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Soulcalibur 4

Discuss it here. Whether it's to talk about characters that you think should return, custom characters, or Tira's new emo yet still incredibly hot design.
Why are they even bothering continuing this train wreck? Didn't they learn from SCIII?

Well, keep in mind that Tekken hasn't been doing so well either.
Hilde? who? image link?

As for SC3 sucking, i had no problem with it and I like the SC fransdise mind you, So I am looking forward to the new release anyhow.

I have a thing for Sophita.

Tekken 5 wasn't a complete pile of horseshit like SC3, and Tekken 6 has Bob.

I think he ment Tekken 4 which was a failure at attempting a DoA system.

Yes Bob does Rule
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Eh, I liked SCIII, it was fun, more entertaining than 2, for me anyway. I hope IV is good.

2 seemed a bit "flat" to me. 3 seems more thought-out and detailed.

Valkerion Moonshadow

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Yeah number 3 is good i guess it sort of outranked Tekken 5 probably


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Tekken 5 wasn't a complete pile of horseshit like SC3, and Tekken 6 has Bob.

I see someone disliked the unbalanced characters in SC3. I found SC3 to be fun, albeit no VF or anything, and nothing more. As far as SC4 and what I've seen of it, I'm not too impressed. It's just women with bigger breasts and more t-and-a fanservice. As far as gameplay-wise, like Tekken, it's going to be quite stale (think more or less the lines of SC3 with more room, judging from what we've seen so far).

Valkerion Moonshadow

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hmm i wonder about the new characters in it?????


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I happen to like Soul Calibur more than Tekken. The only tekken game i have really loved is Tekken Dark Resurrection for Psp. Me being a major Soul Calibur fan liked legends for Wii it could have used a classic mode though. Any way I know I'll like 4 better. Legends wasnt bad IMO but it wasnt good enough to satisfy a true soul calibur craving.

Valkerion Moonshadow

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yeah i think so too Soul Calibur is better than tekken in many ways