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Soul's Flawless and Event Shop

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Stones of Baked Clay


to see you smile
Hey i saw that you are giving away a bunch of stuff well im interested in celebi and ash's pikachu and you said you have alot others what other ones do you have?


to see you smile
also interested in your shiny ralts ut see my shop for offers


I have some shiny flawless pokemon:
I have also have an ANA Darkrai if you're interested.

Im Hoping to get DW Starters
DW Squirtle
DW Torchic
[DW Charmander
DW Turtwig
DW Mudkip
DW Bulbasaur

Hope youre interested Soul :D

EDIT: took some pokes out. oh and you still giving an ash pikachu and shiny flawless eevee away??
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to see you smile
Hi Im interested in your giveaway heres what i want from the giveaway:
Celebi, Ash's Pikachu, World11 Scrafty, shiny flawless eevee


Kinda reminiscing
I have a growlithe with full iv's in hp and attack
a shiny sinjoh ruins giratina with "outstanding potential overall" and "cant be better" for its speed


Flawless Hunter
Will you trade both for the DW squirtle? because It is and event and I'm willing to clone both back for you. If yes the send me a PM


Virizion Collector
Hey there. Do you have any flawless pokemon besides those that you have listed? :)


Flawless Hunter
I was about to update my list. I have flawless shiny magnimite with the HP fire, a ANA flying Pikachu and about to get a ferroseed, Cofagrigus
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