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SP! Autumn Coloring Contest '05 Featuring Typhlosion!

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Sneasel Plushie!
Greetings everyone! We're ready to begin the second Sneasel Plushie coloring contest! If you need more of an introduction, check out the first contest. It's pretty simple though, just follow the guidelines and color the picture within two months from the time of this post.

Entry Guidelines:
1. This contest features Typhlosion, get the line art and start coloring! For those who want to color a "calm" Typhlosion, or add their own style of neck flames, there are two versions of line art available.
With Fire: JPG or transparent PNG || Without Fire: JPG or transparent PNG
2. Be sure to include your name somewhere on the image itself, but please do not remove the "Line Art by fab" in the lower left corner.
3. Colors do not have to match the Pokémon's actual colors.
4. Backgrounds will be counted in judging the overall appeal of each picture, so do your best to make them nice!
5. Even though it's an "autumn" contest, you don't have to feature anything pertaining to autumn. Feel free to place Typhlosion in a lush, green valley if you like.
6. Submit your entry by posting it here, or e-mail it to me only if you have nowhere to upload to.
7. Save pictures as PNG or JPG preferably, no BMP please!
8. Original line art comes at 1024x1024 pixel size. Please keep your final versions squared, and reduced to no less than 800x800.
9. Only one entry per person.

Entry Judging:
The judging panel consists of five people who will base their selections according to the overall appeal of the coloring and background. These are people I know in real life, family and friends who are not members of the online Pokémon community, and some of whom know next to nothing about Pokémon. This system worked well for the first contest, and it keeps things fair. It also means that no potential participants will have to forego entering to take part in judging.

Concerning Prizes:
Prizes are awarded to the top 3 entries as chosen by the judges. Each of the 3 will receive a graphic-award (see previous contest winners for example) indicating their respective placement. In addition, 1st Place winner earns the right to request a piece of artwork by me, fab, and 2nd Place winner gets to have a say in which Pokémon shall be featured in the next contest. All participating entries will be featured on the site, so let that in itself be the goal and have fun coloring!

P.S. My apologies to the participants of the first contest who were left wondering who won. I notified the winners by PM and posted the results on the SP! site, but I found the thread was locked before I could publically announce it here at Serebii. I was going through a rough period in life so I didn't take the time to bother having it unlocked, please forgive me.


F&J Manga-Ka
This is my entry -- Typhlosion sees falling leaves! (Oh, and the "Line Art by fab" is still where it should be -- just zoom in.)

Hope you like it!
Here Ya Go!


Um....I didn't get to see the Butterfree contest results. D= Sorry if I haven't been active enough. who won?

oops! sorry I didn't see the last part of what you said. Please ignore this post. ^^
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Well-Known Member
OMG! my names in it! lmao jokes... is spring though <_< in australia it is anyway.... ill enter one soon.....maybe..probly not....
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Sneasel Plushie!
Looking good so far, everyone! Entries aren't pouring in quite as fast as last time, but with school back and all, that's to be expected... Keep 'em coming people!

Oh, and for those interested, there's another thread here in the Fan Art forum where I've posted Wyndigo's requested picture. Have a look if you like, you know, since it relates to the contests and whatnot.


I have a question. The only art program I have is mspaint. Is it ok if I convert the original lineart to monochrome bitmap so the lines are more blocky?


Sneasel Plushie!
That's fine, Iveechan. I don't see any problem with that. Though, I do pity anyone who only has Paint to work with. Still, some artists don't seem to be inhibited by it's limitations, so I'll be looking forward to seeing your entry!

shiney mew

Marsh Trainer
I didn't see the Butterfree one until after it was over, but the scanner didn't work (still doesn't) and I was bored, so I colored it anyway... I just love Photoshop. ^-^ *reminds self to post my Suicune pic sometime*

Kept finding stuff wrong with it... I had to upload this thing three times before I got it how I wanted it! @_@

I messed with the hands a little... tried to make 'em more claw-looking. ^^


Hoenn Champion
Well, as the only software I can use is MS paint, it may take a while until I can send my entry in. When is the deadline?

Emerald Flygon

Hug me! I'm cute! X3
*looks around* ...hope it hasn't ended yet... I still have to enter mine in!


Dirty bubbles! XD
My Butterfree entry was Fire-based... and now my Typhlosion is aquatic-based! ^^; Maybe at the next contest, I'll do something electric-based or something. Who knows?

NOTE: I had to resize it... a lot. It was way too big. o____o And I left the eyes and mouth white on purpose! ^^; Just a little thing I do most of the time!


Hoenn Champion
I have decided not to enter a competition because I have other things which I want to do which need more time and as I only have paint, it will take more time than it needs to.
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