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Sparks Fly For Magnemite! (030)


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Just finished watching this. I enjoyed the little snippet of Pokemon biology on how electric pokemon work. It's a simple episode but it's very nice. :)
Man I loved this episode it seemed so gloomy and I loved it when Ash and the others were in the power plant in the dark. I was so freaked out as a kid when Magnemite appeared lmao. Glad Ash got Muk too only it's too bad that he didn't really use him alot back in Kanto. The Pikachu plot line was kind of boring but the rest of the episode was awesome. Classic Kanto.


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Gringy City's Nurse Joy is probably the most lazy Nurse Joy I've seen in the Kanto Saga. She didn't seem to worry much about Pikachu when Ash brought him to her, but at least she got serious when the City's electricity went out. Pikach One of my favorite episodes because of how eerie it was. Magnemite getting attracted to a Pikachu was weird, and Pikachu getting attracted to Magnamite at the end was even more weird, but it funny when Ash said that the Magnamite was a 'streaker' instead of 'stalker'.they're so different. Ash catching that Muk was quite surprising. When I watched this episode for the first time, I wasn't expecting Ash to catch that Muk......but I'm glad he caught it. Sadly he didn't used it much throughout the Pokémon series.

Overall this episode was good, Ash capturing Muk and Professor Oak's reaction to Muk were the best parts of this episode.

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Ah yes, I remember this episode. I could smell it through the computer screen, and it smells like static.

In all seriousness, this is a... strange episode, personally, since I'm not entirely sure what to think of it since it's rather heavy on the nostalgia for me, yet after watching it for the first in a long time, it doesn't have that same "oomph" it did as a kid. It's technically not filler, but at the same time it feels like a filler, except there was a sub-plot going on. Gringey City is the name of the setting, but it was rather obvious this was the Power Plant episode, minus Voltorb, Electrode and Zapdos. They are either close to Celadon, or they're closer to Fuchsia City, which going by chronological order of the episodes, they're closer to Fuchsia, and thus they indeed are closer to the Power Plant, though not by much. Either way, I just have to question why Ash and company ended up in Gringey City. Did they really have to pass through? They couldn't take a detour? Or did Ho-oh/Arcues/will-of-the-plot/whoever lead them there because of the Grimer conveniently blocking the water flow and thus putting sick Pokémon in danger?

I'm just curious, is all. But I mean, I suppose the only other way to Fuchsia would have to be taking Cycling Road, but that'll be covered in a few more episodes. Which I'm honestly looking forward to.

But enough about that, Pikachu's ill! It's a nice change of pace, I suppose, not often these kinds of little plot conveniences pop up—though it's not a plot convenience since it helps expand upon the world of Pokémon in revealing that Electric Pokémon can have too much electricity. I like how this was explained, though I guess it's either common knowledge or something that the adults (both Joy and the workers) learned about, and thus had to explain what Pikachu's ailment was. More could've been done with it in terms of showing, not telling, but apparently magnetic fields are hard to show, even with a magnet Pokémon hovering around him.

Speaking of, why is it just the one Magnemite? We see multitudes of Magneton show up, but how come there was only one Magnemite? Was it just the odd one out or something? And if Magnemite is attracted to the magnetic fields Electric Pokémon emit on occasion, why didn't the Magneton swarm around Pikachu as well?

Anything for a stalker joke, I guess.

So what's good ol' Team Rocket up to this time? They're... going to use the sewers to infiltrate the Pokémon Center? Creative, I guess. It's rather amusing to see Meowth float in a little UFO-shaped tank, almost like it was made specifically with him in mind. But where did he get it? Did Giovanni lent it along with the suits? Did they steal it? I bet they stole the equipment, but where did they steal them from? Why did there exist a little UFO-oxygen tank?

Why am I questioning this, a machine mixes oxygen and air freshener together. Good to know that you're poisoning your teammates, Meowth, you sick bastard. Flower or citrus-scented? It's horrifying enough that we got to see Jessie and James asphyxiate when the power was cut off, but to know that they're inhaling chemicals is just nasty. He must really have it out for the two. (Or, if this was stolen along with anything else, would that make the citizens of Gringey City high?)

It's been a while since we last saw Nurse Joy, and I do like how Ash almost casually asks if she's the oddball of the family. Whether she is or not, I don't know (but I mean, if you live in that city, you'll probably end up a little loopy anyway), but she took to it pretty well. Unfortunately, that's all her character amounts to. She sounds quieter than the other Joys, at the least, but I would've liked to have seen if she indeed was a little kooky or not. Guess it's the lack of sleep talking.

“Grimer, a Sludge Pokémon. Born from sludge, these Pokémon specialize in sludge attacks.” Redundant much, 'Dex? But really, it's great that they were realistic with Grimer and Muk here in making sure they were nasty Pokémon. They unfortunately do not attack with their sludge, though, they mostly just stand around and stink up the place while they launch at doors. Also, if the Grimer are a real problem in Gringey City, why haven't they found a way to keep them at bay? Did it not once cross their minds that perhaps the water got clogged up because of the Grimer?

Interesting that not long after Ash gives away Primeape does he catch a new Pokémon. Boy, he sure forgot about him quickly, didn't he? Muk at the very least does things, and he quickly develops an affectionate personality (odd...), so he's a nice replacement for Primeape. It's funny that the only reason why Ash didn't keep Muk on his team is because the stench still leaks through the PokéBall. (Which becomes more funny when you realize the stench is never brought up again.) It's probably a good thing you weren't eating at the moment, Oak, or you would've lost your lunch.

So apparently in the end, it was nothing more than an environmental message. Okay then. Personally not a fan, especially since this one seemed kinda tacked on. But whatever, Pikachu is happy to get his stalker off his back. Hooray! ...I guess.

It's a good episode, and has decent pacing (they spent too much time mulling over Magnemite's obsession with Pikachu, if you ask me), but the episode felt it was better when I was a kid. I remember being a bit intrigued with Grimer in this episode, and that they tried to go for a spooky feel when they first entered the power plant. Magnemite was also interesting as a kid, because it looked unique, yet it looked robotic at the same time. I swear the episode was written to showcase the unique Pokémon that are neither living nor machinery... or sludge in Grimer and Muk's case, though I do wish more could've been done to expand on these two Pokémon. At least Magnemite gets more love in the future.

Well, gotta prepare for the earworms for the next one since episode 31 is one of the more memorable episodes for me. The nostalgia's going to hit me hard like a squeaky mallet hits a plastic mole.
When the power plant was mentioned in this episode, I thought that they were maybe going to tun in to Zapdos.
Then again, I thought this when I saw this episode when I was younger, so I guess it was wanting to see a cool legendary.


I cackled when Meowth made Jessie and James dive into the sewer. The whole thing about the Pokemon Center's sick Pokemon dying if the power wasn't restored was kind of grim though, even for OS. I laughed when Team Rocket's magnet plan backfired and simply attracted a ton of Magnemite and Magneton instead of Pikachu.

Mrs. Oreo

I loved the scenes where Ash's group were wandering in the dark inside the power plant since it was spooky. Pikachu's illness didn't interest me tho, however I was glad that Ash caught a Muk at least.


Lol Muk shouldn't have even been caught and I don't know what the hell Ash was thinking. I felt so sorry for Prof. Oak at the end...


Ash catching Muk was very random but what I liked most was seeing Ash's friends and him in the dark building when Magnemite was following them 8/10
What a cool episode since we got to see Pikachu develop + Ash catching Muk. My favorite scene was when Magnemite appeared in the dark hallway.


Coil stalking Satoshi's Pikachu was slightly scary at first until we learned that it was simply attracted to Pikachu's electricity. The Rocket-dan's plan in the sewer was funny in a sad kind of way, and the horde of Betbeter that invaded the power plant were persistent. I'm glad that Satoshi captured Betbeton.
I liked how they introduced Grimer, Muk, Magnemite, and Magneton by having them hang around the power plant. It was funny watching that Magnemite follow Pikachu around because it was magnetized lol. :p


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Just watched this episode. It's pretty creepy in general, Gringey City being polluted and all. Hilarious moments include Team Rocket (Meowth trying to suffocate them and James calls Meowth "you dimwit!") and the ending. Ash catching Muk was cool.


Just watched this episode. It's pretty creepy in general, Gringey City being polluted and all.

One thing that I found strange about Gunjou City was that Kasumi mentioned that it was virtually abandoned in terms of ordinary civilians due to all the factories and pollution, yet the city still had a Pokemon Center. It's just bizarre to me that Joi even had Pokemon to take care of during the blackout given how desolate the city was.


When the Grimer squad came into the power plant's control room with Muk, I didn't get how they could even be seen as a threat since Muk was weak for a leader.


When the Grimer squad came into the power plant's control room with Muk, I didn't get how they could even be seen as a threat since Muk was weak for a leader.

The wild Betbeton that Satoshi ended up capturing wasn't what I'd consider to be weak. It was only defeated when Pikachu and the stalker Coil joined forces to unleash a combined attack. Not only that, but it showed impressive resilience as well since it withstood the attacks from Rarecoil that defeated its army of Betbeter.
So the city was polluted so badly that Grimer infested it or were the Grimer the cause of the pollution? Either way I liked how Magnemite saved the power plant.


So the city was polluted so badly that Grimer infested it or were the Grimer the cause of the pollution? Either way I liked how Magnemite saved the power plant.

If I remember correctly, Betbeter apparently thrived in the city after the city's pollution got out of hand.