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Sparks Fly For Magnemite! (030)

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
Great episode. But the only problem is that Ash said that Pikachu is the only pokemon who can battle the Grimer. Why's that?


Well-Known Member
Muk was kool. I didnt think ash would catch him as the name mentioned Magnamite and not Muk or Grimer. 8/10


Noam Chompsky
Yeah,that has to be one of the best lines of season 1. I wonder if we will ever hear a line like that again?

i hope so...anyways so looks like Magnemite got a thing for pikachu Eh lol...overall i though at frist "Ugh he caught a muk o joy" then when i saw how funny it is with its Bayleef like love for ash i really started to like muk...


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A very good episode, I liked how the introduced both Grimer, Muk Magnemite, and Magneton by having them hang around a power plant. It was funny watching that Magnemite follow Pikachu around because it was magnetized. Grats to Ash for catching a Muk it will serve him well later down the road, it's to bad he didn't catch a Magnemite or Magneton to during this episode.
For some reason, in the scene where Ash was holding Pikachu, he looked really cool and sexy in those pink rubber gloves. But still, it was a good episode.


Don't die, ketchup!
Magnemite scared me when I was little. It was kind of creepy to me how Magnemite just followed Pikachu around. And when I was little, I didn't get Ash's line saying that Magnemite was a "streaker." Now, I find that hilarious.


kiss my greens
I liked this episode. Poor Pikachu, I felt bad for it. That Magnemite was actually very creepy ¬¬ I'm glad Pikachu got better and it left Pika alone.

Muk was awesome, too! I love how the smell comes through the Pokeball! XD


In my nightmares
A rather good episode. Poor Pikachu thinks Ash would have left him. Muk was cool too. But it was weird how it never seemed to smell after this episode.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I think it was cute how Magnemite had a crush on Pikachu.

I liked Muk, i think it made a good edition to Ash's Pokemon.


This episode sure was heck of an adventure. But I'm surprised that Muk is found in the Power Plant and blocks the water, which provides electricity source. It sure did stink alot when Ash captured it and Oak smelling it. But how come no one senses its bad smell in the games?

Blazing Charmander

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This is one episode that really reminds me of how I came to love Pokemon when I first started watching it at the end of the '90s.

If one was to simply look at the synopsis for this episode, they'd probably find the plot to be dull and uninteresting. However, thankfully the synopsis doesn't tell the full story lol. I thought Gringy City was a very unique place for Ash and co to visit on the back of the likes of Saffron, Celadon and the desert surroundings where Ash caught and released Primeape. Additionally, it was cool how the Magnemite and Grimer families were both introduced in this episode in the grimy Power Plant environment.

Although the Magnemite's infatuation towards Pikachu didn't interest me much, I liked to see a different character to the Nurse Joy and some of the interactions between the characters, e.g. Ash calling Magnemite a streaker, much to Misty and Brock's embarrassment.

However, the surprise capture of Muk made this episode for me. It was right out of left field when you expected this episode to be left as a filler meant only to showcase a couple of new Pokemon. There was no impetus beforehand for Ash to catch Muk, and to top it off it was mostly down to the work of Magnemite/ton that the Grimer and Muk were repelled. So the first time I saw the episode, it was a complete shock when Ash pulled out a Pokeball to catch it. The background music makes the scene all the more epic too. Pity that they don't do spur-of-the-moment captures like this any longer.


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you can smell muk through the pokeball!!! lol

if was hilarious at the end when muk tackled professor oak when he opened the pokeball


I find it strange that Muk's smell doesn't affect anyone anymore...it only happened in this episode. Pikachu has a stalker! xD That was hilarious. Who knew that Magnemite & Grimer could be enemies? But, as always, it worked out in the end; the Pokemon at the Pokemon Center were saved, Ash caught a new Pokemon, TR didn't die from sludge poisoning, the end :)

I give this episode a: