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Sonic the dark Chaos

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by ashds, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo walked over to Alondra since he read her mind on the item boxes. "This isn't Mario Kart Alondra.." Hollo told her. He walked to the starting line. A few friends and a few enemies were ready to begin. But something didn't feel right. Hollo activated his Psychokinesis in case someone tried to ambush him. He looked at Sofia with a puzzled look. He wanted to talk to her. But if he did, Jeff might kill him and Ruby may get nervous. He simply waited
    Despaire, Fear, Shame, Air, and Solar were ready to begin
    Angelina and Sarah were sitting and waiting for the race to begin. Angelina noticed Derek in the race. She wanted to confront him, but instead she kept her cool.

    (Sorry for the shortness. I'm losing ideas)
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  2. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt go on his bike and was ready to he then noticed some one with a hockey mask and a Katana straped to his back “I know that guy looks familer but I don’t know how”

    “Oh ****” Luna said as her broomstick was smoking from the inside she bent down opened it up and toke a look Boomerang was looking a Luna’s behind and he believe tights she was wearing really toned her behind he couldn’t but spank it. Luna looked up saw it was him and giggled “like what you’er seeing and touching?” she asked

    Jeff walked over to Sofia and said “good luck” he then walked into his tank
  3. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo was getting nervous. It was almost time for the race.
    Sofia and Derek looked at each other with a smart look and smiled. Derek, Sofia, the tiger, and Metal Naizl were planning to cancel the race and attack everyone. Jet, Wave, and Storm weren't aware of this. Hollo caught eye of his dad's look. He knew something was up. He walked over to the Babylon Rogues and told them to keep an eye out for the three.
    Sonic, Shadow, and Silver grabbed their gear as if they were going to the race as well. Silver had his Psychic Wave gear, Sonic had his Blue Star, and Shadow had his Black Shot.
    Hollo thought about naming his gear. But now wasn't the time. He was concerned for his friends. He prepared for an ambush. His friends did the same.

    Last edited: Jul 27, 2009
  4. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Bomerang blushed like he never blushed before and all that came out of his mouth was "Uhh... Race. Yeah! Uh... Yeah..." before getting his gear and himself to the starting line.
    Kanto decided not to be in the race. He was to depressed to fully enjoy the race. Plus, he felt something wrong.
    Almost everyone now was at the starting, all that was left to go there was Sukey and Alondra. Sukey decided that before the race he should just check up on his feeling of what could happen. It was until he did that that he noticed something was going to go wrong. "Sissy, soemthin' bad's gonna happen." He told her.

    "Yeah... We better keep are gaurd up just in case." Alondra said. They both got to the starting line...
    Sofia smirked when she saw everyone at the finish line. Now all she had to do was wait for Naizl to get there for the ambush to start...

  5. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo saw the electrical gate appear in case of someone trying to cheat. He remembered how to get out of gates as fast as possible in Riders style AND Zero gravity style. Since it was Zero Gravity styled He backs up until the counter goes to three. Waits a second then begins running when the counter goes to two. As he runs, the counter hits one and then stops. He quickly stops and the electrical gate is turned off. Metal Naizl suddenly appears before him and his friends. Derek, Sofia, and the tiger float along with him.

    "An ambush. I was right. I wonder if Alondra and Sukey knew.." Hollo thought. He was quickly attacked by Derek but dodged him. "Dad, why do you still fight for him?" Hollo asked Derek

    "Because of two things. One, I want to kill you, and two, I'm only playing an act. He has no idea of it" Derek told him. Derek summoned black creatures to attack him and his friends, then left. Hollo fought every last one.

  6. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Luna picked up her staff and yelled “Rain” it started to rain.

    Matt smiled and said “thanks Luna” he turned into his water form raindrops near him began to stop falling they shot at some dark creatures “Hydro rocket” Matt puched a bast of water at dark creatures “riseing wave” Matt kicked high into the air and a wave rose up and hit even more dark creatures “we better go after them” Matt said getting on his bike and driving off.

    “Some of us better go after him” Jeff said stabing a robot.

    "Yeah" John agreed shooting a group of robots
  7. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra slammed a group of robots together. 'Follow who?' She asked herself. She assumed it was Metal Naizl they where chasing after. She then got on her gear and followed Matt's path.
    "Yo tiger, your gonna stay here alright." Sofia told the tiger and got on her gear.

    "And where do you think your going?" The tiger asked.

    "I'm going to help Naizl's sorry a-- whether he likes it or not." She said and then rode of to catch up to Naizl.
    Both Boomerang and Chaos saw Sofia go off. "Should we follow her? She is our sister." Boomerang asked Chaos. Chaos nodded and they got on their gears and rode after Sofia.

  8. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo decided to head off for Naizl after destroying the enemy creatures. He saw him just ahead and he unlocked his rings. One chaos kunai managed to hit his head and make him fall. Hollo thinking it was over, made happy dances and such, but then Sofia came by and removed his gear from under him. Leaving nothing keeping him up! He began to fall. But he fell with silence. Although he was scared, he had no interest in screaming.

    "-sigh- I should probably save him.." Sofia considered. She was still holding his board and she dove down with great force. She quickly held him up by his gear and left to go revive Naizl. Hollo was surprised. He had thought Sofia was totally evil. Maybe she's regaining her memories? Maybe not.. since she left in the direction of Metal Naizl's fall. He noticed his friends catching up. He rode to them and told them to stop.

    "Surprisingly, Sofia actually saved me from falling. Although, it was her fault in the first place" Hollo explained, but was quickly punched by Jeff. He rubbed the small bruise on his arm and pretended it didn't happen.

    Sofia revived Metal Naizl in the distance and Derek appeared behind her with Sukey and Despaire all tied up.

    "Are you ready to possess them?" Derek asked.

    "Y-yeah. Your son is quite the powerful one. I can only imagine what Despaire can do for us." Metal Naizl replied as Despaire started to cry. Metal Naizl and Derek started to say magical words and the Scepter of Darkness appeared in front of Sukey and Despaire. They irresistibly stared at it and their eyes became a dark black and they were surrounded by a dark aura. They were now possessed.

    "What would you like us to do sir?" Sukey asked Naizl

    "Come my children, let us pay your friends a visit" Naizl replied as they teleported away.

    Last edited: Aug 3, 2009
  9. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Just as Derek, Sunkey, Despaire and Metal Naizl teleported to where Hollo and Jeff were a wall of fire surrounded them Fire Matt then teleported in there “looks like I’ll have to fight you all because I dout they would fight Sunkey and Despaire”

    “Would you?” Derek asked

    “If I have to then I will” Matt answered

    Metal Naizl said “you won’t have to face me or Derek but you will have to face lets just say and old friend of yours”

    As the two vanished the tiger teleported into the wall Matt’s eye forces on the yellow gem around his neck ‘Could that be an element jewel’ he through ‘I must try to get it off him’

    Despaire shot a chaos kunai at Matt but Matt quickly said “fire wall” and he was covered with a small wall of fire that melted the Kunai he then saw Despaire holding two more chaos Kunai Sunkey with his lightsable and the Tiger turn his hand into drills

    (OOC: someone can fight Despaire and someone else can fight Sunkey but leave the Tiger for me)
  10. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    (I'll take on Sukey)

    Alondra had forgotten to bring weapons with her, so she now had to rely souly on her psychokinetic powers. She knew she had to fight her brother. "YO SUKEY OVER HERE!" She yelled. The possesed orange seedfox took his attention away from Matt and now payed attention to his sister and started charging at her. Alondra managed to dodge him.
    She picked up some objects with her psychokinisis and threw them at Sukey. He just slashed through all the things. seeing that didn't work, Alondra had only one option left, turning invisible. She jumped of her gear and started flying with her tails and used her powers to turn invisible.
    She started attacking Sukey, he only parying a few attacks. Her possessed little brother was fed up with this and finally landed a hit on Alondra. She screamed and got out of her invisible form and had a huge gash across her chest. She was feeling alot of pain, and was losing alot of blood. 'I can't fight anymore... But i have to...' She thought. She tried to pick something up, but she didnt have the energy. She started seeing everything blurry and was having trouble staying in flight.

    Sofia noticed this. "Naizl, I'm going to fight the white and the yellow hedgehogs." She told him. He nodded and she went off to her brothers.

    "What do you want?" Boomerang asked in defending position.

    "I'm not here to fight, but you have to help your friend. She's a gonner now." She told them.

    "Why are you telling us this?" Chaos asked.

    "Because I know the both of you are my brothers. Now go help your friend." She said. Chaos and Boomerang nodded and got on their gears and went off to help Alondra. 'Naizl is going to kill me if he finds out I helped them. I'll fight my brothers when they put her in a safe spot.' She thought to herself.

  11. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    ( I guess Despaire is mine)

    "Despaire.. Once again you're possesed.. So typical." He said. He charged after Despaire with his broadsword. When suddenly, Despaire pulled out a red one. It made a very loud metal "CLING!" as the swords connected with one another. Hollo used Psychokinesis to throw Despaire's sword out of the way. While Hollo was busy doing this, Despaire made a beeline to Hollo's feet and attacked it with Chaos Kunai. Hollo was forced to cancel Psychokinesis and he fell to the ground. His knees dripped alot of blood and his bones were within sight.

    "So..-grunt-..this may be the end for me.." Hollo said to Despaire. "But, if there's still one thing I can do.. it's this...AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hollo began to scream once more as a Chaos Laser appeared from his body. This time, the laser put Despaire in serious pain. Despaire shrieked, but there was another voice shrieking at the same time he was. It was some sort of ghost. But Hollo fell unconscious before he got to say one more thing.
    Fear and Air quickly came to Hollo's resting, unconscious body.

    "You're going to be OK." Air told Hollo. Hollo heard this before going under full unconciousness...

  12. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt Places both of his index fingers together in the form of a cross and launched a cross shaped column of fire at the tiger which hit him in the chest the tiger ran at Matt with both drill arms spinning, Matt jumped on top of them but landed feet first on them he got off before they damaged his feet but ruined the souls of his shoes the tiger then ran toward him and rammed the side of both drills into Matt’s chest his blood flew nearly every where but he got up removed his sunglasses “FLAMEING TUNNEL” he yelled as he fired a beam of fire from his hand straight at the Tiger who then teleported out but leavening a the yellow gem stone Matt picked it up and then fell to the ground
  13. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    "Master ordered me to kill her, so i shall." The possesed Sukey said. He stabbed his lightsaber into Alondra one last time, and it went right through her heart.

    "N-no..." She managed to whisper out before plummeting.
    "Dear god... Both of them seem finished now..." Chaos said, witnessing what happened to both Matt and Alondra. "But that doesn't matter. Boomerang, you go get Matt." Boomerang nodded and headed off towards the direction where Matt was.
    Boomerang got near where Matt was falling and at the moment he dropped near him, he grabbed his wrist. Doing so nearly almost made Boomerang fall off his gear. "Don't worry buddy, your gon be alright, or my name isn't Boomerang The Hedgehog." He told Matt, Chaos controlling back to HQ afterwards.
    Chaos did basically the same thing Boomerang did except he didn't say anything.
    "I guess the hedgehog and the seedfox are gonners now." She said to Metal Naizl.

    "Precisely what i wanted. Everyone did their job well." Naizl said, before his face becoming disapointed. "Except for you Alisha. You didn't finish off Shadow's sons."

    "Believe it or not I know who really am I am." She said. Naizl was surprised and getting furious.

    "No you don't. you are Alisha The Hedgehog." Naizl said, trying to keep his cool.

    "No, i am Sofia The Hedgehog, daughter of Shadow The Hedgehog and Maria Robotnik The Hedgehog. And I no longer serve you Naizl." Sofia said before Chaos Controlling.

    "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE SOFIA THE HEDGEHOG!!! DIE!!!" Metal Naizl yelled at the top of his lungs.

  14. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Air walked over to Chaos carrying Hollo. Chaos was carrying Alondra..
    "What did they do to these three?" Air asked Chaos

    "I don't know. But Sukey and the other hedgehog are not going to be easy to deal with" Chaos responded. The two Chaos Controlled back to HQ. They rested Alondra and Hollo on separate beds for whatever rest they could gain. Matt already on one of his own. Just then, Angelina appeared from Chaos Control.
    "Oh my god!" Angelina exclaimed as she ran to Hollo. His bones still visible on his legs. She tried focusing a crystal heal on him...but it didn't work. "Why....WHY?!?! WHY?!?!??!?!??!" She screamed as she hugged her son.
    Within Hollo's conscience was Matt and Alondra. He walked over to them.
    "How are you guys here? Maybe we share a conscience currently.." Hollo asked them

    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  15. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “Wait a second Angelina” Luna said gently pushing away from Hollo “I think I can heal them all back to normal” Luna toke her staff and pointed at Alondra the orb turned green her heart was repaired and her gash was gone. She then pointed it at Hollo the orb turned green again and Hollo’s legs were repaired. She finally pointed at Matt and his chest was repaired. Luna opened her mouth and some blood dropped out and down her clothes “Sorry, it’s a side effect I get from doing big healing like what I just did.”
    “Probably” Matt said “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling better wonder why?”
  16. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    "Napkin?" Boomerang said, offering a napkin to Luna to wipe her mouth off of blood.

    "Thanks" She said and wiped her mouth.

    "Ther's always a side affect to everything healing it seems. chaos Heal takes a long time to heal, but does the job right, Crystal Heal makes the user fatigues really fast, and spells have side affects depending on which ones you use." Chaos said.

    "You pretty much nailed everything my brother." A voice said from behind him. Chaos turned around to find a dark browned haired hedgehog girl.

    "What are you doing here?" Chaos asked with no emotion whatsoever, not knowing what she could do.

    "I quit my brother, I quit. Naizl was questioning my power and not telling me my identity, so I quit. I will join you all from now on." Sofia said.

    "I knew you would come back." Said a black and red hedgehog from behind her.

    "Dad." She said. she was starting to get tears in her eyes, which she was confused about, and just wanted to hug her father. So she ran over and hugged Shadow. "I'm sorry dad."

    "It wasn't your fault Sofia, it wasn't your fault." He told her. Boomerang and Chaos smiled at this.
    "Yeah, I'm feeling better too. Maybe one of the wizards managed to heal us." Alondra said. " For some reason I'm in the mood for pie..."

  17. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    "Pie huh? That's a weird thought" Hollo said to Alondra. He noticed a bright light slowly appearing before himself and his friends. "Maybe we're waking up?" Hollo asked. "I wonder who healed us? Mom? Luna? Chaos?" Hollo thought. "I guess it's time to head back soon." Hollo said for the last time in this strange consciousness.
    "Look! The sleepyheads are going to wake up soon" Luna said as she wiped off the rest of the blood off herself.

    "That's nice to know, I was worried there" Angelina replied

    "Same here" Air told Angelina. As the wounds cleansed and dissapeared, Hollo smiled, then opened his eyes. He was glad to see the day...er..what was left of it. It was about 6:00PM.

    "I'm awake. Thank God. But who?" Hollo asked. Everyone pointed at Luna and she quickly blushed. "Thanks. I appreciate your powers" He said smiling. But he looked to his friends who were still starting to wake up. He predicted Matt would wake up first.

  18. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “Oh I’ve got this as well” Sofia said pulling a pale white orb from her black bag “What does it do?” she asked.

    Just then every one heard a grunting sound and saw Matt waking up rubbing his head “Why do I feel like I’ve had the s*it beaten out of me by a drunken gorilla” Matt saw the orb and began to cringe “Distory….it” He said just before he turned into his beast form

    “Not again” Jeff said shooting fire balls at Beast Matt.

    “Somebody break that thing” Luna yelled bombing him with thunder balls.

    Matt just howled in pain.

    “Lets just try and weaken him” Boomerang said throwing his bladed boomerangs at Beast Matt, cutting him open

    Fear Shame jumped into the air and yelled together “kunai fire storm” there hands became burls as flameing Kunai’s rained down on Beast Matt
  19. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra woke up to everyone trying to weaken Beast Matt. For some reason, she couldnt move or say anything. Stevie came flying to her crying and scared. 'Oh dear, how did this happen?!' she thought. 'They're trying to weaken him... It's no use...' she thought. She finally regained movement and clutched Stevie in her arms and got up, despite being weak. Alondra looked at the orb Sofia was trying to break, it was different from the last orb she saw. She then ran up to Sofia "Sofia I think it's no use. I think only Matt himself can brek it."

    "Matt himse-Oh dear god... Why did that slip my mind, this is one of the orbs that makes Matt turn Beast." Sofia said.

    "I think he's gonna get out of that mess Shame and Fear put him in and hurt some of us." alondra told sofia.

    "He got sliced and pummeled by fire and you think he can get by?" Sofia asked.

    "Why do you think he got pummeled, to weaken him. He's alot stronger in his Beast form, and dangerous at that too. I'm not sure if he can even fight it." alondra said.

    "Let's just hope he does, and why arent you screaming no?" Sofia asked.

    "Because i don't know what to say or do." Alondra said.

    "Strange." Sofia said.

  20. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    "Uh oh...Matt's in beast form! I hope he can control that" Hollo thought. He got up, somewhat sore and fired Chaos Kunai at him. He then grabbed him with Psychokinesis and threw him up and down. He didn't want to hurt him anymore. That would be enough. "I forgot, how the heck does he turn back to normal?"

    "Alondra says it's something Matt's gotta do himself. I didn't mean to pull out that orb. My fault.." Sofia said. Hollo frowned, then thought of a new idea. He pulled out his purple ring to go power form. He put it on and held down Beast Matt. Hollo's much stronger in power form, but there's a chance of serious fatigue depending how much he uses it. Hollo hoped it would be enough time for Matt to revert back himself.

    "I'm buying time for him. Stop attacking, I hope it's enough" Hollo said to everyone. Beast Matt was struggling. He could possibly break free of Hollo's tough grip.. Hollo thought of yet another idea, but it was somewhat stupid. "Alondra, do you think you could use Chaos Song on Matt? Something peaceful to set his mood?" Hollo asked her. As he asked, he was getting weaker, the white aura surrounding him was beginning to fade..


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