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Sora, KH, Photoshop

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Up and away
Well, after what felt like AAAAAAAAAAAGES, I have PS back, and well, I decided to give a go to a Paint Sketch of Sora that I had drawn recently (without a tablet, just a plain old mouse, which btw ended in a cramped hand, mine to be exactly). I had to look at several tuts for the skin, the hair was something I just did crazy (along with the shirt as you can tell). I know it could be like TONS better, but it's not that bad is it?
Oh,and please pardon the crappy background, that skill is yet to be discovered (let alone mastered).Same goes for the outfit, there was a reason to why it's not the same and custom, but that idea didn't work out, so you guys are stuck with that one instead of what I intended to do (guess you'll have to wait, and sorry for rambling on)


(yes, I know it's huge)

Copyrights not mine blah blah blah...

Just in case you missed it the first time *PLEASE COMMENT*, and crits welcomed of course ^-^


Up and away
Yay, a comment! The bugger took me quite a while (can't tell exactly how much time though). But, the hair took me like 6 attempts, same for the skin, and the shirt was on the 3rd, but yeah, time consumin' ^^;.

Any other TAKEERS? Seriously, peeking but not commenting's a bummer :/.