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Soul's Flawless and Event Shop

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the shinyclauncher12
Ok would like a zekrom or a celebi or a shiny eevee

I can offer a shiny6iv timid (cloned) thundrus

Hope we can make a deal :D
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New Member
Hello again.Yes I am still interested! I tried earlier but it said that your inbox was full. Any way I have plenty of event torchicks with blazenite, and lots of gen 5 legends and a few events I'd you are interested in a cross gen trade or are willing to wait for the release of poke bank. Thoughts? Anything you are looking for specifically? I have a few Pokemon with their hidden abilities too.


Pokémon Breeder
Hey man, you PM'ed me about a trade but your inbox is full. I'll take the Mewtwonite Y for the Scyther. Do you have genderpreferences for it?

Death Blade99

CMT for your DW skarmory and Dratini


[Could you give me information about your UT SMR2010 Jirachi?
Is it a Clone?

I have the 3 Gamestop Shiny Creation trios UT and Meloetta UT. I didn't see them in your shop.
Your PM box is full.]


Event Hunter
Can you clone me my AURA Mew and my SPACE C Deoxys, in return you can take a copy.


True Love Never Dies
I'm new to this, so I'll apologize in advance if I'm doing this wrong.

I saw on your list of wants that you wanted event Pokemon you didn't have, so I was wondering if you would be interested in a Keldeo for one of your Shaymin, if you still have them? I have two Keldeo, so whichever one you'd like is up for trade, or any of the shiny creation trio.


Pokemon SwordMaster
Do you still have a shiny near-flawless Groudon (btw, what nature is it?)? I can offer (almost) anything that can be RNG abused in 5th gen (aside from entralink pokemon), although I'll have to transfer them to my X version first.
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