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SOS to A-OK withing 24 hours!

Which do you own?

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  • None, I'm just here to pass time

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Pokemon Guardian
I am offering a Mystery Dungeon (for ALL MD games, excluding WiiWare) rescue service. Fainted in a dungeon? I'll handle it. Just send me your SOS mail. Please format it in an easily readable way. PM me or post the code here. I'll respond to PMs faster. Emails i will also respond to. Most rescues are done withing 24 hours. Due to me resetting my Sky just a month ago, Sky rescues may take longer. Good luck on your rescues!

Team Endeavor
L51 Riolu (Bill)
L51 Eevee (Eona)

I also have school stuff and all that, so don't expect an instant rescue.
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gone gently
We already have rescue/help/SOS threads here. Please use them.
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