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Soul's Flawless and Event Shop

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keeper of elements
I will trade any of these pokemon:
Shiny ut scizor
Shiny ut milotic
Shiny ut gyrados
Mespirit x2
Have all starters


Pokemon Breeder
Hey soul

Could i request a WORLD11 Scrafty for my Early Bird Sunkern with Earth Power. You can request what nature and gender the sunkern is if you want.


I couldn't help but notice your giveaway section.
Is it still ongoing?
If so can I have a Pokemon from there?
I don't have much to offer. I have nothing on your wants.
I can offer all the Kanto starters though.
Thank you for your time.


New Member
Hi I'm interested in your UT shiny flawless Litwick and UT shiny near-flawless ferroseed with egg moves.

I can offer two things on your want list- Shiny flawless magnemite and Shiny riolu.

Let me know if you want to trade.



New Member
i noticed you wanted a shiny rilou i have one here ill trade for pokesmash mewtwo or shiny pichu or singing pikachu or ash's pikachu or ageto celebi and pick from the rest of my event pokemon you would like.


DW Croagunk Nature(docile) (poison touch DW ABILITY)

DW Shiny Politoed (drizzle DW ABILITY)

DW Shiny Ninetails (Drought DW ABILITY)

Winter Cubchoo nature(impish)

Satoshi's Scraggy nature(adamant)

PC Tokyo Audino nature(calm)

WORLDS11 Scrafty nature

2011 Eggs event (axew, pidove, pansage)

Searcher axex (naughty)

Movie 11 Victini(timid)

movie 11 zekrom(naughty)

movie 11 reshiram(bold)

TRU Shaymin(lax)

Genesect Event(serious)

meloetta Event With pkrs(modest)

Keldeo Event(docile)

ANA Flying PIKACHU (adamant)

Movie 11 shiny hydreigon(naive)

movie 11 shiny golurk(naughty)

Event11 Zoroark W/Snarl (quirky)

Unused celebi event for zorua(calm)

unused crown beasts event for zoroark

shiny salamence (rash)

shiny metagross (adamant)

all of these are legit and untouched thanks

Pokemon Black FC:0003 6526 5277


New Member
Need nature, ivs and moves of this
Near-Flawless Ferroseed UT (egg moves)

CMT for something you will like


IT'S OVER 9000!!!
you're giving away pokemon....? shweet!
and i have a flawless japanese ditto, i was wondering what you can offer for it. pm me!


Stones of Baked Clay
People what is wrong with you ? Are you blind ? Have it you read this!

Shop Stature: CLOSED. Sorry guys I will be gone for at least two years see ya and peace out.



Aww,I thought Soul just re-opened.:( oh well


You said you can clone Pokemon? The last time I cloned a Pokemon was the original crystal version but could you possibly clone me that flawless shiny thundurus? What do you want in return? In my white version I have a bunch of event shinies such as rayquazza I guess I can learn how to clone them and help you out once Poketransfer is available.


New Member
I saw on the forms that you have a Walmart scizor and I am very interested. I saw that you are looking for poke bank Pokemon. Just like most everyone I am anxiously waiting its release. When it comes out I can offer you almost any legend from 4th and 5th gen, almost all self obtained. I also have Some Japanese dittos some events. If you are willing to wait I can make it worth your time and patience. Or if ypu want to cross gen trade i would ne interested in doing thst too. Been searching for this event with no one interested in a trade yet... Hopeing you will! Thoughts?
I look forward to your response
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