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Sonic X

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
The show revolves around bad puns and a gang of campy recurring villains stealing your heart. It doesn't really require any kind of plot beyond the standard 'off on an adventure' premise. What do you expect? It's a Saturday morning cartoon. Do you watch Tom and Jerry for the plot?

Adventuring just for the sake of adventuring is really boring, though.


be your own guru
Adventuring just for the sake of adventuring is really boring, though.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Utter lack of plot.

Pokemon isn't meant to be pure comedy though. There's no action to it, and there's supposed to be.

Pokémon does have a plot, albeit a bad one: Ash wants to become a Pokémon master and be the very best like no one ever was, and thus he's traveling across the land, searching far and wide, each Pokémon to understand the power that's inside.

And there is so action in Pokémon. Battle scenes are action-based.

...why are we talking about Pokémon in a Sonic X thread, which originally didn't exist in the first place because it's a bad show few people actually like?

Anyway, on topic. I think I know the reason why Chris hogged the whole show. He has parental abandonment issues, and he wants to prove he's just as important as his own parents, and thus he went down the route of a five-year-old going, "Look at me, look at me! I can DO this, I'm awesome! Ahahahahaha! I did it, I killed the show! And it was all for you, Sonikku! WAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *runs off, climbs up onto his balcony, slips, and falls to his death*"
...why are we talking about Pokémon in a Sonic X thread, which originally didn't exist in the first place because it's a bad show few people actually like?

Answered your own question there.

Pokemon isn't meant to be pure comedy though. There's no action to it, and there's supposed to be.

Listen, Pokemon is a funny, self-aware and generally enjoyable show. And that's all I have to say on the matter.


It didn't become fantastic period. If 4Kids made Pokemon's anime "better", I shudder at the thought of what the Japanese version is like.

The Japanese version was better when 4Kids was dubbing it mainly because of the music. Now that the dub keeps, like, 90% of the original music it's just whether or not you like the openings and voice actors better. You're right that it's a bad show but I'm just saying that the Japanese version was better solely because of the music. Not much else.


Well, Sonic X was okay to me. It is far from being my favorite Sonic series (this place is for AoStH) but I don't think it was bad. The Metarex arc was surely the most interesting part in the series, even though I didn't watch all its episodes.

1) What do you think of Tailsmo (Tails and Cosmo), the only tragic romance in Sonic history?

2) Compare the show to the games! Do you think the characters were correctly portrayed?

1) Well, I like what it did for Tails. He is my favorite character in the franchise and I was happy seeing him getting some time to shine after being put aside for nearly all the series.

As for the ship itself, not a big fan of it, but I like how the writers make it have an interesting effect in Tails' personality and role in the show.

2) I didn't play much of the Sonic's games but I think Sonic X had a problem with portraying Tails' role. Sometimes he was just there.


Pokemon Breeder
Sonic X, in my opinion, is the best Sonic sereies, despite Chris Thorndyke. The first season gives a possible explanation as to why there are a few accepted anthropomorphic animals living alongside humans, something the games never did do.
However, the Sonic Adventure 2 arc provides one more question: if Eggman is originally from the human world, how did he get to Sonic's world?

Anyway on to answering the thread questions:
1) I think that their romace was beautiful and, if you liked it, you should watch the Japanese version. (The 4Kids dub toned down their romance in the final Metarex battle.)

SONIC - A bit more or an attitude towards characters than in the games.(Eggman not included)
CREAM - In the games, she started out willing to fight Eggman since her introduction.
In Sonic X, she was a pacifist until Emerl went berserk.
BIG - Does anyone else think Sonic X made Big the Cat look even dumber than normal?
AMY - Quicker than ever to anger which provided plenty of comedy.
Everyone else seemed fairly accurately portrayed.

-The battle aginst Chaos 2 occured about 3/4 of a day earlier than it should have, plus it was Knuckles alone who battled it.
-In the game the battle againts Chaos 4 occurs after Knuckles is tricked into fighting Sonic, then, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles all fight Chaos 4 together, yet, in Sonic X, Sonic alone fights it and Tails is made into a klutz who can't resist a gust of wind.
-Tails' battle against the Egg Walker is completely removed.

3) I think the writers wanted to put more than one romance in the script. Maybe the romance between Tails and Cosmo was well recieved in the writers room and they decided to create another one.


-Tails' battle against the Egg Walker is completely removed.

What a shame. I've always wanted seeing Tails doing something in the battles OTHER than pilotting the Tornado.


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I used to love this animé when it first came out, but now that I'm older I don't care for it anymore. My favorite character was Tails.