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Sonic the Hedgehog: Winds of Chaos *Begins! LSU's accepted*

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Scar, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. The Burnt Shadow

    The Burnt Shadow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    Shugo the Cobra

    I continued to battle Jet within space. He was strangely stronger than he was before. It was probably his over exposure to chaos emeralds. I didn't have time for him though, I had to assist in the destruction of the Black comet. I just evaded his attacks and tried to get away from him, but whenever I got a chance, he always manages to corner me. "Why're you running away" Jet asked as he delivered another punch. "Don't tell me that you've gotten softer."

    "I just don't have time to play with you," I answered as I blocked his punch. "I've got something much more important to do."

    "Oh really?" Jet asked as he continued to attack." Well how'd you like this?!" Jet snapped his fingers and soon several Black Arms were seen floating behind him. It looked almost like an entire armada. Except most of them were the basic black hawks and soldiers though. None of the massive or powerful black arms were there. It seems that they were quite preoccupied within the Black Comet. "I've joined forces with Black Doom to eradicate the ones who stand in his way of the great future."

    "What great future?" I asked. "He's going to kill all humanity and enslave us all!"

    "Exactly, the planet needs a mighty leader who will make his people obey without question," Jet said as green flames began to burn in his fist. "With that, we shall finally earn peace. Conflicts between family and allies will cease and you shall pay for what you've done to Heart!"

    "Heart?" I asked with a frown. I didn't get so emotional this time. "What're you talking about? When did you ever care about your sister?"

    "I've always cared," Jet yelled as he attacked. "It's that she was manipulated to do your bidding and I was forced to fight against her! I loved my sister!"

    "Loved her?" I asked with an angrier tone." Don't give me that bull****! If you really loved her, you would've taken better care of her than fight against her! You should've made a way for her to see the light! You should've never made that stupid clone to replace her!"

    "Shut up! Black Arms attack!" Jet screamed as he charged with his fists. I never saw Jet this emotional before." You're the problem. I can't change the past, but I can change the future by ending all life and beginning new life! Now die with CHAOS STRIKE!"

    Jet made me angrier than ever. I placed my coat around me and sheilded myself. As the chaos attack struck me, I was instantly powered with chaos energy. I suddenly transformed into my super mode. I then slaspped Jet away and released a powerful chaos crush on him. The green flame in his fists were suddenly extinguished. "You damn loser!" I yelled as I charged head on. "You think this is the best way? You always think violence is the solution. You may appear as Sonic, but you've lost his heart. I may need to get to Black Doom first, but it seems you're the one who I need to get rid of the most! I'll finally assure that you rest in peace!"

    With that, I suddenly obtained two new modes within my body, other than my saber lash mode. I now had saber cannon and saber strike mode. I first switched to saber strike mode. It looked as if I just pulled out my sabers. I then attacked Jet and scratched several parts of his body with my saber, sending him back. I then threw both my sabers at him like a boomerang. Both my blades struck him, he wasn't sliced, but it was severely painful. I then caught both my sabers and switched to my regular mode. I then gave Jet a mighty kick on the face and sent him away.

    I then looked at the small armada that charged at me. "Black Doom," I thought. I then switched to my saber cannon mode. This mode looked like that I just pulled out my shooters. I slapped my arms together and formed one cannon. The cannon then opened up a bit and made a larger cannon with a lot of space. A powerful energy formed within the space. I was getting ready to fire a powerful blast. As the Black arms were close enough, I shot a powerful and wide blast, eliminating almost all the black arms that opposed me. Several mighty explosions appeared in front of me.

    It looked as if I had gotten rid of 'em all, but the Black Comet still remains. I was really close. I then saw Jet floating in space, he was completely knocked out. I was about to leave, but I knew that he needed assitance. I said that I would leave him to die, but I strangely understood, that he was now family. I then carried his body with me and headed for the Black Comet.
  2. Shadows Follower

    Shadows Follower CHARGIN MA LAZAH!

    OOC: Sorry, ist my fault this has been slowed down.

    Gallack and E-120 Obsidian
    Black Comet

    The two friends has watched as Zero fought with everything he had. The bate admired the hedgehogs determination even after all that had happened. Another Chaos Blast shuddered the ground below as Zero had retaliated to another assault by Doom. Dust was violently swept into the air as the fight continued.

    "So, Zero's a Black Arm. Thats gotta hurt your pride." Gallack said to himself, scratching his chin. His metallic friend watched the two combatants carry on, neither wanting to give in, his sensors measuring the amount of energy being poured into each others attacks. The scale was unbelieveable.

    "What should we do Gallack?"

    "Well, I have full confidence that Zero will win, but in Poker two pairs are better than just one and I can of oue for helping me. What kind of game's man would I be if I didn't hold my end of the bargain?" Gallack said, alughing to himself as he withdrew his deck of cards.
    "You ready then?" Obsidian nodded, his cannon humming as it began to power up for battle.

    "Of course, the odds are in our favor." Gallack smiled at his friend fondly.

    "Your starting to sound like me dude. Ok then last draw, everyone in, all or nothing!" cried Gallack as he entered the field, taking to the sky to get a better angle on Doom. He drew four cards and looked at them. Some luck, a king and queen of hearts he thougt as the cascaded towards Doom, a some fire enveloping Doom as the energy within was released. There was a cry of pain before a sphere of energy encircled him, eliminating the flames.

    "You foolish bat. Do not interfere."

    Obsidian was at Zero's side, firing a large blast of dark energy from his arm cannon as Gallack had Doom distracted.

    " I'm sorry for the intrusion Zero but three verus one is always a tactical advantage."

    Opening several compartments in his armor, a barrage of missiles lit up the sky as they all headed for Doom. The villian was now prepared, phasing in and out to avoid being hit. Of course he couldn't avoid all of them and a few stray ones side Doom to the sides. Shaken but not done, Doom prepared to launch another attack.

    "This is far from over Zero, even with your little helpers."
  3. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Emily & Maria
    Black Comet

    Black Doom's words and taunts only made Emily angrier, she did not feel the dark aroura surrounder this time, for Dark Emily had fled from her body, there was no transformation to be made.

    "Helpers? Black Doom, we are not helpers, we are heroes, you should've known that by now!" Emily called, she took out the Nightmare Emerald from her spikes and it turned into the sword Emily had always known. A sudden pang of guilt rushed through Emily's spine.

    I have to tell them the truth about me, or otherwise, they'll never know who I am... She tried to attack Black Doom from the side, but delibratley missed him, she landed on a jagged side of the arena and called.

    "Black Doom, not only have you lost Zero, but you've lost me, my body was replaced with a mixture of Shadow's and Sonic's D.N.A structure! How can you live with that?" Black Doom laughed.

    "Of course I knew that, you are just another one of the miserable creations and rejects of the Robotnik family!" Emily became enraged by his words, Maria appeared beside her. Emily looked at Maria, who had a very angry look on her face. Emily scowled.

    "Insulting my good friend Maria here won't do any good, we're close friends and insulting her is insulting me!" Emily looked at Maria and asked.

    "You ready to finish this?" Maria nodded.

    "Yes, I cannot let Black Doom insult grandfather, I promise you Emily, we shall fight as one!" They both lunged at Black Doom, and prepared for the worse.
  4. lunic

    lunic Banned

    Okay, lunics on stage!

    Luner the white hedgehog could only stand by and watch as a girl febely attack black doom with a sword. <A sword! Are they insane?> Luner thought to himself. But he had no choice, he was the gaurdein and was to protect humans. He did a held out sigh and went into his Golden super form and dashed of the roof he was perched on. As he dashed off, he cried, "DOOM! prepare to meet your demise, you son of a-." Luner didnt finish his sentence as Dooms eye caught him mid flight and said, "Tsk, tsk. Always predictable, aren't you Luner?" And with that the girls and Luner prepared for a hell of a battle.
  5. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    lunic, you need to actually SIGN UP to be in an RPG before posting in one. >> That's the reason we have a flipping Sign Up forum.

    Please read the rules and think before you post.

  6. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Ooc: *sigh* THANK you Psychic. Hopefully that's the last time THAT'll happen. >_>'' Gonna have to end this RPG fast before it gets closed due to n00b overload…*grumbles*


    Zero the Hedgehog
    Versus Black Doom

    "Stand down!" Zero roared angrily. "I want to finish Black Doom myself...after all that he's done to me...I can't accept help, damnit!"

    "That's it, Zero, let your anger grow...these fools don't want to help you they fight only for their own selfish reasons." Black Doom laughed demonically. "You made it this far on your own; why accept help now?"

    "You stay out of this!" Zero shouted in a tone so vicious it would strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest of men.

    In a sudden outburst of untamed fury, the hedgehog summoned together obscenely large portions of Chaos Energy far surpassing that of any attack he had used up until that point. Spreading his legs apart so that his foundation was sturdy, he pointed both of his black hands toward his annoyingly harmonious nemesis palm-out. Concentrating his stored energy into a point in his hands no large than a pinhead, he released it all at once without holding even an ounce back. In that instant it grew from the size of a pinhead to a massive Chaos Beam which literally tore apart the surface of the Black Comet as it flew toward Black Doom. The dreary environment in which Zero and company found themselves was immediately shown in sapphire light due to the simply immense proportions of the Chaos Beam. It cleansed the area of darkness, hurling rocks and gravel and leaving a massive trench in its wake.

    The attack totally engulfed Black Doom before he could so much as react, blowing right past him with energy to spare, flying forward a good couple of yards before finally dissipating into the void. The attack created large amounts of smoke, which rose to the sky gradually before finally revealing what had happened as a result of Zero’s attack. Black Doom’s body, it seemed, was highly damaged by the attempted assassination. Blood was pouring from several already weakened locations on his body, and that which wasn’t letting out blood was either scarred or torn up. Still he seemed more than capable of continuing the duel, as did Zero despite the exhaustion he felt after the massive attack. It seemed the Chaos Beam had put them on relatively equal terms; fatigue finally setting in on Zero and shear agony coursing through Black Doom’s nerve endings.

    “Heheheh…ahahaha! I…urk…expected no less…Zero.” Black Doom chuckled, clenching his torso in pain with his clawed arm. “But you see…you’re still playing…right into my hand.”

    “What the hell are you going on about?!” Zero demanded, breathing deeply.

    “You see, your anger…gack!” He coughed up a small amount of blood. “…is the cornerstone in my plan. Your rage and inability to remain emotionally stable shall be your downfall, and the downfall of the entire world.”

    “What do you mean?” Zero asked viciously.

    “Haven’t you noticed the way your latent Chaos Energy comes to the surface when you’re angry? It truly is your most remarkable ability…oh, of course, everyone’s Chaos Energy is affected by their emotion. But you, Zero…you can do so much more with it.” Black Doom said arrogantly.

    “Get to the point, Doom!” Zero scowled. “What do you plan to do with me?”

    “Observe.” Black Doom growled.

    His eyes glowed an even deeper shade of crimson, and a most peculiar sensation was sent throughout Zero’s body. It put enormous stress upon his body; had he managed to retain a bit more stamina he would have been more than capable of withstanding it, but because of his last attack he had been drained of his very life force. As such, he fell wearily to his knees as his allies stepped back if only from mild shock. Then, amazing yet at the same time frightening, his body began glowing a fascinating emerald color, the exact same pallet as the Master Emerald. It was then that the two Chaos Emeralds in his possession appeared above his head, encircling him as if caught in his orbit. He growled, struggling to stand. At last he was able to return to his feet, but beyond that he could hardly stand. His remaining stamina was wearing thin, but he was not about to fall.

    The second he brought himself to his feet he noticed the remaining five Chaos Emeralds were now encircling him. Somehow they had been brought into his “orbit” as well. All seven…united in one spot, and right above Zero’s head no less, but he could do nothing to control them. Gallack, sensing bad things to come, attempted to grab the Chaos Emeralds before Black Doom could do anything with them. However, as he leapt for them, a surge of electricity was sent through his veins, and he was forced to draw back. As he hit this “force field” surrounding Zero, the hedgehog himself was put through immense pain as well, undoubtedly due to a negative repercussion of Gallack’s act of good will.

    “There…now do you understand? Within you is the potential to draw in all seven Chaos Emeralds, wherever they may be. Of course to do this two requirements must be filled…” His breaths were labored but still he managed to sound sure of himself. “…your anger must be at its peak, and I must be in the proximity so that I can activate this latent ability of yours. Oh, but I dare not have made it active earlier, or else you may have been able to gain control of the Chaos Emeralds yourself. Admittedly that last attack put me near death, but it also drained you of basically all of your stamina, so…”

    He reached out with one of his two hands, telepathically grabbing the Chaos Emeralds and bringing them over so that they floated above his own head. Zero, meanwhile, ceased to glow green and was able to move freely again. That, however, wasn’t nearly enough to ease the mental pain he was suffering due to the fact that he had more or less handed the Chaos Emeralds over to Black Doom himself. Gallack, Pyro, and Emily stood perplexed to either side of him, ready to fight while Zero was still lost in shock. Although he managed to will himself back into the realm of self-awareness before the crisis forced his allies into a fight they could not win.

    “…D-don’t do it. He’s got the Chaos Emeralds. He’s too…urg…” He winced. “too powerful.”

    “No, Zero…look closer.” Black Doom laughed, alluding to the fact that the Chaos Emeralds had more than doubled in size. “You have acted as my Master Emerald, as well, Zero. They are no longer the Chaos Emeralds; they are the Super Emeralds once more!”

    “Damnit!” Zero growled.

    “So what is it you’re planning this time, Doom?” Gallack questioned, keeping his hand placed on his deck of cards. “Same as your last end of the world doom plot, I’d assume?”

    “Quite the contrary…” Black Doom huffed, rising higher into the air as the Super Emeralds encircled him. “Before I believed humans to be worthy, at the very least, as a source of energy for us Black Arms. They were to be kept alive; taken care of, so long as they paid their dues to their superiors. I now understand that for us to live on, they must be eliminated. Each time I plotted to rule this pathetic universe, it was the inhabitants of earth who stopped me. You Earthlings are a plague…and if the Black Arms are to prosper you must be eliminated!”

    “What the hell are you getting at?!” Zero shouted.

    “Quite simple actually. As you may have noticed, the Black Comet is now larger than it was before. Unfortunately, it is still not large enough to enter the earth’s atmosphere.” Black Doom explained, now glowing with the Super Emeralds’ power. “I have before me the Super Emeralds. Before you four were even brought into this little crusade, they were used to bring back the Comet. They will now be used on it once more, this time for a slightly different purpose. Observe!”

    The Super Emeralds flashed in unison at Black Doom’s command as he tapped into their infinite supply of power. In no more than three seconds’ time the entire surface of the Black Comet had been coated in an unfaltering light. It brightened the void of space, casting an ominous glow on the planet earth below. Zero and company seemed unaffected by this change in environment, though the light was quite blinding they were more than capable of withstanding it. The people of earth, however, weren’t taking it quite as well. Seeing the comet suddenly morph, they knew very well dark times were to come in the very near future. All of earth’s heroes- Knuckles, Tails, everyone who had ever fought evil alongside Sonic himself- found themselves looking skyward, wracking their brains to figure out what exactly Black Doom was up to.

    It was then that the extra terrestrial telepathically forwarded his thoughts to them as well, appearing on the screen of every operational television screen on planet earth. The people of earth couldn’t help but leap to their feet in terror as the horrifying image appeared without any prior warning. It seemed Zero, Gallack, Emily, and Obsidian had only front row seats; they were no longer the only spectators.

    “The Black Comet is now coated in the power of the Super Emeralds. As such, it shall go undamaged as it enters Earth’s atmosphere! Ahahahahaha!” He laughed maniacally as Zero noticed that he was also glowing with the same light as the Super Emeralds. “People of Earth…hear my message! You have but forty-five minutes to live! Atmosphere entry begins in one half hour. As for me…”

    “No!” Zero yelled out.

    The light engulfing Black Doom grew brighter still as he channeled a portion of the Super Emeralds’ energy through his body, letting it energize him and give him strength far beyond even that of Devil Doom. Zero mustered every last drop of stamina and power remaining in his body. With that, he leapt toward Black Doom, who was taken completely by surprise, as he thought Zero to have no remaining energy whatsoever. The hedgehog flew courageously through the air, traveling at his maximum speed once more. He met with Black Doom in mid-leap, but alas, it was too late. Utilizing his advanced powers over Chaos Control, he was able to teleport before Zero could strike him. As such, the hedgehog landed on the ground in a kneeling position, looking down at the ground in defeat.

    “I told you that you would one day serve me, Zero…” Black Doom’s voice was heavy in the air even after his departure.

    “It’s over…” Emily sighed.

    “…Not quite…” Zero rose to his feet, back still turned to his allies.

    Suddenly, the seven Super Emeralds appeared around Zero. They flashed once, then landed on the ground at the exact same moment. Zero, meanwhile, stood hopelessly on the surface of the Black Comet even though he had somehow regained the Super Emeralds the split-second before Black Doom took his leave. He dropped to his knees once more, clenching his fists in anger.

    “He was right…” Gallack and Emily seemed confused. “…I did do his bidding…What’s the point of fighting? I can’t escape my destiny…”

    Zero! A familiar voice- that of an elderly man- called out to him. I had hoped this moment wouldn’t come…

    “Wh-what? Who are you?!” Zero demanded.

    My name…is Doctor Gerald Robotnik. The voice spoke out to him telepathically. My time speaking with you is limited…there is something I must tell you.

    Save it! Zero thought it wise to communicate with him via his thoughts. You worked with Black Doom to bring me into the world…It’s your fault I was here to help Black Doom! Tell me, then doctor…is that really what I was put here to do?! Is it my destiny to bring about the end of all of those innocent lives?! Damnit, is there nothing I can do?!?!

    No Zero…quite the contrary. Dr. Gerald explained sagely. Zero it’s true you were given a basic program…yes you were designed to help Black Doom.

    …There was a pause.

    But you were also given the option of denying that program and acting of your own accord. Dr. Gerald stated. Against Black Doom’s will, I made you a resilient individual. I gave you a strength of will far beyond that which you should have been given. I made you strong, Zero, strong enough to choose your own path in life. Now I’m here to make sure that’s what you do. But my time grows shorter still I’m afraid…I must leave you with this; do as you were created to do…and act of your own free will just as I intended!

    Zero stood silently for a moment. No further messages bombarded his mind. All was quiet; the doctor had left him, but he had left him all the wiser. Slowly, confidently, Zero rose to his feet, hands held powerfully at his sides. An incredibly strong glare in his eyes, he turned to face his allies in arms. The Super Emeralds emitted a steady glow once more, and rose into the air around him. At a steady pace they rotated while Zero smirked once again, giving new hope to those around him.

    “It’s not over yet.” He told them. “Not by a long shot.”

    The Super Emeralds glowed brighter still, the volume of their light growing with each passing second until it engulfed the entire surrounding area. Zero floated a few inches off of the ground, his airborne state preserved by the remaining power of the Super Emeralds. For a few seconds he remained as such, absorbing the energy of the emeralds with his eyes tightly shut and his arms hanging limply to either side of him. Suddenly, all tension was thrown to the wind as his fur changed from black to a sleek silver pallet in an outburst of simply blinding light. The light died down, revealing an aurora of golden energy which was still surrounding him, showcasing the immense power he then possessed. Truly he was a sight to behold. At last he his eyes shot open, making clear the fact that they were no longer crimson, but a beautiful shade of emerald. This was Hyper Zero…

    “Gallack! Emily!” He looked skyward, into the dark red clouds of the Black Comet. “This ends here…for the people of earth, and for those who have been made to suffer at the hands of hat b*stard…”

    Ooc 2: To Shadows Follower and E-102 Gamma; this next fight (last fight of the freakin' RPG! W00T!) was originally to be a two-on-one battle between
    Hyper Zero/Hyper Emily and Hyper Devil Doom
    . However, you're more than welcome to join in, Shadows Follower. In fact I'm sort of hoping you do; it'll make things much more interesting. Anyway, should you choose to join the fight, your next post should consist of Gallack's/Emily's transormation into his/her Hyper Form (not Super...we're using the Super Emeralds, remember). I'll take it from there...that is to say I'll post the very beginning of the battle. Though I must ask that Maria, Obsidian, etc. remain on the Black Comet.

    To Anyone Else Still Participating: Erm...this is the part where you guys have to end your own plots. No need to rush yourselves or anything, but if it's alright with you I'd like for your own battles to end BEFORE mine. Don't worry though, I anticipate this being a very lengthy fight. I just want to make sure all sub-plots are wrapped up before the final climactic battle ends is all, surely you understand.

    To Everyone: Well guys...this is it. We're almost at the end of the RPG. I TOLD YOU it could be done, SPPf! Just one more battle, guys...bear with me here.
  7. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    ((Scar, I will let Maria stay on the Black Comet, however, there is one more thing I have to deal with, if you wish for me to edit my post, then go ahead, tell me.))

    Black Comet

    Purge felt a twinge of hatred going through his spine, there was trouble afoot, something was about to happen, and Emily would finally meet her demise.

    "I've got to go and help Emily!" He cried, Delta looked up, so did Ice Pheonix, they nodded. An evil laughed roard through the comet. The King Emerald appeared out of nowhere.

    "It's the King Emerald!" Purge glared at the gigantic emerald, he hissed.

    "So, think you could get away with helping Emily, eh? Well then, what about THIS PROBLEM?" An electric flash burned at Purges eyes, he tried to move his body, but it would not move.

    "W-w-what?!?" He asked, Delta and Ice Pheonix were also paralyzed, the King Emerald laughed.

    "I've paralyzed you, don't you know? I've got an element, it's electicity, you have ten minutes to live!" He laughed again, and a hologram appeared of Metal Sonic frozen in time.

    "I've already paralyzed Metal Sonic..." Then an image appeared of Zadok, Rauell and Lola.

    "And those meddelsome Black Hawks..." He murmured.

    "Maria's next..." The emerald floated away, leaving Purge and his comrades to their death.

    Black Comet

    Emily suddenly realised what the prophecy meant.

    .. and a hero shall come forth to stop the beast that shall someday rise from the dead to destroy our planets... The words echoes in her mind, Maria looked at her, and then Emily blinked, she could see Professor Gerald appearing beside her.

    "Indeed, why do I have your support?" She asked both of them, Maria stepped forward first.

    "When I was shot by a GUN agent fifty years ago, I saw images of the future, images of you, that is why I stand by you, because I know you can save my kind..." Then Gerald stepped forward.

    "I too had the same visions as I died in prison, even though Black Doom meant you for evil, you rebel against him in justice and honor, we have your support!" Emily opened her mouth to speak, before two more spirits came forth, one had brown hair and brown eyes, supposedly female. She wore glasses that were overly large, and white clothes that swayed in a false breeze. The other one, had small, lean glasses and bright blue eyes. This spirit was male, and had messy black hair that stood out on ends. Emily stuttered.

    "M-m-mom? D-d-dad?" They both nodded. Emily's mother stepped forth.

    "Yes, we've come to give you our support as well, when you tried to save Space Colony ARK, I was so proud of you, now, I hope you can build up that courage from that time!" Tears began to flow from Emily's eyes, her father stepped forward.

    "I was enraged with what Eggman did to you, but you forgave him, and that too makes us proud, you longed to be human, but your bond of being a hedgehog made you strong, keep this in mind..." Emily nodded, her parents faded away, then Emily stepped forward to Gerald and said.

    "Gerald, I remember reading some of your journal, and it touched me, I'll remember what you've said to me for the rest of my life, I can hear what you said, Gerald Robotnik, I'll bring hope to humanity!" Gerald nodded, and faded away, Maria looked stunned by Emily's words.

    "Now, it's time for me and Zero to finish this, once and for all!" She came to the Super Emeralds and began to focus. She was lifted up by the power of the Super Emeralds, and they engulfed her in silver flames. Her fur turned a shining white colour, she opened her eyes, they were now a deep purple, and her shoes had changed from white, to black. Emily looked down at her gloves, the ends had become transparent, to reveal human fingers.

    "Eggman didn't change all of me..." She hovered over to Hyper Zero.

    "Are you ready to end this Zero?"
  8. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Ooc: Sorry, Shadows Follower, but you missed the deadline. You’re still welcome to join the battle later on if you want, though.


    Hyper Zero
    Black Comet

    Zero looked toward the sky solemnly, gazing toward the approaching planet earth with furious eyes. Blood red clouds were slowly ensnaring the entire comet, gradually disrupting his view of the oncoming planet. Regardless, he knew what his next move had to be. The vague silhouette of what Zero recognized to be Devil Doom was still visible to his sharp eyes, looming over the comet to serve as its guardian. To destroy the comet, and ensure the safety of the planet, Zero and Emily would have to get through him. He couldn’t make out the finer details of the titan that would soon be his opponent, but he had a very vague image of Devil Doom’s standard form in his head, drawing from his memory of when Super Shadow had squared off against him. His capabilities, though…that’s what had slipped Zero’s mind over time. Regardless, his Hyper Form’s power would surely be amplified past that of the original Devil Doom, so the joint efforts of Hyper Zero and Hyper Emily may very well have been required.

    It didn’t matter. He could have been omnipotent for all Zero cared at that point. The hedgehog was prepared to erradicate his nemesis no matter what. Yet time was wearing thin. Each passing second brought the earth’s own obliteration that much closer. The clouds above thickened around Hyper Devil Doom, making it that much harder to tell what exactly he looked like. With no intention of waiting any longer, Zero tightened the muscles in his arms and legs, liberally distributing his nigh on infinite quantities of power throughout his body. The aura of Chaos Energy around him was further ignited, growing in size as he sacrificed five seconds’ time to prepare himself for the battle at hand. He blinked once, and when he reopened his emerald green eyes, they too were glowing with the essence of the Super Emeralds themselves.

    “Emily! Let’s finish this!” Zero growled solemnly. “Gallack…I suggest you find Sonic and get the hell outta here. Come thirty minutes this comet isn’t gonna be around anymore.”

    With that, Zero expelled a portion of his vast energy, taking to the skies to do battle alongside his ally. At supersonic speeds he rose through the thin atmosphere of the Black Comet, bursting through the red clouds above. The instant he hit the clouds, a huge portion of them vaporized from his emanating power alone. His glare becoming more piercing by the second, he swiftly came into view of Hyper Devil Doom. This allowed him to see the titanic beast for what it really was. The monstrosity stood at perhaps seventy feet in stature, with demonic wings spouting from either side of his massive head. His skin was a black and red pallet like that of all Black Arms, though his gave him a much more threatening appearance. His torso was rather thin, while his thorax area was shaped like an immense meteor of sorts. Two clawed arms could be found just underneath the wings, already stretching themselves out in preparation for the oncoming duel.

    Zero?! Hyper Devil Doom’s voice spoke to him telepathically. How is this possible?! I sapped all of the Super Emerald’s energies!

    “Wrong!” Zero shouted in response. “You stole their negative energy…our will to protect the people of earth allowed us to tap in to their real power!”

    Damn you…But it matters not. I’ve reached a stage beyond human, beyond Black Arms…you do not have a chance, even with your little friend back down on earth!

    “Wouldn’t be the first time you spoke total bullsh*t.” Zero smirked, obviously alluding to himself.

    Suddenly, Doom’s Eye flew over Devil Doom’s head, locking itself in place in the center of the hell spawn’s face. His two wings retracted to an extent, partially folding in on themselves so the eye was better protected. Zero found himself looking straight into the eye, his stare more intense than ever. A golden aurora much like the one around Hyper Zero was then ignited around Hyper Devil Doom, drastically increasing the amount of Chaos Energy he was giving off. Zero knew very well that this would be his most difficult battle to date, but had no intention of losing, for it was also the most vital. Courageously he stared his adversary in the face, clenching his fists in preparation for a Chaos Beam at a moment’s notice.

    “It’s over, Doom!” Zero cried.
  9. The Burnt Shadow

    The Burnt Shadow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    Shugo the Cobra

    As I came closer, I saw that the battle was coming to an end soon. I looked at Jet and saw that he was terribly weak. I should bring him somwhere a bit safer. I decided to head back to the planet, even though I was near the Black Comet. Jet started to slowly awaken from the fight. I was expecting him to curse me or something, but he looked at me with a surprised expression. "Shugo, where am I?" Jet asked.

    "You don't remember?" I asked as I continued to dive back to the planet. "We're in space, we just went through a fight. You said so many strange things back there, but I didn't expect that much though."

    "Insane words?" Jet thought. "Shugo, you've got to kill me." I looked at Jet with a confused look. "You don't understand, that wasn't me back there. My mind and conscience was absent for some time. I had no idea what I was doing. It possesed me."

    "It, who's..." I thought for a moment and suddenly let go of Jet. "You mean the Darkness Within?!" Jet gave a nod. I wasn't able to believe what I was hearing. I thought that freak finished messing with me and Dark. Dark especially had to go through a great deal of conflicts because of that freak. "How could he still be alive?!"

    "Have you ever wondered why I reverted to such an insane tool?" Jet asked. "I started chasing you as soon as the Darkness Within possessed me. It's weakened for now, but if you kill me now, it will have no host to live in."

    "I can't do that," I replied as I moved away.

    "You have to!" Jet yelled. "If you don't he'll keep coming back over and over again."

    "It's ironic really," I said. "We're actually having a conversation like this. We never actually liked each other and yet we're talking about stuff like this."

    "Shugo do it!" Jet yelled as he charged up to me.

    "What? No!" I yelled as Jet grabbed me. A mighty blast of electricity struck both of us as soon as we made contact. Jet gave a holler of pain as he let go. All of a sudden, Dark appeared out of nowhere and took Jet. "Dark what're you doing here? Can everybody breathe in space now!?"

    "This is only temporary," Dark replied as he held on to Jet. "I'm taking Jet back to the planet. We should get going soon. I sense several Black Arms approaching."

    With those few words, Dark instantly disappeared by the use of chaos control. I had no idea how he did it, but it was fortunate that he came to take Jet for me. I then turned around and saw several more Black Arms approaching. Where the heck did all of these guys come from. They were starting to get on my nerves. I then changed to saber lash mode, but nothing happened. I tried again, but nothing happened again. I suddenly felt something in my mind surge. "Hello Shugo, we meet again." a dark voice said.

    "What?! TDW!?" I asked. "But how?"

    "When you and Jet made contact, I needed to transfer to a body with more strenght and a lot more life," TDW chuckled. "Guess what, I'm a part of you now!"

    "What, you can't!" I yelled as I held my head.

    "I'll start by making a few adjustments and getting rid of those Black Arms you hate so much," TDW hissed as he roamed around my body. I felt my entire body molding to anew. My systems detected a virus flow through my entire body. I held my head as I felt such pain. I then turned to the Black Arms that attacked me. I gave a roar of immense anger and charged directly at them. One by one, the Black Arms that opposed were destroyed. This was the quickest display of brutal combat I'vwe ever done. I looked at my hands and began to wonder what was going on. My white cape slowly swirled around my body and my clothes changed from white to black. My armor molded into a sharper and more vicious version. My eyes turned into a bloody red color. All my original and basic weapons were deleted to make space for new weapon programs. Even my saber strike and saber cannon mode were gone. I then held my head in agony and pain.

    "Not again!" I yelled as I cried to the heavens. "I've already repented for my sins! Must I be forced back into the DARKNESS!!!"

    "You don't have a choice, Shugo," TDW laughed. His voice echoed throughout every corridor of my mind. I gave a scream of anger and sorrow as I plummeted back into the earth. I thought it was all over, but my suffering still had to continue. The rage and anger within me has now continued. This was my end... for now...

    OCC: This is probably Shugo's end plot for this RPG. Too bad for him. I wasn't planning to give him a happy ending for this RPG...
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2007
  10. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Hyper Emily
    VS Hyper Doom

    Emily followed Zero, she moved slowly at first.

    "Damn it! I've never been in another form before, this is really hard to master!" She followed him, but all of a sudden, her mind began to flash, Emily felt herself falling, and then she hovered briefly. Emily thought.

    I must not be stable enough to stay in Hyper form for long, I've gotta finish this before I loose control of my power! She soared over to Zero through the clouds and said.

    "Zero, I can't control my powers in hyper form for very long, we'll have to combine our Chaos Spear attacks to finish this doofus off!" She looked at her hands, they had begun glowing with blue Chaos Spear energy, she felt free and powerful, Hyper Doom scoffed.

    "What can the might of two scrawny little hedgehogs do? I see nothing but weaklings! Prepare to meet your fate Emily!" Emily snapped.

    "We'll just see about that you b*stard, BRING IT ON!!!!!"

    Black Comet

    Maria turned to Gerald, her granfather smiled.

    "It's time for me to depart Maria..." He began to turn away, Maria called.

    "Wait! What about me?!?" Gerald called.

    "Maria, I know how much you wish to be alive again, and I know that somewhere deep inside of you, there is a fighter, I cannot stay here for much longer, for I will not be able to watch over my daughter!" Maria froze.

    "M-m-mother? But she forced me to come to Space Colony ARK! I was up there for so long that I didn't remember what Earth was like!" Gerald faded, but he called.

    "Maria, I cannot say much more, but, if you find Emily alive... then tell her to take good care of you!" He disappeared, Maria pondered for a little bit, until she concluded.

    "Find Emily alive... yes... she will be alive when I find her..." She turned to the sky.

    "IF I find her..." A malicious laughter made Maria turn, for the King Emerald stood there. She glared at him in anger, her adversary spat.

    "Ahh... Maria Robotnik, we meet again from my last visit to Space Colony ARK!" Maria shouted.

    "You were there to get rid of Emily, if it weren't for me she would be dead!" The King Emerald laughed.

    "I know that, but now I'm here to get rid of you!" A jolt of electricity came from his body, Maria stood there in courage, the lightning bolt struck her quickly, endousing her in jagged flames of yellow, but Maria stood her ground firmly. The King Emerald growled.

    "Why aren't you paralyzed?!?" Maria spoke.

    "I'm already dead, don't you realise that?" She disappeared, the King Emerald turned, looking for her, Maria suddenly appeared behind him and went into his body. The giant emerald screeched in pain as Maria went through his frame. She looked around inside him, there was a huge jagged crystal stem in the middle of him, perhaps acting as a spine. Maria murmured.

    "Goodbye, you no good gemstone!" She pulled on the crystal, and suprisingly it gave way easily, the King Emerald screamed and cracked into two. He managed to call out.

    "THIS ISN'T OVER YOU STUPID B*TCH!!!!" And with that, he shattered. Maria stood where he used to be, small shattered crystals remained around her. Maria looked down to see a larger crystal, but it was a rose pink colour, she tried to pick it up and looked at it. She felt warm with satisfaction before murmuring.

    "I'm sorry I had to do that, but it was for your own good..."
  11. Project Alpha

    Project Alpha Recharged

    Bottom of the Bio Bomb

    After a long battle, Vexx and Gurral were both tired beyond belief. However, with a final burst of strength Vexx charged Gurral and sent him flying into the wall.

    There was a pause and suddenly Gurral spoke. "The battle is over. You are the strongest of the two of us. You may pass onto the final challenge". Vexx's gear returned to him and he walked over to Gurral. "Thank you for the match", he said. "You fought well". "As did you, my scaly friend", Gurral said.

    "Now go and be warned. The final fight is against a powerful force no one can handle". "The force of fear", said Vexx. "Not just the force of fear", Gurral warned, "but a horrifying power of pure darkness". "Thanks for the warning", Vexx said, as he turned and walked through the door.

    The Final Chamber

    Vexx walked into a huge circular, dimly lit room. Torches hung from the wall, giving off an eerie glow, and a cloaked figure stood inside next to the Bio Core and two containers, one white, the other black.

    "Greetings, Vexx", said the cloaked figure. "I forsaw your coming on the day you were born, and have watched carefully as you wandered the roads, of Evil, Good, and Neutrality. Now your final test lies with me, The Watcher".

    "What is it?", Vexx said. "I have heard about this test of fear, but new information makes me suspect it's something more. "You are correct on that assumption", said the Watcher. "Now it is time for your final test to begin".

    "Step forward to the containers", commanded the watcher. Vexx did and the door behind him dissapeared. He had no choice now but to complete the challenge. "Here is your test", the Watcher announced. Inside those containers are two essences. One of pure light, and the other of pure darkness. To destroy the Bio Core you wish to destroy, you only need one of these. However to destroy the core forever, you need both".

    Vexx was confused. This test didn't strike fear in him at all. "However there is a twist", said the Watcher. "If you fire Darkness at the Bio Core, the remaining Darkness will flow into you, making you pure darkness, and the light will destroy you. If on the other hand, you fire Light at the Bio Core, the essence of light will be absorbed into you and you will get destroyed by the darkness. There is a way to win, but you must find it. That is the fear in this test: The fear of failure, your own destruction, and in this case, Earth's Destruction. Now Choose your first essence".

    Vexx laughed at him. "That's your test? It doesn't seem that hard to me." "Do you really think that or are you just saying that?", the Watcher said in an enigmatic tone. Vexx paused. In actuality, this was going to be the hardest thing he had ever done. He started shaking. "That's what I thought", smirked the Watcher

    There has to be a way to win, Vexx thought. He thought of everything that was on the line. Himself. The world. And so much more. The has to be a way to win, he kept telling himself. There has to.

    Then it hit him. Of Course, thought Vexx. It was simplicity itself. He raised his head, so he was looking the Watcher straight in the eye. "I'm ready to do this", Vexx anounced. Quickly he grabbed both containers, and shattered them both at the same time.

    "What?!", the Watcher shouted. Obviously he hadn't expected this. Two waves of energy shot out at the Bio Core and hit it. The green object shaked for several seconds then stopped. Suddenly without any warning it split in two and exploded.

    "Yes!", Vexx shouted. His quest was over. He had destroyed the Bio Core and had made up for the sins of the past. He was so excited he didn't noticed the two waves of energy suddenly fly into him. "Whoa!", Vexx yelled, shocked at the force of which the energy had hit him.

    Vexx's body began glowing and Vexx felt himself getting lifted into the air, as the Watcher gazed up at him. "What's going on?!", Vexx shouted. "The two essences have entered your body and are battling for control", the Watcher replied. "Either one of them wins or they destroy you trying". "Not if I can help it!", Vexx declared.

    Suddenly there was a gush of wind. Vexx felt himself entering him fading out of reality and going into his mind. "What is this?!", Vexx shouted, as the Watcher and the chamber dissapeared in a flash of white.

    Vexx's subconcious

    Vexx drifted into his subconcious, where an amazing scene appeared before his eyes. Two Collosal humanoids, one a shining white, and the other, a pitch black were fighting for control of Vexx's body. "Surrender!", the essence of good yelled. "Evil will no longer prevail in this body. "You are mistaken", replied the essence of darkness. "I will prevail or this body shall be destroyed!" "Same Here!", shouted the good essence.

    "Your both mistakened!", Vexx shouted, catching the attention of the two essences. "Do you tihnk I'm going to let you two destroy me. If that's the case, then you're out of your mind. I have no intention of anyone destroying me, or anyone taking me over".

    "You have no choice", said the Dark Essence. "You were told the rules of this test. One of us must take over your body". "We'll see about that", Vexx said, concentrating. A giant sword, formed out of energy from Vexx's body formed. "You can't fight us and win", said the Light Essence. "No one has". "I guess I'll be the first", Vexx said, with a grin.

    Vexx flew at the essences and struck them both with his newly formed sword. They both collapsed, part from the force of the sword, part from their own shcok. However they quickly got back up and began shooting energy spheres at each other, and Vexx.

    Vexx dodge the spheres and flew inbetween them, determined, not to let anything happen to his chances of living. Eventually the Light Essence and the Dark Essence stopped. Vexx thought this meant he had won, but when he looked closer, he noticed their hands were charging something. Energy blasts so powerful he wouldn't stand a chance. Not if I can help it, Vexx thought. Quickly he began charging one too.

    The charging lasted for what seemed like hours. Soon they all had in their hands, something that could destroy Vexx. "This ends here", the two essences shouted, tossing their spheres at each other. "Oh no it doesn't", Vexx said, triumphantly. He tossed his own sphere inbetween the two colliding spheres.

    all three of the spheres hit each other at the same time and exploded. Vexx gasped as the energy from the explosion consumed him and his world went dark.

    The Final Chamber

    The watcher felt helpless, watching as a white light spread over Vexx's body, unsure of the fate that had befallen the chameleon. Vexx's body was impossible to see now, becoming a sphere of light. Then all of the light flew inward and dissapeared. Vexx was gone and a new entity had taken his place.

    It was a chameleon, mainly white, with Black spirals appearing over his shoulders, and a black stripe running down his back and new tail. Several red scales ran down his back and his tail. The figures eyes were green, and glowed withhope. The glove Vexx had once worn to hide the symbol of Eggman had vanished. His hands were unmarked, the symbol gone. The being looked at the watcher and smiled.

    "V-V-Vexx?!", the watcher asked, trembling. "Not Vexx", the being said. "No, not anymore. I am Vexxion, and I have completed my mission and your test".

    "Unbelievable", the watcher had said. He had seen many come into his chamber. Some of them were instantly destroyed. Others had gone back. A few had done what Vexx had done, but they never survived. Vexxion had succeeded.

    "So which essence won?", asked the Watcher, curious at this turn of events. "Neither", said Vexxion, who began to tell the Watcher a story.


    Vexx had been floating in space. He wasn't sure what had happened. Was he dead? Was he alive? Had he been teleported? Vexx didn't know. Then out of the blue, came a great angelic figure.

    "Vexx the Chameleon,, you have passed the test", said the figure. "Who are you, and what do you mean by test?", Vexx had said, nervous. "I am the divine force", said the figure. "I have watched you, through the watchers eyes. I have waited for you to come to this final test, to see what you would do, and you have passed.

    "No longer, will you wander down the paths of life, unaware of your allignment. You can never be too good, or you would not be able to deliver justice. You can never be too evil, or you could go back to your old ways. No, for no on, you are neutral, and have the best qualities of both forces within you.

    "You will return to the world, restored and with a new name, Vexxion. Do you understand?" "I do", said Vexx. "Then Vexxion, it is time for you to return to your world", said the figure. "Until we meet again, so long".

    Vexx found himself being hurled through space, changing with every second. He was Vexxion now, and he was ready to return.

    The Final Chamber

    When Vexxion concluded his story, the Watcher walked up to him. "Vexxion, by destroying the Bio Core, you have freed me, and the other guardians from a lifetime of servitude. You must remember to use your new skills for what is right for mankind. "I shall", Vexxion replied. "Then with that I am gone. Farewell, Vexxion, and good luck", said the watcher.

    All of a sudden Vexxion was floating in space. He looked ahead and saw Hyper Zero, and Hyper Emily fighting Hyper Devil Doom. He had completed his destiny for now. Now it was time to watch others complete theirs.

    OOC: So that concludes Vexx's storyline for this RPG at least. It's been a wild ride and I can't wait for the end.
  12. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Ooc: Well, with GUN out of comission, Eggman conquered, Gallack freed, Vexxion neutral, and Shugo...erm...yeah, that concludes all but one of this RPG's plots. So...here we go.

    Hyper Zero
    Versus Devil Doom

    "Emily, I don't think it'll be that easy." Zero stated solemnly. "I hardly think one attack is gonna finish this guy off, no matter how powerful it is. Just stand back and let me handle the hard stuff. Just attack from long-range with your Chaos Attacks until you can get used to your Hyper Form."

    Devil Doom decided to make the first move while Zero and Emily were discussing their plan of action. Focusing his own immense power supply on the cities of planet earth, he was somehow able to telekinetically rip huge chunks of debris from the metropolis of Central Station. The people below screamed in terror as a multitude of buildings were torn apart before their very eyes and sent hurling into the skies above. The debris shot into the swirling red clouds making up the battlefield, encircling the one who called them to the area. They swirled around Devil Doom with impressive speed, who was apparently willing them to move in a further display of his simply amazing telekinesis.

    Zero decided to test out his own new abilities, and go on the offensive from the get-go. At supersonic speeds, he made a mid-air dash for Devil Doom, leaving behind him a trail of after-images due to the untraceable velocity he was traveling at. Devil Doom threw several huge chunks of what used to be skyscrapers at him, each one roughly the size of a house in stature. Zero, however, was more than capable of slicing each one into pieces with his newfound strength. Before making contact with a chunk of debris, Zero would expel a portion of his energy from his body, thus further empowering the aurora surrounding him in something of a Homing Attack. Devil Doom hovered backwards slowly, continuing to hurl pieces of debris as the determined hedgehog, but to no avail.

    When Zero got within a dangerous range of Devil Doom, the Super Emerald-charged behemoth decided to fight with his own special attacks rather than the debris of Central Station. Doom's Eye flashed once, then roughly seven spheres of energy appeared around Devil Doom's head, three above him and two to either side. They then began rapidly firing burst-streams of black and white energy at the hedgehog at almost undetectable speed. He then switched over from supersonic speed to precise movement, maneuvering his way around the blasts of energy with stunning accuracy. Like a professional, he dipped and dived around the projectiles, slowly but surely approaching Hyper Devil Doom. Eventually, however, one caught him in its path, damaging him and causing him to get "juggled," in a sense, by the other lasers.

    "Hahaha! Seven spheres...one for each of the Seven Cardinal Sins. I believe you've suffered from each of them, Zero..." The alien taunted.

    "Damnit..." Zero scowled in pain, clenching his fists and focusing his Chaos Energy.

    Closing his eyes, he was somehow able to generate a barrier of pure energy around him which momentarily deflected the lasers. This gave him enough time to regain some momentum and fly in-between the lasers, getting closer still to Devil Doom. The monstrosity then drew in a deep breathe, heaving it out in a stream of searing hot fire. Zero, though caught off-guard, was able to perform a barrel roll to dodge the oncoming attack. While he flew to the right, he charged in his hand a new attack that he quickly identified as a Chaos Spear. Throwing his fist forward and aiming it palm-out, he launched an incredibly powerful sapphire-colored projectile toward Doom's Eye. It took the shape of a spear-head, traveling at amazing velocities and striking Doom's Eye directly. Devil Doom screamed in pain as Doom's Eye flew to the other side of him.

    "GRAA...Fine...perhaps you are stronger than I thought. But no matter..." He flashed blue for a moment. "Chaos CONTROL!"

    Devil Doom disappeared in a blur of light, leaving Zero to wonder where he would appear next. He then looked over at Emily, seeing that she was still getting used to her Hyper Form but was improving slowly. However, Devil Doom then reappeared directly in front of her, leaving her to throw Chaos Spears at Doom’s Eye rather awkwardly. His wings folded further inward, deflecting the attacks as Devil Doom generated seven spheres of energy yet again. Zero knew very well that Emily wouldn’t have been capable of maneuvering as well as he was by that point. She simply wasn’t used to reacting at such speeds, nor was she accustomed to containing such power. So, dashing forward at speeds in excess of Mach 3, Zero flew to her aid as best he could. Time seemed to slow down around him simply due to how fast he was going, but he still feared he wouldn’t make it in time.

    He gritted his teeth in frustration, literally slicing through the surrounding oxygen and leaving a vacuum in his wake. Just before the lasers made contact, Zero tackled Emily out of the way, then lowered his altitude by a few yards so that they missed him as well. As he lowered himself, he charged up another two Chaos Spears in the palms of both his left and right hand. The lasers continued firing at himself and Emily, except now they were split between the two of them so they both only had half as many to deal with. Zero easily maneuvered his way around them this time, diving in-between two of them and hurling his first Chaos Spear. This one, however, Devil Doom deflected with his wing.

    “Submit to my will, Zero!” Devil Doom cried out, then focused on raising more debris.

    This time, the monster tore apart what remained of Westopolis after the constant siege carried out by his Black Arms forces just days earlier. Again, buildings were torn apart by Devil Doom’s will alone. Their remnants were hurled skyward, much to the utter shock of the city’s already-terrified citizens. They flew toward the battlefield, and once more encircled Devil Doom. He looked toward Emily, and sent one of the chunks of what was once Westopolis flying toward her. Zero scowled, knowing that it would still take her a few minutes before she would be able to move and react at the speeds he was traveling at. However, he did know there was another way she could emerge unharmed. Swerving around another couple chunks of debris which had been thrown in his direction, he called out to her.

    “Emily! Focus your energy! It’s just like a Homing Attack, except you don’t have to jump!” He yelled.

    He had no time to verify whether or not she succeeded in unleashing this capability, because the second he finished speaking Devil Doom breathed a heavy blast of fire in his direction. Simultaneously, he attempted to crush him with two nigh identical chunks of debris which hung to either side of him. The two pieces of once-mighty skyscrapers began closing the gap between one another, which Zero just happened to be in the middle of. So he had three different threats to worry about, and less than one second to think a way out of them. With speed far surpassing that of his normal form, he flew directly into the oncoming burst stream. Just before it hit, he released his second Chaos Spear directly into the eye of it. The two forces collided, and neutralized one another before either one could do any harm.

    Zero moved himself slightly to the side, only to see that Hyper Devil Doom had expanded his wings to their maximum span, apparently readying himself to take flight. As the hedgehog expected, the monster began to hastily gain altitude, allowing for the debris that once ensnared him to fall through the empty vacuum of space. Zero looked up at him, remaining stationary for a moment as he awaited his opponent’s next move carefully. Devil Doom then generated a multitude of glowing meteorites, apparently charged with Chaos Energy. Pointing toward Zero and Emily with his clawed hand, he sent them flying downward one-after-another. Each time one was thrown it was shortly thereafter replaced with yet another. Before preparing for a counterstrike, Zero glanced back at Emily to make sure she looked capable of surviving the onslaught. Luckily, the hedgehog appeared confident enough in her own abilities to evade the meteorites.

    And so, the male hedgehog flew upward directly into the eye of the storm, so to speak. He dashed toward Devil Doom, avoiding the meteorites with incredible precision. Zero drew closer by the second, occasionally looking back at Emily to see how she was doing. She, too, was gaining altitude for a frontal assault, but was doing so much slower than Zero was. Never the less, her control seemed to be improving. That, however, was irrelevant. Zero soon reached eye level with Devil Doom, at which point the artificial meteor shower came to a stop and he once again fell victim to a stream of fire breathed from Devil Doom’s mouth. This one managed to hit its mark, unlike Doom’s previous attempts at striking him down with this attack. However, by crossing his arms to shield his face, he was able to protect his most sensitive areas from the heat. The attack did succeed in dealing damage to the hedgehog, but he was far from finished. The instant the onslaught stopped, Zero caught Devil Doom off-guard with a swift Chaos Spear.

    “Damn you, Zero!” Devil Doom shouted as Doom’s Eye floated to the other side of the beast. “I seemed to have underestimated you…ah, but your friend…she appears to be the weak link in this chain of defiance.”

    “Damnit!” Zero growled in response, knowing the Devil Doom’s next move would clearly be against Hyper Emily, who still wasn’t quite ready to face him one-on-one.

    Ooc: Sorry for the Bunnying, E-102 Gamma. But…well…it didn’t seem logical for Emily to be doing NOTHING while Zero did all the fighting, so I just had her do as little as possible with the excuse of “She didn’t master her Hyper Form yet.” One more thing, I don't want for this battle to end for at least another four posts or so, considering it IS the RPG's finale and all.

    ...We're so close I can almost smell the Epilogue. Victory is assured!
  13. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    ((Scar: Don't worry, Emily will control her hyper form for as long as the battle is on!

    btw: YES! I've been thinking about the finale for Emily and Maria, it may come as a suprise how it ends, however...))

    Hyper Emily

    Hyper Emily was struggiling in her form, a building was about to colide with her as well, she allowed herself to become limp for a second, and then she dashed off and out of the way of the building. Emily grinned.

    "So, this is what it feels like to have a hyper form..." She tried to evade another onslaught, this time with meteorites. She evaded each one quickly, trying to keep up with Hyper Doom, one meteorite caught her off guard and only just managed to hit her shoulder, she yelped in shock and rushed away to where Hyper Zero was standing.

    “I seemed to have underestimated you…ah, but your friend…she appears to be the weak link in this chain of defiance.” Emily heard Hyper Doom finish. She got spiky and scowled.

    "Hyper Doom, I've had enough of your words, you wish to eliminate me? THEN TRY ME!!!!" Pure blue chaos energy flowed in Hyper Emily's hands, she challenged.

    "You nearly killed Gamma, you paralysed my friends, you insulted Maria and her family, now it's my turn to bite back!" She felt empowered, Emily could feel nothing but power, pure strength, and now it was the time to put it to the test.
  14. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Hyper Zero
    Versus Devil Doom

    Zero decided to rush Hyper Devil Doom while he was busy with Hyper Emiley, trying to attack Doom's Eye from the left before he could get a chance to retaliate. Accelerating to Mach One in less than two seconds' time, Zero flew around the side of Devil Doom's massive body. A fully charged Chaos Spear was held firmly in his left hand as he orbited his demonic foe. His wings were already slightly retracted in preparation for such an attempt on Zero's part, but he still had a small window of opportunity to hit Doom's Eye. He arrived at his destination, and rather than stop in from of his potential target he simply kept moving after hurling his Chaos Spear.

    Unfortunately, Devil Doom was quicker than he appeared. With an impressive reaction time, he moved his right wing in to deflect the blow, though he appeared to take some pain from the hit. Taking advantage of the weaknesses of Devil Doom's shields, Zero continually hurled a stream of Chaos Spears at him despite knowing that his wings would take the hits. He focused on one wing, indiscreetly motioning for Hyper Emiley to wait for his signal and then fire one of her own Chaos Spears. Devil Doom managed to get out a breathe of fire aimed toward Hyper Zero, but it was swiftly evaded and forgotten by the hedgehog as he continued his onslaught.

    Within a few more seconds the wing succumbed to the rapid barrage of minimal-charge Chaos Spears. This is when Zero signaled to Hyper Emiley, telling her to strike Doom’s Eye while it was vulnerable so that Zero could carry out his plan that he neglected to fill her in on. Trusting in her better judgment and ability to hit her mark, Zero flew around the side of Hyper Devil Doom, evading the lasers the enraged extra terrestrial shot at him with a reaction time surpassing anything he’d ever displayed before. In less than one second flat, he’d reached his destination on the opposite side of the monster. Once he did so, he began charging up a Chaos Spear in both hands. As expected, Devil Doom took defensive action, and used his immense telekinetic powers to call upon chunks of rocks from the until-recently preserved Mystic Ruins. Just like the last two times, the rocks swirled around him, and Zero prayed Emiley would be able to sufficiently evade the attacks.

    The monstrosity hurled a few of the rocks toward Hyper Zero, but seemed to be focusing his assault mainly on Emiley. What few boulders he hurled at Zero, the hedgehog was easily able to avoid as he waited for Emiley to fire off her own attack. Just as he’d hoped, he heard the sound of a Chaos Spear piercing Devil Doom’s defenses from the other side of the beast. Instinctively looking for a way to avoid the pain of another Chaos Spear, Doom’s Eye released itself from Devil Doom and flew over its head. This is when Zero moved in for the kill. Throwing both of his arms forward, he released a duo of fully charged Chaos Spears at the demonic eye. Both attacks hit their mark, causing Doom’s Eye to twitch several times before falling back into place in its original position. Zero gave chase, flying over Devil Doom to the other side of him, all the while hurling Chaos Spears at its seemingly armored body as he chased down its only true weak point.

    “Heh heh heh…Fools. You don’t realize how little time you have left.” Devil Doom laughed. “The earth draws near, Zero. Even if you two mortals were capable of overpowering me, time grows short. I must admit you’re faring better than I had thought, but don’t you see it’s all pointless?”

    “Damnit…” Zero glanced back at the earth, which was in fact getting closer by the second. “He’s right, Emiley. The way I see it, atmospheric entry is probably in about five more minutes. We’re gonna have to end this now, before it’s too late.”

    Ooc: Whoa...short post. o_O'' Sorry about that, but co-op battles are pretty hard in RPG's...what with the constant fear of Bunnying and all. 'Course there's also the fear of having the other person's character doing NOTHING for fifteen minutes when the world is in peril...Thusly, I made the post shorter. So...yeah.
  15. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    ((Okay Zero, I'm gonna bring Emily's ending just after you post after me, so Emily is gonna wrap up her part. If you wish for me to edit it, then just say so.))

    Hyper Emily
    VS. Hyper Doom

    Hyper Emily nodded at Zero, she called.

    "I have an idea Zero, I'll charge up a Chaos Spear attack, and then I'll fire it at you, you can catch it and juice it up a little more, I haven't got much time left in my form so I'll charge up as soon as possible!" Not waiting for Zero's answer, Emily's hands began to charge up with chaos energy, she began to feel woozy as she did this. Her transparent gloves glowed brightly while Hyper Doom scoffed.

    "Bah... like as if a mediocre Chaos Spear attack is going to kill me!"

    ((Music: Resurection-by: PPK))

    Emily recalled her past, her parents death, her transformation, her friendship with Gamma, falling in love with Shadow, her meeting Maria, and finnaly, her kissing Metal Sonic. That did it, she became so powerful that the chaos energy became big. Emily called to Zero.

    "Zero, catch, I don't have much time!" She threw the Chaos Spear at Zero, praying that he would catch it.
  16. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Hyper Zero
    Versus Devil Doom

    Zero watched as the Chaos Spear drew closer to him, his perception of time slowing down as he realized that Emiley’s own energy signature was weakening. In other words, she would be unable to maintain her Hyper Form for much longer, which meant certain death in the reaches of deep space. In her normal form, unaided by the power of the Super Emeralds, she would either suffer death from atmospheric entry or be hurled back into the airless vacuum that is outer space. He should have seen it coming from the beginning of the battle against Hyper Devil Doom…She could hardly control the power of her Hyper Form; of course she wouldn’t be able to hold it for forty-five minutes. Even Zero himself was beginning to grow a bit weary from the intense power flowing through his veins. Potentially, he could have warned her of the impending danger. He could’ve stopped it from happening had he not been so focused on overpowering Devil Doom, which bestowed upon him a new emotion…

    Guilt. The guilt of failing to protect someone else, someone who would gladly have protected him given the correct circumstances. If he’d ever felt such an emotion before, it was so scarce that his mind simply overlooked it without truly registering its occurrence. This feeling of guilt made him realize something else…he truly cared for her life. This particular revelation lead to another, one which he hadn’t thought about but was there with him since he grabbed the Super Emeralds from Black Doom. Not only did he care for Emiley’s life, but he cared about the fate of planet earth. He wasn’t up there fighting because Dr. Gerald told him to…quite the contrary, even if he was told that he was, in fact, created to fight for Black Doom, he probably would have chosen the same path for him to take.

    And at that very moment, the moment he realized that he was a true hero just as so many others had told him, he found himself able to tap into a vast reservoir of Chaos Energy that he’d never before thought himself capable of utilizing. Righteous fury for what he‘d allowed to happen to Emiley, such a dramatic realization, and his joy at finally confirming his destiny in life; all of these brought about the latent other half of his Hyper Form’s capabilities. He became empowered beyond his own expectations for himself, charged by the positive spectrum of the Super Emeralds. Which was good, as Emiley’s Chaos Spear had finally found its way toward him at last. What seemed like an hour of critical thinking had, in fact, been no more than one second.

    Zero’s hands glowed crystal blue as he began to charge his own Chaos Spear. Aiming carefully, Zero caught Emiley’s Chaos Spear in his left hand, its power combining with his own. He could tell that he had enough strength to defeat Hyper Devil Doom…he just needed a clear shot at Doom’s Eye. Yet, before he traveled what could be the last length of his journey, he had to at least try to warn Emiley. Perhaps she had just enough time to make it back to the Black Comet, where she’d be able to live in her basic form. Clearly she felt a bit dizzy, but there was a slight chance she wasn’t aware of her low levels of energy. A warning might’ve been all it would take. So as Zero turned to face Devil Doom, he yelled out to her.

    “Emiley! I want you to leave the battlefield now! Your energy levels are dangerously low!” He shouted. “Return to the Black Comet! I can take this b*stard by myself!”

    What followed was an epic struggle between two archenemies. Devil Doom sensed Zero’s immense power level, seeing that it was enough to strike him down with one more attack. As such, he decided to let loose a ferocious onslaught against him as something of a last ditch effort to keep him away from Doom’s Eye. He began by raising huge quantities of debris from both Westopolis and Central Station, no longer making any effort to conserve his power. The chunks of what used to be mighty skyscrapers flew up and circled Devil Doom at rapid speeds, providing a nigh on impenetrable shield to hide behind. Hyper Zero saw this merely as a challenge.

    Clenching his fists tightly, Zero stared down Devil Doom for a moment before dashing forward at speeds untraceable by the human eye. Reacting equally fast, Devil Doom began hurling chunk after chunk of debris at the hedgehog, the Black Comet drawing closer to the planet earth by the second. Traveling at higher velocities than he ever had before, Zero performed simply awe-inspiring stunts, either evading or bursting through each building sent toward him. However, that wasn’t all Devil Doom had in store for the courageous hedgehog. He slowly began backing up to keep his distance from the hedgehog and his Chaos Spear, still hurling the debris at him ferociously. It wasn’t long, though, before he generated at least a half-dozen holes in the very fabric of space and time. From those holes were shot a constant stream of crimson lasers, each of which were aimed directly at Zero. Still, he persevered; for the sake of all that lived on planet earth he continued evading all that Devil Doom sent his way.

    Though he was hit a few times, he merely scoffed at Devil Doom’s attempts to keep him away. Speeding up to even greater velocities, Zero rolled and dove in-between the many projectiles being consistently fired at him, paying no mind to the fact that any one of those projectiles could spell his doom. He felt as if he were beyond death, made immortal by his ambitions to save the human race. Nothing could touch him, nothing could stop him. He kept that in mind as he got closer to Devil Doom, his fists both crackling with obscene amounts of Chaos Energy. Doom’s Eye was in sight, it wouldn’t be long now. The extra terrestrial, for the first time, looked concerned at the immense amounts of power surging through Zero. Evading the last of the debris, Zero got within range at last. He pressed his two hands together, taking aim carefully.

    “It’s over, Doom…” Zero said firmly. “Chaos…SPEAR!”

    In a spectacular display of the combined powers of Zero and Emiley, the hedgehog’s Chaos Spear was shot from his hands in the form of an amazing sapphire spear-head of sorts, so bright that it was visible even from the earth below. It shot through space, tearing open a hole in its very fabric as it flew toward Devil Doom. All that was around the Chaos Spear was lit up in a spectacular light show, making even the dreary Black Comet look marvelous for a brief moment. Doom’s Eye widened in utter terror at the very sight of it, looking around desperately for a way out but to no avail. The Chaos Spear made contact, and as expected Devil Doom was totally eradicated by its unrivaled force. In an explosion that nearly engulfed the Black Comet, the alien was finally annihilated. Zero watched as his nemesis was wiped from existence, overjoyed but not showing it quite yet.

    “N-no…” Devil Doom cried out in agony. “I…I am invincible! I am a god! Beyond death! Beyond life! I own all that exists…how could…how could a m-mortal defeat me?!”

    “The heart is a powerful weapon, Doom…” Zero scowled, watching his body waste away. “With it, mere mortals like myself can topple the gods. It took me a while to figure that out, but I finally know the truth. I understand, Doom, that beings such as yourself can never prevail, because there’s always gonna be a hero like me to rise up and slaughter you.”

    “No…No I will return…Over and over I’ll return, until I finally succeed…” Devil Doom growled with his dying breathe.

    “Give it your best shot…You know how much I love a challenge.” Zero said solemnly. “Now it’s time to finish this…Chaos CONTROL!”

    With that, Zero utilized his pinpoint accuracy combined with his enhanced control over his Chaos Energies to teleport both Gallack and Sonic to the Space Colony ARK where they would be safe from his next course of action. Zero then gathered together all remaining Chaos Energy stored within his body, saving just enough for one last Chaos Control. Holding his hands out, he fired a Chaos Spear towards the center of the Black Comet. Making full use of his sharp mind, Zero struck the comet at precisely the right angle so that his Chaos Spear was able to not only change the direction in which it traveled, but shatter it into pieces no larger than your average meteorite. Completely drained of his energy save for one little bit of power, Zero Chaos Controlled himself onto the ARK as well.

    Seeing this event take place, the people of earth rejoiced. While it took some longer than others to see the Black Comet’s disappearance from the earth’s atmosphere, they were never the less thrilled to see that their lives could continue on another day. Cheers erupted from every country, what remained of GUN found themselves laughing and shouting along with the rest of the planet. Truly it was a glorious moment all across the planet. For one brief moment all were united under one common fact; they were alive, and would remain that way for at least another magnificent twenty four hours. The sun was going to rise once more, all thanks to the efforts of a brave group of heroes, each motivated by something different. GUN, Eggman, and the Black Arms had been thwarted because of their endeavors, and the combined power of a gambler, a wandering chameleon, a tough-as-nails female experiment, a still-enslaved cobra, and a maverick hedgehog…

    In a flash of white light, Zero the Hedgehog reappeared on the Space Colony ARK. He stood before his comrades-in-arms, Gallack and Sonic. It wasn’t yet known if Emiley had survived, but he hoped beyond all hope that she did. He walked up to Gallack, looking him square in the eye.

    “Hey, Gallack, guess what…?” He dropped to his knees out of shear exhaustion. “…We did it.” For the first time, his voice had a warmhearted sound to it, and he smiled out of kindness rather than malice. “If you see Phantom again, tell him I said…thanks.”

    And with that, Zero the Hedgehog fell into a deep sleep on the floor of the ARK, at last able to rest easily with the knowledge that he was a hero, and would remain one until he reached his final destination.

    Ooc: Well, guys, we did it…The finale felt a bit rushed, but what’re you gonna do? Anyway, if you so desire, you can give your character one last “Epilogue” post to wrap things up. You know, give them a bit of closure. So post your epilogues, and if all of you don’t post one in the next…oh, say, two weeks, I’ll post one for Zero and that’ll be that. It’s only gotta be a short two-paragraph post or so, just to wrap up anything we neglected. If you’re not going to post an Epilogue (for example...Shugo and Vexx seem to be wrapped up pretty well), PM me so we can get this RPG finished ASAP. One thing to remember; it can be set as far into the future as you want. It does NOT have to take place immediately after your last post, but it most certainly can if you want.

    Oh, and Shadows Follower, sorry about suddenly teleporting you. I really didn’t want to wait to post this, seeing as how it is finishing the RPG (can’t say that enough). I hope you can forgive me for the slight Bunnying, given the circumstances.

    Heh…I dunno what to say. We finished an RPG. Us, a couple of SPPf Members of all people! E-102 Gamma, Shadows Follower, Project Alpha, The Burnt Shadow…you guys are the best. I can’t thank you enough for making this possible. This RPG wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if you weren’t so loyal. I wish you all best of luck in whatever you do next here on the forums, just be sure to remember me when you make your own RPG and I just so happen to wander in. ^_~
  17. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    ((Aww... *Hugs Scar* you're the best too, well, time for me to end this for Emily and Maria...))

    In Space

    Emily felt the energy draining out of her body, she closed her eyes and fell into the area they called space, she didn't know how long she'd stay alive, however. A sudden flash made Emily open her eyes slowly, Maria was there too, she gasped.

    "Emily, what happened to you?!?" Emily coughed, unable to speak. She looked towards the planet they were heading to. It wasn't Earth, as Emily had expected, it was the planet Mobius. Maria clung onto her tightly, while a soft thought came to Emily's mind. For she still had two wishes left... perhaps...

    "Chaos... Controll!" She whispered, they both disappeared, a few seconds later, Emily found herself falling through Mobius's atmosphere, and a large lake was below them. Emily managed to call out.

    "I wish that Maria was alive again, and that she was immortal!" She closed her eyes, and waited for impact.


    It was a lovley day, and Ecco the dolphin was taking a stroll by Lake Alina, he had piercing orange eyes that glowled brightly, he had aquamarine blubbery skin and a red t-shirt was the only thing he wore. He had a long black nose and the dorsal fin was curved back to make him look remarkable like Sonic.


    "What was that?!?" Ecco turned to see that something had fallen into the lake, he rused over to see what was going on.

    Emily watched as Maria tried to pull her up out of the lake, but she lost her grip on Emily and floated upwards, Emily smiled and shut her eyes tight, she soon felt herself being pulled upwards, she looked to see that a strange Sonic-like creature was saving her. As they came to the top, Emily saw the body of Maria, she was no longer transparent, and she looked stunned. Emily smiled.

    "Do you like your thank-you present?" Maria gasped.

    "I'm... alive?" The dolphin spoke up.

    "You had a nasty fall there, how did you get here anyways, oh, pardon me for not introducing myself, I'm Ecco the Dolphin, and you are?" Emily bowed.

    "Emily the Hedgehog!" Maria nodded.

    "I'm Maria Robotnik!" Ecco smiled.

    "Well, if you don't have a place to live, then I can offer you a spot in my home!" Emily nodded.

    "Yes, that would be nice!" The three began talking to each other, but one thought still remained in Emily's head. Were the others safe?

    Metal Sonic

    Metal Sonic grieved for the loss of Emily, oily tears went down his face, Rauell had succesfully teleported them down to Earth when the paralysis had somehow stopped. He looked at the photo of Emily sadly and murmured.

    "Sayonnara, Emily the hedgehog..." And walked away.
  18. Project Alpha

    Project Alpha Recharged

    OOC: Thanks, Scar. I'm going to finish up Vexx's story here, and tie down the loose ends I want to tie down.


    Far away Vexxion watched as Zero defeated Devil Doom and vanished. Soon after Emily dissapeared too, leaving Vexx the only one left in space. "So the war is over", Vexxion said, grinning. After all this time it was "Congratulations, Zero the hedgehog.

    After this Vexxion headed over to the black comet to look for Scourge, but he found nothing. "Well, I can assume Scourge escaped okay", Vexxion said, after this using Chaos Control to return to earth.

    So Vexxion returned to earth, now knowing that he wasn't pure good or pure evil, but could be both when he wanted. He had found a delicate balance. Though his actions of destroying the Bio Bomb weren't known to the citizens of earth, they didn't need to know, for he had already gotten their trust and respect by clobbering Eggman a few days ago, and hiding the Death Egg.

    Vexxion spent his time guarding whatever city he happened to be in, from whatever threat that happened to be there. Sometimes he had this eerie feeling that someone or something was watching him, but he shook it off.

    Three months after the battle, Vexxion returned to the Death Egg. There he dismantled it, and built it into a new vehicle for easy transport. "I'll call you the Vexx-Mach V", he said, with pride. Carefully he climbed into his new transport ship, turned it on, and rocketed towards the sky. It was time to defend the earth.

    OOC: And that's the end of Vexx's story for now. Thanks everyone for letting his story be completed by keeping the RPG alive, and thank you Scar for letting me into this RPG in the first place.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2007
  19. The Burnt Shadow

    The Burnt Shadow (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

    OCC: Shugo's epilogue for this RPG. I bring so much suffering to my character...

    Shugo the Cobra

    So it has finally come to past, Black Doom was finally obliterated and the world was safe from Eggman and Black Doom once more. I quietly looked down at the fields and saw fields and saw Cream, Knuckles, Blaze, Dark and Jet. Jet was a bit wounded, but he was doing quite well. Cream was playing around with Cheese and Knuckles. As for Dark and Blaze, they sat together talking while looking after Jet. I heard that Zero was the hero of this planet. I would want to congratulate him personally, but I could not. Even though the planet's threats are defeated, I cannot help but think that there is another threat of the planet. I am that threat, Shugo the Cobra, the cheater of death and immortality's second figure. I have survived many disasters and haven't tasted the beauty of death. I thought I was finally going to stop my pursuit of destruction, but it seems that I have much more to go through.

    "So much agst within you, Shugo the Cobra," TDW hissed in my mind.

    "As long as monsters like you exist, I will always have such angst," I replied angrily as I watched my friends enjoy their lives. TDW wasn't the only reason why I was upset, I was also beginning to have a deep hatred towards the ancient beings above. Of all the people to suffer, why me? A former weak assassin, is it destiny, fate or am I just a puppet to bring out chaos and malice?

    "Don't be so upset," TDW laughed in a mocking voice. "I have given you great and unlimited powers now. Your weapons now have chaos abilities. You don't only have your worthless chaos crush, but several more! You can now look for your sister without any difficulty."

    "Maybe," I said," But how can I embrace her when I meet her?"

    "Why embrace?" TDW asked," When you can choke?"

    "If you lay a finger on her..."

    "What will you do?!" TDW laughed. "Kill me? Now that we are one, I am immortal. I have the power! I must reward you for offering me your body. I'll be allowing you yo completed your life's mission, but I'll be taking full control of your body as soon as you're through."

    "Such evil," I hissed as I turned away. I gained a few abilities such as chaos blade and chaos cannon. These weren't as strong as chaos strike or chaos blast, but they could still deal a great deal of damage. I also earned the ability of flight, thanks to TDW. I looked up as the sky and opened up my black cape. My cape molded into a pair of torn up wings. I quietly flew into the sky and began my search for my sister.

    Mysterious figure

    "So this is Shugo's fate," I said in a sly voice." I never expected our father's creation to go haywire like this. If Gerald didn't create Shadow, Shugo would've never had such a disasterous life."

    I quietly moved out of my hiding place and looked down at his friends. I then looked back up at Shugo, it was now our duty to protect him. I took out my cellphone and dialed several numbers. "Lightning, Heart, Samantha, Jester, keep surveying the planet's activity and make sure you find where this Darkness Within originated."

    "Understood," a few voices replied. I closed my cellphone and flew off to follow Shugo. It was ironic that two of my memebers were called Lightning and Hear. It was even more ironic that I had Shugo's name, but not his species. I was Shugo the Pterodactyl, the leader of a watcher organization. Or what we would prefer to call ourselves. "The Children of Fakir..."

    The end?

    OCC: Yeah that's the ending for tis RPG. Sorry if you guys didn't like the idea of this new organization or Shugo returning to evil. The organization will only watch the planet's activity, they won't be actually be doing anything. Shugo isn't exactly evil, but his methods of doing things will be. Well that's all. Loved this RPG Scar. I guess I'll see you all around...
  20. Scar

    Scar Hadouken!

    Zero the Hedgehog

    Two Weeks Later...

    Zero stood atop a cliff overlooking the demolished city of Westopolis, the very same perch on which he positioned himself at the very beginning of his journey. His crimson eyes seemed purged of malice as they watched over the wreckage, taking on the role of a guardian of sorts. Almost protectively he stared down upon the citizens in their struggle to rebuild the city destroyed during his fight versus Hyper Devil Doom. His arms were crossed, and his pose was an erect one; the only outward difference between this hedgehog and the Zero of two weeks ago was the look of inner peace on his face.

    Well, it's over...and we won. Zero thought, the message aimed at all those who had taken part in the war. All that time spent in the trenches of the battlefield...I was beginning to think it would never end; that I would spend the rest of my infinite years in those trenches, struggling to find my purpose amidst the chaos. But at last, it's over.

    Solemnly he took his focus off of the citizens of Westopolis, instead turning it to the stars. They appeared to shine brighter that night, echoing both the victories won in the past days, and the sacrifices made to bring about those victories. He paid particular attention to one star, which looked no different than the other billions. For a few seconds, he himself wasn't sure why he'd chosen that star to stare directly at. Soon, however, it all became clear to him. The star, for one brief moment, shined brighter than the rest. It flashed its elegance to the entire cosmos, giving to the skies just a bit more illumination. And then, just as that moment came to pass, it blinked out of existence...

    ...Ah, I see... Zero sighed. When a warrior dies, a star disappears from the night sky...Such is the way of the soldier, though, Emiley. For the first time, I know what it means to truly mourn a loss.

    He was on the verge of taking his leave, when another star caught his eye. This one was faltering between blinking out and remaining luminous, almost as if walking the line between light and darkness. For whatever reason, this seemed symbolic as well...though Zero couldn't say for sure what it meant. Again, it wasn't long before his questions were answered. Zero's gaze fell upon a third object, this one alive and moving of its own accord. It took the form of a darkened silhouette, one which was totally foreign to the hedgehog. However, the energy signature, corrupt though it may have been, was familiar.

    "Shugo..." He whispered, gathering together a rough idea of what had happened to him. "I am...sorry."

    With that, he turned one hundred eighty degrees, no longer facing the leveled remains of Westopolis. Before leaving, he turned to catch one last glimpse of the silhouette. Glaring in its direction, his mind was flooded with thousands of thoughts, each one a different possibility regarding Shugo's fate. Momentarily clearing his head of all distractions, he raised his hand to his forehead, sticking out his middle and index fingers as if his fist were a handgun. Drawing in a short breathe of air, he spoke a single word through gritted teeth.



    Ooc: Okay, NOW we're finished. I am pleased to inform you all that there will be no new posts in this thread. We can now move on with our lives.

    And yes, that last bit was a reference to Cowboy Bebop. It's called HOMAGE, NOT A RIPOFF. This doesn't mean Zero himself didn't get a happy ending, in that last paragraph he was merely wondering whether everyone else got the happy ending they deserved (which some didn't, of course).

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