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Soultide (M) [Sign-Ups]


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Yes, I'm trying this again. SUs are currently: OPEN

Ages ago, stories and legends talk of power within humans that allowed them to harness power known as Magic. Granted as a boon from the creator of this world, it was intended to be used as a means to help one another, and become teachers, learners, and do good in the world. People created spellbooks and scriptures written with incantations and prayers to be used to learn new magic. People traded magic as a commodity, and it was a time of discovery. However, mankind of course abused this power and used it to wage war and dominate one another. The rape of this power led to mankind’s eventual punishment, completely cutting them off from ever using it again. And thus, led to an era of darkness and despair. An era without magical discovery. That is, for a while.

Later on, a man named Saint Jera and his team discovered that the magic previously instilled in humans was not gone forever after all. It was there, however, there was no real way of actually using the magic - not through normal and previously known methods anyways. Upon discovering this, and after years and years of experimentation, they finally found a way to utilize this magic that was “taken away”. Known as a ‘Driver’, it was a device that allowed the user to harness the magical power they held inside of them. However, it was very limited. Although the Driver allowed the user to tap into that reserve of power, there was no possible way to actually implement spells that were documented in books and parchments. Back to the drawing board, it had seemed that the journey for magical discovery had ended. That is, until one more major discovery was made. Although it was true that magical spells and incantations of yore could not be used with the driver, it was discovered that the incantations for these spells could actually be infused into objects that the driver itself could use, by harnessing the magical reserve inside humans. According to Saint Jera, he explained it as the magically infused objects being the ammo, and the Driver being the trigger by tapping into the magical reserve. Both of these components working together allowed the user to utilize magic, and thus no longer thought to be ‘extinct’.


Located in the Valley of Iore, Balleso is a rather large city where people of all sorts reside. The jobs here vary from labor and trades, to banks and religious workers.Generally speaking, the area one lives in and their job, often determines their social status. The city can be divided into these parts:

North Side: Where the wealthy families reside. This is where the families of the City Council live, and you are considered to upper-class if you reside here. Generally, money equals power, and many of the residents here exploit that fact.

West Side (The Scar): Complete opposite of the North side. This place is riddled with poor people and lower income families. Although this may not always be the case, generally speaking the people here struggle or simply don’t have the means to find another place to live. The city purposely pushes poorer people to this side of the city, and is often called the Scar, because it is a blemish. Many people don’t even include it as being part of the city.

East Side: A suburb of the city. Middle/average class people tend to live here, including those on the more upper side of the middle. Nothing notably special about living here.

Central District: It is here where the hub of the city is. Located here are numerous shops such as the butchery/meat shop, the city bank, the city tavern, clothing shops, the library, church, as well as other vendors. It is also here where city events often take place.

South Side: Essentially the same as the East side, middle class folk live here. The most notable thing in this part of the city, is that the train station is located here, that connects this city to the next. However, as of right now, it is not in running condition.

Outskirts: Out here is where the millers and miners and farmers work and sometimes live. Lots of open space, and pleasant place to reside. Beyond these parts lies the world outside Bellaso.


Politics is a dirty business. Many people in this city are hard-working, despite constantly being leeched by the higher-ups that run this place. Favouring themselves and their own agendas, the members of city council are as follows:

Mayor Francis: Francis is a bit naive, to say the least. Although some would say the man is not cut out to be mayor, he often leaves most of his work for his vice mayor. The man is known for doing what needs to be done, such as handing out punishments, announcements, etc and leaves little room for things that he could not be bothered with. Because of this, he will often either comply with complaints, or completely ignore them depending on how he feels.

Vice-Mayor Cornelius: Because Francis gives Cornelius most of the work, Cornelius can be considered to be the puppet master behind Francis. Often coaxing Francis into doing certain things, or giving suggestions, many rumours claim that Cornelius has his own agenda for the city.

Councilwoman Amelia: Amelia is in charge of city complaints and disputes. If there is a squabble between businesses, it usually her or her lackeys that are sent to solve the problem. She is also the judge of the city, and determines the fate of wrong doers. She is noted to be strict, but fair. Generally, if one has sound reasoning for her, then she can easily look past certain things.

Priest Jon: Priest Jon has a spot on the council because of his religious authority and history within the city. His role mainly lies within his religious teachings, and hold religious events where he sees fit. The Mayor built him a huge Church that many townspeople go to, and that is where Priest Jon spends most of his time. Priest Jon himself is a nice man. He tries to see good in people, and many people would consider him easy to take advantage of because of his nature. It is important to note, that he, along with his disciples are the only ones capable of crafting magic in the city, for a price of course.

Councilman Rossier: Rossier is the man in charge for dealing with money, the bank and tax work, including those with overdue payments. Despite his job, he is actually not a bad person and is generally understanding. However, the problem arises when Vice-Mayor Cornelius gets involved with his job. Because of Cornelius, Rossier is sometimes forced to take more than ideal measures against those with outstanding payments, utilizing hired muscle.

Councilman Steadler: Steadler is a man of honour, compassion, integrity and empathy. He is in charge of the city’s Peace Keeping force, which are essentially city guards. If a riot breaks out, or trouble arises where things need to settle down, then it is usually the Peace Keeping Force that patrols the cities that help the situations. Steadler himself looks out for the citizens, and at times even challenges the Mayor and Vice-Mayor’s decisions.


Technology wise, this role-play takes place in around 19th century for the most part. This means that certain technologies do exist, such as the aforementioned steam locomotive located at the south side of town. However, this only applies to the city of Bellaso as it is a fairly ‘modern’ and large city in this world. There are other towns in the role-play world that are not up to par, and considered more rustic and/or more fantasy like in the traditional sense. This section will be constantly updated with lore.


Drivers, Cylinders & Magic
(This may get complicated so bear with me)

As said before, Magic can only be accessed through the use of a Driver and the usage of something called a Cylinder. A driver is made from a specific material and is a device that is designed for the sole purpose of using magical spells. The standard driver form that most people are familiar with, is a typical revolver firearm. A Cylinder on the other hand, is a capsule of sorts that contains the crafted spell within it. A capsule is typically crafted through the usage of an incantation alongside a material item, or multiple items in some cases. The spell within the cylinder is cast once the driver interacts with the cylinder. In this case, the revolver driver is loaded with a cylinder round, which will be cast once the driver is shot (note: once a cylinder has been used, it will be gone. More must then be crafted). So for example, if a user loads an entire revolver driver with a standard fireball spell cylinder, the user will cycle through each fireball until its emptied. Although uncommon, it is possible to create drivers not in the form of a firearm. Same goes for cylinders, as in some cases, cylinders may not be cylinders at all although it is rare (For this role-play we will be sticking with firearm drivers however).

Magic is hard to come by nowadays, with very few people able to even read the scriptures and books to create cylinders viable for use with drivers. In Balleso, the only ones capable are Priest Jon and his Church, as they have devoted years and years into it, with Priest Jon teaching those who choose to follow his teachings. Magic in of itself is volatile and unpredictable in nature. Because of this, laws are set in place to ensure nothing gets out of hand. Although not illegal to have a driver or cylinders, the actual use of magic is not allowed unless in defence or otherwise stated circumstances (such as the wilderness). Even then, be very cautious of using one within city limits. Because of magic’s limitation, it is a good idea to carry around a weapon in case you must defend yourself.

Note#1: Focus is the fundamental basis for magic to be performed. If the user does not focus on the driver and the task at hand by channeling their magical reserves, firing the driver will not have any effect, even if there is a cylinder inside. The driver must be able to tap into the user’s magical powers.

Note#2: If a person tries to use a firearm-type driver without any cylinders in it, the driver will proceed to use the person’s own magical reserve as ammo, often shooting rounds that can break and damage surfaces including skin. This however, is dangerous for the user because of how fast it saps the energy of the person using it and it has been proven that low magical reserves can possibly kill the user.

List of Magic Currently

Shrapnel - A blast of shards that extend in a small radius that can cut and damage foes within range

Fireball - A simple burst of fire that travels like a projectile; can burn and ignite foes

Barrier - Upon firing the driver, a translucent barrier will form in front of the user for as long as the user stays focused. Barrier can repel most offensive spells.

Jolt - A burst electricity infused magic is launched towards a target; Can shock foes

Bright - Basic healing magic that creates a small, bright cloud that the user can direct to heal injuries such as bleeding, cuts, wounds, bruises, etc. Note: This spell is only available to characters who are followers of the church and Priest Jon.

Whisk - A powerful burst of wind is launched towards the target with knock back force

Smokescreen - Upon firing the driver, and large cloud of smoke is created within vicinity of the user for a short period of time

Darkmatter - Blob of messy darkness imbued magic is launched towards target; Can cause mild to serious bleeding

Wisp - A small ball of light is created that illuminates the surrounding area equivalent to a torch. Lasts for approximately 30 minutes

Estata - Once the cylinder is activated, a wave is sent towards the direction of the shot that temporarily dazes and stuns foes for a brief period of time

***Note: I'll eventually allow you to create your own spells as well, so don't fret.***

The Rules
  • All standard forum rules apply of course
  • No bunnying/god-modding without permission. Generally speaking, bunnying is always allowed for my characters as well as NPCs to an extent unless I otherwise say so and if you really need to for your post.
  • Rated M for the usual things. Romance is fine (No need to go overboard with this), swearing is fine (again, don't abuse this).
  • Spellcrafting is something that I will be trying out in this role-play. The aforementioned basic spells in the list currently, don't need much if any materials to create cylinders for, hence why I am starting with those spells for now. However, my rule is that you MUST keep track of your own cylinders. Write them down, or put them in your phone, mental note etc. I don't have a limit as to how many cylinders your character can have on them.
  • The only place in the city that can create cylinders is the Church. Either Priest Jon or his disciples will create them for you, no more than two at a time, with my permission. This is going to be on a limited, first-come first-serve basis to avoid everyone going to the church and wasting posts spell crafting Spellcrafting is taxing, tiring and a tedious process.
  • Make the fighting realistic. Physics and pain apply.

(Their first name and family name if they have one).

(Age does not matter).

(Male or female)

(Bullet points are fine, as we can learn more about the character in the role-play anyways)

(Their social class, job, and anything else relevant to the character themselves. This is your chance to flesh out the character).

(Unless there’s a good enough explanation, there’s no reason for your character to be carrying around a weapon. They are of course allowed to have one somewhere in the confines of their home. You don’t have to start off with one either, as the story will give your character a weapon anyways. Your weapon can be anything from a sword, bow and arrow, dagger, etc. You will most likely be using this weapon more than actual magic and driver, so keep that in mind).

(Explain their driver and how it looks like. The standard one is a typical 19th century revolver, but if you can think of some other firearm, be my guest. Same thing as the weapon. There’s no reason your character should already have a driver carrying around with them. However, it is possible for your character or their family to own one, with some spell cylinders already. Again, you don’t have to start off with one as the story will give your character a driver anyways).

Spell Cylinders:
(If they have any right now, list them. For now, pick from the current list. Pick up to 8 for now. As many duplicates as you want are allowed).

Current Party

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Artemis "Art" Moon

Age: 22

Gender: Male


Artemis considers himself a very good-looking man, and takes care of his appearance. Part of that includes not spending too much time in the sun, so he has a fair complexion. His facial features are slightly feminine, and he has often been described as a pretty boy. He has a heart shaped face, big almond shaped blue eyes, and a small nose. His silky black hair is kept short, and neatly styled at all times. He stands at 6'3", and he is used to being the tallest person in the room more often than not. He has a slim body type, but he is still physically fit, and has muscle definition (which means he does have abs, hidden under the clothes he wears.)

Artemis was born into wealth, and dresses the part. His fancy wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, and dress shoes. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy. His current outfit consists of a magenta dress shirt that fits him well. Over this, he wears a black vest. He also wears a magenta coat. He dons a magenta cravat around his neck. He wears a diamond ring with a silver band on his right ring finger. On the bottom he wears a pair of black trousers. His choice of footwear include a pair of black dress shoes with magenta spats on them. He accesorizes this with a black top hat with a magenta strap on his head. A silver crescent moon brooch is attached to the hat.

Personality: Artemis is a proud, confident young man. He can come off as arrogant sometimes, often overestimating himself, while underestimating others, but he does have a kind caring side somewhere deep down, someone just has to be willing to look for it. He is not shy in the slightest, and if given the opportunity, he will say exactly what he thinks, which often gets him into trouble, and offends people. He usually acts very serious and proper, and appears to have no tolerance for low-class behavior, but it's just an act, and he knows how to have fun if the circumstances are right. He is a strong willed individual, and once he's decided on something, it is very difficult to change his mind. Due to his wealthy upbringing, and being given whatever he wanted whenever he asked, he is spoiled, and has very high standards, and he gets upset if things do not meet those standards. He is very frivolous, and lives a very extravagant lifestyle. He's known for spending money like it grows on trees.

Artemis values beauty in all areas of his life. From his taste in clothes, to the people he associates with. If your one of those people that do not meet his expectations, depending on the person, he will avoid you, try to give you a makeover, or be needlessly cruel to you. As one would imagine, looks mean everything to Art. He can often be seen studying his reflection in any reflective surface available. He despises dirt and ugliness with a passion. He generally dislikes manual labor, and if forced to do them, he will complain. Something else he can't stand, bugs (Including Spiders.) Butterflies and Moths are fine, it's the ants, worms, cockroaches, etc. he can't stand.

He can be a nice person once you get to know him. This is noticeable when he's speaking to someone he finds to be cute, or has taken a liking to. He will act friendly towards them, and if they are younger than him, act like a brother to them. He is also quite generous to his friends. He is much smarter than people give him credit for. Mainly because he doesn't find stupidity attractive either.

He knows how to be charming when he wants to be. He says just the right things to get what he wants from people. He often acts flirty towards men he finds attractive.

History: Artemis was born on the North Side of Bellaso, into one of the wealthiest families in the city. The Moon family have been around for generations, and have accumulated wealth over a long period of time. Art does not know exactly what his parents do for a living. All he knows is that their rich, and their jobs keep them away from homes. The only time he ever got to see his parents together was at formal functions.

Feeling guilty about this, they spoiled their son, and gave him whatever he asked for, often in excess. They gave him fencing lessons when he showed an interest in the sport. They got him his own horse, and riding lessons when he showed in interest in learning to ride. They got him his own piano, and taught him to play when he became interested in music. They gave him money to buy the nicest clothes money can buy! As one can imagine, this made him very spoiled, and gave him a superiority complex. He often flaunted his wealth, and had little regard for people he felt were beneath him. His parents were usually busy, and they never noticed.

Art was homeschooled by scholars and tutors that were handpicked by his parents. He received etiquette lessons, and was taught how to be a proper gentleman, as well as other things in order to groom him to inherit the family fortune. He grew up to be an intelligent and handsome young man. However, because of his condescending attitude, most of the other people his age treated him with indifference. Most of the friends he did have only hung out with her because of his wealth and family status. Despite being a social butterfly, Art had no real friends. He acts like it doesn't bother him, but deep down, it does.

Other: He is gay.

Weapon: Sword, specifically one of those swords hidden in a cane. He’s had fencing lessons when he was younger, so he does know how to use one. (He doesn’t carry a weapon around with him though. He will get one later)

Driver: The Standard Revolver (He does not have a driver yet. He will get one later.)
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Copying my old one over!

Name: Evelyn, the Evening Rose

Age: 24

Gender: Female



( will make another one with her regular clothes or just draw it later)

When she isn't performing, Evelyn likes to keep a low profile and attract as little attention as possible. Over the years, she's mastered the art of allure. Catching people's eye, piquing the interest of even the most jaded individual and seducing someone with a wink all come easy for her now - and it's that fundamental understanding of what makes people pay attention that also allows her to do the exact opposite: to blend in, to go unnoticed, to be a nobody if she so wishes. It certainly helps that she's rather average when it comes to physique; standing at 5'4'' with a soft, lithe, averagely curvy body. It's the perfect base to either accentuate or hide whatever features she pleases.

Evelyn's hair is deep red in colour, reaching down her lower back in wavy curls. Due to its cumbersome length, she often keeps it tied in a bun, with a few strands deliberately left loose to frame her face. If she's working, the bun is more elaborate and decorated - oftentimes with either flowers of colourful pins. At times, she lets her hair trail behind her as she dances, though rarely at its full length. On an ordinary day, however, she tends to keep it in as boring a bun as possible.

But though most of her can be easily hidden away, her eyes are a different story. They're bright and striking, their blue a stark contrast to her hair and tanned skin. Eye-catching no matter what she does, Evelyn tends to try and compensate by keeping her gaze low and avoiding eye-contact whenever possible. If she can get away with it, she may even hide herself in a cloaked hood - though at times, the suspicion such attire attracts is counterproductive.

Once a highborn girl, the mannerisms and etiquette taught to her over the years run deep - but the fear of death runs much deeper. As such, she's learnt to do away with most of the things that once meant the world to her. Most, because there are instances where her old self peeks through the solemn cracks - be that those moments are rare, only reserved for company she can somewhat trust.

Her dancer clothes are, as one would expect, quite revealing. So when she's given free reign of her own attire, she prefers clothes that hide her body as well as possible - it makes her feel safer, and less exposed. Most loose shirts and skirts do the job quite well, as do dresses whenever she can get her hands on them - especially if she leaves out a corset. She prefers plain colours; creams and whites, even certain shades of brown. She adores large hats, partly because they shield her from the sun, partly because they're cute - and most importantly, because they make it easy to hide her face if need be. She doesn't think her customers would be stupid enough to expose her out in the open out of fear for their own reputation, but she doesn't put anything past drunkards and fools, and her customers seem to include plenty of both.


- Quiet and reserved, will mostly only speak when someone else initiates a conversation with her - and once she does, will do her best not to offer any contradicting or controversial opinions. Nodding your head in agreement to drivel is much better than igniting needless conflict, she's found.

- At first, is quite suspicious and distrustful of most people she meets, even if she seems polite and friendly enough. It's quick to get along with her on a superficial level due to her non-confrontational nature and apparent will to please, but don't mistake her practiced craft of companionship for genuine affection.

- Caring and nurturing towards people she feels kinship towards, or who the society tends to consider 'weak'- women, children, animals and the elderly, to name a few. She's quick to play the role of a 'big sister' for these people.

- Though quite jaded and disillusioned about the world at large, there's a small part of her that stubbornly refuses to lose hope. She knows that the world is packed full of bad people - but also refuses to believe that's all there is. Good people exist, she's seen them; few beacons of light among darkness. She wants to be able to trust in people still. So though her initial response to strangers' niceness and kindness is always suspicion, if the other is relentless enough and manages to ignite that spark of hope within her, they might eventually earn her trust.

- Used to abhor dirt, bugs and whatever else she was told a fine lady should steer clear from, but the past years have made her rather used to most of such things. She will scream and hide from spiders and frogs if the company she has expects her to do such a thing, but once she's alone, she'll go and feed the poor things.

- Was very hotheaded before the incident. She's mostly had to grow out of it due to her circumstances now, but if given enough reason, she still has that fire somewhere in her. It no longer manifests as shouting or visible anger, however - but as stubborn determination. If given enough reason, she will do what she must.​

History: Evelyn Wilcox was born to an upperclass family in a city further to the south. She was an only child, born to a working father and a housewife mother. Her childhood was easy, some could even say luxurious; her father was making quite a bit of money, so her parents could afford maids and private tutors to teach her all manner of things and keep her company when her father was at work and her mother needed a rest. She even picked up a hobby relatively young, be that it wasn't necessarily one her parents would've picked for her; archery. She loved horses as well, and in time she combined her two loves into one.

For years, life was good for Evelyn, even if she was a bit of a recluse - mostly due to her father's peculiar paranoia. She was allowed to play with the kids of neighbouring houses, but even when she was older, her father insisted she not wander out into town on her own. She had everything she needed at home, and the world outside was quite different from the fairytales stories she often read. It was a bad place that awaited beyond their fence, her father always said. Her mother, an absolute sweetheart who was taught early that her opinions didn't count for much, simply smiled and told Evelyn that her father knew best. So, ever the obedient one, Evelyn stayed home, even if she didn't agree with her father's sentiment.

That was, until they started to appear. Strange men Evelyn had never seen before, wearing dark clothes and solemn expressions. Once she noticed them, she started to see them everywhere; accompanying her father when he returned home, looking at the family house from the street at night, even knocking on their door to exchange pleasantries with her mother on occasion. Once her curiosity reached its peak, Evelyn dared ask her father if he knew the men. He assured her everything was okay, and the matter was not to be brought up again.

So Evelyn stayed quiet, even as the men started to take away things from their home. Jewelry, mostly, some of which Evelyn knew her mother was fond of. And yet, her mother uttered not a word, and never stopped smiling. 'Father knows best', she told her, over and over like a mantra. Each time she said it, Evelyn believed it less. And then one day, the men took away her favourite horse, and she'd had enough. She raised hell. She demanded to know what was going on, who the men were, and why they were taking away things that did not belong to them. Her father looked panicked. 'Please', he said, sounding more pleading than commanding - a stark contrast to his usual self. 'Don't ask. Ever again. It's for your own good.'

But Evelyn was too angry to listen, and if her father refused to provide her with no answers, then the strange men would. She'd lived a safe, happy life for twenty years, and despite her father's warnings, did not really know what to fear. She confronted the men, blocking their path. She did not earn back her horse that day. Instead, she lost her freedom. She was dragged from the house, never to see her parents again. It was only later that she found out who the men were. She was taken to a city called Bellaso, where she was sold to a wealthy man in the northern parts of the the city.

The few months she spent with the man are not ones she remembers fondly - so when some form of a family feud took the man's life, Evelyn did not stick around to weep or ask questions. She ran from his estate, blindly embracing the streets of this new, foreign city. She survived a few days on her own, until hunger took to her and she collapsed - only to wake up in the house of a stranger, who came to her with a proposition. Work, to earn her bread and bed. She had little choice but to accept.

Ever since, she has been a dancer in the red lights district of Bellaso. It's a job hardly worth the pay, and yet she has no other choice.

The Evelyn of today is not the Evelyn from four years ago. Once bright and lively, the past few years have turned her jaded, quiet and demure. She's not entirely sure what she's living for, but she knows she wants to live, no matter the hardships and disgrace she faces on the daily. As long as she's alive, things can still turn for the better.

Where there's life, there's hope.

Weapon: None, as being caught with a weapon would be a grave offense in her line of work. If she needs to defend herself, she uses words - and if they fail her, whatever she can find nearby. However, it should be noted that she's skilled in archery, both on horseback and not, even if she's never used it for actual combat. It has given her an impeccable precision and concentration if nothing else though.

Driver: None

Spell Cylinders: None
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*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant

Rose Johnson

Age: 23 (November 3)

Gender: Female


While she is the furthest thing from an ideal Victorian lady, many would agree that Rose has a rare, striking beauty, though it's sometimes difficult to see because of the dirt smudges that are often present on her face, and the way she prefers to dress. Many who have seen her actually lament that she could surpass the beauty of most noblewomen, if only she were a little smaller, and would take the time to fix herself up properly as well as put on a proper dress. Rose stands at a little over 6 feet tall, with pale skin and blood-red hair that reaches significantly past her waist, though it is often done in a simple braid that reaches waist-length. She has long bangs that cover her left eye, which she refuses to push out of the way, unless she's working. Contrary to what some may think, however, her left eye is nothing strange, being the exact shade of pale steel-blue as her right. Her body is naturally lean, and years of living on the streets, fighting and physical work made her muscular and sturdy with large, ample breasts and long, lean legs. Having her job as a mechanic, as well as dabbling illegal things, ensured that she has at least enough to eat, and thus helped her avoid malnourishment, and actually helped her become strong. Her face is angular, with strong features including arched brows of medium thickness, sharp cheekbones and an aquiline nose. It's common to see her face smudged with dirt or grease thanks to her line of work, and her body is often bruised from fighting. Her nails tend to have some grease under them, and as she's a smoker, her teeth are slightly yellowed, rather than white.

Rose doesn't dress in typical women's clothing. In fact, she flat out refuses to wear dresses and heavy skirts, dismissing them as cumbersome, impractical and uncomfortable. Neither does she wear corsets for the same reasons. She also dislikes bright colors, favoring black as much as possible. Her everyday attire consists of a black sleeveless vest worn over simple, rather worn-out button-down shirts in black or neutral colors, which she wears with the sleeves rolled up and the top two buttons undone. Thanks to her line of work and illegal activities, it isn't rare for her shirts to be stained with dirt, grease or blood. On top of these, she wears a men's black jacket with dark metal buttons and the sleeves rolled up to her elbows on most days - it's only in winter when she regularly wears her sleeves to their full length. For bottoms, she wears sturdy dark brown work trousers that go down to just below her knees. She pairs these with long black socks and heavy black work boots. On her hands, she wears black fingerless gloves, and on her head, she tends to wear a black tweed newsboy cap, as well as her work goggles. While at work, she doesn't wear her jacket, and tends to wear her tools around her waist on a belt.

  • Fearless and brave, even reckless. She isn't easily fazed or cowed by anything and would always face things head-on.
  • Rough around the edges and coarse-mannered. She doesn't put up a charming front and never minces her words. She speaks casually and irreverently, no matter whom she's talking to.
  • A tomboy by nature, she's the furthest thing from a lady and has rough, forceful mannerisms.
  • Independent and self-sufficient, to the point of refusing others' help, even though it's unwise.
  • VERY prickly towards most people. Thanks to some bad experiences, she has trouble trusting others, and would much rather push them away than to go through any more pain.
  • Confrontational and hot-headed. Her fuse is short, and it takes very little to piss her off. She's often the first to pick a fight, and doesn't let up unless she has the last laugh. She's hardly diplomatic as well, being one who swears a lot and prefers to use her fists rather than settling things "like a lady should".
History: Born to impoverished immigrant parents in The Scar, Rose never had an easy life. Mark and Agnes



Spell Cylinder:
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Fire and Ice Combo
This looks interesting so here's my sign-up

Name: Belvedere, Bell for short, Kingston
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Belvedere is a decent looking young man to the many that often come just to see him. Standing at the fairly tall height of 5'9" he taller than most girls but sometimes shorter than other guys. His skin tone is bronze in color and it's naturally that way whether he has sun or not. Bell is slender having an even amount of muscle and fat to give a more average looking built. Despite being an adult he hasn't lost his youthful, chubby cheek babyface, so often mistaken for a teenager. His face is rarely without a smile and violet eyes are in a semiclosed position. A few freckles decorate the outside edge his eyes.

Bell has shoulder length hair that is burgundy in color. The slightly wavy hair and bangs cover his forehead a bit and frame the side of his face. A sapphire rose hairpin is used to keep his bangs off of his face. It is very silky and has a healthy shine to it. He hides it under his clothing but his body is actually quite riddled with old and fading scars. The one scar he cannot hide is a vertical scar on his face crossing through his left eyebrow and eye. Even though it is obviously quite a deep cut, he actually doesn't have any vision problem with the eye.

Normally all Bell wears is the white and light blue, priestly vestments of the church he serves. They're loose and flowing making it easy to move around in. If it comes to it he does have a pair of casual clothes. It's a long-sleeved white shirt under a royal blue jacket made from some soft material. It has a diagonal zipper rather than an up and down one. A matching color scarf is worn with the jacket. Some faded grey jeans that are a perfect fit for his height and build are his pants of choice. White dress shoes are what he wears with both outfits and are old but kept relatively clean.

Personality: Bell first impression come off as that of a pure child. He kindly smiles and gives people a safe and happy feeling. A lot of people drawn in by his smiling face. He treats everyone gently and will happily engage in friendly conversations. If someone is troubled he'll listen and give them the encouragement they need. Whenever someone need help, he will gladly do it. It doesn't matter what the task is, he will do without complaint even if it's something that would annoy a normal person. He has great work ethics and tirelessly works hard even through the night. Anger and sadness are never seen on his face. Many see Bell as the perfect disciple of the church.

People that get to truly know Bell will learn that he is a very troubled person. While he truly is a good person, a lot what others see is him putting an incredible amount of effort into being the perfect church follower. If pushed too much, his usual kind and calm attitude disappear. Infuriated, sorrowful, annoyed; these emotions and feelings he suppresses just come bursting out of him. It's immediately cover back up but not before he says or does something he shouldn't have. Bell is a constant ticking time bomb of unexpressed emotions looking for outlets to escape. Since he doesn't know how to properly vent his negative emotions, they irregularly explode out of him. Often causing him to hurt people he cares about and that makes him try even harder to suppress them. Thus this unhealthy practice continues.

Another emotion Bell tried to desperately hide is a deep-seated fear. His phobia is of older women but it is often triggered by any females. Bell is fine normally when just talking with them but if they get too close he instinctively retreats. If they try to touch him he violently slaps their hands away. He doesn't really prefer to be touch by anyone but there is less of aggressive reaction toward guys. His worse show of terror toward women is when he suddenly shrink down and trembles as he begs for forgiveness with a disturbingly large grin. Unlike normal where he quickly returns to normal, he can be inflicted with this intense fear for quite a while before snapping out of it. Bell doesn't hate women but because of his phobia, he doesn't want to get close to them if he can help it.

While he enjoys being around people, Bell also likes to be alone as well so he can bury himself in a book or some kind of work. Doing these lone activities are either therapeutic or another case of him running away from his inner feelings, but it's a necessity for him. Sometimes when alone Bell has such a forlorn, desolate gaze as if he remembering something truly painful.

History: Belvedere was the result of an affair between upper-class aristocrat and his head maid. As soon as it was discovered that his mother was pregnant, she was kicked out with only some compensation money to live on. In the beginning, it was a normal life on the East Side as a single parent household. His mother loved and took great care of him; it was a normal mother and son relationship. But as Bell grew older, his mom gradually became unhinged. A little more distant, her behavior a bit more erratic and an odd coldness in her eyes when she looked at him; as a child, he didn't understand why. But he eventually learned it was due to a resembles of a man that thrown her away. It was in his twelveth year of life when suddenly she snapped gave him a harsh beating. With that their normal life was completely gone.

After his first beating, it became a constant occurrence whenever she was stressed or a weird mood hit her. His mom became a frightful person whom Bell hung on to her every word. When she snapped at him and told him to stop looking so unhappy at her all the time, he started to constantly smile. Then when she said she hated that look in his eyes, he did his best not to have his eyes seen. As a result of this constant attempts to appeased his mom, he became really good at suppressing his emotions and adapting to situations no matter how difficult or ludicrous the demand. After a particular bad thrashing resulted in a lot of blood and scar down his left eye, his mom became soulless. The times she regained her senses she would just cry and constantly apologize to Bell. It gave him slight hope that the mom he loved would come back someday.

This was a short-lived hope. Not long after his mom entered this state, she committed suicide while he was out. All she left behind was a note with sorry scrawled over it, an old diary and a sapphire rose hairpin. Bell became overwhelmingly afraid and uncertain, a minor of only fourteen with no family and no income. He lived his entire in the East district but with no money, he would be forced into the infamous Scar. Eventually, he came to the decision to join the church and become Priest Jon's disciple. Bell became the perfect follower of the church but this, however, was not the end.

Despite Bell seeming almost holy without a fault, it became apparent to those around him that the trauma of his past was still deeply embedded into his being. Sudden emotional outbursts and fears would emerge but just as quickly he buried them again under a smile. Probably solely under kindness of Priest Jon, and his other disciples that he has been allowed to stay until today.

: Currently none, as a follower of the church he has no need for weapons.

: While some of the other disciples of the church have one, he has yet to be given one.

Spell Cylinders:
Bright x3 (the only good ones he made)