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Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos *Begins! LSU's accepted*

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Scar, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Zero the Hedgehog
    Black Comet Surface

    I knew it... Zero thought angrily. That is Gallack. From the moment I first saw Phantom I knew the two were connected.

    His crimson eyes tightened into a vicious glare the instant he made the connection. The stone cold hedgehog stared into the eyes of the maniacal creature hovering menacingly before him, a newfound anger having overcome him without any prior warning. Rays of eerily golden moonlight shined down upon the two "allies," thus giving new life to the seething rage displayed by Zero as well as the demonic appearance of his long-time rival. The foreboding silence between the so-called duo showed no signs of breaking anytime soon, for the suspicious warrior had no true answer to Phantom's previous inquirie. Nor was he attempting to formulate one. Only one current topic held his interest at that point in time; figuring out for himself the truth about Phantom. Obviously there were many things about him that he hadn't been informed of, that much he was sure of since their first duel back on the planet Earth. Yet only now, as they stared each other down within the dismal atmosphere of the Black Comet itself, was he truly interested in getting such information out of him. All the while Sonic the Hedgehog stood rather passively, watching the confrontation more out of curiosity than anything.

    "Yeah...of course I'm ready for Black Doom." Zero said suddenly with a great confidence, shattering the threatening silence held between himself and Phantom. "I'm ready for you, too."

    Giving Phantom almost no time to react, Zero kicked off of the gravel coated ground of the Black Arm's stronghold with his right foot, managing to propel himself straight up into the air at incredible speeds. He traveled upward for no more than a split-second before he was at eye level with Phantom, who remained afloat above the comet with his wings spread straight out. Rearing back his left leg, he struck the hellspawn in the side of the face with a powerful kick whose strength and speed far surpassed any melee attack even Sonic could have possibly delivered. For an instant, time seemed to slow down as Phantom turned his head away in pain, small amounts of blood erupting from where he was struck. The attack came unexpectedly, and succeeded in blowing the bat right out of the sky. He fell to the grounds of the Black Comet, sending gravel flying every which way and raising a cloud of dust on impact.

    "Twilight my a*s..." Zero scowled, landing right after Phantom in a crouching position. "You might've fooled Sonic, but don't think you have me tricked. I don't particularly care for the gambling a*swipe, but nobody deserves to live life imprisoned by your will, Phantom. And I'm sure you've got something planned. I can see it in your eye; mind reading might not be one of my abilities, but I can tell when someone like you is faking it."

    Zero and Phantom both rose to their feet in flawless unison, though after the attack neither one changed their facial expressions. The hedgehog remained coldhearted and deeply angered, while Phantom maintained a demonic calmness. Nothing the bat could say would make Zero trust him, and the fact that he had overtaken Gallack's mind didn't help his situation all too much. True, Gallack had also been Zero's enemy in times long since passed over, but given the choice between his own freedom and Phantom's liberation, he'd choose Gallack. And besides, his rivalry with the bat had lasted long enough, and Zero was growing tired of his trickery and deceit. As always, the hedgehog felt that this turn of events would surely lead to one-on-one combat, yet wanted to make sure this would be the last time he'd ever find himself squaring off versus Phantom. Though Sonic didn't wish for any further conflicts within the group, and thus intervened before the first blow could be dealt.

    "Zero I know how you feel. I don't trust this guy either." He said calmly, standing between the two. "But he's one of the few allies we have. Until Black Doom is face-down in the dirt, we can't fight each other. We've gotta focus on the Black Arms."

    "Outta my way, Sonic...Phantom isn't interested in beating Black Doom. He just wants to see as much blood as possible before he finally does die; whether it's human or Black Arms." Zero replied fiercely. "Maybe he isn't planning anything right now, but he certainly isn't about to help us save the planet."

    Zero then leapt into the air in an attempt to get over Sonic and land on the opposite side of Phantom. Dashing forward in a sudden Homing Attack, he did just that, and flew right over the blue hedgehog's head. He remained airborne until he found himself positioned a few meters behind the bat, and grounded himself with him and Phantom standing back-to-back. This, however, didn't last very long. Before either could even think of their next course of action, they impulsively turned to face each other. Sonic attempted to stop a battle from breaking out yet again, but Zero stopped him.

    "Sonic, don't do it. I need to find out about Phantom before going any farther, and if doing so means going through you first, then so be it." Zero stated, standing in a defensive pose commonly used prior to a battle. "This ends here...no more mind games, nowhere to run."

    Ooc: Well...I think you did say that
    Phantom was planning something, Shadows Follower.
    Plus, I did think this was a good time to end the rivalry between Zero and Phantom. Do whatever you want from this point forward, but as always, please PM me if you also want to end their rivalry through a "final battle" between the two.
  2. Shadows Follower

    Shadows Follower CHARGIN MA LAZAH!

    E-120 Obsidian
    Black Comet

    A blast of dark energy ripped threw the sky as Obsidian lay seige to the Black Arms assaulting him as he made his path towards Phantom. Black lasers fired back at the black robot, being block by his metallic wings he used to cover himself. Opening them up again, he let another blast fire, killing the Black Arms in front and using that gap they created to move forward. Metal Sonic was close by but Obsidian couldn't wait up.

    Without an Emerald of any sorts, he was stuck with basic attacks but they were effective enough to work. He launched a barrage of small missiles at the Black Giants heading from the side, wiping them out in a mass of black mess. He grabbed the alien sword that fell to ground in front and struck at those ahead, throwing it away before moving again. Phantom's energy readings were getting closer. He was in the right direction.

    "Where the hell are you Gallack?"

    Black Comet

    Phantom flapped his wings gaining balance again after the assault. He smiled like he always would at Zero, all the while the black hedgehog giving him a scowl that said "I want you dead". He chuckled to himself, thinking of Zero's reaction again. That hedgehog would never learn.

    "Haven't we gotten serious Zero. How touching. You know what? Just for you Zero, I'm going to do something I have never done before."

    He covered his face for a moment, and when his hand removed itself once more, the smile from Phantom's face had gone. No smile, no chuckling, no psycho look in the eye - emotionless.

    "You really think you can defeat Doom? I have only been around for a short time but I know very well that Doom is the most powerful enemy to date. Even without Emeralds. I must admit your the most powerful friend I know Zero, but you haven't proven to me you can beat Doom. So I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse."

    He flew higher for a moment, not taking his eyes off Zero. His face kept its emotionless look.

    "We fight one on one. We use whatever he have - no holding back. I've been your most powerful foe to date and yet you still haven't beat me. You couldn't beat Gallack, you couldn't beat me with a Chaos Emerald but if you can beat me with a Chaos and Nightmare Emerald... then I can die knowing for fact you can beat Doom. Win, I will go away and Gallack with be strong enough to take back control. Lose, and I take you place as the one to challenge Doom."

    He lifted his Emeralds out of his jacket pockets, letting the energy flow through him. He knew this moment would come and everything he had predicted had come true. He knew what Zero's answer would be - he even knew how this battle would end.

    "By the way, I don't play mind games - I tell fact. Unfortunately some people are too afraid to face the truth. Now enough of this." He waved his hand in front of his face again and a huge grin had reappeared on his face, a chuckle in his throat and a red sparkle in his eye.

    "What do you say Zero? - You game?"

    OOC: Yes this is it. The final Zero VS Phantom which I'm sure Zero will be thankful at last. You start the battle and I'll give end battle details later.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2006
  3. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Ooc: Okay, that sounds fine to me. Though in all fairness...Zero's fight with Gallack ended in a draw and he was being double teamed. >.> Just, yanno...for the record. <.<''

    Zero the Hedgehog
    Black Comet Surface

    For a while, Zero actually found himself lost for words. Never had he seen, nor had he ever expected, Phantom act in such a serious manner. While it was certainly an improvement over his old maniacal self, he couldn't help but find this new persona he had taken on to be somewhat...intimidating. Of course he showed no fear towards this clearly more threatening version of the bat he had come to loathe so very much. Yet it appeared as though Phantom, too, had been overtaken; that there was now a third variable to be found within the equation of Gallack's mind- Gallack himself, Phantom, and this new foe currently in control. Of course he knew this simply wasn't true, but for a second he actually thought himself to be facing not Phantom, but an unknown adversary. He had no time to harp on the subject, however...it was finally about to end. This truly was last duel versus Phantom, this time with higher stakes than either combatant could even hope to comprehend. For there was much more on the line than the simple pride of a warrior, this time around the entire planet's destiny may have hung in the balance.

    "Since when have I ever ran away from a fight?" Zero asked coldly, staring Phantom straight in the eye yet again. "Sonic...scout ahead. I won't be long."

    While Sonic the Hedgehog was never one to take orders from anyone, he also wasn't foolish enough to attempt an intervention between the two again. Especially considering their incredibly determined states. He simply gave the two a look of uncertainty before turning solemnly and dashing off swiftly. This left the two in total solitude, no Black Arms to be seen, no foreign interruptions. Just Zero, Phantom, and the arena which would stage their final clash. It seemed an almost historic moment. Their rivalry had evolved over the course of the war against the Black Arms invaders, and it had at last escalated to its long-awaited climax. What was actually a few seconds felt like an eternity of glaring ferociously into Phantom’s newfound solemnity. As Phantom knew very well, holding back would not be acceptable. Zero had to start the battle with unrivaled perfection, lest his opponent have something truly incredible in store for him.

    “Finally…it’s time to finish this!” Zero shouted out viciously, looking upward at Phantom.

    Zero held his black arm up into the air, calling upon the energy found within his own Chaos Emerald. The energy was redirected straight into his gloved hand, and the immensely powerful jewel was summoned into existence yet again by the hedgehog who possessed it. Gripping it with all of his might, he released every last bit of energy detectable inside, allowing for it to flow through his body and give him unheard of amounts of strength. For a moment, his entire body glowed with its gift of power, shining brightly before the Chaos Energy was completely absorbed into his own person, at which point the hedgehog returned to his normal shade of black and gold. He signified the end of his preparations for battle with a mighty battle cry of anguish and determination, immediately thereafter leaping into the air once more, this time with every intention of crushing Phantom with his bare hands. Unfortunately for him, Phantom didn’t intend to let him get that close.

    “Chaos Shocker!” He cried.

    Instantaneously, Phantom focused the energy of his Chaos Emerald into the palm of his hand, giving it new life in the form of a sphere comprising of chaotic electricity. As Zero flew through the air at unimaginable speed, Phantom himself utilized his own superhuman reflexes and fired the electric sphere at him. He countered this, however, by launching at Phantom his own signature move, the Chaos Beam. The energized razor wind of pure energy shot from Zero’s outstretched left hand, colliding with the Chaos Shocker in mid-air and generating a mighty explosion which seemed to shake the skies themselves. When the smoke from the eruption cleared, Zero was in the process of throwing his fist at Phantom, attempting to strike him in the stomach. Phantom evaded with relative ease, but Zero wasn’t about to give up quite yet. Moving his arms and legs at the speeds of near three hundred miles per hour, Zero sent a rapid flurry of punches and kicks at Phantom before he even began his descent to the ground. Phantom, moving equally fast, began deflecting Zero‘s attacks and attempting to deliver some of his own, though these were countered by Zero. He remained stationary due to the fact that- should he attempt to fly away- Zero would surely land at least one devastating melee attack on him before he got out of range. So, this trading of close range blows continued for a few seconds before Zero’s ascension came to an end, and he began falling to the Black Comet’s surface. Phantom, however, gave chase, taking this as a moment of weakness for Zero. Yet as he drew nearer to Zero’s falling self, the hedgehog took action.

    “Chaos…” Zero began, at which point Phantom began preparing his attack as well. “BLAST!” The two shouted simultaneously.

    Suddenly, Zero’s fall came to an abrupt end, as did Phantom’s aerial pursuit. The fighters became coated in crimson energy, which swiftly engulfed their entire bodies, becoming brighter and brighter by the second. Simultaneously, two perfect spheres of equally blood red energy materialized around them, both of which began expanding at a surprisingly rapid pace. Zero and Phantom were each struck by the other’s powerful Chaos attack, and both began falling to the ground in perfect unison. They landed together, both touching down at the exact same instant. The very moment they felt solid ground beneath their feet, the warriors made identical dashes for each other. This continued until they got within melee range, when Zero threw a mighty punch at Phantom. As his fist pierced the surrounding oxygen, it became ignited in pure Chaos Energy. The attack, powerful as it was, was deflected by Phantom’s own arm, which had also been ensnared in light from the Chaos and Nightmare Emeralds. Despite this, neither wasted any time in sending toward his opponent a rapid barrage of Emerald-charged melee combinations, though neither could land a solid hit on the other. Although this was no simple trade of blows; the combatants utilized their entire arena as they leapt from location to location faster than the average human eye could even hope to follow. All the while they continued flinging punch after punch, kick after kick, at one another without faltering for so much as one brief second.

    At long last this form of combat was interrupted when Phantom finally managed to land a hit on Zero, punching him in the stomach with the greatest of strength. This knocked the wind out of the hedgehog, actually managing to blow him off his feet. Phantom attempted to follow him so that he might end the duel early on, but was taken by surprise as Zero regained awareness and warped behind him, smashing him in the back with a powerful roundhouse kick which forced him to stumble a few inches to the right. The hedgehog then sent a punch in his opponent’s direction, yet just as Zero had done before, Phantom’s incredible reaction time was utilized to its fullest as the bat moved his arm at unbelievable speeds to deflect the punch. However, Zero wasn’t about to give up. He reared back his other arm as if he were about to throw a second punch, but instead fired a Chaos Beam at Phantom. This, too, was countered by yet another Chaos Shocker from Phantom. Because the collision took place at such close range, the resulting explosion blew Zero and Phantom back into twin stalagmites lying about ten yards apart.

    Zero and Phantom hit the ground again, and without saying a word started running toward each other for a second time. This time, however, they let loose a rapid fire of Chaos Beams and Chaos Shockers, which the other made short work of by either deflecting or evading it. Before they got too close to each other, however, both jumped backwards and changed direction, continuing the barrage of long ranged attacks as they sought to put some distance between themselves. Turning around full circle, Zero and Phantom engulfed their hands in an emerald source of energy clearly Chaos in descent, and began running toward each other one last time. Clashing with a bright flash of energy, the two locked hands and attempted to gain control of the battle through brute strength alone.

    “No way will I be beaten now…” Zero scowled, trying to force Phantom into submission. “Doom is mine, Phantom…and I’m more than willing to go through you to get to him!”

    Ooc2: One last thing…I must ask that no one interrupts this battle. Thanks.
  4. Project Alpha

    Project Alpha Recharged

    In the Bio Bomb

    Vexx climbed cautiously down the Bio-Bomb. If there really were four guardians within this bomb he'd have to be on his guard. At that moment, he became aware that he had stopped climbing and was on a platform. "You who wish to destroy our secret power, turn back now", said a voice. "Show yourself", yelled Vexx.

    "As you wish", said the voice. Suddenly a shadowy figure lowered itself from the Bio-Bomb ceiling and landed on the platform. Vexx gasped as he saw a cross between a Scorpion and a Spider. The creature had the eight legs of a spider, but he also had the tail of a scorpion. His torso was covered in body armour.

    "I am Zorpan!", said the cross-breed. "What business do you have here". "I'm here to prevent the destruction of all biological life on earth!", Vexx shouted.

    "What are you talking about?", asked Zorpan. "The dangerous power of the Bio-Core is safe in this structure. Black Doom built this so the force of the core could not be used to harm the earth. "Black Doom lied!", Vexx shouted. "He has tricked you into guarding his Bomb so he can cause the very thing you try to prevent.

    "Lies!", shouted Zorpan, raising his tail and blasting a wave of energy at Vexx. Vexx was thrown against the wall with the force of the blast. "You are the very danger Black Doom warned us about", shouted Zorpan, slashing at Vexx with the backside of one of his legs, which had sharp razor blades sticking out of it.

    Vexx barely got out of the way. "It's not lies, and if you won't believe them I'll have to fight you!" "So be it", said Zorpan. He shot another energy wave at Vexx, but Vexx was ready this time, and deflected the blast with his sword.

    Quickly Vexx leaped at Zorpan with his blade, and stabbed at Zorpans underside, only to find more armour. "You can't defeat me, through simple means like that", Zorpan laughed. "I was created by the ancients to defend the core, so they built something that could last". Zorpan shot a few more rounds of energy waves at Vexx. Vexx raised his chaos emerald. "Chaos... BLAST!", Vexx yelled. There was an explosion and when the smoke cleared... Zorpan was still standing unscathed.

    "Fool", Zorpan sneered. "I was built so not even a Chaos Emeralds power could destroy me alone". Zorpan lunged at Vexx and used his tail to pin Vexx to the wall. One more energy wave and it would all be over. Zorpan pulled his tail back, ready to fire, but was met with Vexx's sword. Quickly Vexx plugged the tail and caused it to explode from the energy that was getting bottled out.

    "I was once the most powerful creature alive", Vexx said, as Zorpan collapsed from the force of the explosion. "I killed without mercy. I caused the deaths of over a billion, just because a single lie had given me a desire for revenge. If you think that you think you can stop me, with tricks like that, then you are sadly mistaken.

    "Wait", said Zorpan. "If you used to kill without mercy, then why would you want to stop the death of every creature on the planet. How do I know that you're not going to use the core to kill some more?"

    Vexx was silent for a moment. "I learned one day that I had been used. That I was a pawn. A war machine. I was unable to live with myself, because of all that I had done. I almost killed myself. But I didn't. I made a vow instead. I vowed to protect the human race and earn my redemption. I also vowed to destroy those who would dare to commit the crimes I had commited, and prevent anything like this".

    "I see", said Zorpan. "Very well, you may pass, but be warned. To get to the Bio-Core you seek, there are three other guardians, who'll test a skill. I was a test of tactical thinking. You'll face a test of combat- testing how powerful you really are-, a test of mind- figuring out what's real and what's not- and a test of fear- taking on what scares you the most". "I'm ready said Vexx, walking down a flight of stairs that'd just appeared. "Let's hope so", said Zorpan, as Vexx dissapeared. "For the sake of everyone".
  5. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Black Comet

    Emily was slowly begining to become exausted, she didn't know how long she had been running, or how this was all going to end, but, she knew it had something to do with her.

    "Pyro..." She whispered, as a small trickle of blood began to seep out of her mouth, Emily knew she needed to stop, other than that, choke on the blood that was coming up from her throat. Emily panted, and tried at least to move, but, her exausted legs screamed in white-hot pain, as she tried her luck. Emily began to feel weak, it showed that she was running out of time, the armour she had gained was losing its power, and if Emily didn't do something soon, it would be too late for her.

    "What... on... Earth... can... I do?" She asked herself, before an idea struck in her head.

    "Got it!" She began to feel faint, Emily quickly got out her Nightmare Emerald, and whispered to it, a shadow clone of Emily appeared. It was shocked in the way that she looked. Feeling sick, Emily commanded.

    "Go... and... find... Obsidian... I... need help... GO!!!!!" The shadow clone ran off, as soon as it turned the corner, Emily slumped down on the floor.

    Hurry... The original thought, before fading away.

    Black Comet

    Rauell quickened in his fling, as he began to catch up to the pink Black Hawk. He called.

    "Lola!" The female did not hesitate to land, she fell gracefully, Rauell did the same. She turned around, revealing her eyes. They were almost like Rauell's, only, the inside of them was a grey colour, she also had the dinosaur legs that Rauell had. But her arms, were muscular, and humanoid.

    "Rauell? Is that you?" She asked, a little bit astonished, Rauell recalled her sweet-honey voice. He nodded.

    "Yes..." They ran to each other, and huged. A monstrous voice boomed.

    "Rauell, is that you?" Both turned to see another Black Hawk, once again, this one had the legs of both Lola and Rauell, but, his hands were talons, VERY sharp talons. His eyes glowled a ruby-red colour, and his skin, was a deep green colour.

    "Zadok!" Rauell cried, he felt so pleased to be reunited with his brother and sister. Zadok bowed.

    "It's good to see you too, my brother..."
  6. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Ooc: It lives!!! Now let's try to KEEP it alive long enough for Black Doom to taste Chaos Beam, got it, soldiers? Now move out.

    Zero the Hedgehog
    Versus Phantom

    "Why don't you just give up?!" Zero cried as the two grappled for control of the match.

    "I'm having too much fun, Zero!" Phantom shrieked, laughing maniacally. "Regardless of what's at stake here, I'm still Phantom, remember?!"

    The hedgehog fought against his opponent's superhuman strength with his own enhanced physical capabilities, keeping his arms locked above his head as he attempted to force Phantom into a submissive position. However, he was caught off-guard as the bat reeled back without any prior warning, thus causing Zero to stumble forward and lose his footing for a moment. His nimble reflexes having failed him, Zero found himself unable to defend against the swift kick Phantom sent in his direction. As such, he was forced to endure a direct hit to the abdomen, and sent clear off his feet by the incredibly display of leg strength by the bat. Still airborne, the hedgehog found himself flying backwards with his arms at his sides, watching angrily as Phantom dashed toward him for yet another physical onslaught.

    This time, though, he wasn't about to bear the brunt of the attack. Willing himself to move at speeds superior to Phantom, Zero was somehow able to dig his feet into the gravel-coated soil of the Black Comet, which, in turn, caused him to come to a skidding stop just in time to deflect Phantom's oncoming punch with his own forearm. He proceeded to punch his adversary in the face, choosing an uppercut over the typical swipe used for that type of attack. This sent Phantom spiraling into the sky, blood dripping slowly from his mouth. Zero gave chase, leaping skyward in an attempt to gain a lead in the duel. However, for one brief second he'd forgotten about Phantom's ability to fly, and was surprised to see his black wings spread out to defy gravity itself. With a few beats of his wings, he was ready and willing to deflect or evade anything Zero could throw at him. But what he wasn't expecting was for Zero to warp behind him at undetectable speeds in mid-jump. The hedgehog proceeded to lock both of his fists together and pound his opponent hard in the back, sending him crashing into the ground so hard that he actually formed a crater upon impact.

    However, Zero was still at a disadvantage in that he had hardly any control over where exactly he would land. Phantom decided to use this opportunity to the best of his abilities, and sent a Chaos Shocker in Zero’s direction. He tried to evade, but was both taken by surprise and slightly less agile while in the air. He was hit in the stomach, and the electricity surged through him as he, too, fell to the ground. Rather than form a crater, he landed in a kneeling position, looking toward Phantom’s newly forged hole in the rubble before beginning his ascension to an erect position. Brushing off the injuries received from the Chaos Shocker, he was able to pick up an increase in life force from Phantom, more than likely due to an adrenaline rush. And before he even knew what was going on, Phantom had emerged from the crater and had lifted Zero off of his feet, holding him by the neck.

    “CHAOS SHOCKER!” He cried out viciously.

    Tightening his grip on Zero’s windpipe, his arm began crackling fiercely with pure electricity. It was sent pulsing through every fiber of the hedgehog’s being, dealing immense pain with each passing second. He shrieked in pure anguish, gasping for breath as the attack continued. It seemed Phantom was putting everything he had into that attack, intending for it to finish Zero off for good. At first glance, one would assume it had done its job, as Zero was completely at Phantom’s mercy. Or so it appeared. For while Phantom was confident that he had won the battle, Zero himself had other plans. Summoning every ounce of his reserved strength- both physical and mental- the hedgehog focused all that he had into breaking free. Crimson sparks flew off from his body in every direction, taking the demonic bat completely by surprise. Sending his Chaos Energy into his hands, he was somehow able to disrupt the flow of Chaotic Electricity flowing continually from Phantom’s own body, managing to deal significant damage to Phantom in the process. This gave him just the opportunity he needed to break free of his death grip, which he did with all of his might.

    But Zero didn’t intend to stop there. The instant he sent Phantom’s arm reeling back in pain, he unleashed a furious melee combination on the bat, striking him in a continuous motion comprising of fluent attacks, each one doing extreme damage to his opponent. He ended with a double-handed Chaos Beam, hurling Phantom through the air and causing him to land flat on his back. Wearily, he rose to his feet, scowling viciously as he struggled to approach his rival. Zero, too, was suffering from extreme fatigue, breathing heavily as he glared toward the bat he despised so very much.

    “I told you…I will be the one…to slaughter Black Doom…” Zero huffed.

    “…We’ll see…about…that…Zero…” Phantom responded tiredly.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2006
  7. The Burnt Shadow

    The Burnt Shadow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    Shugo the Cobra

    I was almost finished fixing the egg pawn, but something interrupted. I saw a shadow loom above me, without any second thoughts, I turned around with my saber lash mode on. I began to mercilessly fire without thinking. I was right to do so, because several Black Arms have invaded my lair. Switching on my sabers, I attacked and slashed through several of their bodies. Most of them were knocked down. To my suprise, this was all Black Doom had sent. I was expecting something a bit more hostile and difficult from Black Doom. Zero and the others must be nearing Black Doom, which means, his defenses have died already. While the heroes take care of the Black Comet, maybe it was time to start my move here in the planet.

    I nodded as I left my subject on the table. I logged on my computer and hacked into Eggman's website, allowing me to access all his machines and weaponry. After hacking for a while, I logged onto every mech that was in his command. It seems that since Eggman was dead, I was now in control of the empire. Plus several Black Arms are still continuing to invade the planet. I'm guessing Zero hasn't managed to defeat Black Doom. The satelite also indicated, several GUN soldiers and freedom fighters were taking care of the Black Arms. The Eggpawns, however were giving more weight to the problem.

    If I need to look for my sister, I need to help get rid of Black Doom. I instantly operated and configured the Egg pawns programming and ordered it to destroy every being with the signature traces of the Black Comet. With my artificial lungs I'll be able to breath in space, because I was heading for the Black Comet. I soon entered one of the broken down launch pads of Eggman and found an power cannon that could shoot into space. It wasn't enought to get me into the Comet, but it was enough to get me off the planet.

    I instantly got in and waited for my new Eggpawn butler to program it. I wasn't exactly finished with it, it wasn't super intelligent and still had no data about sorting or cleaning. I just programmed it to do one simple task at the moment, program the cannon. As as it finished configuring, I was shot out of the cannon and out of the planet. I was soon in space and was able to breathe properly. I looked around and saw that the Black Comet was still quite far away. I then wasted no time and dashed towards the comet.

    As soon as I came closer, a bright light shot from the comet. I stopped for a moment, wondering what it was. It soon was heading towards me. I then pulled out my sabers and crossed it together, to get ready for impact. As the shot struck me, I opened my eyes and gazed with shock.

    "It's amazing how many times we meet like this," Jet the hedgehog said.

    "Jet, you're still alive?" I asked," But Dark and I."

    "You thought you got rid of me," Jet said," Never, as long as you remain alive, I will always find a way to return. Black Doom recorded me as your most vicious and blood thirsty enemy. I even outranked Shadow. Black Doom brought me back to life, to tear your organic parts out and rip your metal pieces to scrap!"

    "We'll see who's organs are going to be torn off," I said as I got into a defensive position.

    Jet just smirked as he dived down to me with his fist first. I instantly reacted with swinging my saber at him...

    OCC: Hope this isn't ruining any plot...
  8. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Black Comet

    Emily felt cold, she didn't know what to do, or what to think of, she couldn't move, and the blood that she had lost was begining to dry on her fur.

    So, this is what it's like to feel death loom over you... She thought, unaware of anything around her. Emily opened one of her eyes, it felt heavy, she could see that the armour had been taken off, her white patch of fur on her chest was now partly grey because of some of the black blood that had seeped out onto her chest. A snicker came from behind her, Emily turned her head, and caught glimpse of something that looked like a human. The creature, appeared to be female, her skin was a light blue colour, and her hair, was a blood-red. All she wore, were parts of armour on her chest and lower body.

    "Who are you?" Emily asked, the creature held up her arms, revealing talons, Emily realised what she was: A harpy lady.

    "I'm Dark Emily, in human form, and I've come to finish you off..." Emily could see, black demon wings rise from Dark Emily's back. She flew up, revealing another set of talons for her feet. Dark Emily landed in front of Emily, and kicked her on the leg, Emily screamed, and just as Dark Emily was about to bite down on Emily's throat, a voice Emily knew very well called.

    "HEY!!!!" Emily got the courage to lift her back up slowly, she could see Manic, standing a few metres away from the girls. Dark Emily stood up, she snarled.

    "It's you, that pesky green hedgehog, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?" Manic glared at her, and commanded.

    "Get away from her, and leave her be!" Dark Emily lunged at Manic, and sliced one of her talons at Manic's shouldier, Manic just managed to dodge the blow. A roar came over the silent comet, folowed by a bird's cry. Dark Dragon, followed by Purge riding on Ice Pheonix, landed in front of Dark Emily. Dark Dragon growled.

    "So, you like to pick on hedgehogs, do ya?" Dark Emily growled.

    "You don't even scare me!" She dogded a whip from Dark Dragon's tail, finally, Maria appeared out of nowhere, she absorbed the bows from Dark Emily's talons.

    "Why the b***dy h*ell is she not dying?!?" Emily managed to speak.

    "She died over 50 years ago!" Dark Emily paused for a moment, and then laughed evilly.

    "If I can't even lay a finger on you, then maybe..." She paused, and then pointed to Emily.

    "Alright then, if I can't have you, Emily, I'll just have to kill your little friend Obsidian!" Emily screamed.

    "NO, DON'T YOU DARE--" Dark Emily flew off, calling.

    "Goodbye, losers!" Emily slumped down, exausted, Maria floated to her, followed by Purge and Ice Pheonix. Delta suddenley came around the corner. He moaned.

    "D*mn it, I'm too late!" Emily turned to Manic, she told him.

    "get onto Dark Dragon, and get to Obsidian before Dark Emily does, your his only hope!" Manic asked.

    "Why me? i don't have your powers--"

    "THAT'S NOT THE POINT-- Just get to Obsidian and warn him, or he'll die, nothing physical can beat something like her, get moving. Manic paused, and then nodded, Dark Dragon allowed Manic to climb up on his back, and they began to fly away. Emily watched as they turned the corner, not looking back, she whispered.

    "Hurry Manic..."

    ((I can edit it if you think it's against the rules.))
  9. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Zero the Hedgehog
    Versus Phantom

    Both Zero and Phantom were totally winded; neither one had the energy nor the stamina to perform the elaborate stunts they were essentially infamous for. Though their physical appearances telegraphed absolutely nothing except for utter fatique, they both knew very well that the last stage of the battle would be a brief clash of shear brute force. What it would all come down to was also clear; the one who truly had the stronger will to live on would emerge the victor. For a short while they simply glared toward one another, their eyes reflecting a solemn anger which coud very easily strike fear into the hearts of a weaker individual. Their intense rage hung thick in the atmosphere of the Black Comet, while the foreboding environment added to the tense state of the situation. At any given moment, one of them could strike.

    In reality the combatants were gathering together their energy for one final assault; one that would without a doubt be the deciding factor in the equation of their battle. Their muscles were tightened and their minds focused only on the battle. Despite this, the next couple of seconds were relatively silent, save for the breeze picking up gradually as time passed slower than ever. Finally the silence was broken, and the battle between the two long-time rivals picked up right where it left off. Zero clenched his fists tightly in pefect unison with Phantom, and in an instant their hands were engulfed in auras of pure Chaos Energy.

    They simultaniously dashed forward across the gravel of the comet, for the first time since either could remember going at their top speeds of nigh on eight hundred miles per hour. In less than one split-second's time, they had collided with one another. The ground behind them was completely torn up from the massive sonic booms they had produced due to simply traveling so fast. They raised their arms up and locked hands, each absorbing an almost unbearable amount of force from the impact itself. As if that weren't enough, their collision in and of itself generated an impressive explosion attributed to the insane quantities of energy being expelled at the point of impact. The suface of the Black Comet was shaken to its core, or at the very least that's what it felt like to the two combatants.

    The adversaries stood their ground firmly as they tried with everything they had to out-muscle the one standing opposite them. Both sent their Chaos Energy through his opponent's body through his hands, dealing out immense pain with each passing second. This continued for about ten seconds before the two broke the connection and pulled their arms back quickly, standing now in offensive poses. Zero made the next move, throwing a punch at Phantom which was swiftly deflected by his forearm. The bat immediately retalliated with an attempted kick to Zero's stomach, but he sidestepped it and tried for a roundhouse kick to Phantom's face. He somehow managed to grab Zero's leg in mid-strike, preparing to throw him clear across the Black Comet. However, Zero utilized his amazing reflexes to aim and fire a Chaos Beam. Moving at his maximum speed, Phantom let go of Zero's leg and fired a Chaos Shocker not even one instant after Zero let loose his attack.

    The projectiles collided, sending the bat and hedgehog skidding several yards back. They were quick to continue the duel, though, running toward each other yet again, this time with their fists reared back. The very moment they got within range of each other, they let loose a sudden outburst of melee attacks, each timed with expert precision. An intense flurry of punches, kicks, and various other techniques were thrown with each passing second. As their fists flew, they seemingly warped from location to location, traveling faster than the human eye could possibly follow in their attempt to smite one another. It truly was an impressive display of their full potentials, with each blow guided by the unbelievable rage felt by the two warriors locked in pitched combat.

    "AUGH!" The two shouted as they were punched in the face by the other at the exact same time.

    Again they found themselves skidding across the loose ground of the Black Comet, blood trickling down their mouths. The fisticuffs had lasted almost ten minutes, so needless to say both were extremely battered. Zero had various gashes and cuts to be found scattered across his entire body, as did Phantom. Their blood was dripping to the ground at a dangerous pace. The next blow would have to end the battle, or it would be a duel to the death for both combatants rather than just one of them.

    Phantom chose to go on the offensive before Zero did, sending every last bit of Chaos Energy he had into his right arm. His entire arm began crackling with electricity, signifying a massive Chaos Shocker was being prepared. His face momentarily returning to its usual state of insanity, he laughed maniacally as he reared back his arm in an attempt to do to Zero what he had done earlier. Leaping forward off the ground and using his wings to keep him afloat, he flew toward Zero at an incomprehensible pace. Throwing his arm forward, he tried to grasp Zero's wind-pipe and choke him to death. He figured a projectile could be evaded when up against someone as quick on his feet as Zero, so the only way to end the fight was to get up close and personal. Time seemed to slow down for Zero as Phantom flew toward him. His face showed such confidence; he thought victory was assured as he drew ever-closer to his hated rival.

    Phantom's eyes widened to unrealistic proportions, however, as he saw Zero duck underneath his arm. He then made a brief dash forward and point his own left arm upward. What happened in three second's time looked to be an eternity. Zero's hand was engulfed in raw Chaos Energy, which quickly manifested itself in the form of his signature attack, a Chaos Beam. He expelled the stored energy from his body, letting out a cry of anguish and determination. The projectile hit Phantom directly, sending him flying up into the air. Zero came to a skidding halt, turning his head round and looking up at Phantom. Too weak to even beat his wings, Phantom came crashing to the ground just behind Zero, at last defeated.

    "It's...over." Zero gasped for breath, kneeling down on one knee.

    Ooc: Thus ending the rivalry between Phantom and Zero. I hope you didn't have other plans for the battle, Shadows Follower, but this really was the only way we could've ended it AND continued on with the plot.

    Anyway...a moment of silence, if you would, in honor of the death of a great rivalry. Truly the stuff of legends.
  10. Shadows Follower

    Shadows Follower CHARGIN MA LAZAH!

    OOC: Nah its ok. Truely a great rivalry - til next time anyway.

    Black Comet

    Zero couldn't help but frown as he heard the sound of gurgled laughter. He turned round to see Phantom lying there, laughing through the blood building up in his mouth. The bat was going nowhere anytime soon, wings crippled and cuts all over his body but even still he continued to laugh up at his opponent.

    "That truely... was a great game. I really...enjoyed myself Zero... you deserve a clap." he told the black hedgehog, moving the fingers on his right hand as a sort of semi clap. He tried to laugh at his own joke, blood pouring down his face as he and instead gave a violent cough.

    "I knew... you would win. Your too proud to lose to a fool like me huh?
    I dont care... anymore. I've had my fun. We've certainly ...had some laughs together. Still.... I give, for now." A black aura filled over the bats body, fading away into the endless space above as if his body had been cleansed.

    "Don't worry though Zero. I won't be.... gone forever. You see... I am apart of Gallack and .... as long as he breaths, I will be waiting close by. Should... he ever fall weak or in need of desperate help... I'll be back. Thats when he can have more fun Zero and I will truely rock this world."

    He laughed as loud as he could in his dying breath, the laugh getting weaker as his lungs emptied and the bat finally drove himself to sleep.


    His eyes opened slowly, his first sight being that of Phantom, those dark clothes, the flame patterns and the insane grin on his face.

    "What the hell do you want?" asked the sane bat. Phantom giggled and shrugged his shoulders.

    "I lost a bet. Fun but lost. Lucky for you my-oh-so-sweet-brother you get you body back. But don't worry I'll stil be here should you ever need me. I guess controling Chaos energy comes a price huh?" he laughed again, Gallack tightening his fist hoping to hit this so unstable side of him.

    "Why you -"

    "Enough. Just go and regain yourself. Your needed." said another voice. Both bats looked around, seeing yet another bat to the left of them. His face seemed very serious and his clothes seemed very light and pure, his wings were more feathery like than leather.

    "Who the hell are you dude?" asked a confused Phantom. The other opened his wings and the blinding light engulfed them all, too bright to see through. Gallack heard the voice call out.

    "The light to repel the darkness."

    Black Comet

    Zero had watched as Gallack's body was clensed. The cuts and scraps from Phantom's fight dissappearing, scars being left in the more gruesome cuts. His clothes lost their demonic look and took back on the gambling style he become accustomed to. The twisted look on his face became once more innocent as he opened his eyes to see Zero looking over him, not entirely happy to see the bat he could only guess more so than if it were Phantom. Gallack pulled himself up, his body although cleaned from the fight still drained and weakened.

    "T-thank you Zero. I guess I oue you one hell of a debt. As a gambler I guess thats the price you take. Oh yeah, here." Gallack told Zero, reaching in to his pocket to retrive the green Chaos Emerald Phantom had been using, even after the the energy used it still gave off a mystical glow.

    "You'll need this more than me for the up coming fight. I help help you anyway I can. Where making one hell of a gamble ourselves here taking on Doom but the stakes are high and all to gain... or lose."

    E-120 Obsidian
    Black Comet

    Obsidian was flying as fast as his jets let him, flying to the energy signals he had been picking up. A moment ago the reading had been vast but now not so much as a bleep. It only meant that whatever had been going on was over and he feared the worst.

    He flew in on the two, the landscape around them smashed and ripped apart. To his amazement stood Gallack, back to his usual self and Zero standing next to him, looking like he had had a tough fight.

    "Zero, long time no see. I hope our past endevours will not interfere with the up coming conflict ahead of us. I'm Gallack feels the same way when he apologize for our past actions with Doom. We are willing to help you end this war." Obsidian asked Zero. Gallack slapped his riend on the back, a cheeky grin on his face.

    "Just like old times huh? You better take this too." Gallack said, retreiving the Nightmare Emerald from his pocket as well, its grey colour dimly lit by the sun shining on it. Obsidian took it gratefully back.

    OOC: And so that its for Phantom until a new Sonic RPG
    "Just like old tim
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  11. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    ((*Starts dancing* I don't think this RPGs dead just yet, but, goodbye, Phantom, hello Gallack! I'm gonna miss the insane bat... :())

    Dark Emily
    Black Comet

    Dark Emily continued to avoid the large comet's spikes above, she was looking, hungry, hungry to kill Obsidian, and make Emily feel the worse pain she'd ever felt.

    "D*mn it! Where is that annoying robot?!?" She asked herself, a sudden heatwave of energy, preferavbly metal, washed over her skin. Dark Emily sneered, and swooped down, soon enough, she saw a grey-ish light coming from a Nightmare Emerald. She, soon saw Obsidian, Gallack and Zero, after laughing maliciously, Dark Emily disappeared into the air, waiting to attack the machine.

    Emily & co.
    Black Comet

    Emily was slowly regaining her strength, a sudden warmth came from her Nightmare Emerald. She knew instantly, that an old friend was back.

    "Gallack..." She began to rise slowly, Purge asked.

    "Emily, what did you say?" The black hedgehog repeated.

    "Gallack... he's back!" She began to stand up, a bright happiness rushed through her body. Maria suddenley cut into Emily's thoughts and emotions.

    "Now I understand!" Ice Pheonix asked.

    "What do you mean?" Maria continued.

    "The reason why Emily was so weak, upset, and always turning into Dark Emily was because: Two of her closest friends, Gallack and Pyro, had gone away from her!" Purge bowed his head.

    "Somehow, I knew it had something to do with love..."

    But when the time comes, she will be torn into two, either Pyro, or Metal Sonic, that is a choice she'll have to make, and it'll break his heart to see her choose... Emily suddenley changed her emotion, Dark Emily was after Obsidian! She had to do something to stop Dark Emily from suceeding.

    "We have to go!" She began running, ignoring the cries of Purge, Emily had to catch up to Obsidian and Gallack, before it was too late.

    Manic & Dark Dragon
    Black Comet

    Manic continued to flinch as Dark Dragon flew as fast as he could towards Obsidian.

    "Dark Dagon, can't you go any faster?!?" Dark Dragon hissed a response at Manic's question.

    "I'm going as fast as any dragon can go!!!!!" Dark Dragon suddenley looked down, and saw a black and purple blur flash by.

    "Emily's gonna beat us to it!" He growled, and continued flying.

    Black Comet

    Emily could feel the prescence of a Nightmare Emerald, and soon enough, she saw Obsidian, Zero, and Gallack. Emily whispered.

    "He's back..." Suddenley, a jolt of fear came up her spine, and indistinctivley, Emily called.

    "OBSIDIAN!!!!!" She tried to get his attention, as she saw Dark Emily up in a corner, getting ready to strike.
  12. Project Alpha

    Project Alpha Recharged

    in the Bio Bomb

    Vexx walked down a flight of stairs, thinking about which of the four tests, he would have to fight next, the test of Mind, the test of Might, or the test of Fear. As in an answer to his unspoken question, the stairs he was walking down dissapeared and he started falling.

    "Chaos... CONTROL!", Vexx said, warping back to the stairs. "Quick thinking", said a voice, "but it won't save you". Vexx looked down and saw a purple echdina wallking up towards him. He lunged at it, and went through the Echidna's body. Looking up, he saw the same echidna lunge down at him, and was just able to roll out of the way.

    "I am Ezell, the master of mind", said the Echidna. "I know all". "If you knew all, then you'd let me pass so I can prevent a major tragedy!", Vexx shouted. "I may not know all", said the Echidna, "but I know enough. You are the assasin of years ago, who killed many with the Bio technology. If I let you through, there's a good chance that you might use the core so you can start killing the innocent again".

    "I don't want to kill the innocent. I want to stop Black Doom from doing that", Vexx argued. "If that is truly the case, then you'll be able to manage your mind and defeat me", Ezell replyed.

    Ezell stared at Vexx, and suddenly the world changed. Vexx found himself in a chamber with Ezell hovering above him. "The test begins now", said Ezell. "If you succeed, you can carry on, if you fail, you'll be stuck forever in this realm. "Bring it on", said Vexx.

    Ezell raced at Vexx, and Vexx did nothing. The echdina went through him and Vexx turned around to see the real Ezell smirking at him. Vexx leaped at him with his sword and hit a wall. Ezell appeared behind him and fired a beam of energy, which struck Vexx in the back. Vexx screamed in pain and collapsed to the ground. "Now it's time for some real fun!", said Ezell.

    At that moment the floor came to life and a pair of hands emerged from it. "Holy $&*!", yelled Vexx, barely dodging the hands. Ezell raised his hands and a pair of warriors appeared. They ran at Vexx, with weapons drawn. Vexx pulled out his Chaos Emerald and was able to stop them with a Chaos Blast, as well as make the floors hands vanish, but suddenly the emerald turned grey.

    "I've deactivated your emerald, so you only have yourself to rely on in this fight", said Ezell. "But Resistance is futile! You can't stand up against the power of the mind". "I can or I'll die trying!", Vexx shouted.

    "So be it!", roared Ezell, raising both of his hands into the air. Vexx looked at them and was suprised to see energy streaming out of them. The energy was forming into a huge ball hovering above Ezell, and growing huge in size. "This is the full energy of the mind!", yelled Ezell.

    Vexx gasped. The mind energy could wipe out this whole chamber. Ezell had seemed to forgotten that this was a test of what was real or unreal. Or had he? Had Zorpan lied to him. Were the illusions really just a hoax and this the true test?

    Vexx had no time to try and figure this out. The mind energy was increasing in size and he had to move now! Quickly, and without thinking, he grabbed his sword and leaped at Ezell, hitting him at the moment Ezell released the energy. The pair fell to the floor at the same time as the energy fell and everything went black.

    In an instant Vexx was back on the stairs. Ezell was standing before him, with an infathomable expression on his face. "You passed the test", Ezell said. "There is a time to think and a time not to think. If you reach your destination, you'll have no time to think things over in your mind. You'll just have to go with your gut".

    "You have defeated the second test, but beware. A test of combat is up next, followed by your destination but to get to your goal you must face a test of fear. Are you ready?" "I think I am", Vexx said walking on down the stairs, but inside he wasn't so sure.
  13. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Black Comet

    Rauell looked at his brother and sister thoughtfully, and then turned. He could sense that an old friend had returned, but, a great new danger had arrived.

    "One of my friends, in trouble..." Zadok asked.

    "What?" Rauell began to take off, he called.

    "Follow me, one of my friends is in grave danger!" Zadok and Lola looked at each other, and then followed him, unsure of what Rauell was going to do.

    King Emerald
    Black Comet

    The King Emerald soon appeared where Shadow had once fought Black Doom. By this time, he was in one piece again, and soon enough, he saw Black Doom, looking out into the depths of the Black Comet.

    "I knew you would come back..." Black Doom turned around, his eyes gleaming with evil. The King Emerald responded.

    "Of course I would come back, after the fight with Pyro, a revelation hit me, every single time, when Pyro beat me, Emily was there, right?"


    "So, if we kill Emily, then maybe this time, we can take over the planet!" Black Doom laughed.

    "Taking over the world by destroying someone's relationship... I like it..." He turned around again.

    "But, I have a secret weapon of my own..." The King Emerald asked.

    "What?" Black Doom turned around again.

    "I have a paralizing gas that, once entered into your blood stream, will leave you immobilized!" The King Emerald began to leave, while calling.

    "I'll try to kill Emily, if I can't do it, you can try with the weapon of yours!"
  14. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Black Doom
    Black Comet Depths

    "Damn that Zero..." The atrocious black alien scowled, watching all that had occurred via a strange screen he had apparently created himself.

    He hovered alone atop a single platform, which also stood suspended above a deep crevace found in the core of the Black Comet. Jagged rocks jetted up from the gravel-coated ground, bestowing upon the area a look of total desolation. Black Doom, the only living creature currently present in the midst of the dreary environment, floated around them anxiously as if he were pacing the platform while airborne. The chains hung around his neck jingled forebodingly with each motion he took, and his three crimson eyes glowed with seething rage toward the black hedgehog who had thwarted his invasions so many times. All the while the worn robes he wore were ruffled by the breeze which had somehow managed to reach the bowels of the comet.

    "He has stood in my way one too many times..." He stated viciously, looking off into the distance rather than the screen showing Zero's recent triumph over Phantom. "On the other hand...he's united all of my enemies in one place. He does deserve a bit of sympathy...but he won't get it from me...It is time now to eliminate the nuisance."

    Zero the Hedgehog
    Black Comet

    Zero grasped the two Chaos Emeralds which he now possessed tightly in both his right and left hands, tapping in to their vast reserves of energy. Both invaluable jewels simultaneously expelled incredible quantities of shining illumination, which in a matter of seconds had coated Zero as though it were an aurora of some sort. Closing his crimson eyes tightly, Zero allowed for the energy to be absorbed into his humanoid body, rejuvenating him to his maximum combat potency. The various gashes and scars received from his duel versus Phantom slowly faded out of existence, the blood he had lost was restored at a rapid pace, and his stamina replenished. Once the process had completed itself, Zero's eyes slowly opened. His grip on the two emeralds loosened, and they faded out of the physical plane on which Zero existed, stored within the hedgehog's very soul.

    Yet...despite this triumph...something was amiss. Zero sensed a disturbance nearby, one which was familiar to him but at the same time foreign. Recently, the hedgehog known as Emiley- who Zero had become relatively acquainted with- had arrived on the scene. She was quick to more or less attack Obsidian in an act of love, the one thing Zero totally lacked. But no; that wasn't it. What he sensed was much different...Emily was of a pure heart, this energy signature was corrupt. Looking toward its apparent source not with his eyes but with his remarkable sixth sense, Zero caught sight of one Dark Emiley, who he had defeated prior to that date. Emily noticed her as well, or so it seemed.

    "You..." He growled- he greatly disliked it when past enemies returned to exact revenge, especially ones who he had personally gotten rid of.

    Moving at undetectable speeds, Zero performed a spinning back kick commonly associated with the martial arts, striking Dark Emily directly in the face not even a split-second before she attacked. The female hedgehog was sent stumbling to the side, far from defeated but at the very least stunned. She wiped from her mouth what little blood had been released, snickering at the sight of Zero. Her true target was Emiley, but she immediately recognized him as the one who had defeated her the first time she attempted to overtake Emily’s body. Unlike Zero, however, Dark Emily appeared to enjoy encountering old foes.

    "I remember you." She laughed menacingly. "You're that annoying prick who took me out not too long ago."

    "Clearly you're not too familiar with the laws of this universe..." Zero scowled. "They say that when I kick your a*s...you stay down."

    "How witty. You amuse me, Zero, you really do...but I have another target right now." She pointed toward Obsidian, ally of Gallack.

    “I took you down once, b*tch, I’ll be happy to do it a-”

    “Sorry, little girl, Zero has…other commitments to which he must attend.”

    Zero recognized that voice all too well.

    “Doom!” He shouted fiercely.

    Zero swung round full circle to face his menacing arch nemesis. Sure enough, the extra terrestrial stood facing him with his clawed hands raised defensively, prepared for a duel to the death. In orbit parallel to the Black Comet itself, the full moon shined down brightly behind Black Doom, adding to his intimidating appearance. Zero, however, was far from impressed. At last he had met Black Doom face-to-face; no holograms projected by Doom’s Eye. Nothing mattered more at that point than slaughtering the alien with his bare hands. He would allow for no distractions, this would be the last time he would ever have to look upon the face of the heartless abomination. Taking a half of a step forward, Zero raised his own arms with clenched fists, meeting Black Doom’s gaze with unrivaled anger.

    “Finally we meet face to face.” Zero said through clenched teeth. “Don’t think I’m letting you leave here alive.”

    “Odd…I was just about to tell you the same thing.” Black Doom chuckled sadistically. “You have foiled my plans one too many times, Zero the Hedgehog. Brethren or not, it is time now that you felt the true wrath of the Black Arms‘ leader.”

    “Brethren?!” Zero demanded, fists now crackling with Chaos Energy. “What the hell are you going on about?”

    “Don’t act so surprised, Zero…Why do you think you’re able to utilize Chaos Blast, Chaos Control, and your Chaos Beam without the use of a Chaos Emerald?” Black Doom awaited Zero’s answer, knowing full well that he wouldn’t get one. “It is because your blood is that of a Black Arms Alien.”

    “Wh-what? I’m a…I’m a…”

    “A Black Arms, yes.” Black Doom interrupted. “Nothing more than one of my foot soldiers who chose to rebel against your creator.”

    “No…no it can’t be.” Zero remained confident. “Why the hell should I trust you, you lying b*stard?! You’re just trying to psyche me out, aren’t you?”

    “Think what you want, Zero the Hedgehog. But what I am about to show you is the truth…”

    In the blink of an eye, Zero found himself floating in deep space alongside Black Doom. It had happened so fast that even the hedgehog himself couldn’t tell what exactly the alien had done to him. Whatever trick was performed, Zero could still move freely in the vacuum of space, so should he have to defend himself he would have been more than able too. Despite this, Black Doom showed no hostilities whatsoever. He merely floated slightly to the left of Zero, moving about as if orbiting the hedgehog at speeds comparable to a turtle. He said not a word, and merely pointed toward the magnificent Space Colony ARK. Zero’s eyes followed the path set out for him by Doom’s three claws, and eventually they fell upon the gigantic space station which floated high above the earth itself. The Black Comet, as Zero noticed, was conspicuously absent from this vision he was having.

    Taking him completely by surprise, Zero’s surroundings again changed. This time he was actually inside the ARK, staring at the various computers which occupied the room he was standing in. Black Doom still hovered silently. Slowly the corrupt extra terrestrial made his way around his awestricken foe, who was looking toward en elderly man tending to two nigh identical creatures sitting dormant in twin pods. One was immediately recognized as Shadow the Hedgehog, famed hero who had, in times long since passed over by Father Time, brought an end to the reign of Black Doom himself. The other…the other creation was instantaneously registered within Zero’s mind as himself. Consumed by utter shock, the hedgehog took a nervous step backward, only to find himself mere inches in front of the slow-moving Black Doom, who was now staring at him in a satisfied fashion.

    “Doctor Gerald Robotnik…at one time I called him a colleague of sorts. This, Zero, is your true origin. Surely you know of Shadow the Hedgehog’s checkered past…of how Doctor Gerald wished to create the Ultimate Life Form so that he might heal his sick daughter, Maria.” Black Doom explained. “Oh, he gave it his best shot, but the prototype he created on his own was insane, and needed life support in order to stay alive.”

    He’s right…s-somehow, I remember all of that. Zero thought, wide-eyed. “What’s your point, Doom?!”

    “My point is that I was the one who allowed for Gerald to accomplish his goal. I used my own blood to create for him the Ultimate Life Form. However, what Shadow never found out is that two life forms were actually created. In other words he had a half-brother of sorts. That half brother…” He paused for a moment and pointed to the Zero who slept in the pod. “…was you.”

    Zero wasn’t quite sure how to react to this. Finally he was discovering his true origins. Slowly the pieces were falling together; all that had happened to him thus far finally made sense. Throughout his adventure he had agreed with himself one thing; no matter what his purpose was, no matter what his origins dictated that he do…he would accomplish that particular task without question. But finding out that he was really a Black Arms- destined to bring about destruction and chaos- for some reason, that was tearing him apart mentally speaking. Even though he now knew that he was, in fact, a Black Arms, he still wanted nothing more than to crush Black Doom and his entire army. An intense internal conflict was beginning, one that was more ferocious a battle than any physical duel Zero had ever participated in. His mind told him to go with what he saw, and to do as Black Doom told him. However, at the same time his soul was all but commanding him to follow his heart and continue in his crusade against the alien.

    “You see I promised Professor Gerald that I would create the Ultimate Life Form for him…but this came at a price. He assured me that, one day, this Ultimate Life Form would gather for me the seven Chaos Emeralds, thus assuring me ownership of the human race.” Black Doom continued. “You, Zero, were created from untainted blood. While the blood that would eventually create Shadow was artificially altered to speed up the growth process, yours remained pure. This gave you a significant boost in strength, but also slowed down the speed at which your body matured. Thereby you were deemed a fail safe mechanism; should Shadow fail, which he did, you would take on his duties roughly a year later.”

    For the third time, Zero’s environment was abruptly changed dramatically. This time, however, he was where he started; standing amongst his various allies and Dark Emily. Black Doom, as he feared, was there as well. He continued staring him down, but had now lost some of his self-confidence. Black Doom himself, though, having recognized the fact that he now had some degree of leverage, seemed quite satisfied with himself. Shaking his head and closing his eyes for a brief moment, Zero gathered together all of the inner strength he could possibly muster. Through this method of self-empowerment, Zero was able to continue to meet Black Doom’s coldhearted glare with his own.

    “So, Zero, it is impossible to escape your fate.” Black Doom stated promptly. “You cannot avoid the fact that you are a Black Arms at heart. As such you cannot escape the fact that you are destined to aid me in my conquest of the human race. You kept complaining about finding your true purpose…well here it is.”

    “…” Zero looked to the ground.

    “The truth hurts, doesn’t it? That does not mean that we can change it, though.” Black Doom growled. “The only way to ease the pain is to accept it.”

    “Shut…the hell…up…” The hedgehog responded.

    In an act of unexpected rage, Zero leapt into the air toward Black Doom. Rearing his foot back in mid-air, he flung himself toward the alien at speeds he himself didn’t even believe he was capable of. However, the alien was quick as well. The very instant before Zero’s foot made contact with Black Doom’s face, his roaring voice shouted out “CHAOS CONTROL!” and the extra terrestrial disappeared into thin air. To Zero’s surprise, though, he reappeared roughly one hundred yards away, in an open field which would make the perfect battlefield. He knew Black Doom’s true intentions, and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Throwing aside all doubts he was having before, Zero made a mad dash for the alien, fists once more crackling with Chaos Energy.

    “So be it! Come and fight me, Zero the Hedgehog! Run to your death, little Black Arms!” Black Doom shouted.

    “Don’t sell your creations short, Doom…” Zero replied ferociously.
  15. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Black Comet

    Emily looked up at Dark Emily, the harpy lady swooped down, and tried to swipe Emily on the shouldier, she hissed.

    "It's a shame when your plans are toggled with, isn't it?" Emily, only just missing her underniably sharp claws, spat back.

    "Well, perhaps you shouldn't underestamite us life-forms!" She tried to ram Dark Emily in the chest, but missed by miles. Dark Emily sneered.

    "It looks like you're about to be joined in battle!" Emily turned around, expecting to see Rauell or Metal Sonic, but it wasn't any of them.

    It was Maria.

    "Maria?" Emily asked, Maria came to her side, while Dark Emily took a few steps back, not in an attack, but, a retreat.

    "The guys thought I should come with you, I'm the one who can't die twice..." She turned angrily to Dark Emily.

    "You fear me? Why would you fear me?" Emily came in.

    "Because, you did something that gave you a kindness that is greater than anything. Sacrificing yourself for Shadow is a strong thing, and now, we shall fight as one!" Maria nodded, and Dark Emily scoffed.

    "I'm not afraid of her!" Emily began to focus on her friends, and her family, everyone who supported her, Dark Emily began to flinch.

    "STOP IT!!!!" Emily suddenly knew that good things were the only things that could hurt Emily's adversary, Dark Emily began to bleed from wounds of good. She slumped down, saying.

    "I will get my revenge, mark my words Emily, I will rise again!" She faded, Maria murmured.

    "She ran away..." Emily spat again.

    "Cowardly b*tch..." She made her way towards the place where Zero was fighting Black Doom, Maria asked.

    "Should we help them?" Emily answered.

    "No, not until it gets ugly..."
  16. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Zero the Hedgehog
    Versus Black Doom

    Zero dashed toward his dastardly nemesis at speeds borderline unimaginable, eyes glowing brightly with Chaos Energy. No expenses would be spared in this duel; neither combatant would withhold even the smallest amount of stamina, and both knew what to expect of their adversary. Once he had gotten within sufficient range of the extra terrestrial, Zero left ground level in the blink of an eye, becoming airborne in the form of a swift jump. Mid-way through his impressive leap, Zero curled himself into a perfect sphere, encasing himself within his own life force itself to generate something of a barrier around his body. Expelling a small portion of energy from his body, he dashed forward in a perfectly straight line, losing no altitude whatsoever in his assault on Black Doom. The menacing alien was this time struck directly in the face, finding himself both off guard and unable to react with sufficient reflexes.

    "Gra!" Doom growled, stumbling slightly backwards.

    Zero, meanwhile, was sent higher still into the air due to the intense impact of his Homing Attack. Using this opportunity to go in for another blow, Dusk hurled himself forward yet again, Alas, he was not even a millisecond too late, because Black Doom possessed superhuman reflexes himself. The very instant before the second Homing Attack made contact, Black Doom performed an alacritous Chaos Control. This space-time warp lasted for naught but one brief second however, due to Black Doom having next to no time to gather together the necessary energy for a prolonged Chaos Control. It was enough time to put some distance between him and Zero, however.

    Black Doom reappeared roughly ten meters behind his original position in front of Zero, phasing into existence just as the hedgehog landed on the ground. Throwing his right arm into the air, he summoned his vast amounts of Chaos Energy. The energy was expeditiously manifested in the form of five perfectly aligned purple spheres which floated mere inches in front of Black Doom's body. All five spheres then began launching meteors at Zero at a rapid pace. Each one flew was hurdled through the air at an impressive velocity, but was still no match for Zero's unmatched rapidity.

    The black hedgehog took action immediately, first leaping agilely to the side to evade the first two or three meteors. He continued to perform a multitude of elaborate stunts to avoid the barrage of meteorites which appeared to be locked on to his current location. Each evasion brought him a tiny iota closer to his target, but wasn't working quite fast enough. Essentially Zero found himself circling Black Doom in an attempt to outspeed the homing properties of the meteorites. This continued for about four seconds before Zero saw an opening, running into the eye of the storm so to speak. It wasn't long, however, before the meteors were hurled at him once more, but Zero had by that point picked up sufficient momentum to avoid them with minimal effort.

    "You're quick..." Black Doom uttered admittedly.

    "Finally you get it." Zero scowled, ducking under a meteor in the midst of his assault.

    At last the meteors began slowing down, at which point Zero left the ground for a third time, his fist reared back threateningly. He was propelled in-between the purple spheres generating the meteors, at which point he performed a flawless reverse back kick. Black Doom, moving at incredible speeds for a being of his size, sidestepped the physical attack, charging up energy for a Chaos Control but opting against using it so prematurely. Zero retalliated by throwing a punch in Black Doom's direction, but this too missed its mark by a fraction of an inch. Still refusing to give up, the hedgehog attacked with what appeared to be a slightly modified butterfly kick, but rather than being evaded by Black Doom, this attack was deflected by his far larger arm. His eyes instinctively shifting to the side, Zero noticed his free hand swinging toward him in an attempt to swat the hedgehog right out of the sky. Releasing his right fist from Black Doom's clutches, Zero crossed his two arms and managed to block the sideswipe.

    Despite this, the impact from the blow was simply immense. While he had shielded himself from any potentially fatal damage, the shear difference in mass between the two combatants made the attack all the worse. Zero was sent flying through the air, trying desperately to regain control over the path he traveled. To his dismay, when he glanced toward Black Doom's original position he saw that the alien had warped yet again, thus making it impossible for Zero to tell where he was. Unfortunately, Black Doom reappeared directly behind Zero, smashing him into the ground with his massive clawed hand. Zero was sent through the rocky ground of the Black Comet, forming a crater upon impact. Seeing this, Black Doom raised his hand into the air with claws tightly clenched together, and in an attempt to slam Zero deeper into the earth, drilled his arm straight into the hole he was in.

    “This is what happens when you stand against the Black A-”

    But something was amiss…Black Doom felt…resistance. Shifting his gaze downward, he saw to his dismay Zero standing firmly within the crater he himself had created, struggling to hold up Black Doom’s physically superior right arm. The alien pressed down harder still in a desperate attempt to overcome Zero by means of brute strength. Zero, however, had other plans. Somehow faking out Black Doom, the hedgehog eased up on his physical exertion and opted instead to squeeze out of the crater while the alien was struggling to crush him rather than keeping him within. He flew out of the hole, rising into the air up to Black Doom’s own level. Taking aim, Zero blasted the extra terrestrial right in his infamous third eye with a powerful Chaos Beam.

    “AUGH…DAMN YOU!” Black Doom cried, stumbling a good four yards away from Zero.

    Black Doom was quick to retaliate, in spite of the pain he had suffered just milliseconds prior. Channeling a portion of Chaos Energy through his hands, he generated a duo of fireballs which hung forebodingly in the air mere inches above his shoulders. Suddenly pointing toward Zero, both fireballs were simultaneously hurled at the hedgehog. He managed to evade the first by leaping nimbly to the right, but unfortunately this put him in the blasting range of the second fireball. Yet this, too, he was able to narrowly dodge as he jumped straight up into the air, preemptively preparing and firing a Chaos Beam in Black Doom’s direction. However this projectile was launched in vain, because as it reached its destination it struck not the alien, but vacant space occupied only by the somewhat thin atmosphere of the Black Comet.

    Suddenly, a third fireball struck Zero from behind, hitting with such concentrated force that he was thrown off of his feet and sent several meters forward in mid-air. Not even one second later his feet touched down on the gravel-coated ground of the Black Comet. This slowed him down and gave him sufficient momentum to turn himself around in the middle of his skidding-stop. Now that he had acquired visual confirmation of Black Doom’s whereabouts, he was able to counter the next projectile hurled at him by firing off a Chaos Beam with pinpoint accuracy, allowing for the two to collide and negate one another. Stopping completely, Zero avoided surprisingly quick melee attacks from Doom, who had by that point closed the distance between the two, and continued to perform a butterfly kick to strike him in the torso.

    “Erg…” He growled.

    “I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Doom.” Zero smirked, possibly for the first time not out of malice or arrogance, but because he was at last given an opportunity to smite Black Doom.

    “This fight is not over yet.” Black Doom again put a fair amount of distance between himself and his opponent, flying several feet higher into the air as he hovered backwards. “I will emerge victorious.”
  17. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Emily & Maria
    Black Comet

    Emily murmured.

    "It's getting ugly now, but, Zero's a d*mn good fighter!" Maria nodded. A sudden light appeared out of nowhere, Maria looked up, so did Emily. She stuttered.

    "B-B-But, I thought you weren't gonna bring me into the past!" She knew who it was, the light collided with Emily, and she faded away.


    Emily woke to hear the people of Echidnaopolis, she looked around, there were many of the citizens, just doing their day-to-day tasks. Some caught sight of Emily, and each one was a pink colour. One growled.

    "What do you think you're doing here, hedgehog?" They began to crowd around her, for Emily had not seen the citizens, she began to get scared, a sudden shout over the crowd made Emily turn.

    "Do not attack her!" It was Tikal, the crowd gave way, and some began to move off, Tikal approached Emily and said.

    "Somehow, I knew you were coming back..." Emily bowed.

    "Thanks for saving me from trouble!" Tikal smiled, and then began to walk away, she called.

    "Follow me..." Emily began to follow her, curious of what the echidna had to show, they soon came to the place where the Master Emerald sat. Tikal called.

    "Okay, as you asked, I brought her!" Emily saw something in the bushes, a shock came to her eyes, it was Purge.

    "Good, Tikal, you know that your people and my people are at war, she's the only one who can settle this, once and for all!" He went up to Emily. She murmured.

    "You don't even know me at the moment, do you?" Purge nodded.

    "I don't know you, but, you have to help us, our people are at war for a powerful, priceless gem known as: a Nightmare Emerald, we are not sure whom should have it!" He brought out the Nightmare Emerald from his backspikes, and to Emily's suprise, it was her Nightmare Emerald. Purge went on.

    "Both of our tribes, the echidnas and the chameleons, have had envisionment of a guardian for this emerald, Pachamac thinks that he is the guardian, however, my leader, Rikku, thinks that he is the guardian, even I am a guardian--" He took out the Nightmare Emerald containing Ice Pheonix.

    "Who is the guardian? Who is the rightful creature? We need you to tell us!" Emily could have said that she was the rightful guardian, however, she decided to tell both of them the upcoming danger first.

    "Not only will I give you my decision, but, I will warn you of a great danger, in a few years time, a creature known as Black Doom will try to take over this planet, in that time, you need to prepare for the upcoming war!" Tikal broke in.

    "Yes, we have heard of this creature known as Black Doom, but, we are already preparing for him, we need to know who is the guardian!" Emily nodded, known that there would be no answer if she tried to reason with both of them, she went into her backspikes.

    "This is who the true guardian is!" She took out her Nightmare Emerald, exactly like the one in Purge's hand, Purge took a step back, while Tikal gasped in shock.

    "You're the guardian? But, how can this be?" Emily laughed.

    "Nobody can make an accurate vision, I am the guardian you speak of, spread the news of this..." She turned to Purge.

    "... and Purge?" Purge asked.

    "Yes?" Emily smiled as she began to disappear.

    "We shall meet again in time..." She faded away, leaving a bewildered Purge and Tikal, they looked up into the sky, to see Pachamac and some of his loyal warriors coming for the Chaos Emeralds.

    Black Comet

    "Emily... ?" Emily stirred, she was lying down on the floor, Maria was looking down at her, a sudden jolt of rage went down Emily's spine. She got up, and muttered.

    "That annoying ailen, well then, let's get this over with, once and for all!" She walked towards the battlefield, Maria, completly perplexed, followed her slowly.
  18. Project Alpha

    Project Alpha Recharged

    in the Bio Bomb

    Vexx continued his journey down into the Bio Bomb, keeping his guard on. He didn't know when his third trial would appear. Soon he noticed that he was almost at the bottom of the Bio Bomb. He saw a huge door straight ahead, that would no doubt lead to the Bio Core. However, as he was right at the door of the chamber he stopped and backed off a few steps.

    A piece of molten rock fell right where Vexx had been standing moments before. "Nice Try", Vexx called up to a shadowy creature watching him on the ceiling, "but you'll have to do better then that to stop me".

    The creature opened up it's arms to reveal wings and glided towards Vexx landing at his feet. The creature was a huge jet black bat, twice the size of Vexx, with huge arms and blood-red eyes. The creature spoke in an very deep voice.

    "Beyond this door awaits your goal, challenger", said the bat. "You fight for a noble cause, but you still must complete the last trials, for those are the laws of our society. I am Gurral, the second-to-last challenge you must face, and the most powerful of the four guardians. Do you accept my challenge?"

    "Wait a minute", said Vexx. "If you're the most powerful of the four, then why are you the second-to-last challenge, instead of the last one?" "There's a power far more dangerous then any power I can muster", said Gurral. It is the power of fear, and thus, I am second-to-last". "All right", said Vexx. "Bring it on".

    Vexx drew his sword, only to have it hover away from him. He looked around, and found that all of his equipment was hovering away. "This battle shall be fought hand-to-hand, no weapons or equipment allowed, only natural tools", said Gurral. "What about my glove?", Vexx asked, as his glove began to fall off. How will I be able to survive in the Bio Bomb without it?"

    "Don't worry", said Gurral. "This area is protected from the Bio energy. "That's good to hear", said Vexx. "Now can we begin the challenge already?" "I thought you'd never ask", Gurral said.

    The two fighters stared at each other, bent down and leaped into the air, fists out. Gurral's blow landed and sent Vexx flying into the stairs. Vexx got up, brushed himself off and leaped back at Gurral, landing a kick right in his face. Gurral was thrown back into a wall, but he struck right down, at Vexx who was looking at him from the ground.

    Vexx dodged the attack, but didn't expect to get hit by the shockwave Gurral made, when he hit the ground. He was thrown off-balance, and gave Gurral a huge opening. Gurral struck Vexx and Vexx was thrown right into a wall.

    Vexx groaned. He wasn't used to fighting without his sword, or at least without using Chaos Attacks. He hadn't had to do it often. Now he was fighting against a creature who had probably never used a weapon in his life. Maybe it's time to show him some of my natural tools, Vexx thought.

    Quickly he blended in with his surrounding and charged right at Gurral, only to be met by an uppercut that sent him flying. "Clever", said Gurral, "but my wings aren't my only natural tools. As a bat I have super sonar". Of course, thought Vexx. How could I have forgotten. Are you ready to give up?", asked Gurral, mockingly. "Not until this bomb is destroyed!", shouted Vexx, leaping back at Gurral, only to get thrown back at the wall.

    But this time, Vexx was planning for that to happen. He used his feet to catapult him towards Gurral again, catching the bat completly offguard. Vexx landed a series of blows, and ended it with a kick that sent Gurral crashing into the walls. "ready to give up?", asked Vexx mockingly. "Why would I want to give up when this fight is just starting to get interesting?", replied Gurral.
  19. spekkal

    spekkal New Member

    The Golden Hedgehog

    Spekkal was a gold hedgehog. His fur shone in the sun like metal. His eyes were as red as blood. He has red gloves and blue quils. He had a blue furry chest and he had blue shoes with red lightning. He walked along the beach, the sand burning in the rays of the sun. Three diamonds were in his hands, Not chaos Emeralds but control diamonds. Three mysterious diamonds. One red, One yellow and one blue. "Maybe my diamonds can help me" Spekkal said, He had a low deep voice but nt as low as shadows. "Anyway, I've never seen this beach before...It must be new..." He Sighed. Spekkal didnt know where to go.

    Suddenly a huge bang was heard and Spekkal jumped. A large mechanical robot appeared under the sand. "Right into my trap, Eh Spekkal?" Laughed a familliar voice.
    "Eggman you fool! What do you want?" Spekkal shouted at him. The Robot grabbed Spekkal. "When willl you learn? Diamond ray!" An icey ray from the blue control diamond shot at Eggman. The ice froze the large robot completely. Spekkal saw this chance and broke out of the robots hand. He releced his large angelic wings and flew right in the middle of Eggmans machine. It crumpled into the dust. "I told you that you were a fool Eggman" Laughed Spekkal as he walked off.
  20. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    spekkal, please go read the RPG Rules, or have a look at the new Sticky thread Shadowfaith created to find the links.

    For the love of Mew, do you NOT remember what I told you last time? http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=5239473#post5239473
    Clearly you don't understand how to RPG, and even though I told you last time to read the rules, you blatantly ignored me.

    If you did, you'd see that you need to sign up before posting in an RPG. >>


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