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SoulSilver Shiny Hunting. Any advice?


Agatha's Apprentice
Hi everyone, I'm recently new here.

I just restarted my SoulSilver version and attempted at trying a soft resetting for a Shiny starter. Finally got a shiny Cyndaquil and named it Carnelian. After somehow being lucky enough to encounter Athena, a shiny Hoothoot on Route 31, I decided to attempt my first shiny hunt on my game.

I'm a little new to shiny hunting so I could use some advice. I'm just now at Route 33 and trying to find a shiny Ekans using the Repel trick. Was able to use the Pokewalker to transfer a few Big Pearls I found on Beautiful Beach to make sure to buy enough Repels, Potions, Poke Balls, and Antidotes. I was also able to transfer over a Abra with Synchronize and a Staryu with Illuminate as their abilities. I'm not sure which method is best to use but here is my setup:

Slot 1: Staryu Lv. 10 (fainted with Illuminate Ability.)
Slot 2: Athena Lv. 7 (shiny Hoothoot)
Slot 3: Abra Lv. 15 (with Synchronize Ability.)
Slot 4: Ekans Lv. 7 (in case Hoothoot faints or to Run Away more successfully.)
Slot 5: Oddish Lv. 7 (in case either Athena or Ekans faints.)
Slot 6: Carnelian Lv. 17 (shiny Quilava.)

If figured Route 33 is better than Route 32 and I'm not sure if it matters which patches of grass you walk over either? The reason I thought Synchronize might work is while I have no idea what my SID is my Trainer ID is 08089 and I think the "Mischievous" personality trait is connected with a Pokemon possibly being shiny because both Carnelian and Athena have that personality. Carnelian is Jolly and Athena is Calm. I'm also not sure whether using up all the Repels I have, which is 25, and then soft resetting is better than stocking up more? I'd use Cute Charm but not able to trade a Jigglypuff or Clefairy over yet.

Anyone have any advice or is anyone else also trying out a shiny run as well?

Shiny Venusaur

Sinnoh's Champion
The personality trait is tied to the Pokemon's IV's and has nothing to do with your SID or TID. The personality trait, which is known as the characteristic is tied to which of the Pokemon's IV's is highest. Each phrase covers 6 to 7 different IV stats. So for example "Quick Tempered" tells us the attack is the highest stat IV (or tied for the highest and chosen randomly to be displayed) and represents IV's 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29.

If you want to synchronize the nature of the Pokemon you're hunting, it will need to be in the first active slot, so for your case slot 2 since you're pairing it with Illuminate.

Additionally, a few tips:
1) Don't shiny hunt with a shiny as your lead, those few frames of shiny stars going off add up over time, and it makes it more difficult to tell if the target is shiny or if it's just your own. You'll get bored after a while and won't be paying as close attention. The stark difference will help either via sound or peripheral. You also having shiny stars will hinder you.

2) Since you're doing the repel trick, and still fairly early in the game. Plan on doing a lot of no-save hunts. No need to waste resources.

3) General tip, but find things to do while you shiny hunt. These full odds hunts can be a slog and if you're just doing this, you'll burn out much quicker.

Good luck on your shiny hunt!