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Soul's Flawless and Event Shop

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Hi, I am interested in your cloning service. I have a couple of shinnies that I need cloned.


Flawless Hunter
Uptade 7: add somemore pokemon to my lists mostly Events and DW events. I'm looking for a DW event Flareon and other DW events I don't have.


to see you smile
are you still doing the giveaway cuz you didnt reply to me bfore


Flawless Hunter
I'm offering big for DW events I don't have (which is a lot) so offer any you have and list there natures because I'll trade for natures I don't have.


FTS (Pkn Red Ver)
I am looking for a Female DW Treecko (or one of its evos) and have gotten desperate. Details are listed in my Sig.

(The GTS has become a source of endless tourment in this search.)


Shiny Master
Interested in the event Shiny Giratina. Is it UT? I have a Shiny Riolu, but I'm not sure what else to offer. CMT?


Flawless Hunter
Wednesday the 26 will be that last time I will be on this or any other pokemon website. I will be off line for a couple of years (probable longer) I am offering 1 of every Pokemon in my shop, (events, DW events, Shinnies, and more) to someone who whats to open up a trade shop. Note my only two requirements are that 1. you don't already have a trade shop, and to you give me credit for the pokemon I give you.


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hey the korean zoroark is quirky and dw togekiss is sassy neither are flawless i do have trade for evo magmar'haunter and machoke and nok rayquaza and i might be getting a crown city raikou soon. any of those interest you for your dw charmander and treecko
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Hey i'm interested in your DW Torchic and i'm interested in any giveaways because I want to make my own workshop.


Shiny Master
Awh shoot. Sorry to hear you go, Soul. Thanks for taking up my offer anyways~ Good luck with life. c:

tim ro.

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i am intrested in RazorClaw99's PCNYd Salamence UT and other PCNY events if you have
this is my list of events
-jirachi's WISHMKR ,CHANNEL and SMR2010 channel is UT
-deoxys SPACE C UT
-PKTOPIA magmortar and pikachu all UT
-VGC09/10 milotic and eevee all UT
-WIN2011 celebi raikou and entei
-mew's Aura ,MYSTRY and FAL2010 aura and fal2010 are UT
-WORLD09 weavile UT
-ALAMOS darkrai UT
-10 ANIV dragonite ,latias ,latios ,celebi ,absol all UT
-MICHINA arceus
-TRU dragonite ,regigigas ,shaymin ,arceus all UT
-10ANNIV charizard
this are my shinies
and i have 1 max evd pokemon
-flygon with max attack stats are 290/328/185/159/196/299


New Member

I was wondering if you could clone a couple of my event pokemon for me. Also I am interested in several things from your shop and I was hoping we could work out a trade, can you tell me more information about the following pokemon in your shop:
Litwick UT (nature? moves?)
absol UT (nature? moves?)
Mudkip UT (nature? moves?)
DW eevee UT (nature? moves?)
Ralts UT (nature? moves?)
Crobat UT (nature? moves?)
Zapdos UT (nature?)
Moltres UT (nature?)
Magnemite UT (HP fire, nature? ability?)
Near-Flawless Ferroseed UT (nature? moves?)
Near-Flawless Groudon UT (nature?)
Near-Flawless Braviary UT (nature? moves?)
Near-Flawless Virizon UT (nature? hidden power?)

I also saw that you were offering a flawless dw charmander in the dream world trading thread. Do you have other flawless/near flawless dw events? If you do, can you tell me which ones you have and what their natures are?

Here's a list of shiny flawless/near flawless pokemon that I can offer:
jolly and timid virizion
timid cobalion
adamant and jolly terrakion
jolly tornadus
timid thundurus
jolly landorus (not shiny)
timid kyurem
jolly treecko (grasswhistle)
bold chikorita (leech seed, aroma therapy, ancientpower)
adamant turtwig (superpower, seed bomb, double-edge)
jolly tepig (yawn, curse, superpower)
naive chimchar (blaze kick, fake out)
adamant totodile (ice punch, dragon dance)
adamant oshawott
timid dw pichu
timid dw male nidoran
adamant dw torchic (jap, not shiny)
adamant dw carvanha
bold dw slowpoke
timid dw eevee (wish, yawn)
adamant dw growlithe
timid dw abra (HP fire)
timid dw vulpix (hypnosis and disable)
bold dw poliwag (jap)

I have more to offer too, but let me know what you like off this list (if any).
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Blue Raja

1000+ Triples wins!
Power items? Pokemon?

Are you still looking for Power Items?
If so i have all of them for trade.
i also have dozens of fllwlss nflwlss pokemon
i am looking for-
nfllwss groudon
nflwlss magnamite

i offer any power item and one of these for each
flwlss DW dratini
flwlss DW tangela
flwss dW arcanine
flwlss dw aerodactyl
flwlss meowth
flwlss kangaskhan


Lillipup Trainer
what kind of banner are you looking for? i can use stock images or draw something original (prefer the second.) pm me if you like


New Member
I have a Karita's Hydreigon with a modest nature (EV trained in Speed and SpA) and an untouched Kenta's Golurk with adamant nature and a 31 in Attack (untouched). I am interested in any of the DW starters, especially Treecko and Torchic. If you could clone my Pokemon as well that would be really cool.
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