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Sony delays PS3


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Why are so many people saying this is such good news for Nintendo? Granted, Sony and Nintendo are competitors but, really, since day one when Nintendo outlined their strategy for the Rev, Nintendo backed out of Sony and Microsoft's turf. The Wii isn't competing with the X-Box 360 nor is it competing with the Playstation 3. It's offering a totally different experience with a totally different demographic which is what Nintendo is betting on to make the Wii a major success.

The people who should be popping the champagne instead of Nintendo should be Microsoft. The X-Box 360 is a direct competitor to the Playstation 3 because both are offering the same experiences. Sony just shut themselves out of the second largest market in the world this Christmas season. Portions of the market who were interested in the powerful hardware of the Playstation 3 will probably get themselves something similar: an X-Box 360


You guys might want to take a look at this.

TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) -- Sony Corp. shares fell 1.56 percent to 4,970 yen on Thursday after it said it would delay the European launch of its PlayStation 3 (PS3) game machine to March from November, missing the holiday shopping season in a key market.

Sony, which competes with Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co. Ltd. in the nearly $30 billion video game market, said the delay was because production of a key component for the laser in the PS3's Blu-ray optical disc drive had fallen behind schedule.

It is the second time Sony has delayed the launch of its latest blockbuster PlayStation console.

Earlier this year it delayed the overall PS3 launch to November from spring 2006.

The new delay could mean the PS3 falling behind its rival machines and could have ramifications for game software makers.

Microsoft launched its Xbox 360 late last year and Nintendo plans to offer the Wii in the final quarter of 2006.

Canon shares also fell 1 percent to 5,870 yen, while Fujitsu and Hitachi both declined more than 2.5 percent. Sharp, Sanyo, NEC, Toshiba and Kyocera were all down sharply.

Sony kept unchanged its plan for a launch in Japan on November 11 and in North America on November 17.

It also stuck to its target to ship six million units of the PS3 worldwide by the end of the business year to next March despite the delay in Europe, though cutting by half its shipment target for calendar 2006 to two million units.
Seems Sony and their shareholders are being affected by this move greatly. Sony loses money and their shareholders do too, but in a different way.


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Added Nintendo's Response and Sony's Share Drop articles to the first post. May as well keep it tidy and up to date.

If Microsoft have anything to say about this, it'd be useful if it was posted. I heard that the night of the press release, Microsoft had an all night party with champain and everything...
I was wondering, I was gonna buy the PS3 mainly because of one game which was UK exclusive, which I was gonna order from Amazon. Does the delay mean that the game (F1 2006 if you were wonderin) will be delayed till March?


The whole "Computer not console"-thing is doomed. I doubt people buy Playstation to watch Blu-ray, rather they just play with it. They should stick with one thing, not try to do everything on the same gaming platform.

Nintendo on the other hand concertates onto one thing and not add unneccesary stuff into the consoles like Sony does, and I do think that will be one key to the success in this console war that is going to start soon. The price is one other thing that matters a lot, too. Not too many people want to spend $599 on a "entertainment system". Especially the price is going to be higher in Europe, too, because retailers want to simply convert the dollars into euros directly.

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Predictable... More delays for the PS3... We had already known long ago that the PS3 was having manufacturing problems and shortages. This was really only inevitable. I live in the US by the way, so the PAL delays shouldn't be a problem for me.

What do you think are the chances that Sony and it's PS3 will end up with a similar fate Sega's Dreamcast had? Because of this very question I've been trying to decide whether or not to get a PlayStation 3. If it weren't for the possibility of KH3 (tentative name) being on the the PS3, I would be perfectly content getting the "Wii60", instead of the "PSWii".

Also, on a side note, would anyone happen to know if PS2 memory cards will be compatible with the PS3? I'd hate to have to lose all of my save files...


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they won't be compatible,but there will be a USB attachment with which you will be able to transfer your memory card saves to the PS3's hard drive
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Actually Latios is still really high for the PS3, it will sell out at launch and through the holiday season, it's when that is over when we will see how many people want one.


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Don't complain just because they've delayed it. They had problems with finding a part. Besides both Sony and Microsoft are way better than Nintendo (Other than a certain Game of course).


Awaiting October.
and whats this certain game??
XBOX has a handful of games that intrest me (COUGHHALO3COUGH)
PS2 was the console i barely played...
GC was the one i played more common but the Portable nintendo consoles rock the gameing world...
Well I'm not even getting it anymore because I just discovered that the DS Lite and the Wii are a combined $90 less than the PS3...that's how overpriced it is.


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Don't complain just because they've delayed it. They had problems with finding a part. Besides both Sony and Microsoft are way better than Nintendo (Other than a certain Game of course).

They should complain. Have you been hearing the things of the PS3? And the fact that PS3 is supposed to be "Region free", Sony is giving them the shaft and focusing on us americans and shoving their damn Blue-Ray format down our throats claiming that, "5 million people will buy the PS3, even if it doesn't have any games." It will all end up like their Beta-Max.

And for your comment on Microsoft and Sony being better, you haven't seen much from Nintendo. Microsoft and Sony all have to rely on third parties. Microsofts first party games are very poor. Don't tell me Xbox isn't for Halo and Madden because to the Majority and that GC is only for SSBM because it isn't. PS2 had nothing popular as SSBM and Halo even though they are both poor. SSBM was rushed, only improved in graphics, average level designs, shoving Sigurd out of the way for Roy for advertising, and the new characters were fairly unoriginal and clones for the most part of currently existing characters.
And for Halo....
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Thats pretty STUPID for Sony.Oh well lets all wish good luck to Sony thats trying to SUICIDE.


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You all keep saying how this is good for Nintendo, when, they have not released a date for Europe yet. This just looks like how the DS was released, and We will end up getting a Wii the same time as a PS3 by the looks of it.

Releasing a console just after Christmas in the UK, not sure about other countries, is like not been bothered about the sales. A lot of people will still be recovering from Christmas Finansaly(sp?) and will not be able to get one.

Niontendo better release the console before Christmas if it wants a chance, and I can not see the PS3 ever becoming popular here in the UK with that price.


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Hahaha! Sony DID have it coming...

Wow, a YEAR late. Sony seem to be doing well in looking pathetic recently...I mean, come on, like the "innovative" controller could ever be anywhere near as good as the WiiMote. And besides, it's just copying the DualShock AGAIN. Boring...


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The Xbox's controller is a knock off of the Dreamcast's. :\ And the PS2 was a year behind Dreamcast mind you. And what exactly did Sony copy so much off from Nintendo?
I think he meant that it's the DualShock2 again (including the PS controller design, this is the third time we've had it) and that it's jsut copying the DualShock2. However, I see nothing wrong with that. It's a nice controller that people are used to. Why fix something that isn't broken?