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Space C Deoxys up for Trade


God of Thunder
dsgamecube: Yeah I do. I'll consider that offer. If nothing better comes up in an hour or so, it's yours.


Breaking Benjaminfan
ok then,A darkrai(legit)lvl 40 ,infernape lvl 100,and a metagross lvl 100?,i g2g so plz keep it on hold


God of Thunder
To you two who offered Darkrai: Nope. Seeing as though the only way to get them is to hack (or accepting a hack), I ain't accepting those offers.

Heaven's Illusion

Well-Known Member
I didn't catch this Blissey. I got from a friend a while ago, I didn't touch it.

Nature: Relaxed
Trait: Serene Grace
Solar Beam
Hyper Beam
Skill Swap

I know it sucks, but if don't like it I can offer a Bold Happiny.