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Soul's Flawless and Event Shop

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Flawless Hunter


Shop Stature: OPEN I will be open for a little while.

Hey Welcome to my shop, first things first the Rules

1. All Serebii.Net rules apply here.
2. NO HACKS!!!
3. No dumb question. (Example: Will you trade me a Female DW Torchic?)
4. PM please
5. You have to have traded me or going to trade me to qualify for the giveaway.(if i'm cloning for you, I don't mind trading giveaways for the Pokemon I'm cloning.)
6. You must tell my if your pokemon is not redis, if you do not they will be added to the shop. If the pokemon you trade me is not Redis the pokemon I trade you will not be Redis (It ticks me off that you can trade my pokemon, but I can't trade yours)

Please post you offers once in the thread, then I will PM you my reply, that way you don't spam the shop. If I do not reply to your offer don't spam me with PMs, it only mean I haven't seen it, or I'm not on.

Ayvarn: He used to clone form me a lot, that was before I could clone.
craig87: He traded me some awesome pokemon and was willing to trade me back clones of my pokemon
dewey911p:He traded, cloned for me, and check the legality of my pokemon.

Nobody yet...

Now on to the Pokemon Stuff.

My 1 Pokemon Your 1 Pokemon
My want for your want​

I don't care about rarity, I will trade any of my pokemon for something I want. If you don't think my pokemon is worth your pokemon don't put it in the offer. (Note sometimes when I need room or really want a cretin Pokemon I will post an offer in this tread. They will say something like this "I'm giving away Pokemon" or "offering multiple Pokemon for..." If you want those offers you have to PM and tell me the offer, and what I want. Do Not Post Them in this tread.)



I can breed all of the 5 gen pokemon and all of the starters. Check the Spoilers to see specific pokemon I'm offering.

NOK Darkrai UT NFT
Pokesmash Mewtwo Flawless UT
ALAMOS Darkrai flawless UT
Gamestp Deoxys UT
Shiny Pokepark Mew UT
Ash's Pikachu flawless UT
Sing Pikachu UT
TRU Shaymin Near-flawless UT
10 ANIV Celebi T and UT
10 ANIV Mew UT
10 ANIV Absol UT
10 ANIV Espeon UT
RazorClaw99's 10 ANIV Latios UT
RazorClaw99's PCNYd Salamence UT
PKTOPIA Electivire UT
PKTOPIA Magmortar UT
WORLD11 Scrafty UT
Movie11 Zekrom T and UT
Movie11 Reshiram UT
Movie11 Victini Flawless UT
EVENT11 Zoroark UT
Event (shiny) Giratina UT
Shiny pichu UT
Gamestp Jirachi UT
Shiny Milotic UT
Character Fair Korean Shaymin UT
NOK Deoxys UT
Japanese Movie event Arceus UT
Hobby Fair Zoroark UT
SMR2011 Karrablast UT
Ageto Celebi

DW Arceus UT
DW guide book Porygon UT
DW Balbasaur UT
DW Charmander UT (Korean & Japanese)
DW squirtle UT
DW Treecko UT
DW Torchic UT
DW Mudkip UT
DW Turtwig UT
DW Chimchar UT
DW Piplup UT
DW Banette UT
DW Eeveelution Vaporean UT (jap)
DW Eeveelution Jolteon UT (jap)
DW Eeveelution Glaceon UT
DW Eeveelution Umbreon UT
DW Eeveelution Espeon UT
DW Eeveelution Leafeon UT

Litwick UT
absol UT
Mudkip UT
DW eevee UT
Ralts UT
Crobat UT
Skarmory UT with Egg Moves
Scizor T EV traind with egg moves
Thundurus UT
Abra UT
Zapdos UT
Moltres UT
Darkrai UT
Magnemite UT (HP fire)
Ditto (Modest, Non shiny T)
Near-Flawless Ferroseed UT (egg moves)
Near-Flawless Groudon UT
Near-Flawless Braviary UT
Near-Flawless Virizon UT

Axew BT in the day care
Event Giratina UT
RazorClaw99's Latias


Blaze Kick
Bullet Punch
Vacuum Wave
High Jump kick

Brave Bird
Sky Attack
Stealth Rock

Brave Bird

DW Dratini
Iron Tail
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Dance

Iron Head
Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Murkrow (acquiring)
Drill Peck
Brave Bird
Sky Attack
Sucker Punch/roost

I can trade items
I can trade evolve
I can clone Pokemon
I can EV train

Now on to some of the things I want.

Flawless magnemite
Flawless japanese Ditto
DW Flawless Vulpix
DW Flawless Poliwag
Shiny Riolu
Other Flawless shinnies I don't have
Other Events I don't have
A banner maker
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New Member
Would you be interested in a UT 10 ANIV Mew for your Deoxys?

Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
Are any of your shiny pokemon or events able to be nicknamed???


Flawless Hunter
Update: I add my trade ratios and the touched or Untouched to the Pokemon. I also add my DW females so I can breed you DW females as well.


Flawless Hunter
Update 2: I added My white and black list, a Image, and New Pokemon. I'm looking for someone to create a Banner for me if you do this you can have any two pokemon in the shop.
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The Nightmare Begins
Satoshi's Reshiram for your Shiny Pokepark Mew? If not, Shiny Flawless Zapdos then?


Flawless Hunter
Update 3: I now have all the DW starters from generation 2 and 3 as well as a few new events. I'm offering a 3 for 1 pokemon deal for any DW Kanto starters. I'm also giving away T movie zekroms and shiny flawless Scizor with Roost, bug Bite, Superpower, and Bullet Punch. I giving them away because i need room in my PC. In order to receive a giveaway pokemon you have to already be, or going to be trading for something in my shop. I have 5 total to give away.


flying ninja monkey
I have Janta's golurk and Carita's Hydregion for your movie11 resherim and zekrom ... if you're interested please pm/vm me ...


flying ninja monkey
I thought you were giving zekrom away ... I'm looking for the set, I have to go to the library to trade ... I can't log my DS into my wifi at home :S ... I'll let you kow ... or if you get resharim before then pm me and we'll set up a time to trade ...


Flawless Hunter
I'll contact you sometime tomorrow and If I get the resharim I will trade you both. Also the zekrom I'm giving away is T while the other ones are UT.


Flawless Hunter
Update 4: I have add Spoilers for Deal of the Week, and giveaways. Note you have to trade for something in the shop to receive the giveaway
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