on Shadow-1200-
    "a chaos emerald copy? It's yellow but its not a true emerald they don't exist" -The emerald is tail's fake emerald from
    "I have to somehow force him to come to me then knock it out of his parts" Hollo said.
    "Take this" -Hollo throws his sword as a distraction-
    "Hah! is that your best shot?" -Hollo appears behind Shadow-1200 using crystal speed-
    "PSYCHO-STRANGLE-" -Hollo crushes fake emerald-
    -Hollo's broadsword returns to Hollo and Hollo stabs and destroys Shadow-1200-
    "Weird, time to head to the beach, -CRYSTAL SPEED-
    Hollo arrives at the beach, he sees a fox-plant animal and hedgehog. Matt was there too.
    Happy Holidays!
    Last edited: May 27, 2009
  20. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra laughs. "Now that is funny! Should we follow-" She stopped her sentance their because of a wind. she opened her eyes to see someone their. "hey, who are- LOOK OUT!" she moved a little bit to the right and took out her gun. she started to shoot at the Shadow clone (a differnent one).it fell to the ground and she came closer to inspect. she saw it move a little and took her sword out and stabbed it. it was still moving so she chopped of its head.there was blood from the clone al over the place. she held her stomach and put her hand over her mouth and moved a few feet away from the clone. she felt like throwing up. thing is, she wasnt used to seeing so much blood. she then stood up straight and put her hands down. "Im Okay. Phew..."

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