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Sonic the Hedgehog Shipping Discussion

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by encas, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. encas

    encas Come to me...

    Okay, so not just am I a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, but I like *some* of the pairings, too. Since I noticed Sonic fans ship the characters a lot for such a nonromantic series (I'd even say there's fewer mutal relationships in all forms of Sonic media than in Pokemon), I decided it deserved a thread.

    So what do you all support and why? I'll get started with my (main) support list:

    Sonic x Rouge: Okay, I'd say this is my most supported Sonic pairing overall. I used to be very heavy into Sonic x Amy (as I shall explain later), but this pairing grew on me somewhere along the line, even if it is crack. This is because I like the sound of the possible interactions between the two if they had more interactions, not because it's (NOT) "canon".

    Anywho, the long and short of it is Rouge often flirts with Sonic (but then again she's kissed an EIGHT-YEAR OLD in Sonic X, so she does this to just about everybody), and Sonic ignores it. But what if he didn't? I could see an interesting relationship that is a mix of "similarness" and "opposites attract". It would be similar in that both characters are very unconfined and free-roaming, and that they value that freedom. But it's opposite attract because of their roles; one's a hero and one's a thief. I'm sure that dynamic would lead to some very interesting moments between the two.

    Knuckles x Blaze: This one is admittedly more simple to explain than Sonic x Rouge. They're both emerald guardians who are either aloof (Blaze) or poorly socialized (Knuckles) and don't exactly approve of Sonic at first, but eventually learn that they are actually allied with Sonic. Even though the few interactions we've seen between them are hostile, once they got over theit differences, I'm sure Knuckles and Blaze would like each other.

    Big x Amy: As is the case with Sonic x Rouge, this falls under the "it's definately crack, but I love the potential" category. Amy and Big are both friends already, and if Amy ever stopped swooning over Sonic (in fanfiction or something, but not officially please; Amy was meant to be a love interest for Sonic) , then I bet they'd get along better than they thought.

    Shadow x Wave: Yes, more crack with reasons. Shadow and Wave both are characters that think the people (Animals? Furries? Mobians?) around them are idiots (or at lease inferior to them), and I think this "holier than thou" attitude would create an interesting dynamic if they actually met or had more than a few lines of interaction in a game. And one's angsty, and the other is frankly a bitch. That's a cool combination of archetypes.

    Jet x Storm: Yaaay, fanboy yaoi! Storm obviously respects his "boss" Jet and I really think that if we saw more of both characters that this could become an interesting pairing with more supporters (but it'll never become extremely popular due to the whole crowd who thinks Sonic yaoi is icky, and that's their call!).

    Disliked Couples (no bashing here though):

    Sonic x Amy: I used to love this one. But then I realized that it's against Sonic's nature to be tied down with a girl. Amy wants to not just be Sonic's girlfriend, but to marry him, which would basically require Sonic to stay in one place and settle down. Amy would never support Sonic's almost nomadic ways, and aside from Amy's very obvious attraction to Sonic, there's no possiblity of this ever working.

    Knuckles x Rouge: Sure, they like each other, but I was never fond of the couple personally. I think their roles are too different, although it could work with a little character development. I just don't like the idea personally.

    Tails x Cream: Unlike the others I dislike, this has no bearing in canon at all, which I used to think of as the sole reason why I didn't support it. But then I got into the crackier Sonic pairings, and I still didn't like it. I guess it's just because everyone simply pairs them up for the sake of pairing them up. And also, I doubt Tails could deal romantically with someone like Cream who would possibly mess up his workshop and whatnot.

    Thoughts? Concerns? Any other couples I didn't bring up? Post away!
  2. esm8m

    esm8m Pokémaniac

    Huzzah, a Sonic thread! I'm not as big a fan of Sonic (or the pairings) as I am of other games, but it's still good.

    So, to answer the topic:

    Shadow x Rouge: Definitely my favorite pairing in Sonic. They work together often, and they work together well. If Shadow can be called 'close' to anyone, it's Rouge. (Do you really think he saved her just because of the Chaos Emeralds?) And Rouge seems to look out for him, or at least as much as she 'looks out' for anyone. There would be lots of potential conflict, but I think that they value each others' strength and skill enough to stick together through that.

    Um... I don't really support much else... I can see Sonic x Amy, but I don't think it would work well from Sonic's end. And from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Knuckes x Shade was heavily hinted at and makes sense. But since it was just that one game, and I don't know if Shade will ever come back, it's hard to support it very seriously. (I need to finish that game...)
    Basically, I'm the exact opposite of you: I support the closer to canon ones. I've never even thought of any of the ones you put on your support list. Some of them seem interesting, though...
  3. ArcanineOod

    ArcanineOod Peace, perfect peace

    A sonic thread! Great!

    What do I support and why? Well...

    Big x Rouge
    And I bet you're all thinking 'What? Did I read that right? Big x Rouge??!?', but I assure you you're not seeing things. It's my favourite couple, despite the fact that I'm a fan of canon stuff more than crack stuff, and this has got to be one of the biggest crack pairings there is. I've written fanfiction on it, and it seems to make sense... His innocence and kindness shocking her and making her... Less materialistic? I don't know, but I just really love it! ^_^

    Sonic x Amy
    It's canon, guys! Even if you don't agree that Sonic maybe likes Amy a smidge, there's no denying it one sided. There simply isn't.

    Cream x Sonic
    I prefer this as more of a friendshippy pairing than a romantic pairing (for obvious reasons), but I like it romantically one-sided (Cream liking Sonic), because I think that once Cream grows up a little more, her respect for Sonic could evolve into a crush on him.

    Knuckles x Rouge
    Since playing SA2, I've liked this pairing a lot. Seriously, if that lava scene wasn't showing shipping hints, then what was it doing, eh?

    Shadow x Rouge
    For the same reasons as esm8m. They're close, friendly and often work together.
    I won't go into the same level of detail XD

    Tails x Cosmo
    Indisputably canon.
    I mean, in the episode where Tails has to kill Cosmo in order to save the universe, in the Japanese, he can't bring himself to do it immediately, and he says that he loves her.
    She obviously cared for him very greatly, and the fact that this is canon simply can't be argued against!

    Shadow x Maria
    I think that there was a great bond there. I just think that, had the circumstances been different, they could have been a great couple.

    The pairings I don't like:

    Shadow x Amy
    No evidence. At all. Whatsoever.
    Simply no.

    Sonic x Elise
    ... Yes, it's one sided canon.
    Yes, that's similar to SonAmy.
    But I just don't like it! I really don't like Elise, and as far as I'm concerned, she should never have been created (I ship her with Eggman *evil grin*).

    Sonic x Sally
    I know that it's canon.
    I saw their kiss
    But I just don't like it... I dunno, but there's always been something about it I don't like, even though I know it's canon...

    These are my shipping views! They make no sense, but hey! :p
  4. Sonic TH

    Sonic TH You're too slow!

    Sonic X Blaze
    This one I like because of the story progression in Sonic Rush. At the start Blaze is very moody, not very social and overall very dull. Once she meets Sonic and starts to bond with him she starts to loose her moody personality, eventually to the point where she is no longer moody and is quite a happy (But still serious) person (Well...cat). Also the ending to the game made me like the shipping as well

    Shadow X Rouge
    This one I came to like because of the (sucky) game Sonic The Hedgehog for the XBox 360/PS3. Thier character interaction really shows that they care for each other, particularly when Mephilis tells Shadow that the world will turn against him and later on Shadow and Rouge are talking and eventually she says something along the lines of 'Even if the whole world is against you I will still be at your side'

    Tails X Tikal
    This one is more than likely a crack shipping however during the time travel scenes in Sonic Adventure she seems to interact more with Tails than anyone else.

    Jet X Wave
    I just think this would be a humourous couple simply because thier basically polar opposites but they would still get along.
  5. LordVatek9

    LordVatek9 Legendary Collector

    It's only canon in the comics.

    As for me:

    Sonic X Amy

    Granted there wasn't much hints in the earlier games but in the last 3 games, there's options to make Sonic go on a date with Amy and in one (SatBK) he goes on a date with her player free.

    Silver X Blaze

    Nothing much except that they were long time friends and that Silver cried when Blaze disappeared.
  6. ArcanineOod

    ArcanineOod Peace, perfect peace

    No, it's canon in that tv show, too. (Not Sonic X, the other one)

    *facepalm* I forgot Silver x Blaze!
    I support that too.
    As she was going, she said to Silver something about him being naive, but 'I always liked that about you' or something like that. It's obvious they cared for each other, and by the tone of Blaze's voice when she said that, I think she has feelings for him.
    Meh; I dunno! ^_^
  7. PikaSonic

    PikaSonic Pikachu Trainer

    Hey! I like Sonic the Hedgehog as much as I love Pokemon and I dig the pairings! :)

    Here are my favourite pairings:

    Sonic/Tails - My OTP For Sonic The Hedgehog, They Are So Cute Together!

    Sonic/Chris - I Know It Sounds Sick But It's An Awesome Ship!

    Tails/Chris - Another Cool Ship!

    Tails/Shadow - One sided by Shadow

    SonicXTailsXChris - Hott!

    SonicXManic - No Comment.

    SonicXManicXTails - Again No Comment
  8. Miror B.

    Miror B. GPS:GirlPowerShip

    Nobody said Sonic x Shadow yet? You know they're meant for each other!
  9. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    I was never too into Sonic pairings, and the fact that I haven't got around to completing a Sonic game in awhile has compounded this.

    Nevertheless, I will say that I have always liked Sonic x Amy, and to be honest, it's mostly because of Amy. She obviously adores him and can therefore put up with him. She also takes personal responsibility for the situations that she is in (ex. deciding to be more independent at the end of Sonic Adventure) and can therefore be proactive. Because of this I think that there's the best chance for a relationship there...but down the road.

    I used to be into Knuckles x Rouge because of all that flirty Sonic Adventure 2 stuff, but now I'm pretty much indifferent.
  10. darkjigglypuff

    darkjigglypuff Borderline Troll

    I like

    Shadow x That DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald You gotta love the way he's always chasin after her. Or it. Or whatever.
  11. Ludi-Cola

    Ludi-Cola Drink Responsibly

    On the old TV Show/comics
    Antoine x Bunnie. Sort of an opposites attract w/ a rich Frenchman and a plain ol' country girl. On the show Ant was very cowardly and had no real friends but Bunnie seemed to have the most patients w/ him (in one ep she even flirts and pinches his cheek while calling him cute). In the comic Ant has grown braver over the years. There's alot of canon evidence there like kisses, hugs, etc.
    they even got married!

    On the new cartoon
    Rouge x Topaz. I liked how they worked together, aside from Chris and Sonic I think they were the best example of Human and Animal working best together. I've always had a thing for cop "buddy shows". If femslash is not okay to be mentioned here I'm fine w/ it as just a friendship thing.

    In The Games
    Mighty x Ray. No canon basis I just think they look cute together. ^^; And they were only in one game so I don't think most ppl remember them well... *sigh* Again it works as just friends but I like to think they can be a little more.

    Shadow x Rouge x Knuckles. Triangle time! Rouge flirts w/ both. Knux dislike her theiving ways but has been known to get flustered by her remarks. Shadow on the other hand is more willing to work w/ her but does not show emotional responses as much. It's hard to say who would win (or whether either boy would regard having Rouge as a date being a worthy
    Cream x Cheese. Just. Too. Cute! They are always together, best friends who stick by each other no matter what. I think they bring out the best elements by pushing each other to be stronger/braver.

    Tails x Wave. I love the Riders game, it's a blast to play. I wish I had a chance to play the sequel but I'm not wild about what I hear of the story ending
    Jet, Storm, and Wave descended from genies = wtf?
    Both are techies and have a love of flying. Altho Wave taunts Tails alot she had more respectful things to say of his knowledge in her diary. While there is a conflict of interest being on opposing sides of the law Tails has shown to have a forgiving nature.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009
  12. shadowswampert93

    shadowswampert93 Well-Known Member

    hmm, sonic shippings...

    tails x cosmo

    probably the most canon in the whole series, i mean, come on. tails told cosmo he loved her right before he had to kill her in the jp version of that episode...

    oh, and sonic x amy too

    i've always liked this one, just always seemed the most likely one to actually happen...
  13. Darkraigrl

    Darkraigrl <The Aura is With Me

    I absolutely HAVE to agree on the Yaoi! It's just.. ew. xP A friend of mine likes Sonadow o_O I' not against it, but it won't happen XD I actually like Knux x Rouge, but I like Shadow x Rouge too. I can't decide! D: Tails x Cosmo, DEFINITELY, (I cried so damn hard at that scene in Episode 77!!) and Sonic x Amy. I remember the one where Rouge kissed Tails. I lol'd so hard!! XDDD Call me insane, but I extremely, EXTREMELY slightly like Sonadow. Wait, did I say that out loud? O_O; Pretend you never read that XD

    EDIT!: Upon reading previous posts, I thought of a couple others. Silver x Blaze, gotta love that! ^^ And Sonic x Tails. As for why, here:

    Silvaze: They were extremely close friends! In the final cutscene of Silver's story, Silver said he woulnd't go on without her. Blaze says this: "You're still so naive... But I've always liked that about you." After Blaze disappears, Silver cries. I cried when I saw that! ;__;

    Sonails: Come on, those two are inseparable! It even says in Sonic Advance 3, if you pick Sonic and Tails for player/partner characters, "Unbreakable Bond!" Those two are like brothers. Except they don't fight. Waaaait a second.. YAOI!! O_O;; Well, let's just call it "brotherly love." x3
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2009
  14. Pikatina

    Pikatina Fan of Typhlosion

    New couples for Sonic?

    Knuckles X Shade:
    Ok, so some of you may not know who the heck is Shade. She originated from Sonic
    Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. As you can see, *major spoilers ahead* Shade is an echidna from the Nocturnus clan. *major spoilers end here* Knuckles is an echidna too, so they're probably made for each other. Also, some more evidence. The POW Move, Echidna Rush, involves using both Knux and Shade.

    Sonic X Shade:
    Now for another shipping. EVIDENCE: Shade's other POW Move, Blade Drop, requires the use of Sonic and Shade. And when Shade's talking to Sonic *cutscene from Chapter 6*, Amy yells these exact words: "Oh no you don't! You stay away from him, witch!", meaning that Shade probably would have romance relation to Sonic.

    Sonic X Blaze:

    Great. Another Sonic shipping. As you can see, Blaze teamed up with Sonic in the Sonic Rush series on the Nintendo DS. This probably has relation to Sonic romancing with Blaze and vice versa. *NO MORE EVIDENCE*

    Robotnik X Eggman:

    Ok, that would be seriously hilarious. Just imagine it! That would be epic. XD

    Sonic X Sonia:

    Oh, come on! They're both in the same family, and they just make a perfect couple! You'll probably know this from Sonic Underground. But still, it's pretty good, right?
  15. Darkraigrl

    Darkraigrl <The Aura is With Me

    ...I wouldn't be so sure of that. But whatever. XD I'm going to make a Youtube video with Sonic and Shadow, dangit. xDDD NOT Sonadow, tho. X3
  16. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Sorry guise, but I have to close this thread due to there being more than a months gap between two posts on here. Feel free to create another Sonic shippings thread however!
  17. Mikeachu

    Mikeachu Soul Trainer


    SonicxBlaze-Ever since Sonic Rush I've been growing increasingly fond of this pairing. Blaze is pretty much 1 of the only people Sonic treats as his equal in the hero business (Even Tails & Knuckles don't get THAT much respect from him) & he is definitely the only she sees as her's. It helps that Blaze is practically the only post-genesis era character that older fans tolerate. I guess the whole star-crossed-lovers aspect could be a factor in this ship's appeal, though living in a different world doesn't seem to stop her from showing up for the olympics or birthday parties whenever she wants.

    SonicxSally-The nostalgic ship that's recently been outclassed by Sonblaze imo. Although the separate contunities of the games & comics mean the 2 ships can semi-coexist, but man there is nothing I wouldn't give to see Sally added to the gameverse.

    ShadowxRouge-This ship I'm kinda surprised they haven't made canon yet. Not like either has that many other options...

    Metal Sonicxthe Sally robot from that 1 episode of SatAM-The token crack ship of the list. The 2 exist in separate continuities but idea of killer robots finding love is an amusing one. Plus the characters they're based off of are/were lovers, so surely they would hit it off as well right?


    SilverxBlaze-1st of all I'd have to play Sonic 06 & I rather not. 2nd, as I understand it that game writes itself out of canon anyway & totally botches Blaze's origins so whatever there was shouldn't count for jack.

    SonicxAmy-The idea of the preteen girl actually marrying her childhood celeb crush sounds completely detrimental to her character growth (hypothetically speaking, they gave up on any real character development after SA1). She can't really grow up as a person until she gets her "reality check" moment.

    KnucklesxRouge-Seriously, what is there even to go on? 1 really forced shiptease scene & then its not really brought up again. Besides, if rescue=romance, then what about Shadow saving her from far more certain of a doom earlier in the game?

    TailsxCream-They're close in age but not remotely in maturity, I just can't see how these 2 could even hold a conversation on the same level with each other, let alone a romance.
  18. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    Do I need to explain myself ? 'cause I'm lazy... :c *sigh* Alright, I'll do it for some of them.
    I ship the following;

    - Sonic x Amy: A little favorite of mine. I think it's not liked enough. I like to believe there is more to it and that Sonic likes Amy, but prefers not to let their love blossom because he doesn't want to endanger her.
    - Knuckles x Shade (from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood): I don't know. They showed cute moments within the game and I liked Shade's attitude. It kinda blended well with Knuckles. It's, overall, another favorite of mine.
    - Shadow x Rouge
    - Blaze x Silver: Their interactions in Sonic 2006 were the best, in my opinion. I really love that pairing simply because of what both of them went through in the game and their really showed to like each other at some point in the game.
    - Tails x Cream: I don't care what anyone says about them, I still like this pairing. As opposed to Knuckles and Shade, Tails and Cream show to have different attitudes and humors, which makes the pairing more interesting. I know it isn't anything serious due to their age but it still is sweet.
    - Jet x Wave

    I don't mind these pairings as well;

    - Knuckles x Tikal: Impossible, but used to be a big favorite of mine.
    - Blaze x Shadow: Because why not. Their attitudes are quite similar. Also used to be a favorite of mine.
    - Tails x Cosmo (from Sonic X): That pairing was so... adorable... Sad ending, though. :(
    - Tails x Wave
    - Amy x Shadow
    - Shadow x Maria

    Unless I forgot some, I pretty much dislike the rest of them (discounting male x male and female x female pairings, I don't really ship them. I have nothing against them, though).
  19. teamaquagrunt

    teamaquagrunt Active Member

    hmm I can only say from Sonic X although in Sonic Heroes I used to think that Shadow and Rouge would be great together. Now, not so much..

    Sonic x Amy: I *really* want to know more about these two. How did they meet? Why does she like him? Did he save her from something?? Like The Prince of May I think there's more to it and Sonic probably likes her too...They had some nice peaceful scenes together in Sonic X and I liked the last scene. Mostly I like the jokes and Eggman's comments on their lovelife is hilarious. Also I like that Amy saves Sonic sometimes too! And that cruise episode, freaking Sonic is so manipulative haha *sigh Sonic X was awesome!

    Shadow x Amy: They hugged!!...yeah that's all I got. He uh, probably enjoyed it more than Sonic would have. hahaha

    Tails x Cosmo: POOR TAILS
  20. Skylander Sylveon

    Skylander Sylveon Top Coordinator

    That makes sense. :O Come to think of it... she'd be way better off with some other guy...

    Sonally is pretty rad tho! ;D I think that's my main Sonic shipping right now. :p
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