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Sonic the dark Chaos

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by ashds, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    "C-chaos Song?! A-are you sure?! I might not work!" Alondra said panicing a little.

    "It's worth a try." Sofia said to the point.

    "But I don't know any song that'll calm him down...!" Alondra said. Boomerang looked at Alondra.

    "Uh huh. At least a melody. How about that one song that calmed Palkia and Dialga in Pokemon The Rise Of Darkrai?" He suggested.

    "That must be one of the stupedest ideas that might work that has ever come out of your mouth..." Alondra said . Boomerang shrugged. " Ahh well... I hope this works... and if it doesnt, we all run... Chaos Song." She said and the melody started.

    Naizl was smirking at his success when the tiger came in. The tiger looked at the monniter and was puzzled. "I thought he could only turn beast with one of two orbs." He said

    "Sofia took one of the orbs, not knowing what it did, and showed it to them resulting in Matt turning beast." He said.

    "And how does he turn to normal again?" The tiger asked.

    "Either the orb is far away from the hedgehog, or the hedgehog breaks it if he can control himself long enough. They'll found out about another way to get rid of the orb, which is putting it somewhere else far away from them. Then we shall retreve it and then when we have both orbs, Beast Matt will be unstopabble!" Naizl said laughing evily. The tiger stayed silent.

  2. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Beast Matt fangs grew to half a foot he then clamped them on Hollo’s shoulder knocking him out (nothing bad will happen to him) Beast Matt then looked at everyone who has attacked him (Luna, Jeff, Boomerang, Fear and Shame he vanished he reappeared behind them, blood dripping off his claws then they all fell with slash marks on their bodies but then Beast Matt heard a song sung by one of the most loveliest of voices he fell asleep.

    Sofia scooped up the orb and left it in a basement she came back and asked Alondra a question that would haunt her forever “How do you stay in a relationship with someone like that?”
  3. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo slowly woke up. The whole word look slightly blurred. He quickly shook his head and saw Matt asleep. He slowly lost his fangs, his fur, and his claws and slowly returned to be a normal hedgehog again. Hollo was surprised how transformation worked. It was strange. Besides that, he got up and saw he faded to his normal colors again. He removed the power ring and kept it in his pocket.

    "Boy Matt, you sure have alot going on for you huh?" Hollo thought. He then got suddenly bored. He knew he had the latest games and technology. But what was going to be coming? It was almost 7:00PM the period of time on the G4 channel where Attack Of the Show was on. He walked to the Tv room and turned on the channel. He TiVoed it, then returned. He randomly decided to blurt "DirecTV is awesome isn't it?"

  4. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    "I've been asked that questions ay to many times now..." Alondra said. "And it shall always be the same answer, I don't know." Sofia looked at her odly.

    "A little help here please..." Boomerang managed to speak out. Sofia realized that they where badly injured. She grabbed Alondra's wrist.

    "Ok Alondra, I'm gonna use some of that chaos energy you have to heal these guys faster, you might feel fatigued Ok?" Sofia told her. She nodded. " Chaos Heal!" She said and all of the slashed people healed in a matter of a couple of seconds.

    "I don't feel that fatigued." Alondra said afterwards.

    "You must really have half the chaos emeralds enrgy in you then." Sofia said.

    "Now you stay here" She told Sofia. She then looked at Matt who was still asleep. She smiled and used chaos control, and chaos controlled Matt to his bed. She then left the room and went to the TV room in time to hear Hollo's random blurt out.
    "But you TiVoed it, which is Verison, and Now you say direcTV is awesome? That's wierd." she told Hollo. The intercom turned on in the Tv room.

    "Well that's because we have everything." Mikello said over the intercom.

    "Doesn't that cost alot of money?" Alondra asked.

    "Not when you have heroes living here you don't." Mikello said and turned off the intercom.

    Little chao Steve was surprised and scared at what his father could do. But he had to be strong and know that that wasn't what Matt was like. Steve flew to the basement and got the orb and threw it away as far as he could into the horizon, which went surprisingly very far. steve was at peace with that thing gone and went to play with his toys.
    Boomerang,Luna, Jeff, Fear, And Shame got up. "Gah, thanks sis." Boomerang said.

    "No problem." she said and left, leaving them there.
    Metal Naizl smirked when Steve threw the orb away. "Now you, go retrieve it." He told the tiger. The tiger nodded and went to retrieve it.

  5. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    The tiger sneaked into base and stole the orb. He Chaos Controlled back to his base and gave it to Metal Naizl. He leaned on a wall waiting for the next orders.
    Hollo facepalmed himself when he heard what Mikello had to say. He then realized Sukey and Despaire were still possessed! He thought about them and considered killing them. But it might've been tough.
    "Despaire! Sukey! Here! Now!" Metal Naizl said. They both immediately came

    "What is it you require sir?" the possessed Despaire asked.

    "You will both ambush. Since you still can Chaos Control to your ori- er.. the enemy's base, you can easily attack them. Here" Metal Naizl said throwing two purple rings their way.

    "What do these things do?" the possessed Sukey asked.

    "They can make us communicate. Through the power of the mind" Metal Naizl said.
    The two nodded and Chaos controlled to HQ ready to ambush.

  6. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Luna looked down to her shirt and blushed out of embarrassment, Matt’s claws cut through her shirt and bra she quickly ran into her room and changed she just placed on another bra when Sunkey and Despaire appeared in her room.

    Despaire shot 8 chaos kunai at certain points of Luna’s body to nail her to the wall Sunkey gagged her

    Steve was playing but noticed two thing one was that the yellow gem on Matt’s ring was flashing and two was that the light blub was lose energy Steve played no attention to it and kept playing.

    Jeff was sleeping and Boomerang was begining to worry about Luna.

    Kanto walked up to Boomerang and said "If your that worryed go check on her"
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2009
  7. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Boomerang started tapping his foot impatiently. "Ok, that's. I'm checking on Luna." He said and got up. Fear grabbed his arm.

    "Your to worried Boomerang." Fear told him.

    "Yeah, but i feel something wrong. something dangerous." He said and broke Fear's grasp and walked near the door to luna's room. He took a peek insede and saw Depsaire and Sukey trying to kill Luna. boomerang pulled his head back and drew out a steel boomerang and threw it at Sukey and Despaire, slashes their arms and turning their attentio to him. He gasped and began to run, being followed by the both of them.
    The lightbulb finally lost it's light. Steve was now not amused. He decided to stop playing and put his attention to the yellow gem. He went over to Matt, and started tapping his head, trying to wake him up.
    Boomerang ran to the Tv room and screeched to a hault. "Guys, Sukey and Despaire are here!" He told Hollo and Alondra.

    "WHAT?!" Alondra yelled. Boomerang nodded and Sukey and Despaire came into the room.

  8. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    "Aww...Not now!" Hollo thought as he noticed Sukey and Despaire appear. Despaire grabbed Boomerang with Psychokinesis and threw him out of the Tv room. A barrier was created no one could get through, and no one could get out. The only people inside were Sukey, Alondra, Despaire, and Hollo. "It looks like we've got no choice but to fight them!" Hollo said as he clenched his fists.

    "Grr... It's a tough barrier!" Solar said as he tried to get through.

    "How can we break it?" Chaos asked

    "It's magical, there's only one way to destroy it" Solar replied

    "How?" Chaos asked again.

    "Since it's a tint of black, I would assume Despaire is behind this. You'd need to knock him unconscious. Then with some psychokinesis concentration, the barrier will break, and he can't do it again for at least 24 hours." Solar responded. He walked to the barrier. "Hollo! The only way to destroy the barrier is to KO Despaire" Solar told him

    "WHAT? I couldn't KO my own brother!" Hollo said. Despaire then shot a chaos kunai at his arm, making him bleed. "But....I guess I can get revenge back on the times he's hurt me. OK! I'll do it" Hollo said. He gave Despaire a good punch in the face. Despaire's nose bled and he became quite annoyed. He made handsigns, and then two of his fingers glowed. He quickly smeared his open eyes with it. Angelina managed to notice this

    "Hollo! That's Chaos Gaze, DON'T look at him directly." Angelina yelled to him. Hollo wasn't attempting to. But what could he do now?

  9. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt’s body was engulfed in a yellow light, Steve backed away and then saw Matt stand up but he looked different.

    His fur turned to electric blue and his hand were crackling with electricity he then ran out into the TV room he then used chaos control to teleport behind Despaire, placed his hand between his shoulder blades and said “Shock treatment” blue electricity when into Despaire’s body and he fell to the ground knocked out the barrier weakened a little bit now.

    "what the hell" Jeff said

    "that looked deadly" Kanto said slightly shocked
    Luna is still nailed to her bedroom wall with her bra on "Could someone get me down?!!!!" she yellled
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2009
  10. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    "Wha...you're covered in sparks! Awesome." Hollo complimented Matt as he walked to the barrier. He focused Psychokinesis on it, as well as his friends, the barrier crackled until Sukey appeared behind Hollo with his lightsaber next to his neck.

    "Stop using psychokinesis or your friend shall lose his head..literally..hahaha..." Sukey threatened as he brought the lightsaber closer. Hollo could feel the extreme heat radiating from the lightsaber.

    "Lose my head..literally? fail..just fail...Apparently, evil people suck at making jokes" Hollo said to Sukey. Sukey became angry, but kept the lightsaber close to his neck

    "This is something we can't stop at the moment. Stop using psychokinesis guys" Solar asked. They all did so. What was to become of Hollo?

  11. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra twichtced at the fact that she couldn't use psychokenisis, as that was basically all her offense and defense. But she than remembered the fact that she could use chaos moves. "Chaos Lance!" She shouted and launched a stronger version of Chaos spear at Sukey. Sukey dropped his lightsaber for a moment. 'This is my chance.' Alondra thought. She dived for the lightsaber, only to be stopped by Sukey.

    "Chaos Jab!" Sukey shouted and a dagger of energy formed in is hand and jabbed at Alondra.

    "Arrrgh!!!" She shouted in pain. "Chaos Snap!" She yelled and disspeared, only to reappear and kick Sukey on the head knocking him unconsious. Alondra was pretty weak by now, as Chaos Jab is a powerful chaos move. "Sukey is still low in stamina as usual" She said before fainting on the floor.
    Sofia heard Luna and went over to her room to help her. She didn't say anything and just snapped her finfers which made the Chaos Kunai disspapear, making Luna drop to the floor. "Ouch! You couldn't at least of told me?!" Luna complained.

    "Be grateful that I even got you down before the boys came." She said and threw her a green long sleeve shirt and a yellow tanktop, along with a pair of black and pink jeans that where lieing around in the room. "You need a clothes change." Sofia said while smirking and left the room.

    "Man does she sound like her father..." Luna said and put the clothes on.

  12. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    "Alondra got hurt...again..." Hollo said. "Guys, Sukey's out! Use Psychokinesis!" (Wow..that sounded like a pokemon move..)Everyone did so. He ran to Alondra and quickly used Crystal heal on her. "She'll be fine in a minute. Ok, that was my first use again.." Hollo thought. He walked to the barrier to help break it. It slowly began to crack when suddenly, Despaire screamed in his paralysis from Matt. Sukey was beginning to wake up as well.

    They both broke free from their pain and charged for Hollo. Suddenly, Hollo's hands turned into a pale blue and he touched both Sukey and Despaire. They suddenly were incased in ice and they froze. Hollo was surprised at this. "A new power....interesting" Hollo said. Hollo dashed for the barrier and smashed it with his feet. It was weak enough to totally fall apart and disappear. Hollo was glad with this, and he grabbed Sukey and Despaire incased within ice, and chaos controlled to a random area.

    He left them there to thaw out, and then chaos controlled back to HQ and still saw Matt with his electric powers. "Uhh...can you switch back to yourself? You're gonna destroy our power" Hollo said to Matt.

  13. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “Fine” Matt answered very quick and turned back to normal “So what do we do when they have thawed out?” he asked in his normal voice
    Luna got out of the room and found Sofia “Hey I never got a chance to say thanks” Luna said brightly she then walked away and began to mediate
    Boomerang was practising with his sword he was good but he had to get better for Luna’s sake
    Jeff was sleeping but felt strange as if someone was looking at his dream
    Luna’s face turned into a smile
    Matt picked Alondra up (she’s still out right?) and placed her on her bed in room 13 he then walked back
  14. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    (yeah Alondra's still out)

    Alondra just lay there unconsious on her bed in the room. Steve came and looked at her. The little chao wondered how she went through all of it and comes out looking like nothing has happened to her mentally. He wondered...
    Sofia walked into the room where Boomerang was training. She smirked. "Practicing with the sword eh bro?" She said. Boomerang stopped and looked at her.

    "Yeah, it's been a while since I've picked one up, but I'll catch up fast." He said swapping his gaze towords the Master Sword.

    "Well, how bout a lil competition?" She said. Boomerang smirked.

    "You're still your competitive self lil sis." Boomerang snickered. He got into fighting position.

    "Chaos Sword" Sofia said and a sword of chaos energy appeared in her hand. "I'm not goin easy on yah!" She said.

    "Of course yah won't" Boomerang said, rolling his eyes, and then they began parrying each others attacks.
    Ruby went over to Hollo. "You OK?" She asked, with a worried look in her eyes.
    Kanto walked over into the kitchen and he took out a knife. He looked at it for a long time. He wanted to, but he couldn't. "They need me here, so i musnt take my own life away and make all their troubles a little worse just because of my emotional problems. I have to be strong, like my mother and father." He said putting the knife back. He took a big sigh.
    While coming back to the base, the tiger got a message from Metal Naizl. "I have another request for you, go kidnap Kanto The Echidna and bring him here emediatly." He said.

    "Kanto? What are you going to do with him?" The tiger asked.

    "We will do the same thing to him as we did to Sofia; brainwash him and give him a different name. He will go by the name Erazor, and we'll dye the tips of his dreadlocks and bangs black, and dye that 'special' birthmark of his he has on his leg. We'll also give him scars to reinfroce the memories we shall give him."

    "Alright then..." The tiger said, unsure if it was going to work. The message ended and the tiger headed for HQ again.
  15. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo was surprised Ruby had asked him such a question. Not only did it hurt to bring his brother there, but there was some sorrow for taking his friend's brother as well. He had a depressed look in his eye for a split-second, then he looked at Ruby all happy.
    "Yeah. I'm OK. I didn't y'know...kill them..." Hollo told her as his happy face turned upside-down.(I know that sucked..DX)
    The tiger reached HQ and quietly knocked out Kanto. He Chaos controlled him back to Naizl's base. Metal Naizl had all the "make-up" ready to change his look. He dyed his dreadlocks and bang's tips to black, dyed the birthmark, and gave him a scar that looked real, but could come off easily with a little rubbing alcohol. Naizl used his powers to brainwash Kanto this time around. Kanto woke up and was surprised.

    "Who are you? Why am I here?" Kanto quickly asked. He pulled out his knife.

    "That's no way to talk to your master..Erazor." Metal Naizl said, and laughed.

    "Well..I'm sorry Master...what's your name?" Kanto asked

    "Metal Naizl." He replied.
    Sukey and Despaire noticed they were frozen, with only their heads sticking out. They were still possesed as usual. They both quickly broke out and Chaos Controlled to the base in Pumpkin Hill. They both came down with hypothermia.
    Maggie was looking around for Kanto, and couldn't seem to find him, she quickly went to tell everyone this.

    "Guys!!!!! Where's Kanto? I can't kind him anywhere!" Maggie asked. She began to cry. Everyone was surprised Kanto was missing

    Last edited: Oct 2, 2009
  16. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    (im not gonna say what happens to Sukey and Despaire cause I dont know wich HQ DX I thought I kinda defirentiated them HQ='Our' base, Base=Naizl's base ....)

    "Erazor...." Kanto said and snickered. he wondered why he snickered at his own name. "So, Naizl, what DO I do?" He asked.

    "First of all, you serve under me. You have been my loyal servent for a long time. Your parents and friends left you when you were little and you became mad. And that's when i found you. You decided life ment nothing to you anymore and came with me under my cape. You where strong and loyal. Until recently... Our enemys' managed to knock you out and knock all of your memories with it." Naizl told 'Erazor'.

    "Yes... i remember now" Kanto said, accepting the false past.

    "Very well. Now get something that is your style on you will you?" He said, pointing to Kanto's shoes and headband (they took his clothes off(wow that sounded wierd) when they where dyeing him). Kanto nodded and went to the not-so-new clothing room. He went in there, and the first thing he noticed was a black, red, white and yellow dress.

    "Someone left that here." He said and thought. He had seen alot of Naizl's workers, but none of them had a small stature that the dress was made for. "Wait, why do I care?" He asked himself. He found himself a sleeveless cloak and navy blue with a yellow stripe boots. He also found some black and white mitten gloves (now there's a word for those type of gloves). He took off his shoes his headband and his gloves and looked at them. "How wierd..." he said and brought them over the where the dress was. He noticed something else, a green mid sleeve shirt and some green jeans, along with a tiger tooth neckalace. He put the stuff there. "it matches..." He said. He was a little puzzled but laughed at it. "Did they dress me up like a crazy nut job who was a shipper or what?" He laughed and put on the clothes he chose out.
    Alondra woke up to a chao looking at her like 'what is the name of jesus christ is goin on wit this girl' and to the sound of crying. She picked up Steve and went over to where everyone was. "What's all the hubup?" She asked.

    "Kanto's missing" Chaos said still in shock.

    "WHAT?! HOW THE? WHEN THE? HUH?! Wait, Maggie your crying." Alondra said smirking changing emotions pretty quickly from ZOMG WTF?! to oooh you have feelings. Maggie blushed and automatically stopped crying. " i thought you left?"

    "Yuo change subjects fast, I miraculasly gained my position again and was told by Lord Shade to resume my duty. Now I lost her son and I'm gonna get da boot..." Maggie said.

    "Yuo didnt lose her son. Her son lost himself. We all should go see Mikello and ask him what happened." Alondra suggested.

  17. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt sighed as he read the location of another gem he did not like the sound of where he had to go but was going have do it but when he wanted to. He walked into the kitchen and began cooking some food for everyone he heard a sound like the rushing of feet, he turned around and saw Mikello sitting at the table.

    Matt smiled and called for the others.

    Luna walked to the kitchen “I swear these jeans are cool” she said to herself entering the kitchen and waiting for the others.

    Jeff woke up and walked to the kitchen as well, he met Sofia also walking there he gave her a quick hug and said "How about we go togeter"
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2009
  18. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo heard Matt calling for everyone to come and enjoy some lunch. He quickly moved to the kitchen. He noticed Sofia and Jeff walking together and holding hands. Hollo wanted to laugh at them and tease them, but decided it was best to leave the two lovers alone. Hollo arrived at the kitchen and saw a very nice set of food to eat.

    "Wow...this stuff looks pretty good" He thought. He sat down at the table and waited for everyone else to show
    Air and Solar arrived and stared in amazement of the cooked food
    Fear and Shame also showed up, they thought the food was cool as well.
    Angelina chaos controlled back home and started making herself a lunch

  19. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra came into the kitchen along with little Steve. "Mmmm! Food!" she sais and sits down. Not caring about her manners, she grabs a bit of one of the food items on the table and ate it. "ZOMG! This is GOOD!" she said. Steve started laughing at how noobish that sounded and stopped a while after.

    Jeff and Sofia came into the kitchen and quickly released their grasp of eachothers hand. As observent as Alondra is, she saw this and a small smirk shown upon her face. Both of them gave her a 'say something and we will crush you, weve already had someone look like they where about to burst' kind of faces. They sat down and waited for the rest.

    Ruby came into the kitchen and enjoyed the fresh smell of cooked food. She sat down.

    Boomerang and Chaos came into the kitchen and they both took a big sniff of the air and sat down.

    Maggie just came into the kitchen, ignoring the smell of food and sat down. She was to preaccupide by where Kanto could be.

    Kanto came back to Naizl. Naizl was shocked at how much he looked like his father now. 'Sheesh, THAT'S why he covers himself up so much...' He thought

    "Something wrong master?" Kanto asked. Naizl shook it off.

    "No, nothing is wrong Erazor." Naizl said. Kanto knew he was lieing. 'As long as they dont suspect anything like they did with Sofia, I'm home free.' He thought.

    "...... So what's my mission?" Kanto asked.

    "Huh? Oh yes! Crash our little 'friends' fiest." Naizl told him.

    "Ermm. Ok." He said and left.

    "For the love of Jesus, I've gotta stop doin that..."

  20. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “Thanks” Matt said hugging Alondra gently

    Jeff feeling guilty for embarrassing Sofia waited for Matt’s back to turn and then he used his hands to sign “I’m sorry” towards her. It was technique him and Matt learned that allowed two or more people to commute with the use of fingers and hand signs.

    Luna ate with one hand because Boomerang was holding her other hand under the table

    Steve was wondering why Luna and Boomerang were both eating with one hand each.

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