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Spacey_dude's eggs!

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Spacey_dude, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Spacey_dude

    Spacey_dude Espeon Rawks!

    I will make 3 eggs every 2 weeks. The eggs will hatch in 2-3 weeks. After they hatch, the pokemon can evolve(if it has any evolutions)!Pm me for the link so that you can put the egg in your signature.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    *In order to see the eggs hatch, you must refresh the page
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2007
  2. blazikenBAM

    blazikenBAM alittlestitious


    the shading is off. look at pokemon egg sprites, and notice the shading. it's curved, not flat and linear. if you fix the shading, they will look much better.

    keep practicing.
  3. Silver Suicune

    Silver Suicune Milotic = My Erotic

    Agreed. The shading is weird, and it would look so much better if you added more shades, or even better, pillowshaded them.
  4. Lion_animagus

    Lion_animagus fusion expert

    no, pillow shaing is a nono. you should just try and immitate the shading OR just use official eggs and add what you want to those.
  5. Spacey_dude

    Spacey_dude Espeon Rawks!

    Ok, I will make the next batch better.
  6. Mr. Yoshi

    Mr. Yoshi whatamidoinghere

    they look as if they were done in paint ._. the shading is weird...the first one... is it a forretress?
  7. Spacey_dude

    Spacey_dude Espeon Rawks!

    Youre right on both
  8. Charizard 36

    Charizard 36 Fire Master

    Spacey dude I like the Eggs but neither of them are Mew. And I love Mew.
  9. Spacey_dude

    Spacey_dude Espeon Rawks!

    Im making a mew one for the next batch
  10. Charizard 36

    Charizard 36 Fire Master

    Thanks Dude!:p
  11. Spacey_dude

    Spacey_dude Espeon Rawks!

    You want one of these eggs?
  12. Charizard 36

    Charizard 36 Fire Master

    I would would like a Mew Egg. And I know the answer Egg #2. It's Areodactyl.
  13. eonmaster_457

    eonmaster_457 Well-Known Member

    Ithink it's a cubone.
    look at the bone club.
  14. Spacey_dude

    Spacey_dude Espeon Rawks!

    Youre right. I edited some of it though
  15. Lion_animagus

    Lion_animagus fusion expert

    stop spamming by saying *qoute*nobody like my eggs. *unqoute* and no one is psoting here anymore because you haven't updated your aprtie OR post your new sprites.
  16. Divine_Light

    Divine_Light Espeon will own all!

    The shading looks kinda weird but great effort has been out into them :)
  17. Discharge

    Discharge Onions? WHERE???

    aww.. cubone!!! I like your eggs
  18. Spacey_dude

    Spacey_dude Espeon Rawks!

    New eggs are out!;egg;
  19. Spacey_dude

    Spacey_dude Espeon Rawks!

    these are way improved huh?

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