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Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos *Begins! LSU's accepted*

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Scar, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. The Burnt Shadow

    The Burnt Shadow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    Shugo the Cobra

    This was going to be easy, I instantly moved aside and avoided Eggman's attack. Eggman then looked up on me and tried to deliver an arm thrust. I simply leapt over him. He was way too slow, not suprised. He hasn't fought with Sonic for quite a while, that he hasn't been working out much either. Eggman then crossed his fists together and slammed them on top of me. I had to admit, that attack was a bit strong, but he was only Eggman. I instantly grabbed his leg with my tail and pulled him down. With Eggman down, I pulled out my saber right at him. Eggman gritted his teeth angrily. "Will you just give up?" I asked," I'm giving you an oppurtunity to simply surrender and spend, I don't know, twenty, fifty years in jail?"

    "I don't need your sympathy Cobra," eggman barked," However you aren't Sonic, so you're not as fast as he is, which means." Without warning, one of Eggman's random mechs attacked me from behind. I fell down while Eggman had his fist ready to pound me. "You're not as strong as him."

    He dropped his fist right at me, but I pushed the mech up and sheilded myself. I went into a defensive position and gave a grunt. "Not as strong as Sonic?" I asked," Sonic maybe the fastest thing alive, but he's not the strongest. I've met several fighters, stronger, smarter and even more merciless than Sonic. They could wipe out your entire empire faster than Sonic can."

    "Enough talk!" Eggman said," Time for action." Eggman attacked with another arm thrust. I leapt up in the air and avoided the attack, but I torpedoed back down to suprised Eggman. As soon as I went down, Eggman gave a powerful punch at me. I was sent flying right into a building. This battle was getting pretty boring, Blaze, Dark and Knuckles get to have fun, tossing Eggman's robots around, while I'm stuck playing with this loser. Eggman then ordered his dragon to fire a blast right at me. I instantly left the building and avoided the mighty blast.

    Could this get any cheaper? Maybe I should've joined Zero on the ship, he might get to do something interesting. I needed to end this quickly, I aimed right at Eggman's heart and released a powerful shot. But the dragon's talon came in the way and blocked my blast. Now I didn't see that one coming. Nevertheless, I charged towards Eggman to deliver one final slash, but Eggman gave a sinister smile as several wires from the dragon came and pierced through my body. I fell plummeting from the sky, down to the earth. But before I could touch the ground, Dark caught me and placed me safely on one of the buildings.

    "You doing okay?" Dark asked," That attack was critical."

    "I'm fine," I weakly said as I coughed out blood," I'm ending this no matter what."

    I slowly stood up and got into my saber mode and dashed towards Eggman, but once again, the wires struck out and the dragon's talongs slammed me away. I was red lighting, my body was going critical. How could I have underestimated Eggman? Filled with frustration, I gathered what I had left and charged at Eggman. I avoided the wires, talons and bullets that shot out to me. I then launched out a bloody slash, but Eggman instantly dodged and ordered his mechs to attack. I was instantly struck down by several mechs.

    "This is the end Shugo the Cobra," Eggman laughed," You're almost as annoying as that Sonic the Hedgehog. Dragon, destroy Shugo with your mightiest blast!"

    Without hesitation the dragon, delivered a powerful blast of energy right at me. The mechs flew off and shot several bullets right at me, along with the chaotic blast. I closed my eyes, waiting for death to take me, but soon a light shined in my mind. Soon Lightning and Heart appeared in front of me.

    "How can you be giving up now?" Lightning asked," You have survived worse."

    "How can I continue?" I asked," I have died so many times but never tasted death."

    "Do you really want to die?" Heart asked," I might've died, but I'll remain in your mind with Lightning forever. You have several people who care about you so much, that they would risk their lives for you. Dark, Blaze, Cream and even Knuckles are all fighting, for you to end this war against Eggman and for you to finally realize, that there is more you can do in life then wait for death."

    With that my eyes were opened, I gathered my strenght and I felt once more a new power within me. My glowing gems shinedout brightly and coccooned me. "Shugo," Heart smiled," You never had a super form, but now we give you one final gift. A super form of your own. Use it well."

    With that I closed my eyes as I crossed my arms together. My body began to shine a glowing color of my original. Suddenly, my cape slowly wrapped itself around me, protecting me from the beam. I then opened my eyes and found that my body was unbruised. I then released my arms and yelled out, Chaos Crush!" With that, the great beam died down. I flew towards Eggman, avoiding the wires, talons and bullets once more. Eggman ordered his mechs to attack again, but I dodged and instantly took them out. With that I faced Eggman and gave him a powerful punch off his machine. I then looked right at his ultimate weapon. "It's time I destroyed Eggman's empire. I entered deep in the chaos core and found that it was continously flowing with chaos energy.

    My chaos crush had disrupted it, that it began to overload. I closed my eyes, as I dived deep down in the unruly chaos stream. I clapped my hands together and performed my chaos crush technique. My super form had died down and I wasn't sure if I was able to withstand this sort of power. It felt like a pool of unmerciful acid. But I released the chaos sheild, my sheild began to spread, but it was weakening because of the ocean of chaos energy. I focused harder, but the harder I focused, the weaker my barrier got.

    But I soon felt a gently touch in my shoulders, by Lightning and Heart. They both whispered," You can do it. Your parents believe you can." My parents knew of what was happening. I couldn't let them down. I then released my hands and soon the barrier spread to its maximum level, corrupting the chaotic energy in the entire dragon. The giant dragon soon began to roar, as a beam of light shined out of the gaps of its body. Finally, with one last roar, the dragon exploded into a number of burning metal scraps. Outside, Dark, Knuckles, Blaze and even Cream saw it.

    "He did it," Dark said," Impossible."

    "Shugo's done it before," Cream smiled," Nothing's impossible for him."

    "But then that means he's dead," Blaze said.

    "He isn't," Cream smiled as she began to close her eyes again," He is too stubborn to follow death. He won't stop until he has done his final mission."

    OCC: Sorry, if I destroyed Eggman too soon, but I wanted to do this now. BTW Shugo's not dead, yet...
  2. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    ((Don't worry, I don't mind about it, The Burnt Shadow, you're doing Emily a favour.))

    Space Shuttle

    Emily began to feel sad on the inside, her heart was the only thing that was beating inside of her. Emily felt her mind, racing and raging with things of the past. A voice echoed inside her head.

    "... The creators are the 7 Nightmare, the controller of all life forms, shall bring forth a soul that is savour of all. The savour will bring a horrific beast to death, and deliver purification for all..." Emily closed her eyes, and looked inside her own mind, she was back where Tikal lived, she could hear the Echidna's voice, reciting.

    "... The love that she shall bring forth, shall spread, and then, she will disappear, for the rest, of the peace that will cover the planets, and shall rise again, one day..." Emily watched her, go to the shrine of the Master Emerald. Tikal stood, and watched the Chao, play happily. Emily called.

    "Tikal..." She turned around, Emily saw the shock in her face, then Tikal came to her, slowly, she murmured.

    "... Emily, I've discovered something about you!" Emily nodded.

    "Yes Tikal, I know, I'm the savour, aren't I?" Tikal nodded, they stared at each other, before Emily finally dug out her Nightmare Emerald.

    "One day, Tikal, we WILL meet again, but, in the meantime, remember me, to the future, and do not forget, that I will return to this place!" She faded away, and for the last time, Emily shed a tear. She thought to herself.

    This one tear, is the remainder of my life, the others to come, shall perish...
  3. Shadows Follower

    Shadows Follower CHARGIN MA LAZAH!

    E-120 Obsidian
    Earth - Westopolis

    Obsidian stared at the messagers and chuckled under his breath (he hoped this wasn't Phantom rubbing off on him).

    "Evil isn't the word I would use. I would say corrupted but that is for another time. I.... still care for Emily. She has a sweet heart and can I even say a cute smile although these days it is something I have rarely seen."

    He looked up to the Black Comet again, its size dominating the sky line. His optical systems could have sworn they saw blasts and explosions on the surface of the comet on the western hemisphere.

    "Are you so certain she will die?" he asked them. He waited for a replie but no answer came.

    "I may be a robot and a tool of war but even I know that our fates are never planned. Life is a mystery no matter how warped it can become (Phantom). I say she won't die. I believe that. I may of course be wrong but thats what my brains tell me." unfolded his metallic wings and spread them blocking the sun from the messangers sights and creating a shadow among them. Obsidian's green eyes buzzed with energy."

    "Take me to her. This battle needs my help. I must play my part in this war and help my friend Gallack. Even if not for that and what I believe is wrong... I want to say goodbye."

    Space - Black Comet Surface

    Phantom screamed hysterically as he cut down three more of the rampaging Black Giants heading towards him. His arms buzzed with green chaos energy from his emerald and he sliced through the middle of yet another, black blood disappearing onto the surface of the comet. He let one of his blades down as he licked his lips and let the alien blood drip down his lips. He laughed once more as he fueled the violence in his mind and began to glow red, a bright light in the emptiness of space.

    "Is this all your bringing to the field Doom. I'm disappointed! CHAOS BLAST!!!" the energy surged forward, obliterating the uncoming wave of Black Arm soldiers before they had a chance to run and leaving a crater in the surface of the comet. In all honesty they probably wouldn't have run away in the first place being mindless. Phantom chuckled as he saw the gap become filled up with more Black Arms.

    "My my. Thousands of them against me? It seems pretty on fair on Doom. Lets have some fun. CHAOS CONTROL!!"

    A devilish smile was the last thing on the demons face as he dissappeared in flash of blue light. The oncoming wave was ground to a halt as a blue beam darted through their ranks, cutting them open and spurting even more soickly blood about. The bat reappeared above Zero, a smirk on his face as he charged up electricity and chaos energy for his signature move. Holding the giant sphere above his head, he passed it from hand to hand before back flipping and whacking the ball into the ground.


    Zero of course darted out of its path before it could do anything to harm him which could be less then said for the Black Arms caught within the blast, ripping them asunder. Zero watched as Phantom came to his side, his body almost as black as Zero's own fur from the blood he had spilt all the while his insane chuckling on his lips.

    "You certainly look busy Zero. Sorry if you were having fun but I couldn't help myself. I feel so happy here - its like Christmas every day except black blood rains from the skyinstead of snow, don't you think?" he waited for an answer but he suspected the silent treatment from Zero.

    "I wouldn't want anything to happen to my favourite hedgehog would I? I mean you are Earth's hero right? Well, lets get going. So much killing to do before we get inside." he flapped his wings and flew off ahead of Zero chuckling under his breath after he whispered some words to himself.

    "All....according...to plan."
  4. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Space Shuttle

    Emily felt herself again, she felt the cold floor sting her body, she felt the warm presence of another hedgehog nearby. She got up slowly, and saw Manic, in the doorway, he smiled.

    "I see you're up then!" Emily smiled a little bit, and then thought back to the bitter memories of the past, she thought about Dr. Eggman, she thought about Beta, she thought about Phantom, and Obsidian. Manic touched her, and then put his arm around her.

    "You're concerned about something, aren't you?" Emily nodded, and then sighed.

    "Yes, it's an old friend of mine, that's all..." She heard the metallic footsteps of Delta approaching, he was followed by Maria, Emily looked at Maria.

    "You must miss your body, don't you?" Maria nodded.

    "Sometimes, but, at least I don't have to grow up, do I?" Emily nodded.

    "That's right, but, we need to stay here a little bit longer, I know that Metal Sonic and Rauell are coming back soon..."

    Metal Sonic & Rauell

    Metal Sonic nodded his head.

    "Yes, we'll take you to her!" Rauell agreed.

    "Emily will be happy to see you, but, I know someone that won't..." He paused before continuing.

    "E-103 Delta..." Metal Sonic then gave Obsidian a last look before saying.

    "Also, a new member will be waiting for you, his name is Manic, the Hedgehog..." He nodded at Rauell, he held up the Nightmare Emerald and commanded.

    "Nightmare Emerald, take us to Emily, the Hedgehog!"
  5. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    OOC: Meh....I think I'll do a Nautomaton post, so's no one thinks I'm dead.

    Oh, and.....does anyone mind if Nautomaton goes after Black Doom to kill him? He doesn't want competition in his quest to dominate the Sonic dimension....


    Inside the Black Comet (yeah, he's there already)

    "If I could sigh, I would." Nautomaton said as he skewered a Black Warrior with his arm blade, pulling the corpse off and throwing it into a nearby stasis pod that held another Black Warrior "In fact, I'd even throw in a yawn for the heckuvit. The fact that this is so dang easy is borin' me."

    "Yeh," agreed N Phantom, swatting a Black Warrior away with his large cannon arm "but these here Black Ahms soldiers're pretteh pathetic. Whaddya expect?"

    "...good point." Nautomaton said, using his arm-mounted flamethrower to burn another Black Warrior to death "I wonder if Black Doom's this easy. I'm actually hopin' that he isn't. The guy's really got the appearance thing down cold."

    "One thing ya gotta say, though," Nautomaton continued "is that Doom really packs out nice tech."

    He beheaded a nearby Black Warrior and took his rapid-fire laser gun.

    "Cool...." the evil robot said "always wanted one o' these to have some fun with. But I've got Diablon's parts right now....I'm gonna be busy back at the base, tinkerin' with these things."

    He continued down the path, followed by N Phantom as the two killed countless Black Arms soldiers and left their bodies lying around.


    So, does anyone have a problem with Nautomaton going after Doom? I can delete this post, if that's a problem....'course, I might not post a lot here anymore....I'm losin' interest in this RP, since my interest is being devoted to other RPs.
  6. The Burnt Shadow

    The Burnt Shadow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    Shugo the Cobra

    As my eyes remained closed, my mind began to show me past memories again. I saw kind of history profile about myself. I never saw this profile before. It showed my four stages from regular to metal. The first stage was when I was only nineteen, my face was unmasked and my body was still pure scales, this stage was simply called Shugo the Cobra. I already knew my chaos crush move here and I worked ussually with swords. The main parts of this stage one profile were about my imprisonment in the underground for five years. After escaping, I met with Blaze, Dark and Jet. I soon came upon, Fang, Knuckles, Shadow, Espio and Cream. I've been through a lot with all these characters and was ussually beaten from time to time.

    My next stage was known as Metal Shugo. I was nearly torn to pieces and was put to trial. I came against Shadow, Dark and the chaotix. I wasn't exactly in a fight, but I soon came upon Heart and was nearly killed. She then placed me in one of her staff as a general to hunt down Shadow. But Shadow thwarted us and I needed a new body desperately. She soon placed metal parts around me giving me my gun and blade mode.

    The third stage was possibly my most deadly one, it was known as Mental Metal Shugo, or MMS. Before this I went through a lot with Heart and eventually gave her the breath of life. We soon came with Lightning, this stage was also when Heart was taken by Shadow. I tried to get her back, but I was ultimately defeated. Lightning tried to repair me, my armor was sharper and my mind was much more angrier. When I remembered my defeat against Shadow for Heart, I destroyed an ancient army that I was hoping to ressurect. I eventually killed Heart and was nearly killed by Shadow, Jet and Rogue. I was forutnately saved by Cream and Lightning.

    After being rescued, I never saw the two for a while. I then came upon the Babylon Rogues and Dark the hedgehog. My final stage was known as Shugo the Cobra .2 or just Shugo the Cobra. I fought against Black Doom, Metal Sonic, Eggman, GUN and several others such as Zero, Gallack, Emily and the E-Units. I was able to get Heart back, but she was taken once more by Black Doom. Having no choice but to join his side, I fought against Zero, Emily, the E-Units and an entity known as the Dark Dragon. I would've won, but the E-units and the Dark Dragon crushed my with mighty blasts and I was struck by two chaos blasts. I was then saved by Dark the hedgehog.

    Later it was revealed that Heart and Lightning were both possesed. I had no choice but to fight them, I defeated them victoriously, their bodies formed into a gold jewel and a red ruby. They were the last things to help me remember them. I then returned to the Egg Carrier to look for Eggman and Zero, but I soon came upon against a ressurected Jet the hedgehog. I managed to defeat him with the help of Dark. Soon Blaze revealed herself, in hopes to for my assistance to find Cream. While searching in Westopolis, we were sidetracked by Metal Sonic, who revealed to be the one who possesed Lightning and Heart. I would've lost, but Metal's words somehow filled me with determination. I then formed into my final stage and defeated him.

    Before I could recall anything else I began to wake up and hear voices.

    "So this is what has become of the experiment we conducted years ago," a voice said.

    "We finished fixing him," a voice said," Should we take him back now?"

    "Not yet," a voice replied," He's waking up, we should leave now."

    As my eyes opened, I looked around for the voices, but found they were gone. I held my head, but felt something wierd. I looked over to the screen and saw my refelction, my face, it was back to normal. I then looked at my body and found it working normally. I was able to feel like a normal cobra again. I then looked outside and saw that the sun was too bright. I saw my mask was with me, I thank whoever fixed me. They fixed my mask as well, I'm guessing that I would need it...

    OCC: Hey Morpher01, I was thinking, maybe Nautomaton and Shugo can do a kind of battle. Shugo doesn't really like the idea of another source of evil emerging to take control. So maybe we can do a kind of fight. You don't have to if you don't want to, but if you do, PM me so we could discuss it...
  7. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Space Shuttle

    Emily looked at her friends, each one of them, importaint to her, but, something was wrong, very wrong. She felt the pain inside her head, she couldn't think about her goal.

    Why am I the one that was chosen to stop this mess? Why not someone like Sonic, or Shadow? She thought to herself, everything seemed messed up about her life, a sudden force on her shoulder snapped Emily back into reality. Amuklet's voice made her turn.

    "So, sister, you thought you could kill me off, did ya?" Amulet's voice was rusty, from the damage that Dark Emily had dealt to him, Emily dodged another blow from his fist. Rauell stepped in to help, but Emily pushed him back.

    "No, Rauell, I want you, to go and help Zero, I want you all to go and help the others, I'll come later!" Rauell could not argue with Emily, knowing that she would just stand by her decision. He turned his back to Emily, as the others left, he called.

    "Good luck, Emily the Hedgehog..." He flew off, while Emily kicked Amulet's jaw, causing him to scream, he tried to punch Emily, then, Emily asked.

    "Amulet, why are you trying to kill me?" He ignored her, trying to land a punch on Emily's shouldier, but, Emily stopped his fist, she grabbed his fist, and commanded.

    "Answer me!" Amulet paused, and answered, while trying to pull his fist away.

    "Because, Dr.Eggman told me that you were out to kill me, and he showed me that to stop you from killing me, I had to fight against you!" Emily felt his leg, push her stomach, Emily let go of his fist, and fell down to the wall. She questioned.

    "But, how do you know that I want to kill you, Amulet?" He kicked her shouldier and shouted.

    "I KNOW THAT I'M RIGHT, I MADE A PROMISE TO THE DOCTOR AND I'M INTENDING TO KEEP IT!!!!!!" Emily was puzzled, and then, she laid down on the floor, in an unhostile position, and said.

    "Kill me, go on then, stamp on my spine, kill me, you win!" Amulet was just about to step his hoverskate on her, but, as Emily waited for the blow to come, he froze, Emily asked.

    "You were about to kill me, why aren't you trying, brother?" He slumped down, tears began to well up in his eyes. Emily slowly got up, and sneaked away, leaving him to remain in his own thoughts.
  8. Project Alpha

    Project Alpha Recharged

    Bio-Bomb Entrance Hanger

    Vexx walked towards a ledge, hanging over a huge metallic structure. Hundreds of Black Arm minions floated around making ajustments, and wearing Anit-Bio armour. "The Bio Bomb", Vexx said. He barely recognised the bomb, from when Eggman had built. "Black Doom sure has been busy", Vexx said.

    Some Black Warriors noticed Vexx and attacked. Vexx quickly dispatched of them all. Looking around some more, Vexx noticed giant screens with images of everyone currently inside the bomb. He recognised most of the faces, Sonic, Zero, Phantom, and Scourge among them, but a few he didn't recognise. "The gang's all here", he said.

    Suddenly, something about the bomb caught his eye. "It's hollow!", Vexx gasped in shock attracting the attention of all the Black Arms minions in the hangar. "Uh oh", Vexx said, as all the minions leaped at him.

    Quickly Vexx grabbed his Chaos emerald. "Chaos... BLAST!", Vexx shouted, stunning all of the minions. Quickly Vexx ran towards the hollow opening, but before he could leap inside a metallic figure blasted out, grabbed Vexx, and slammed him into the ceiling. Vexx looked at the figure, and gasped.

    Black Comet

    Scourge lay against the wall, recovering his strength. Suddenly two Black Oaks came. Scourge tried to stand, but he was still too weak. The Black Oaks quickly grabbed him. Scourge was too weak to even struggle against the Black Oaks, so they quickly carried him away.

    Entrance hanger ceiling

    Vexx was looking at a metallic version of himself, when he worked for Eggman. Complete with the original armour Vexx had worn, that he was sure he had destroyed. "Greetings Vexx", said the Metal Vexx. "This is as far as you go".

    "I wouldn't be so sure about that", Vexx said, releasing himself from the robot, grabbing his sword, and landing on the bomb. It was at this point, when Vexx noticed a counter saying: Five hours till Doomsday. He'd have to move fast.

    Metal Vexx hovered above Vexx. Raising his left hand, the only armourless part of the creature, he started firing artificial Chaos Beams. Vexx dodged most of them, but got hit by one, and fell to the metallic surface of the bomb. Vexx crawled to the entrance of the Bio Bomb and shot real Chaos Beams of his own. One of them hit Metal Vexx and knocked him to the surface of the bomb, as well.

    Vexx drew his sword, and Metal Vexx did the same. They raced towards each other and clashed their swords. Neither one of them was allowing the other to get any hits. Vexx grinned. He was finally facing the ultimate enemy, himself.

    Suddenly Metal Vexx leaped backwards, and fired a Chaos Beam to get Vexx offguard. He then leaped back, and slashed Vexx across the stomach, and kicking him backwards. Vexx fell to the edge of the bomb and groaned, his chaos emerald being released from his grasp and falling of the Bio Bomb. Metal Vexx stood over him victorious.

    "It looks like this is where your journey ends", said Metal Vexx, as a blaster rose out of his right hand. "On the bright side, at least you'll never see your world crumble". "Don't be so sure about that", Vexx said, suddenly leaping up and headbutting Metal Vexx, and sending him flying.

    Vexx quickly leaped off the bomb to grab his Chaos Emerald and leaped back on. He was met with blaster fire, which he dodged. Quickly he grabbed his sword and leapt above Metal Vexx, bringing his sword down and slicing through his body. "On the bright side", said Vexx, walking towards the entrance of the bomb, at least you'll never see your masters downfall.

    "Don't be so sure about that", said a voice. Vexx wheeled around and watched Metal Vexx's halves reform. Vexx gasped. "You can't get rid of me that easily", said Vexx's metal counterpart. "Now shall we continue?"
  9. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Black Comet

    Emily slowly drifted out of the Space Shuttle, there were dead aliens everywhere, she took out her Nightmare Emerald, and whispered.

    "Nightmare Emerald, give me my sword!" The black sword appeared in her hand, once again, Emily looked to the left, and then she looked to the right, nothing was there. Dark Dragon roared.

    "Emily, we have a problem!" He showed her an image of something. Emily looked at some creatures, she didn't know where, but, they were taking a hedgehog with them, she felt a pang of guilt ebbing at her spine, but, Emily closed her eyes, and murmured.

    "There's nothing I can do for that poor creature, I belive I have met him before, on the Egg Carrier, but, there's nothing I can do to help him..." Dark Dragon roared once again, he slowly began to form outside the emerald. He snarled.

    "Emily, we can do something, he is on the Black Comet, somewhere!" Emily climbed up onto his back, to Emily, it made the comet look bigger, and if she fell, then that would mean trouble. She commanded.

    "Dark Dragon... LET'S GO!" He roared, and pulled his body off the ground, the gigantic wings flapping slowly, they stopped flapping a few seconds later, and Emily felt the wind on her quills, they were gliding through the comet, and werent going to stop for a while.
  10. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Zero the Hedgehog
    Black Comet Surface

    He's up to something...I can feel it. Zero thought, for but a moment getting lost in his own personal fears and biases.

    As he returned to the never ending slaughter of Black Arms soldiers, he kept a sharp eye focused toward his rather maniacal enemy. He cut down a multitude of weak Black Arms foot soldiers utilizing only unarmed methods of combat, making every effort to remain one hundred percent focused on the task at hand. Yet he simply couldn't shake the feeling that allowing Phantom to aid in the battle versus the Black Arms may have been an error in judgment on his part. Even as the group prepared for phase one of the plan back down on Earth, he had the strangest inkling that he, too, had a scheme in the works. Which may have just been a prejudiced statement, as Zero and Phantom had been at each other's throats since the bat reared his ugly head in Westopolis.

    The hedgehog swiftly obliterated two airborne Black Hawks with a duo comprising of twin Chaos Beams. Still the onslaught continued as wave after wave of Black Arms minions flooded the immediate area. Yet the group had to advance further at all costs. And so, ignoring the fact that their numbers didn’t seem to be thinning, Zero continued pushing onward, annihilating the infinite Black Arms soldiers with a never ending barrage of melee combat and Chaos Beams, each aimed with laser precision. The aliens fell by the dozen as the destructive trinity of Zero, Phantom, and Sonic swept the land. Homing Attacks, Chaos Shockers, and Chaos Beams flew off in every direction imaginable without showing any signs of letting up. And with each wave of extra terrestrials defeated, the trio moved closer toward their goal.

    Yet while things were, in fact, running surprisingly smoothly, Zero’s distrust toward Phantom only grew stronger as time passed. Though he was annihilating Black Arms forces, his demeanor was simply perplexing. He seemed incapable of taking the mission seriously, despite the importance of the battle. Of course he wasn’t necessarily shocked at this…though simply the way he was acting hinted that he had an ulterior motive. His presence alone could very well jeopardize the battle against Black Doom himself. And Zero swore that he would not leave the Black Comet until the alien scum had been terminated. Yet perhaps…Phantom had allied himself with Black Doom, and was a acting as a spy of sorts. Though in the midst of a Chaos Blast, Zero had deduced that he was more likely than not acting on his own as a freelance murderer of sorts. But whether he was working on his own or otherwise, Zero would not allow himself to fall in defeat due to a single hell spawn of a bat.

    “You’re planning something, Phantom…You may have fooled Sonic, but I’m not quite as trusting as he is. Don’t think you’re going to keep me from satisfying my thirst for vengeance. I’ll gladly slaughter you if it means Black Doom will taste unyielding pain.” He scowled, taking a step forward into a position alongside Phantom.
  11. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    ((I was waiting for someone to reply, waiting can get lonley! :( Btw: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!)

    Emily & Dark Dragon
    Black Comet

    Emily rode on Dark Dragon swifly, they saw the holocaust that had once been Black Arms, she sighed.

    "Why does it have to be this way? Why can't there be an alternitive?" Dark Dragon growled.

    "Because, the King Emerald wanted to be believed by all beings, instead they chose to obey other spirits, the King Emerald gave them a lust to fight, and that is how war was created..." Emily closed her eyes, imagining all the creatures, fighting in a colossal war against planets. Dark Dragon brought her out of her thoughs.

    "But, you were created for a reason, it was not the King Emerald that made you, it was Chaos, and me who created you!" Emily asked.

    "How could he have done that? He isn't a being that can create!" But she was silenced by Dark Dragon.

    "I have the ability to create life forms, but, only silhouettes as you've experienced, but, Chaos, could use my abilities to create a life form, but, we didn't intend for you to be created by suffering..." Emily bowed.

    "It's not your fault, all I know is to try and stop Eggman!" A shrill cry came from behind.

    "I'm right behind you, brother!" Emily turned to see Purge, riding on ice Phoenix's back, he smiled.

    "Hello!" Emily asked.

    "How'd you get here without journeying with us?" Purge answered with a small grin on his face.

    "When you can travel in time like me, nothing is impossible!" Emily turned her back on him, and together, they flew, on to destiny.
  12. Project Alpha

    Project Alpha Recharged

    fighting Metal Vexx

    Vexx clashed blades with Metal Vexx again. He glanced at the timer on the Bio Bomb. Four and a half hours left. Vexx leaped in the air, spun around and sliced Metal Vexx's arm off. However it just floated back to it's body. "Damn it!", Vexx yelled, lashing at Metal Vexx, losing his temper. "Why. Won't. You. DIE!!!" "It wouldn't be fun if it was that easy", Metal Vexx said, firing his blaster, and getting Vexx in the chest.

    Vexx quickly recovered. Metal Vexx fired several more blasts. Vexx quickly dodged them, and raised his emerald, firing a chaos beam.

    The beam hit Metal Vexx in the chest, and caused Metal Vexx to short circuit. The machine fell over and shut off.

    "It's finally over", Vexx said, turning away. Suddenly he was hit in the back by an artificial chaos beam. "Foolish Vexx", Metal Vexx said, getting up. "You should know never to turn your back on an enemy until you're sure they're dead, or have no back-up system.

    Metal Vexx raised his blade and stabbed Vexx in the back, causing blood to spill out. Metal Vexx reached to pull the blade out of Vexx's body, when suddenly Vexx jumped up, turned around, and sent his blade into Metal Vexx's chest.

    Pulling out Metal Vexx's blade, Vexx used his chaos emerald to close the wound, not taking his eyes of Metal Vexx, who was starting to malfunction. "Alright", Vexx said. "I want answers. How many others like you stand between me and defusing this thing?"

    Metal Vexx tried to grin. "When Black Doom decided to improve the Bio core, he found that what he needed was heavily guarded by four guardians. He let these four guard the bomb on the inside, so there they wait for anyone foolish enough to come for the Bio Core". "Fine", said Vexx. "Now how do I defuse the bomb?"

    "The core is the power source to the whole bomb", Metal Vexx said. Sparks were shooting up from him and Vexx knew soon that the metal duplicate would be destroyed. As long as it's in place the bomb will work. Take it out of place, and the bomb will deactivate. Then the core can be destroyed with no threat for anyone. But that's assuming if you succeed and trust me- you won't".

    With these words Metal Vexx shut down and began to glow red. Vexx backed away, as the machine exploded, and sent it's parts flying. Vexx noticed the Black Arms minions were stirring so he slipped inside the bomb.

    "I won't succeed, huh?", Vexx said, as he began to climb down into the bomb. "We'll see about that. These four guardians have no idea who they're messing with".
  13. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Emily & Purge
    Black Comet

    Emily watched as the Black Hawks tried to attack Dark Dragon's tough skin. The effects were nothing. It had not occured to Emily that the King Emerald might still be alive.

    What happens if he IS still here, if Obsidian didn't defeat him, then, who will? She asked herself, unsure of what to do, she looked down, and saw the green fur of Manic, Emily commanded.

    "Dark Dragon, go down, we need to pick up a few friends!" Dark Dragon bowed, and dived down, Purge and Ice Pheonix followed them, the two landed in front of the small group consisting of Manic, Delta and Maria. She called.

    "Pizza delivery, a pizza with everything on it, that'll be ten dollars plus a tip please!" Maria called.

    "Emily, what is a tip?" Emily sighed, and said.

    "Never mind..." Manic asked.

    "Who is that?" He pointed towards Purge, and Ice Pheonix, the chameleon bowed.

    "My name is Purge, and my creature, Ice Pheonix!" Emily smiled, forgetting her fears of the King Emerald, for the time being.

    King Emerald
    Eggman's Ruined Base

    The King Emerald still had a quater of himself scattered, but, nonetheless, he was still alive. He muttered.

    "That dirty b***ard for a robot, he thinks he can stop me?" He slowly floated into a dusty room, some robot parts were scattered on the ground, old and rusty from the attack, of a creature. There were capsules in rows, many of them, with the same word:


    After a few brief moments of looking around, the mighty emerald cast his view on two capsules.

    "E-Hog 99 Razorlite, Failed, and E-Hog 100 Metallica, Failed..." The King Emerald laughed evilly, both of the capsules began glowing with yellow energy, as a sihouette appeared, parts of the two failed experements formed together, and slowly, but surley, a creature that looked somewhat like Emily began to take shape.

    "Come, my new minion, to Mobius, we go!" The creature bowed, one of it's legs, moved perfectly, while the other leg, seemably part robot, moved slowly, making a horrible sound.

    Rachet, rachet, rachet... The noise echoed in the King Emerald's mind, and he whispered.

    "I will call you... Rachet!" They both disappeared, without a trace, but, out of the shadows, a surviving Egg Pawn watched, as the two left, knowing what just happened. He lay down, waiting for someone to come and help him.
  14. The Burnt Shadow

    The Burnt Shadow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    Shugo the Cobra

    As I continued to look at my whole body, I found a few data that allowed me to heal my body without advancing my technical parts. I would be able to remain the same form, I would have no trouble with fixing my parts. When I fixed myself, I ussually kept the old and rusty parts and just fixed the very essential parts in my body. I then looked at my reflection and saw my face again, I saw a sweet smile in my face. Due to my mask, it never was able to see myself smile for such a long time. My eyes looked normal, but I still saw a sparkle of machine within them. It didn't matter though, I was able to see myself as a normal cobra and that's what mattered. I needed this machine form to survive and move.

    My lair was still dark, but I liked it this way. The ruined army remained behind Eggman's old central computer, every single part lied motionless and lifeless. As I worked through the databanks of the old computer, I discovered that there was some sort of intruder. I looked around, but didn't find a single intruder. The computer revealed that it was located in a lower sector of the destroyed base. I looked and found it belonged to a lab that I wasn't even allowed to enter. Seeing that this might cause trouble, I decided to see what was locked within this room. I soon found that this room was entered, the door was blasted open. I slowly entered and found several failed experiments of Eggman. I realized this was the small part of the base where Eggman kept his failed experiments, he was alway embarrassed with his failed attempts.

    I saw several experiments in capsules, some were organisms and some where metal. I then looked at a certain capsule and found it was an empty one. To make things a bit more pathetic, it wasn't even his capsule. this capsule belonged to Black Doom, more specifically, it was my capsule. The very capsule he discovered me in. Black Doom considered me as a failed, since I never learned chaos control, spear or blast. I was only thought chaos crush, a rare move that Shadow didn't even know about. I then heard an electrical spark from the shadows. Taking a closer look, it was an egg pawn. Its circuits were fried and but there was a reason for it to still be alive. I took out a small wire and connected its mind with mine.

    "Show me what you've seen," I hissed. I looked in its entire structure and saw all combat movements, increased strenght and intelligence chip was fried. But there was a recording in its memory that had something important.

    I soon took it back up and started to tinker with the eggpawn. I connected its mind with my computer and downloaded its memory banks. It took me quite a while to get through, the file was filled with several viruses. I soon cleared up a few bugs and found that it witnessed a strange entity bring life two of the experiments and teleport out of the lab. This was all it had seen. The past memory was deleted and all that was left were blank recordings.

    "Another monster," I said," Just what I need, after dealing with Eggman, Chaos, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Jet and several freaks, I don't need another one roaming freely around the planet." I began to wonder what had happened to Black Doom and several of my old adversaries like Zero and Emily. It was about time I checked on what happened to them, but before I would do that, I'd have to fix this Eggpawn into my servant. When I say servant, I mean a mech who will perform daily chores such as cleaning...
  15. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    King Emerald

    The King Emerald found himself, in a green valley on the planet, of Mobius, his once uncomplete body, now had sealed up, giving him his full powers back. He turned to his new minion, this horrifying creature, looked remarkably like Emily, except that she had green coloured spikes. One of the grey eyes was made of metal, and one of her legs, was flesh and bone, with white boots with yellow fire on the tips. The other leg, however, was a rusty robot leg.

    "How can I serve you, my master?" Her voice, was low, and hissed like a snake, her ruler commanded.

    "Go, and start destroying everything in your path!" The yellow emerald laughed evilly.

    "I, however, have a date, with Black Doom!" He disappeared instaintly. Rachet breathed a sigh of relif, and began walking away, muttering.

    "If he thinks he can make me take his orders, then he's wrong, I, am Rachet the Hedgehog, and I HAVE a free will!" She ran off, her shadow fading over the hills. A small Chao, who looked remarkably like NiGHTS, came out from behind a small rock that was thrown aside.

    I must tell Ecco about this! The Chao thought, and ran away quickly.

    Egg Pawn #586
    Eggman's Ruined Base

    The Egg Pawn tried to speak, but, there was nothing he could do, but wait to see what the cobra would do.

    What is he going to do to me? It thought, in concern.

    What was that creature? I know it looked somewhat like E-Hog 001 Pi, but, what was it? An array of questions surged through it's body. But, all the Egg Pawn could do, was wait for the result.
  16. Shadows Follower

    Shadows Follower CHARGIN MA LAZAH!

    E-120 Obsidian
    Black Comet Surface

    The crackling of Nightmare energy filled the air as Obsidian, Rauell and Metal Sonic appeared on the surface of the Black Comet. Obsidian scanned the area, his sensors picking up high levels of unnatural life. Any direction he took would mean he would be facing down Black Arm soldiers. He had to find Phantom though no matter what. Obsidian caught the sight of Emily, dressed in armor and ready to fight moving away from his position.

    "Rauell, Metal Sonic - I can only guess you will be reuniting with Emily at this time. I'm afraid I must leave you. You are free to follow but this is something I must do."

    He scanned the area again, they showed him that lifeforms were heading in his direction. No doubt Black Doom had already caught sight of more unwanted intruders.

    "I was built for war and destruction." He hovered above the ground, the first Black Arms firing their alien weapons in his direction.
    "I better not let that purpose down." He said to himself, charging up black energy within his arm cannon before unleashing it on the his opponents, ripping them asunder in darkness.
    "I'm coming Gallack."

    Black Comet

    At first he began with a giggle, then a laugh, then a hysterical loud roar of a laugh at hearing Zero's words. He hovered above the ground and look at his "friend".

    "Its always like you Zero. You always think I'm out to get you, to ruin your life and wreck havoc on your mind. Its far from the truth my good friend. I want you to suceed. I think you forget that If Doom succeeds, the Planet will be destroyed, along with me in it. He summoned energy, creating a ball of light in one hand and a dark one in his other hand. He smushed them together in one sphere.

    "Light and dark, dark and light. I am a being who walks a path in the twilight. Do you know how I was created Zero?" he waited for an answer but he knew he wouldn't get one.

    "When Gallack was aboard the Space Colony ARK, an accident with a Chaos Emerald and and an unsafe electricity line gave birth to me. Don't underestimate Gallack, Zero. Theres more to him than people think. Lost his parents at a young age, used by G.U.N and always doing dirty jobs for money - all that rage, all that sorrow and all that hatred was placed in me. That bat truely works hard to put on a smiling face." he chuckled to himself before continuing.

    "Back to the point, I only want you to succeed Zero. But I most admit I have my doubts. Its obvious the final battle will take place here. The power of the Chaos Emeralds and Nightmare Emeralds will form into one great mass - only one side will walk away and I want to make sure its my side." he pointed at Zero, chuckling to himself.

    "Do you have the power to defeat Black Doom?"

    OOC: I'm building up to something here as you can see but don't start any conflict yet.
  17. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Emily & Friends
    Black Comet

    Emily suddenley felt a small feeling ebbing at her spine. She instaintly knew what the feeling was telling her.

    "He's here..." She whispered, the image of Obsidian appearing in her mind. A small pang of guilt surge thoughout her body, as a wave of sadness covered Emily. She did not pay attention to Manic, who was asking questions to Purge, or to Delta, who was looking at Dark Dragon, she was brought out of her own mind by Maria, she asked.

    "Emily, are you okay?" Emily nodded.

    "Yes, Maria, I'm fine..." A small tear slithered down her face, her ghostly friend did not belive Emily's lie.

    "Emily, there's someone here, isn't there..." Emily bowed.

    "Yes..." Her tears streaming down the black hedgehog's face, Emily whispered.

    "It's Pyro, he's here..." She couldn't controll herself any longer, Emily burst into tears. It caught the attention of Manic, Purge, Ice Pheonix, Dark Dragon and Delta. Maria asked.

    "What happened to him?" Emily sighed, a love sigh.

    "He doesn't understand that he isn't functioned for destruction and hatred, he transfomred into Obsidian, while Gallack, as you may know, transformed into Phantom..." She called.

    "WHY DO MY CLOSEST FRIENDS I LOVE, ALWAYS HAVE BAD TREATMENT?!?" She slumped down, now tired of crying, her eyes had become sore, she called at the top of her voice.

    "PYRO, COME BACK TO ME!!!!" Manic tried to stroke her, but, Emily lashed out, she attacked him, Purge tried to hold her back, but, Emily was too strong for him, she leapt off. Her eyes, were bloodshot, Emily ran, the others called.


    "COME BACK!!" Purge helped Manic up, he asked.

    "You okay?" Manic muttered.

    "I'm fine..."

    Metal Sonic & Rauell
    Black Comet

    "PYRO, COME BACK TO ME!!!!" A very fammiliar voice echoed though the Black Comet, Metal Sonic knew the voice.

    "That sounded like Emily!" Rauell nodded.

    "I know what she wants..." Metal Sonic asked.

    "What?" His alien friend answered.

    "She wants Obsidian to return to Pyro, she misses him..." Metal Sonic paused for a minute, before hearing wings flapping, he looked up to see a small, pink Black Hawk. Rauell whispered.

    "Lola?" The supposedly female Black Hawk didn't hear his question, and flew off, Rauell began to fly, and followed her. He called.

    "I'll catch you later, Metal Sonic!" Metal Sonic sighed.

    "Why does he always act like that?" He began to follow Obsidian, knowing that Emily would soon appear, he got ready for a fight.
  18. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Ooc: Not good at all. You seem to be forgetting that Black Doom, not Nautomaton, is the main villain of the RPG. Second there's no way Black Doom- ruler of all Black Arms and, speaking storyline-wise, a very powerful entity- could be overpowered so easily. That would be what we call powerplaying, godmodding, whatever to the EXTREMES. The point is no character should be strong enough to kill Black Doom on his/her own, leastways not in anything less than three posts; let alone one FREAKIN PARAGRAPH. I am pretty lenient with the power levels of characters, considering I myself control a very strong character, but this is too much. I highly suggest you either edit or delete that post, Morpher. And no this doesn't mean that Nautomaton can't be powerful, but it seems to be common sense that final bosses don't go down that easily.

    I'll edit an In Character post later on. I just feel as though this had to be addressed ASAP.
  19. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

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  20. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    ((For a minute there, I thought that Scar was talking to me! ))

    Manic and Friends
    Black Comet

    Manic flinched from the wound that Emily inflicted on his ribs. A bruse was starting to appear. He muttered.

    "I'll never understand Emily..." Purge agreed.

    "Yes, Emily, for someone who's gonna save the world, isn't the creature I'd thought she would be..." Maria turned.

    "Hang on, how do you know she's gonna save the world, it MIGHT be Sonic..." Dark Dragon butted in.

    "Sonic couldn't save the world the LAST time Black Doom attacked, it was Shadow who gave him some bruses to think about..." A small argument rose up between Dark Dragon, Maria, Ice Pheonix, and Delta. Purge, from what Manic could tell, was begining to lose his patience. Soon enough, he lost it.

    "GUYS, WOULD YOU QUIETEN DOWN?!?!?" He seemed in a bad mood, everyone, even Manic, looked at him in suprise, not used to the attitude that Purge had just shown. After calming down a little bit, Purge continued.

    "Thank you, maybe I can tell you why I know Emily's the one..." Out of the two back spikes that were on his back, Purge dug out a very old scroll. He unraveled it. He looked at the ancient images and hyroglyphics on it, and recited.

    "Few guardians and mortals will ever hear these words;

    In the first thousand years since Mobius was born, many dangers rose up, and many died down, most, seemed not so much of dangerous threats. But, unkown to my people, my granmother knows of the danger, yet to come. Purge, one of my friends, died fighting against Black Doom just two days ago.

    I know that he'll be back, and father won't even believe both of us, that the greatest dangers are still to come, and, that we will be saved by a black hedgehog. Her image has often appeared to me in the past, and she will always be there. But father says that he'll be the most importaint in history, I fear greatly for our people, but, me and my grandmother know, we'll be saved by the savour, and not by father.

    Princess Tikal."

    A silence came upon the small group, until Purge had put the scroll away, Manic spoke up.

    "We REALLY need to find Emily, before she gets hurt... OR WORSE..." The image of Dark Emily appeared in his head, destroying everything, including her best friends.

    Black Comet

    Emily's eyes were now very sore, the tears had stop running, she knew what she had to do, to get her robot friend back. But, she knew it would come, at a price.

    "Either my life, or, my happiness..." She whispered, and rushed onwards, trying to find out where he had gone.

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