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Special/Adventures Black and White release differences? (Eng;Viz)

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What are the known differences between the volumes contained in the boxset in the first link, and the upcoming volumes (in the second link)? Will the second editions ever get a boxset as well?
I do know the boxset contains... I think they got the material direct from the magazine in Japan, therefore the volumes are really thin?
However I also know that in Japan if a manga is published in a magazine first and then brought to a normal manga volume that give the author oppurtunities to correct any mistakes. Were there any that (will hopefully if applicable) be corrected by this release?
I think that's all I wanted to ask about it anyway... I know the second editions coming out are going to have more chapters per book but I don't know if there's anything else different.


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The first set is derived from the Japanese magazines while the second set is from the actual volumes, so the "legit" ones. There are some flaws and inconsistencies in the magazines that are corrected in the volumes, along with a few extra scenes (like the stalkerish N scene at the end of the first Black & White volume) and some extra volume-only content. I would recommend getting the second edition volumes.


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So far every arc seems to be getting a boxset so I think it's likely the second edition prints will get one as well. They're definitely the better buy too, not only due to having more chapters per volume (well, aside from the first and maybe the last one) but also but also due to all the corrections and additional pages as well. Every BW volume so far has had them too, which makes me glad I didn't bother buying the mini volumes.

The only downside though is Viz hasn't been including all the changes in their second editions. At the very least they didn't keep this: http://luoqin.tumblr.com/post/55339662125/i-have-pokemon-adventures-black-and-white-v-1 I don't know about the other changes but I'm afraid they may not have been kept as well, since if Viz kept the magazine version of that page they probably did for every page. They have been keeping all the additional pages at least but I don't think they realize the volumes also have minor panel and dialogue changes. I've been meaning to email them about it to see if they might correct it in a future printing but I've been wanting to wait to make sure I can tell them what all they need to change.
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