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Sonic the dark Chaos

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by ashds, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo started to pick some food he enjoyed. He sat down and ate it normally. He felt like being..simple today. It was strange. Suddenly, Kanto entered his mind. He was wondering where he went off to. He noticed Maggie sitting by herself and making quick glares at the couples of SofiaXJeff, and LunaXBoomerang. He felt a little sorry for her, but he couldn't help but think that Kanto would return. Hollo had a hamburger on his plate with onion and worcestershire sauce, and french fries that had ketchup all over them. He quickly ate his fries one by one first, and then he went to his hamburger. About halfway finished with the burger, a crash from the TV room was heard.

    "What was that?" Hollo asked.

    "Crap..this must be the wrong room." A voice said. It sounded very familiar, and Maggie ran over to it.

    "Wha....who are you?" Maggie asked

    "I'm Erazor. I'm here on orders to crash a party. Apparently this is the wrong room." Kanto said

    "Wait a second..." Maggie said. Looking for Kanto's birthmark. It wasn't there...But she had a feeling this was Kanto.

    "Get away from me. How dare you touch me!" Kanto said punching Maggie away from him.

    Hollo quickly ran to the TV room. Maggie was bruised on her stomach. He stared at the character for a moment. He knew something was weird.

    "That sure looks alot like Kanto...But..his dreadlocks are black, and something's different." Hollo thought. He waited for his friends to assist.

  2. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra smiled at Matt and Sofia had accepted Jeff's apology when the crash happened. "What the h--- was that?!" Alondra said and ran to the TV room. "Who the he-- are you?!" Alondra demanded. Kanto was getting mad.

    "It's Erazor!" He yelled.

    "Dude, what's with the 'tude?!" She asked. 'S---. That rhymed. Come to think of it, that guy looks a lot like Knux in a way... And Kanto too...' She thought.

    Not many people would know how much Kanto looked like Knuckles, for the fact that Kanto had alot on him. But alondra remembered back when kanto had nothing on but his gloves and shoes. The phrase 'like father, like son' really came into play. Knato would look almost exactly the same except for his fur color, the chest design (it was like a V instead of a crescent), his bangs, and his special birthmark.

    "You work for Naizl dont you?" Alondra asked, not in the mood for anything now.

    "Of course I do. What'cho think i worked for? Chubacka?!" Kanto yelled. he was really getting on Alondra's nerves now.

    "Why you..." She said. She shifted her attention to Maggie who was hurt. She was bruised in the stomach, with two puncture wounds in the middle. 'He must've hit her hard to do that. I don't know who this guy is, but we've got to be carefull' Alondra thought

  3. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Erazor placed to silver knuckle dusters both look like gauntlet’s and had a glowing blue V on them. He swung his left arm at Alondra but Matt pushed her out the way and took the punch in the shoulder.

    It was a pain Matt has never felt before it was like the very bone in the area Erazor had shattered into a thousand pieces. Matt was also sent flying into the wall Erazor jumped up and was about to punch Matt the face but Matt was able to block it with his knee again the pain came again. Erazor then set both his fists ready Matt knew that his ribs were the next target..
  4. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Erazor than charged his fists at Matt. Alondra then did the risciest move she has ever done in her life so far. At the last second, Alondra threw herself infront of Matt and took the shot to the ribs. She screamed in agony and clutched her chest. She fell onto the floor and lay unconsciuos. Everyone started to panic.

    Seeing this, Chaos knew there was no time to lose. He looked at Boomerang and sofia, who both nodded. "CHAOS CONTROL!" they yelled, centering the chaos control around Erazor sending him to a far off place.

    "Luna, Jeff, I'm asking you two to make a magical barrier around HQ" Chaos demanded, and Luna and Jeff went to make it. "That was a strentgh like no other. It's impossible, no one this size is that capable of doing such a thing." Chaos thought aloud.

    "We should call dad and the others" Sofia said and ran to call them. Ruby went to help Maggie, who had wide eyes in disbalief and mumbling to herself.

    "I know only one person capable of doing that...." She would mumble.

    "Maggie, what makes you think that you know a person who's capable of that?" Ruby asked.

    "I am one of Lord Shade's trusted soldiers. She said it once and only once on accident. She also said it was her and Knuckles's deepest secret." She said. Ruby was thinking Maggie was paranoid and just hurt her head hard. But she couldn't shake off the feeling that she was right somehow.
    Erazor landed in a musky forest. He growled. " Buying time will they? Huh, fine. But I'll come back" he said and headed towards Naizl's base.

  5. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo was surprised at the powerful force that character used. It was unbelievable. It knocked Alondra unconscious and Matt was hurt. There was also Maggie to worry about. But Ruby was by her. Knowing the second time he would be using this, he walked over to Alondra to use Crystal heal. The soreness quickly came. He clutched his stomach and slightly limped around.

    "She'll be fine. Sorry Matt, but Alondra's UNCONSCIOUS. So I wanna make sure she's OK. I hope you can understand" Hollo told Matt. Although it was strange, it was an important issue that had to be fixed quickly, otherwise, there could've been a serious worry at hand.Hollo was unsure of what would happen. He quickly thought about who that guy was. He looked similiar to Kanto, but there were things that differed from Kanto and Erazor. Kanto's dissapearance...This new guy named Erazor...It didn't make enough sense, so Hollo left his thoughts for later use.
    "They have no idea that's Kanto, unbelievable!" Naizl thought.

    "Don't take things so simple so yet, they have enough clues to deduce that it's Kanto." Derek said, hearing Naizl's mind.

    "Do you have to make everything depressing?" Metal Naizl asked

    "Yes...I made my son think that." Derek replied

    "Sir! I'm back, I managed to hurt this cute echidna girl, a hedgehog and seedfox girl" Kanto said as he appeared inside base.

    "Did you manage to hurt a black one with Silver stripes?" Derek quickly asked

    "I saw that guy..he looked liked the type no one likes to mess with" Kanto responded

    "That doesn't matter, when you go back, you had better put that hedgehog in P-A-I-N" Derek said, spelling out PAIN.

    "Ok! Ok! Sheesh, do you have to make everything de-" Kanto was cut off.

    "I've been asked that twice now. Stop that!" Derek said.

    Last edited: Jan 6, 2010
  6. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “Of couse I do, in fact it’s my fault she got hurt, I should have tried to take the fight away from here but I failed and now Alondra is hurt because of me” Matt said as Jeff healed him Matt got up and said “but next time he won’t get the chance to do it” he stayed by Alondra.

    “I think we should leave those two” Jeff whispered to Hollo “well Matt at least I’ve never that look in his eyes before”

    Matt was still watching Alondra feeling guilty for what happened but he had some thing else on his mind ‘That persons smell was a lot like Kanto’s but why is it simlier?”
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2009
  7. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra flickered her eyes open. She didn't have nough energ to sit up, regardless of being healed. She looked up and saw Matt looking at her with eyes full of some emotions. Alondra couldn't figure out what he was thinking. "What are you thinking about?" she asked him.
    Steve flew into the room and saw everyone everywhere. His eyes got wide and he flew back to the dining room and pretended as if nothing hapened.
    Ruby brung Maggie into the infermery room. She bandaged Maggie's wounds, gave her some all-purpose pills, and was done. "you sure do talk about wierd stuff Maggie." She told her.

    "Well excuse me...!" Maggie said and looked away. Ruby was getting mad until Maggie said "Didn't you feel a starange feeling like that guy was Kanto?"

    Ruby stopped "Yeah, it was wierd, but we can't be very sure. He looks alot different, not to mention he acts very different too. We can't jump to conclusions yet."

    "True. What was I thinking..."
    Sofia felt like they didnt have to call all of their parents for help. "never mind. I'm not going to call them. It's all under control... For now..." She said and went to Boomerang.

    "Did you call them?" He asked.



    "Because I feel like it's under control right now and we don't need their help at the moment."

  8. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo noticed Alondra was awake. He was glad to know his healing worked. His sores were just about finished. He walked away from the two as Jeff suggested. He was getting worried for Kanto's whereabouts. He looked out the window, it was late. It was just about time to go to bed. The clock on the wall in the T.V room said 10:30PM. There was trouble lurking about and it continued to get worse.
    "It's late, and I'll need my energy for tommorrow" Kanto thought to himself. He Chaos Controlled near this tree out in Mystic Ruins and used his fists to craft a hollow room. He used palm trees to make a soft bed to lay on, and comfortably fell asleep.
    "I wonder how it'll be now, with this new enemy without Kanto" Hollo thought. He felt a very aggressive feeling from Erazor, just like Kanto. Hollo thought about Kanto, and then Erazor, and tried to compare them, but there wasn't enough sufficient information about Erazor. He'd be back though. Hollo had to size up and study this guy in order to discover where he came from. "He'll be back...That guy. He's a powerful one, that's for sure. If ANY of you see him, you'd better be careful, you guys know what he did to Alondra, Maggie, and Matt." Hollo warned with aggression in his tone. He walked to the infirmary to check on Ruby and Maggie. "How is she?" Hollo asked

  9. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt softly kissed Alondra’s forehead and then said “I feel guilty for not being strong enough to stop him because you could have died for me maybe I don’t deserve to be in a relationship with you if I can’t protect you” the tears were now rolling down his face.

    “Maybe” Boomerang agreed “but there is something else that bothers me and I think its closer to here” Boomerang then smiled brightly “or it could just be me lets go see Luna and Jeff”

    Jeff was surprised despite all that happened Luna still kept calm

    "are you ok" he asked

    "fine" Luna replyed
  10. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    (Sorry it took so long)

    "Don't cry... I don't like seeing you cry..." Alondra told Matt and starting crying herself.
    "Hmmm?" Ruby looked up. "She's doing fine."

    "I've been through a couple of battles, so this is just a big scratch to me." Maggie said laughing a little before falling on the bed asleep.

    "...I think I gave her a little too much medication..." Ruby said.

    "... I'm gonna go find dad." Chaos told Sofia and Boomerang. " I feel like we need his advice at least..."

    "... Ok, but JUST dad." Sofia told him.

    "I know." And Chaos left off to go find Shadow.

  11. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    (Had a virus. Sorry about the wait..)

    "Wow" Hollo said, feeling Maggie's head. She's out cold. Hollo knew she'd be fine. But she was sleeping big time. "I'm heading to bed. Goodnight Ruby." Hollo had told her before walking to his room. He had wondered why this guy was so powerful. That Erazor was putting everyone at risk of serious injury..or maybe even death
    Chaos had eventually found Shadow, sitting outside of the HQ, looking at the stars.

    "Dad, there's danger. It's serious. I think we could use your advice" Chaos asked him.

    "Well, if there's one thing I know, there's something strangely familiar about this person." Shadow replied. "It's like knowing someone you've never met before. Someone who thinks and acts like someone you know, but is a completely different person. I think your only hope of finding out who this person is, is if you find out his past. Find out someone you know who has these same qualities, and then deduce who it could be." Shadow had finished giving his advice, and Chaos Controlled to a tree to sleep on.

  12. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    “I’m sorry for being silly” Matt said kissing Alondra on the lips for what seemed to be two whole minutes “But I’ll make it right” he said once he stopped kissing her and then he chaos controlled right in front of Erazor. Matt had his gray and black swords in hand.

    “Back for more” Erazor said “this time there’s no little girl to save you I take it” he smashed his fists together he was still wearing his dusters

    “That may be bad news for you Erazor or should I say Kanto” Matt span his swords

    “What are you talking about?” Erazor yelled before leaping towards Matt fists moving at high speed

    Matt knew the power of those dusters and slapped both of writs which moved his fists away from Matt who then head butted Erazor in the chest, taking the air from his lungs.

    Matt quickly removed both dusters from Erazor hands while Erazor was catching his breath Matt threw them into the sky and shot down with a chaos burn their smoking remains landed in front of Erazor Matt then chaos controlled back to the HQ.
  13. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra blushed. She wiped her eyes. 'It's true it's gonna be alright. It always ends like that' She let out a big yawn and went to her and Matt's room and went to sleep
    Chaos frowned. "Yeah, I figured that, but the problem is, how?" He mumbled to himself, deciding to sleep outside that day and slept near the door.

    Sofia herd every bit of her father's advice while Chaos was out there. "Well, he left us with something we could've come up with together as a group."

    "What a help he was..." Boomerang mumbled.

    "We'll figure this out tomorrow" Sofia said and left to go to sleep.

    "Yeah..." Booomerang said and slept on the couch.
    Ruby took one look at Maggie. "she's gonna be Ok by tomorrow." She told herself, and went to her and Hollo's room and went to sleep.

    "He sure knocked the wind out of me." Erazor said, still gasping for air, looking at the burning dusters. " What i don't understand is why he called me Kanto. I don't even know who the h--- that is." He said and lied down. "I shouldn't be worrieing about this right now. All I have to worry about is having enough energy for tomorrow" He said and fell asleep.

  14. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo waited for Ruby to show up before he went to sleep. It was insanely boring how long the night was. Before he could think any further, his head dropped to his pillow, and he fell asleep.
    "It's strange how easy it is to simply get inside HQ. It should be armed with traps and alarms." Solar thought. He walked to his room and pulled out a MacBook Air and wrote his ideas down. Then he closed his laptop and slept on his bed.
    Morning was a drag. Hollo didn't feel like getting up yet. It was getting cold outside, and his body felt weak.
    Kanto woke up remembering what he had to do. "I'll go later. I'd better rest up now so I can put the hurt on those guys, and..whoever Derek asked me to injure" Kanto thought, and he continued his nap.

  15. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt walked into his and Alondra’s room and saw Alondra sleeping he kissed her softly on the forehead and when to sleep himself

    Matt woke up to Steve poking his head but Steve looked different he had two turquoise colored spikes on the back of his head and the points of them were red confused Matt chose to ask someone who knew more about chaos than him “Alondra you may want to see this” He said

    Jeff was tip toe to the room of Luna and Sofia and slips a letter for Sofa underneath the door it was a love letter.
  16. CloverTheKirlia

    CloverTheKirlia Confidence Is Power

    Alondra rubbed her eyes and groaned a little. "Huh...?" She said and she took one look at Steve and sat up right. "Our little chao is growing up well." she said patting Steve's head. "You probably didn't know that chaos change their appearence based apon the people around him, which shows the most before it becomes a fully grown chao, did you Matt?" She asked smiling, despite being somewhat sleep deprived.

    Ruby woke up with a big yawn. " Gosh, it's been a while since I've slept like that......" She looked over at Hollo who was still sleeping and let out a sigh. " Looks like I'm gonna have to do some cooking..." She said and got up and went too the kitchen.

    The second Sofia herd something slip in under the door, was the second she woke up. 'What's this?' She thought to herself. She picked it up, and at that moment she blushed. She had a feeling what it was about. Sofia opened the letter


    Erazor woke up to the sound of beeping. "Ughh... Please dad, 5 more minutes........." He said, getting more comfortable.

    " ERAZOR, YOU HAVE TO GET HERE NOW!!! THERE IS NO TIME FOR DOZING OFF!!!" Metal Naizl yelled through the communicator. Kanto quickly shot right awake.

    "Y-yes sir!" He said and ran off to the base.

    Turning the communicator off, Naizl thought to himself " For a second there, he sounded like who he really was... That could be a problem..."

  17. PokemonMDTfan

    PokemonMDTfan I'm a monster...

    Hollo's eyes shot open when he heard Ruby's footsteps. He rolled himself onto the floor, and a big *THUD* was heard throughout the HQ.

    "Note to self: Never roll off of a bed" Hollo thought. He quickly got up to walk into the kitchen
    Kanto arrived at the base(Erm...which one are we talking about?) and stepped inside.

    "So what is it that ya had to wake me up at this time?" Kanto asked.

    "This." Metal Naizl replied, he snapped his fingers, and a big TV appeared. It was showing Kanto (but in his Erazor identity) killing people and hurting lives of others. Then "Kanto" had made a laugh. "That's who you are, and what you need to be" Metal Naizl told him. Kanto understood.
    Solar's eyes were filled with sadness as he saw the video of "Kanto". It happened to be on YouTube. Solar ran off to show everyone. He took his Mac, and plugged in some HDMI cables to the TV, and the laptop. After that, he woke up Mikello, and told him what to say into the intercom.
    "Solar has some important things to show you guys. Once you all are there, he will explain." Mikello said

  18. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    Matt breathed a sigh of relief when he found out it was nothing he noticed a look of tiredness on Alondra’s face “I’ll go make you a drink, what would you like? And don’t worry about it besides you don’t want me in here will your getting changed”
    Luna walked over to Sofia and asked “what’s that letter about?”
    Boomerang walked into the room where Solar was

    Sunkey and Despaire sat in the place they were left freezing there rear ends off

    Fear and Shame joined Boomerang and Solar with Fear having a medium sized bald patch on his back
    Steve was hugging furry clump that looked just like Fears fur (because it IS Fears fur)

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