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Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos *Begins! LSU's accepted*

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Scar, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Ooc: Just one thing before we start; if you want to find a Chaos Emerald, PM me and I'll tell you whether you can or not.

    Bic: The full moon lit up the midnight sky and a breeze began to pick up. Some areas were cast in a dark shadow from the clouds swirling aroud above, but they'd yet to conceal the moon. Below, the city of Station Square was still very busy, and most if not all of its buildings were still lit up. From the streets, it almost looked like it was still daytime if you didn't look up to the sky.

    ...But from where Zero stood, all he could see was darkness. It had always been like that for him- he was always lost in the dark with nobody there to guide him through it. And if you ask him why this is, he'll just scowl and walk away. In truth, he wouldn't want things to be any different. He preferred to be alone in the world...

    Zero's black spiky fur blew slightly in the breeze. His arms were crossed and his eyes were locked in a cold glare. He seemed to be looking down at Station Square below him, standing high above it from a cliff overlooking the city. He tilted his head up toward the sky, and through the clouds he was able to see a strange sight indeed- a large blue egg-shaped ship, raising ever-higher into the sky. Sighing, he shook his head slowly.

    <Humans...I'll never understand why they kill each other for no reason. Some kill because they wish to get stronger, some because...they have things they need to find out. But some, like this Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik I've been hearing so much about lately...slaughter for no reason but control of others with no motivation at all. > Zero thought, closing his eyes. <...But then, I still don't know why I was put here in the first place. Maybe my purpose for being here is to fight without reason...I could've been put here to kill every other life form on this planet except for myself. At the same time, I might've been put here to save the humans in all of their stupidity...I wish I knew, but for now the only purpose I have is FINDING my purpose... >

    Suddenly, Zero's eyes shot open. He turned around and pointed his hand forward. A dark crimson beam of energy came from his hand and hit a strange black and red creature behind him! It fell backwards, a strange viscous green blood pouring out. Zero raised one eyebrow and glared at its remains. The name 'Black Arms' flashed through Zero's mind, and so he assumed that's what it was called.

    <Black Arms... > Zero thought slowly. <Why does that name hold any significance to me? And...what is that...thing doing here on earth? It looks to be an extra-terestrial of some sort... >

    "Now, now, Zero...No need to act so rashly..." A voice said in a deep, menacing whisper.

    "Who's there?! SHOW YOURSELF!" Zero demanded, clenching both of his fists tightly.

    Suddenly, a strange black sea star of some sort came from the trees behind Zero. It had an eyeball in the center of its tentacles which was a piercing yellow color, and was floating inches off the ground. Zero glared at it just as it produced a holographic image of a strange black and red alien-looking creature with dark yellow eyes and strange clawed hands. It, too, was floating off the ground and was lacking legs.

    "My name is Black Doom...I am leader of the Black Arms..." Black Doom growled.

    "Black Arms?! Wait...now I remember who you are! You're that race of aliens who attacked the earth a year ago!" Zero shouted angrily. "You'd better not try anything with me...I won't fall for any Black Arms tricks!"

    "Zero...you may be...alarmed...But I assure you...I shall work with you if you agree to...work with me...I know about your origins, Zero...But if you want me to tell you them along with your purpose here...You must do something in return." Black Doom growled once more.

    "You know about my...origins?" Zero asked, still tense.

    "Yesssss...and I am the only one who does..." Black Doom said, breathing deeply. "I want the Seven Chaos Emeralds...I shall help you find them if you agree to share their powers with me...However, they are just one of the keys to finding out your purpose. Bring them to me and I shall provide the other."

    "The emeralds, huh?" Zero said, in deep thought. "Sorry, Doom, but I'm well aware of the games you try to play. Your offer is tempting, but I can find out my past by myself..."

    Black Doom didn't seem phased by Zero's denying his offer. He just chuckled evilly and quietly, constantly glaring down at Zero.

    "I admire your determination, Zero...but the offer still stands. Remember, I'm the only one who knows the truth. Farewell!" Black Doom yelled, and with that the hologram produced by the strange black sea star disappeared, and the creature also disappeared, leaving Zero alone.

    <Black Doom...I assumed Shadow the Hedgehog killed him, but I guess I was wrong. I would collect the emeralds for him, but considering what happened last time with him I don't think it's smart...Besides, I can find and collect the Emerald myself. I don't need the Black Arms on my side... >

    Zero turned around once more, and felt a drop of rain fall down on his face. It was followed by another and another, but it didn't phase Zero. He looked down at Station Square, and sighed deeply. Calmly, Zero started running to the bottom of the cliff he was on toward Station Square, where he sensed the first Chaos Emerald...
  2. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    Rachel sighed and turned to Shadow, who was sitting on the grass eating something that looked an awful lot like a flower. She turned over onto her back and looked up at the stars. They were out of the city, so obviously the light didn't cloud their vision.


    The black and crimson hedgehog didn't answer. He looked up at the moon.

    "Shadow?" Rachel asked again, this time persistent. Sorrel turned over onto her stomach, then ran her finger along the sycthe she used to tear open her dimensions.

    "I don't think he'll answer, Rachel, he's obviously very deep in thought," she replied, her voice echoing a bit as one's usually did when they weren't from a dimension that limited their sound capacity.

    "Deep in thought with what?" Rachel asked.

    Sorrel's eyes went wide. "What do you mean? I'm not going to read his mind if that's what you want," she said, standing up and backing away.

    Rachel leapt onto Sorrel, though it didn't exactly do any damage since Sorrel was a ghost and couldn't be touched. The two started fighting each other while Shadow rolled his eyes and threw the flower down onto the ground.

    "I hate lilacs." Shadow got up and started walking down the mountain they were on.

    "Where ya goin', Shadow?" asked Rachel.

    Shadow shrugged and looked over his shoulder. "To a place."

    "Ooh, I just hate it when he does that!" Rachel said, gently kicking Apollyon, her Black Hawk. Well, actually he was red and blind in one eye, as well as having Rachel's insignia on one wing, but anywayz...

    Apollyon rose and turned to Rachel.

    "Yep, we're chasing after him again," she replied, and climbed onto his back. Sorrel sighed and used her flimsy black wings which looked like a bats except without the inside parts (the ones that are all silky and everything...the part that holds the wing membranes together) to hover in the air besides Rachel and Apollyon.

    OOC: I am allowed to use Sorrel, right? After all, she is part of Rachel's history and came back as a ghost. Sorry if I didn't mention that earlier. ^^;
  3. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    SWEET! Time for Borg to start...


    The Space Colony ARK. It's shape resembles that of half a moon, but, if you look at it from the bottom, it appears to be a giant metallic version of Dr. Eggman's face.

    Inside the corridor that Shadow the hedgehog and Maria ran on to attempt to get away from the G.U.N soldiers, Borg the cyborg hedgehog stands, looking upon Earth.

    Man..., he thought. Earth looks good right about now. The ARK gets kinda lonely after a while...

    He walked along the corridor, his air shoes making a clanking sound as they impacted the floor.

    But, since I've been here for a whole year, I shouldn't be complaining much. I've got space to be free, space to be me........space to be BORED!, he continued, stopping and looking at the floor after the last statement.

    He continued walking, envying the people of Earth more and more with every step. It's real lonely up here. I've been stranded here ever since Super Shadow used the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet, and nearly me, too, had I not escaped at the last minute. He stopped, and turned his head to the right, gazing out the corridor's window at Earth.

    Normally, if someone comes up here, I'd get outta sight. But, if someone that doesn't have relations with Eggman, Black Doom or the government comes up here, I might just hitch a ride down...


    Foreshadowing, no?
  4. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Emily the Hedgehog
    In the Mystic Ruins

    Emily took a deep breath, and sighed, it was such a peaceful breeze. Things had been a little bit quiet latley, and she missed having fun with her hero, Shadow. Taking another sigh, she took out the Nightmare Emerald in her hand, and called out softly.

    "Take me to wherever Shadow is, but in somewhere where he won't see me..." The Nightmare Emerald lit up, and in an instance, she was gone. Traveling through time and space, she landed in the shadows of a tree.

    Now I can watch you, my friend... She thought, and waited for him to come. In her thoughts, she began thinking of that horrible night she lost a good friend.


    "Gamma, I'm scared!" A younger Emily told her freind, a robot called 'E-102 Gamma'.

    "Just stay by me okay?" He asked her in a genlte way.

    "... Okay..." She followed him silentley. After a few moments, they came across a rather fat, purple machine.

    "Zeta!" Gamma cried out,

    "Gee, this guy needs to lose some weight..." Emily mumbled to herself, but a loud "BOOM!" made her turn attention to another robot, this one was black.

    "Emily, I want you to go!"

    "Gamma, but--"

    "I don't want you getting hurt!"


    "GO!" Emily began running, she picked up speed, only to crash into an escape pod.

    "GAMMA!!!!" She cried out, as the Egg Carrier got further and further away...

    A small tear came to her eye as the thought rushed in her mind, but her foot came down on a dry twig, making it snap. Emily froze, and hoped that nobody heard her.
  5. unholylssj

    unholylssj Get the Point?

    Outside of the large city known as Station Square, something seemed to be dashing away from the city. Of course, because of how fast the being was moving, it'd be extremely hard to tell what the heck it was. When the being finally stopped, having reached a large cliff over looking the ocean, the light revealed the life form. He was a hedgehog, though maybe an inch or two shorter than the average hedgehog in this world. He had large spikes that seemed to flare out wildly in every direction, the light revealing the fact that his fur was a dark greenish color. Because of how wildly his spikes were arranged, most would assume that he was of a psychotic nature. But in actuallity, Couric was a kind, cool headed type of guy who seemed to love running as fast as he could.

    He had once been normal.....back 3 years ago, before Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik had ever laid his filthy hands apon the hedgehog. Now the teenaged hedgehog was gifted with powers far beyond those of any normal being. He, however, considered these powers a burden; ones that seperated him from society and made most fear him for his talents.

    "Robotnik......." He growled as he brought his hand up and clenched his fist. His light blue eyes seemed to fade away for a few seconds as he remembered what the doctor had done to him.

    "I'm going to find you, Robotnik...And you'll give me back my normal body...even if I have to use force..." The usually cool hedgehog said, obviously angered. Almost immediatly, the scornful expression faded from his face as he thought about any possible leads that could point in the direction of the scientist.

    "There was that Black Doom incident nearly a year ago....I believe that the hedgehog known as Shadow might've come across Robotnik on his quest....Maybe he'll know where the doctor is or atleast give me some possible leads or information..." Couric concluded as he turned around, crouching down as his thoughts began to wander.

    "Shadow the hedgehog.....He's like me; a Hedgehog who has the abilities to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds....Could he have been an experiment of Robotnik's as well? Or has someone else tried to give a being the ability to harness the emeralds?" Couric asked himself as he shot off towards Station Square, thinking that Shadow may have arrived there after he had left. Suddenly a chibish smirk began to form on the hedgehog's face as he ran, his legs and his shoes becoming blurs of red and dark green as he dashed towards the large city, a large trail of dust following him.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  6. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    Sorrel turned around. "I heard something. Someone's here, I can tell. There's a force that gives off energy much like the Chaos Emeralds, but darker. I know someone's here, Rachel. I..."

    Rachel glared at Sorrel. "Shut up!" she yelled as she twitched her ears, hearing some breathing from up in the tree they had just left. She ordered Apollyon to scope out the area as she got off. Apollyon nodded and flapped his wings to check it out.

    OOc: You can decide what happens next.
  7. Shadows Follower

    Shadows Follower CHARGIN MA LAZAH!

    OOC: Yeah! Its time to get this show on the road!

    BIC: Gallack leaned back on his desk in his office. He smiled as he shuffled the deck of cards in his hands. He noticed how it had begun to rain outside. It didn't bother him. Nothing like abit of rain to calm the soul. He finally took four cards at random from the deck and placed them on the floor.

    He looked into the corner of the room where E-120 or Pyro as he preferred to be called was leaning against. The crimson red robot seemed to be deep in thought.

    "What is it my comrade?" asked Gallack. Pyro looked up from where he had been staring, looking straight into Gallacks blue eyes with his own green ones. Gallack laughed.
    "Your bored aren't you. I know the feeling. Its been ages since we were called for anything but then again knowing our luck... its only a matter of time."

    Like a miracle, the phone began to ring on the desk. Gallack brushed of the layer of dust and picked up the receiver.

    "Gallack and Pyro at your service my friends." said Gallack. There was an arkward silence before the person on the other end began to speak.

    "Ace... It us." replied the caller. Gallack's grin turned to a frown as he recognised the caller. He stopped leaning on the chair and sat up right.

    "You... I thought I was done with your kind along time ago." asked Gallack.

    "Thats in the past Ace. We are in need of your help."

    "It was different seven years ago wasn't it? And don't use that name. Only my friends call me Ace. To you I am Gallack. Now what do you want or have you called to waste my time?" Gallack flipped over the first of the cards he had placed on the desk.

    It was the Ace of Hearts.

    "I'm sorry Gallack. We have changed over the years and we have seen the errors of our ways. We know it was not your fault. Our leader then was reckless but with me in charge... we have a bright future." answered the caller.

    "Your lucky I'm a nice guy. I will forgive you scumbags for now. So tell me, why such an interest in me after so many years?" replied Gallack, returning to his upbeat and cheerful state. He flipped the second card over he had put on the desk.

    It was the Ace of Diamonds.

    "I'm sure you've seen the reports?"

    "But of course. Black Doom reappearing... Eggman and his Death Egg. Only an idiot would have not seen the news or headlines flashed at them at every moment."

    "Thats exactly why we need you."

    "To stop them?" He flipped the third card over.

    It was the Ace of Clubs

    "Sort off. As you are well aware, Eggman and Black Doom only have one thing on their minds; Chaos Emeralds. We need you to uncover their plots and stop their plans from being released. Most importantly, you must aquire as many Chaos Emeralds as possible. They are the key to stopping this impending doom."

    Gallack laughed to himself. "Sounds like a wild ride. Gets me out the office at least. You know I don't work for free... or cheaply."

    "Of course we know. We know what you want Gallack."

    "Very well. When can I start?"

    "As soon as possible. You know where our headquarters are?"

    "Its only been seven years. I know the way."

    "Very well. We look foward to your arrival Gallack."

    "Please call me Ace." said Gallack before putting the phone. Gallack began to laugh hysterically to himself. Pyro approached Gallack, his metal feet clanking on the wooden floor boards. He watched his partners insane behavoir with great interest.

    "Pyro my friend..." Gallack turned over the final card he had placed down.

    It was the Ace of Spades.

    "...our luck has change for the better once more. It appears our old "friends" G.U.N want us to do more of there dirty work." explained Gallack.

    "Do you think it could be a possible trap?" asked Pyro in a metallic voice.

    "No. They sounded desperate but as long as the pays good thats all I need to know. Another load of cold hard cash to accomplish my dream. Remember; As long where paid, we work for them. Lets go." finished Gallack.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  8. KaiserMyuu

    KaiserMyuu Hug a penguin!

    OOC: If I'm not supposed to be in contact with Robotnik, tell me and I'll delete the post.


    The wind was light that day. It ruffled his dreadlocks as he ascended to the highest point a towering column of rock. The west face was perfect for climbing.

    Nacht pushed himself up the last few feet. The rock was worn smooth from years of exposure. He brushed off his hands and knuckles, then scanned the land below.

    Then he heard it. A high, far away whistle that was growing louder by the second. He turned in a circle, searching the sky for anything unusual.

    A moment later, He saw a grey sphere trailing black smoke hurtling toward the ocean. He had never seen anything like it. His arms akimbo, Nacht watched. He was in no danger, a mile above he was. The object looked like some sort of high-tech machine. But what would make it catch on fire?

    It hit the water. From the wave it caused, Nacht was certain it had crumpled on impact, but five minutes later, it rose to the surface. There was a cloud of steam all around it from the extinguished fire. He wondered if anyone could still possibly be alive inside.

    Nacht considered a glide down. It seemed to be easy enough, as long as he made a good landing. Keeping his eyes trained on the dark patch in the water, Nacht leapt, and carefully glided down.

    Nacht squinted against the glare of the sun on the water. The smooth patch of quicksilver was broken in the middle by the top of the motionless round craft. As he drew nearer, Nacht could make out the metal paneling surrounding the crown, a glassed-in cockpit. The ugly style of
    the mechanism made him wonder if Dr. Robotnik had built it. Although he had never met this Robotnik character, he learned of his evil deeds through word of mouth.

    He was quite close to the ground by now. He carefully studied the ground for a second or so, then dove headfirst off the crag. But he didn't fall; he stretched his arms out, and his purple dreadlocks caught the air. The rest of the glide went smoothly, and he landed on the very rim of the land and looked down.

    Nacht stood over the small craft. Parts of it were blown out, sunken into the water. It had burned up pretty badly, for it was black in great patches. But, to his surprise, he saw a person inside. Nacht strained his eyes, trying to see who it was. He moved into the light, and had his first look at the brilliant (but demented) Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

    He had never seen anybody so fat in his life. He had the biggest mustache he had ever known existed. The little hair he had (except his moustache) was a devil red, and along with his red outfit, he wore a pair of dark, cratered spectacles.

    He turned around and saw Nacht, and yelled. He didn't know what to do, so he yelled, "Hey! You need help?" He motioned that he couldn't hear me. He lifted himself up. A minute later, Nacht said again, "Hey, you need help?"

    "Yes," he returned. "My Egg-O-Matic crashed and I need help to get it out."

    That was obvious enough. "Perhaps I should try and haul you out."

    "Sounds good," he said. "Oh, there's some bars and things you could ..." He looked down and noticed he was underwater. "Oh well, never mind that," he finished with a sigh. "I've got some chains--I think we'd better use chains--ropes won't hold this thing. You attach them to the
    rock, I'll take care of the attachments down here. Oh, and I'm Ivo Robotnik."

    So this is Robotnik, he thought. Aloud Nacht said, "I'm Nacht Motan."

    After about half an hour, Robotnik managed to fly up the Egg-O-Matic. Robotnik, however, seemed to need some help getting onto the land, so Nacht lifted him up. ‘Strange,’ he pondered. ‘Many people ought to know how to climb.’

    Nacht turned to Robotink. "Where do want this thing, Doc?"

    "Well," he said, "I need to get it to my Launch Base where I can repair it. It's not that far. Do you think you can reach it?”

    "Well,” Nacht responded. “I can try.”

    Nacht pulled along the Egg-O-Matic. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as heavy as he thought it would be, and so instead of taking ages to drag along, it took only a few hours. During that time, Robotnik explained about his mechanisms, and how they worked. Normally, Nacht would be unresponsive, but he was so interested in how technology worked, and this Robotnik character seemed so friendly, he decided it would be perfectly all right.

    At one point, Robotnik stopped. He lowered his voice and asked Nacht, "Do you know who Sonic the Hedgehog is?"

    "Sonic?" he replied. "Not really. I’ve only heard of him."

    A sort of light passed over Robotnik’s face, as if he were happy to know that Nacht didn’t know much about Sonic the Hedgehog. "Well," he continued, "I had better tell you this. Sonic's not on your side."

    "What?" Nacht said, surprised.

    Robotnik went on. "Sonic's not on your side. He's after all the emeralds. He'd take them from anyone, at any cost."

    Stunned, Nacht shook his head. He had seen the awful power the Chaos Emeralds, and even the Master Emerald could create. "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, I'm sure," Robotnik answered. "He and all of his friends are after the Chaos Emeralds because they wish to conquer the world.”

    This news angered Nacht to the depths of his Guardian heart. Why would anybody want all the emeralds?

    By the time they reached Launch Base, Nacht had come to a decision. He didn’t want anybody, at least Sonic and his company, to get the Chaos Emeralds. He figured he would hunt down these Chaos Emeralds and hand them over to Robotnik.

    Launch Base was big. It filled an entire valley. The center of the base was a single launching pad, but it had been forced into the ground so far water had nearly drowned it. What bothered Nacht about it was that the water wasn't clear. "Why is the water black?" he asked Robotnik. He shrugged. "That's the way it's always looked."

    "I mean, is the water naturally dark here, or was something spilled?"

    He guess Robotnik thought that the guess was close enough. He said, "You could say I've spilled a few chemicals in the past."

    I looked down at it. "It looks like more than a few."

    "Yeah." Apparently he didn't care.

    He started giving Nacht directions about where to put the Egg-O-Matic. He got the ship unhooked and stabilized, then Robotnik said, "Thanks. Do you want to come into Launch Base to rest?”

    Nacht nodded, following Robotnik into the Launch Base.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  9. unholylssj

    unholylssj Get the Point?

    OOC:Short post, but I didn't want to have Couric reach Station Square just yet

    Couric dashed through the hill side, pausing as he noticed a large road leading towards the city, a chibish smirk forming on his face as he changed direction and began to run towards it. The hedgehog noticed a small bump in the ground infront of him, immediatly jumping into the air and spinning around rapidly as he smashed into the ground, picking up even more speed than he had before. He was now in a ball shape and rolling rapidly towards the minature hill, gaining more momentum as he drew closer. As soon as he hit the bump, he shot into the air towards the Highway, breaking out of the spin dash in mid-jump and landing on the road.

    Of course, he was still moving when he landed, having decided to run along the highway and dodge traffic. He grinned as he saw three trucks lined up in all 3 parts of the lane heading towards the city, a chibish thought popping into his head. Couric shot into the air and towards the truck, using the momentum to run along the side of its containment box and immediatly flipping into the air and performing the same action as he had on the first. Just as he begun to run, the third track had shifted into the first part of the road since the lane had narrowed.

    "This is just too damn fun!" The hedgehog exclaimed mentally as he jumped towards the truck and immediatly shot off it, landing on top of a car. Couric got to his feet and began to jump from car to car, quickly advancing towards Station Square
  10. Project Alpha

    Project Alpha Recharged

    Vexx walked through the streets of Station Square. It was 3 AM. The perfect time to wander through the city without the fear of being recognized. "The city's changed a lot since I've been away", he said.

    Suddenly he noticed GUN soldiers a couple of streets away. Of course, he thought. With all the commotion this Black Doom is causing, combined with Eggmans regular chaos, it would be crazy to not have tighter security.

    Vexx used his natural abilities to turn invisible so the GUN soldiers wouldn't see him. He then ran up to the soldiers, and easedropped on the conversation a few of the were having.

    "I don't see why we need all the extra security", the first soldier said. "The commander told you, Black Doom and Eggman could attack at any minute", the second soldier said.
    "I don't trust the commander", the first soldier said. "I think he's up to something".
    "There are other threats too", a third soldier added. "I mean remember that guy from two years ago. What was his name? Oh yeah, Vexx".
    "I personally don't think Vexx was any threat", said the forth guy. "Our old commander eventually considered him a force for good, but the new commander insists that Vexx was pure evil. He thinks Vexx is going to reappear on Eggmans side any time now, just like before, and if we ever find him, we have to bring him to HQ immediately. Anyways..."

    Vexx walked away from the conversation What on earth would the new commander of GUN ever want with him. He needed to clear his head. Quickly he climbed a building, and rested on the edge. He was far enough off the ground that GUN couldn't see him, so he deactivated his cloaking and stared at the moon, remembering when he was in hiding.

    It's hard to believe that a mere four days ago I was training, Vexx thought. Training for a time when I would be needed again. I apparently missed a few key events, but that doesn't matter that much. What matters is what happened two days ago. There was a huge flash and what felt like an earthquake. Suddenly a thought entered my mind. There was a new menace on the earth. Sonic and friends couldn't defeat it alone. They needed help. My help.

    With this thought in his mind, Vexx stood up from where he was sitting. He didn't know why the GUN commander thought he was such a threat, but he was sure that this was one of the threats he had to combat. "I'm ready for this", he said, "but I need my rest". Vexx turned invisible and began to sleep. He needed the reat, if he was to face the challenges the next day would bring.
  11. O'Malley

    O'Malley Guest

    The wind around Corin blew gently while a gentle evening took hold of the sky. Corin was sitting on a small bluff with a young fox who Corin called his "sister", what he determined to be a term of endearment in a "family." A large book lay open on Corin's lap, raised dots spread throughout the page. Slowly, Corin's fingers passed over the dots, forming letters in his mind.

    "Whatcha reading, Corin?" the little fox said, standing up and walking over to her half-sibling. She sat down next to him and put her arm around his shoulder and gazing into the meaningless bumps on each page.

    "Oh!" said Corin, surprised. "Didn't realize you were, Alli... Anyway, it's a reprinted newspaper article in Braille," Corin responded. "It's about the Black Arms crisis from last year. It's pretty interesting, this Black Doom guy..."

    "Well, you keep reading, I'm kinda tired," Alli yawned. "I'll head home... R-21 will be out here after a while, and he'll help you out." R-21 was a seeing-eye droid, or so Corin called it.

    "Thanks, Alli," Corin said, and he smiled. As he heard the faint footsteps of his half-sister fade, thoughts ran through his head like I wonder what Alli looks like... I wonder what anything looks like? It makes a blind guy wonder, doesn't it...

    "Yeessss..." said a deep, raspy voice. "Doesn't it?"

    "What the..." Corin said, getting up slowly, holding his hands out to see if there was anyone close enough to him. "Who's there?"

    "Oh, you know who I am..." the deep voice responded, seeming to come from every direction. "It's almost like you were halfway finished reading my... autobiography." Corin took off his thick sunglasses and squinted painfully to see if he could get a grasp on his surroundings. His eyes began to ache and he was forced to cover up what miniscule vision he could muster.

    "Black D-doom?" Corin said, stuttering. "What are... what do you want with me?" He backed up, slowly and warily, sweat dripping from his face."

    "I only want to help you..." Black Doom said, a sinister look in all three of his eyes. "I can help you... to see." A pleasing thought ran through Corin's mind, but he soon realized Doom's intentions.

    "N-no..." Corin stuttered in fear. "No! You stay away from me!"

    "Just consider my offer..." Doom said calmly as a strange feeling overcame Corin and he suddenly felt the hard floor of his room beneath him.
  12. The Burnt Shadow

    The Burnt Shadow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    shugo moved quietly around Eggman's launch base, looking for that fat doctor who calls himself a genius. Shugo sniffed the air and smelt a large number or carbon and saw several spills of chemical waste. Eggman will be leading himself to his own doom if he keeps messing with his chemisty set. As Shugo looked at the waste, Shugo saw a reflection of a mech aiming at me. Without hesitation, Shugo swiftly turned around and jabbed my fist right into the mech. The mech fell on the floor with a hole in its body. Its eye was still blinking red, but Shugo switched his hand to a gun and shot the eye several times. After dealing with the mech, Shugo saw Eggman enter his base with a figure he couldn't recognize. But neverthless, Eggman had to die. Shugo swiftly changed his fists into blades and pounced right towards Eggman. Eggman turned around in shock and would've been killed but a mech fired a single shot on Shugo's shoulder stopping him on his tracks.

    "S-Shugo?" Eggman asked.

    "In both metal and scales," Shugo hissed as he got up.

    "What do you want?" Eggman asked.

    "What everybody wants," Shugo answered," You to die."

    "Shugo listen to me this isn't like you," Eggman said.

    "When have you ever understood anything about me?" shugo asked.

    Without warning Shugo attacked once more. Three mechs came in the way and began to fire mercilessly. Shugo just held his blades up and deflected all the incoming bullets. Eggman slapped one mech on the head and yelled," You imbisiles he can only be affected by physical attacks! Long range will hardly do any good!"

    The mechs switched weapons to physcial weapons. The three mechs charged giving out serious jabs, Shugo just blocked all the punches with his sword and in time destroyed two. But the final mech came in and jabbed his arm, which sent Shugo flying away. Shugo weakly got up with blood dripping from his arm. Then all of a sudden a horde of mechs came in locked with fists. Shugo held up his arms and snarled. The mechs instantly charged without thinking. Shugo was able to destroy the first coming ones, but soon the whole horde arrived and began to pound his body over and over. Shugo was held by both arms, then one mech formed its arm with a electric shock. The mech instantly jabbed Shugo's chest burning severley Shugo's circuits. Blood drooled out of his mouth while great light beamed out the gaps of his metal parts. Soon Shugo fell on the floor with blood on his mask and several smokes fuming out of his body. Eggman looked at Shugo and shook his head.

    "You mech #154 send this cyborg to dock 3 for repairs," Eggman said.

    "Sir the process will take an hour to begin," the mech said.

    "Well it's alright just take him there," Eggman said.

    The mech carried Shugo into dock 3, which was actually the incenerator. The mech pulled down a lever and soon a clock counted from sixty minutes. The mechs didn't notice, but a part of Shugo's arm opened saying 47 min until repairs fully completed...
  13. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Emily the Hedgehog
    Hiding in the Shadows

    Emily breathed ever so slowly, they'd heard her!

    "Damn..." She whispered, and kept ever so silent, not making a move, she heard some wings, beating in the area. Emily looked up, and saw a Black Hawk. Watching, she noticed something else, she looked, still in the shadows to her right. It was a ghost of some sort, Emily froze. She had a fear of ghosts, and was sweating to prove it. She stepped foreward, again, and another twig snapped!

    "I hate days like this..." Emily mumbled to herself, and tried to get a good memory into her head.

    She was on the Egg Carrier, only this time, it was floating in air, she and Gamma had just set a prisoner free.

    "Relax Gamma, I'm here, don't worry!" Emily was rubbing her hand over his body, ever so gentley. The intercom went on.

    "Oh Gamma, Pi, report to the rear of the ship, hurry!" Emily grumbled,

    "I hate it when he calls me that..." The two hurried to the rear, and saw a blue hedgehog, with the prisoner they'd set free.

    "What is your wish, master Robotnik?" Gamma asked,

    "Iradicate all of those menaces, give them all you've got!" Eggman ordered.

    "Aye, aye sir, I will comply!" He responded, after a rather tough battle, Gamma went down, as the blue hedgehog went in for the kill, Emily dashed in to save him. She hit the other hedgehog off course.

    "Leave him alone, you BEAST!!!" She shouted at him in a dangerous manner.
    She began to loose fear as she thought about that, Emily realised that she was in their veiw, too late. She was spotted.
  14. Shadows Follower

    Shadows Follower CHARGIN MA LAZAH!

    Gallack and E-120 Pyro
    G.U.N Headquarters

    Gallack and Pyro trudded down the cold lifeless corrdors of G.U.N's main base. Above the clouds, the sky had been clear and he and Pyro had no trouble flying there themselves. They were escorted into a large room with two chairs on their side and another on the opposite side.

    The opposite one was occupied.Sitting in the chair was a tall man with silver hair. He was dressed in the uniform of the GUN Commander, signifying that apparently he were the leader of GUN. His eyes were a dark crimson color, making him look very menacing. This did not scare Gallack however as he had encountered this leader before and he was not about to fear this particular man. The two sat down to confront the G.U.N leader.

    "Welcome back Ace." the leader said polietly.

    "Don't give me flattery. You may be leader now but I'm not gonna give you any more respect than before." replied Gallack. The leader gave a small smile.

    "Your still the joker I remember... that talented one that we could use still." commented the leader. He turned to Pyro to side of him.
    "I believe that is E-120 that you "rescued" from use several years ago. I'm surprised you were able to fix the poor thing in the state he was." Pyro slammed his fist into the table.

    "MY NAME IS PYRO!" shouted Pyro in his robot voice. Gallack pulled him back.

    "Calm down my friend. You are more of a man than any of these demons." said Gallack. The leader smiled again.

    "Indeed. Now lets get down to business. Our intelligence reports that Eggman has created another base for himself. Its in a secluded location and it appears by visual sight to contain many of Eggmans demented machines of war. We need you to scout the island and search its contents. Then we want you to destroy as much as possible." explained the leader. Gallack put his feet on the table and laughed.

    "Sounds fun. I feel like I've scored "777" on a slot machine. Is that all?" asked Gallack. The leader leaned in close.

    "One more thing... if it is possible we need you to retrieve any Chaos Emeralds he may have hidden. Its important that we get them first." replied the leader. Gallack looked at the general closely.

    "Strange that a peaceful organisation would want items of ultimate power." asked Gallack suspciously. The leader frowned.

    "I hope your not thinking that they are for our own use. We need them chaos emeralds to stop Black Doom and Eggman from gaining power. By using the Eclipse Cannon on the ARK, we can destroy them both and save the world from their evil."

    "Whatever." agreed Gallack, slightly unconvinced about the generals plan. But what did he care. He was a mercenary first and hero second.

    "So what do you want? Your usual pay I presume?" asked the leader.

    "For what you did to me seven years ago, I say it should be seven times the amount." Gallack asked with a cheeky smile on is face.

    "HOW DARE YOU! I will not lower myself to a commoner." argued the leader.

    "Yeah... a commoner you need help from with the skills you require. Make it three times and we have a deal?"

    ".... fine." agreed the leader. The leader gave them a piece of paper. "Heres all the infomation you'll need. I wish you good luck."

    "What do you say Pyro? You up for a game?" kidded Gallack. Pyro nodded.

    "Any objective that involves the eradication of Eggmans work is an agreeable target. I am at your service." agreed Pyro.

    "Then its settled. Consider your work complete. Another game, another opportunity to win it big and gain a jackpot." joked Gallack. He took the paper and the two partners left the room. Gallack took one last look at the general.
    "You haven't changed abit... sadly." he closed the door behind him. The leader began to laugh to himself.

    "Fools! He suspected me but he doesn't have any idea to my true goal. With that bat and tin-can taking care of Eggman, we have no worry of an attack, letting us focus on the Black Arms. Now all we must do is wait for the Chaos Emeralds to slip into our hands."
  15. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Zero walked slowly through the streets of Station Square, obviously looking for something. A few people were staring at him with broad eyes, but one glare from the black hedgehog's crimson eyes stopped this in an instant. The bright streetlights shined on him as he made his way through the busy streets, clenching his fist tightly. The rain was nothing more than a drizzle, and Zero was able to ignore it.

    <Where's that Emerald?! > He growled to himself in his head, turning a corner onto a somewhat busier street.

    Suddenly, Zero stopped in his tracks. He looked up toward the sky, getting a weird feeling that, as far as he knew, came from up there. He saw the clouds which were now blocking out the moon had a reddish tint to it, though not many other people noticed because it was very hard to see at night. Zero wondered what was going on, but then remembered what happened one year ago when the Black Arms first attacked.

    "They're back." He said, not at all sounding worried.

    The clouds began swirling around in a perfect circle with a small black hole-like thing in the center which was apparently sucking everything else in. That was when people started noticing. Looking up with awe, several cars stopping in their tracks but most of them kept going. People got out of taxi-cabs to stare up at the swirling clouds, while others just wanted to ignore it. Then it started...

    Out of the red sky fell what looked like a black streak. It hit the ground creating a surprisingly small crater in the street. Several people backed away from where it hit, when a black-colored laser came from seemingly nowhere and shot a human in the chest! He was flung backward, crashing into a parked car and falling to the hard asphalt of the street. The people scattered, running in different directions as more black streaks fell from the sky. Zero, however, remained in one spot, just staring as more and more craters were created. When all the smoke from the impacts cleared, he saw that he'd been right- Black Arms were flooding the streets, shooting at anything and everything that they saw.

    "Humans...they're always unprepared." Zero sighed, shaking his head. <If memory serves, they're after the Chaos Emeralds...I can't let them get the one in this city, so I'd better clear them out. >

    He ran toward one of the Black Arms who'd just hit, his entire body becoming surrounded in a strange black field of energy. Shooting forward, he seemingly homed in on the Black Alien! It stumbled backwards, and then froze as Zero hit it again with the attack. After the second attack it gave in and exploded, leaving a very tiny green puddle of Black Arms blood on the street. The technique that Zero had just used was known as the Homing Attack, though some people call it the 'Jump Dash.'

    Zero jumped through the streets, actually using his Homing Attack to jump from Black Arms to Black Arms, destroying almost all of them on the street. When he attacked the last one in the long line of foot-soldiers, he jumped up to become level with two air-born Black Arms. Breaking free of his Homing Attack, he fired two small, red Chaos Beams at them, destroying both of them in one shot each. Landing on the ground, he smirked darkly and looked back to see the street free of Black Arms.

    Or so he thought. In an instant, two Black Arms foot-soldiers had their lasers aimed right at his head, both of them standing not even two feet away! Focusing, Zero actually heard both of them pulling the triggers at the same time! He did a back flip, avoiding the two laser blasts. The purple lasers crossed between the two and hit the Black Arms opposite the one who fired it! While upside-down in mid-back flip, Zero noticed three more Black Arms foot soldiers running toward him and firing at him, missing because of Zero's speed. So, he fired three well-placed Chaos Beams while upside-down, taking them all out.

    Landing on the ground in a kneeling position, Zero pushed himself up and started chuckling.

    "Too easy." He said, and then started searching for more Black Arms.

    Zero wasn't even running a few seconds before he was knocked off his feet by what felt like a blow from a sword! Rolling over and back onto his feet to avoid another swipe from the sword, he leapt to his feet and without thinking leapt into a Homing Attack. He apparently hit the face of something large. Landing, he saw he was right.

    Standing before him was a huge, bulky Black Arms holding a large red laser-sword. Its muscle mass was extremely large, and its red glaring eyes were locked on Zero. He heard stomping behind him and in front of him, and saw that two more were headed right for him- one from the other side and one from the front!

    The giant Black Arms facing him swung its sword, but Zero leapt backwards, ducking to avoid a swing from the second. Turning around and jumping at the same time, he kicked the Black Arms in the face, doing significant damage to it. He then used the impact from the kick to keep him in the air for a second, and shot a Chaos Beam behind him, hitting the Black Arms Giant with amazing accuracy. Using a Homing Attack on the third before it could hit him, he landed on the ground and rolled into a somersault.

    Strangely, he didn't go forward using the somersault. He just kept rolling, surrounded by the same black energy from the Homing Attack so that he looked like a shining pinball. He then shot forward, avoiding two slashes from the Black Arms Giants and hitting the third, causing it to stumble back before it could hit him. This was called the Spin Dash. Zero stood straight up, jumping backwards and avoiding all three attacks from the Black Arms Giants. He then fired three consecutive Chaos Beams, one at each of the Giants. He immediately followed this up by jumping into the air and using his Homing Attack in rapid succession on each of the large Black Arms Giants. Soon, all three of them fell to the ground dead.

    However, it still wasn't over. Before Zero could land, an airborne Black Arms swooped in and tackled him in the stomach! Growling, he kicked the airborne Black Arms in the stomach, causing it to screech in pain and release him. He then shot a Chaos Beam at it before it could get away, blowing it into bits instantly.

    "C'mon, Black Arms! Is that the best you can do!" Zero taunted, which sounded odd considering he was in the middle of frantic screaming people.

    Then, Zero saw a car speeding toward him! Listening to what was behind him, he heard a Black Arms Giant stomping up to him! He formulated a plan, and ducked into a Spin Dash. The car hit off of him and actually flipped into the air! The car flew behind Zero, hitting the Black Arms Giant right in the face! Zero quickly spun around and used his Chaos Beam on the Black Arms Giant! It fell backwards, dead.

    Zero looked around and saw the streets of Station Square were now in utter Chaos. People were running from the Black Arms like crazy, fires were starting everywhere, and police cars were rushing to the scene.

    <Reminds me of the day they first attacked... > Zero thought, smirking once more before getting back to work.

    He ran through the streets, using his Chaos Beam and Homing Attack in rapid succession to destroy any Black Arms he saw. Finally, he stopped and ducked as two air-born Black Arms swooped in on him. He looked forward and saw he was actually faced with five of them! Jumping up and attacking one which was swooping in on him, he jumped from one to another to destroy them all. Landing on the ground, he sidestepped a blast from a laser-gun and shot a Chaos Beam at a foot-soldier standing across from him.

    The people running away from the Black Arms were too scared to notice Zero or ask who exactly he was, but he didn't mind. The less people knew about him the better. He thought this as he kicked a foot-soldier in the chest, killing it in one hit.

    "Foolish Zero..." Black Doom thought as a holographic-projection of him watched the ongoing fight of Zero versus the Black Arms. "...you fight us now, but you will soon be fighting for us...Besides, you don't stand a chance anyway. As I speak, the Black Arms are being revived by the powers of the Super Emeralds…we shall soon be back stronger than ever!” With that, Black Doom’s holographic image disappeared.

    Meanwhile, Zero fought harder than ever against the Black Arms. He showed no signs whatsoever of being tired, merely running through the streets at amazing speeds and destroying every Black Arms he saw with basically no effort. It seemed his energy was limitless, or close to it. He tirelessly charged through, destroying the Black Arms whether they be terrorizing citizens of Station Square or just causing random chaos. Still, it seemed to Zero that they were endless. No matter how many he killed, there were always more…It made no difference to Zero, however. He just kept attacking without any concern as to how many he killed, though the fact that they just wouldn't quit was annoying him…

    Then, suddenly, Zero saw that he was faced with over a dozen Black Arms Soldiers! They all carried lasers in their hands and all aimed at Zero! Within moments, they were firing relentlessly. Zero avoided them all, but they’d apparently hit something extremely flammable or an existing fire, and seconds later Zero was surrounded by flames! The fire closed in on him quickly, and soon he was completely engulfed in it. The Black Arms thought they’d finished him off, but they were wrong. Without giving them any time to react, a red Chaos Beam pierced the fire and hit one of them in the chest, actually throwing it backwards into a concrete wall! It exploded on impact, causing the others to look into the fire.

    Walking slowly out of the flames was Zero the Hedgehog. However, all that was visible to the normal human eye was the silhouette of a hedgehog with his spikes blowing from the energy he created. He opened his eyes and they became visible through the flames, glowing white. Zero walked out with both of his hands glowing red…He was mad…and the Black Arms were REALLY in for it now…
  16. unholylssj

    unholylssj Get the Point?

    Couric flipped off a car, landing on the streets just as the invasion began. "So these guys are back again....this is annoyingly troublesome...." The hedgehog muttered as he shot forward, beginning to search for the aliens who had come here. He launched into the air, jumping into a wall and the shooting off it and smashing into one of the Blaxk Arms aliens, crushing its skull apon impact.

    "Well, this'll serve no entertainment if these guys die because of such a weak attack...." He muttered, pausing as he noticed several dozen of the aliens marching towards him. A smirk immediatly flashed across the hedgehog's face as he turned towards them, bringing his hands up and immediatly cracking his knuckles.

    "Who's first?" Couric asked, tilting his head to the side, losing up his neck. The aliens let out inhuman roars as they charged the hedgehog, firing off several lasers at him. Couric just shot to the side, bringing his hand up against the edge of a building he was infront of.

    "Let's go..." The hedgehog said as he pushed off the wall, launching himself towards the group of aliens. He immediatly crouched into a spin position, rolling towards the beings and tearing them apart in seconds. The ball skidded to a stop and Couric stood up, sighing as he stared at the bodies.

    "Come on...I thought these guys would atleast be a challenege." He moaned, obviously annoyed by the lack of good opponents around. Then he noticed a large alien materialize behind him, folding its arms and "smirking" at the hedgehog.

    "So you're the failed experiment of the one known as Doctor Ivo Robotnik....The one whose able to unlock the power of the chaos emeralds and use them to transform into a temporary Super state..." The being concluded, sounding as if he was belittling Couric.

    "And you must be the one known as Black Doom....The one who got his *** handed to him by Shadow." The hedgehog replied, grinning as he noticed the annoyed expression on Black Doom's face.

    "You little fool..Don't you dare put a tag on me!" Black Doom growled, growing more annoyed as he glared at his opponent.

    "Oh shut up and get out of here....I don't have any interest in fighting with some pathetic weakling searching for revenge!" Couric said as he turned away, beginning to walk off.

    "Is that so? Then doesn't that make us the same?" The alien asked, causing the hedgehog's spikes to shoot upwards as a light green aura flared around him.

    "Don't you ever.....compare me to you, you damn trash....Or I swear that I'll break you into pieces.." Couric growled, his pupils and irises fading away as he turned his head towards Black Doom.

    "You couldn't lay a finger on me...." Black Doom taunted, watching as the ground all around Couric began to crack and shoot into the air. Small sparks of electricity began to shoot around the hedgehog's body as his entire expression turned to one of pure hatred.


    OOC:Of course, Couric can't really lay a hand on Black Doom since he's only a hologram at the moment
  17. Silver Ryu

    Silver Ryu ~Aqua Dragon~

    Yay! ^_^ The RPG started! OK, here goes. Since there are a few other characters in the Mystic Ruins (where Sapphire is starting out, it’s where she lives after all), we’ll probably meet up soon. Here goes.
    Sapphire scanned over the newspaper. “Black Doom returns!” one of the articles read. She shuddered. She’d heard about what had happened about that thing a while back. Everyone thought that Shadow had killed him. Guess they’d been wrong.

    Shadow. She’d never met him, he hadn’t been with the others when she’d met them. From what she knew, he didn’t really seem like someone she’d really like too much.

    She tossed the newspaper onto the table, threw open the door of her little house, and dashed outside. It was evening, and it was getting kind of chilly. A little windy, too. She looked up at the dark blue sky, a few stars beginning to appear.

    Sapphire began walking, for no real reason. She just felt like it. She looked around. She saw the mountains in the distance, the trees swaying in the breeze, the brook nearby flowing gently across the grassy clearing. She loved this place. It was so peaceful and pretty, and close enough to the city that she could go when she needed something. It was perfect for someone like her.

    She lie down in the grass on her back, looking up at the darkening sky. I just hope this place stays like this. I’m sure someone will do something about that alien thing, but I’m still scared, she thought.

    Maybe… She sat up. “Maybe I could try to help out!” she said to herself. I mean, I don’t know how much use I’d be, I’m not much of a fighter, but I did OK when I worked with Sonic and the others, so it’s worth a try.

    Suddenly, she saw something streak across the sky. She couldn’t tell what it was, but she doubted it was good. “W-what was that?” she cried. “Who are you?”

    There it was again! It flew by, only this time, it looked a little closer. Suddenly, something struck her from the back.

    Sapphire flew through the air and slammed against the ground. Startled, she got to her feet, and turned around. “What the…”

    In front of her was a vaguely birdlike creature. It was black, with red markings on its body. She recognized it as one of the Black Arm things that had attacked before, from a picture she’d seen. They were even uglier in person! It flew back a bit, and flew at her.

    She leapt into the air, not really knowing what she was doing, and kicked the alien, knocking it backwards. It tried again to attack her, this time she dodged and jumped on top of it. “Take this, you stupid alien!”
    She struggled to stay on as it tried to shake her off, pounding on its back and doing as much damage as she could. It began to slow down, obviously taking quite a bit of damage.

    She jumped off, and pushed it to the ground. She stomped on it, and it disappeared in a small shower of blood and pieces. “Whew, that was close!” she remarked. She ran off into the forest, shocked. I better try to find someone, quick!

    I know my writing isn't excactly terrific, but I'll do my best. This is going to be great!
  18. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    Sorrel pointed to Emily. "Look! Some hedgehog is over there!" She floated over and started inspecting Emily like she had never seen a hedgehog before. Actually...she hadn't seen any hedgehog except for Shadow. So she looked around Emily and stuffers. "I've never seen a hedgehog except for Shadow before!"

    She saw the frightened look on Emily's face. "Oh...are you scared of ghosts?"

    Emily nodded.

    "Oh, don't worry, I'm good! I used to be a porcupine, but then I died from these jerk officers and then I got to be able to be half-alive again. My sister Rachel is the one that just got back on the Black Hawk, and Shadow the Hedgehog is that black hedgehog over there."

    Rachel rode over and looked meanly at Emily. "Who's this, Sorrel?" she asked, ready to chop her head off.

    "This is Emily, she's a hedgehog!"

    "Did she even tell you her name yet?"


    "I hate it when you use your mind-reading ability like that!"


    Shadow walked up, looking annoyed. "What is it this time?"

    "We found some kid following us around."
  19. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Emily the Hedgehog
    With Sorrel, Rachel and Shadow

    Emily's ears twitched, as soon as she heard the name "Shadow" she began to think of something that also happen a while ago.


    "LET ME GO!!!!" A human Emily cried, she had been captured by a madman, before that, her parents had brought her shopping, when this strange liqud attacked. Her parents never made it out alive, and now, this guy had captured her, and taken the poor girl to his base.

    "Put her in the DNA manipulator, NOW!" The madman cried, one of the robots shoved her in some sort of capsule.

    "Wh-what's going on?" Emily cried out, afraid.

    "Right then, now is the time to test out the DNA chip grandfather left me..." He put the DNA chip into a small slot, a female voice began to speak.

    "DNA analysis begining... acessing data... DNA verified, Project: Shadow DNA manipulating... begin!" Emily found herself being covered by steam, and a tingiling sensation came upon her body, and it knocked her out, senseless.


    Another tear began to form, but Emily held it back.

    Why did he do this to me...? She thought in silence.
  20. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    Shadow walked up closer. "I...I know her...I don't know how but I know her."

    Rachel rolled her eyes. "Great, I'm so happy that some other girl is going to be traveling with us. This will just be so peachy, especially since the new girl has some relationship with my boyfriend..." Rachel rattled on.

    Sorrel's response was hitting Rachel on the head with the flat edge of the sycthe she held.

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