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Spambot links...

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What would happen if you clicked on a link given by a spambot? I posted this before in the Regarding Spambots thread. Has anyone ever had any experiance in clicking the links given in this forum?

And also what would happen if you get involved in this crap? I hovered over the links and the link URL's seem to be quite short.

Well, does anyone know what would happen if you clicked on a spambot link?


It will probably send a virus in your comp


A virus more than likely, and probably even mess up your computer (In the terms of deleting your programs, ETC)

From my experience of spambots, the links aren't good. Normally though they are just ads, but do NOT click them. Ever.


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It varies depending on the spambot.


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Personally, this type of stuff is why I use Linux, if I were to get a Windows virus, it wouldn't get anywhere at all, as linux by default can't run Windows program, and if I run Wine (which is a compatibility layer) the program would still need to be marked as executables, which has to be done by the user,

as for Linux viruses, yes, they exist, but they won't get much further than a Windows virus, the only real thing it could do is, say, write a text document and delete, this is because of Root, and a virus lacks access to it, so it can't change a thing outside of the Home folder, which there's not much to be deleted there that can't be recovered with a backup, and besides, there really aren't all that many viruses written for linux, maybe 1% of the amount of viruses that windows has is the amount Linux has.


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My friend clicked on a spambot link once, and a very disturbing video involving sex appeared. The window wouldn't close either, so all she could do was yell for her older brother and cry at him to do something. She was almost mentally scarred because of that incident. So basically, it isn't advertisement at all sometimes.

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If you're worried about viruses, either:

A) Don't click on the link
B) Buy a mac

If you're worried about porn:

A) Don't click on the link

End of issue.
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