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Specific Poké Ball Trading Thread

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper Well-Known Member

    I have about 20 beast ball Charmander leftover from a recent breeding project. Mostly random natures but all should have at least 3 perfect IVs. Looking for other rejects from others. Send me a PM or VM if interested
  2. MasterofArcanine

    MasterofArcanine Pokecollection Maste

    Hey all. I was wondering if someone has a Female HA Blitzle in either a Ultra Ball or Quick Ball. Please PM me if you can help.
  3. miShellder

    miShellder Bank Ball Collector

    HA Premier ball Pokémon
    - HA Genderless Pokémon in Apricorn balls
    - HA Female-only Pokémon in Apricorn balls
    - HA Male-only Pokémon in Apricorn balls

    - DBHA Pokémon
    - Safari ball Pokémon
    - Sport ball Pokémon
    - Apricorn ball Pokémon (including all possible combinations of Starter Pokémon)
    - HA Pokémon

    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  4. OmegaRedRage

    OmegaRedRage New Member

    Omanyte in Luxury Ball
    Tirtouga in Luxury Ball

    All starters up to Gen 6 in Luxury Ball (I believe all in HA, too)
    HA Togepi in Luxury Ball
    All other fossils in Luxury with HA
    Most of the breedable Dex in Luxury Balls - Can breed for perfect IVs, if necessary
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
  5. Doomdour

    Doomdour Color Ball Collector

    I've been combining HA on every Apricorn mon me and Scherzando have. You can find our complete list in both our signatures.

    We're not looking for much atm, some things are Moon Ball Minun. If you trade us non HA we prefer a male so we can combine it, if it has HA the gender doesn't matter.

    Other things we would like are:

    Level HA: Axew
    Safari HA: Croagunk, K-Cubone, K-Grimer, Larvitar, Lotad, Natu, Paras, Pinsir, Scyther, Spinarak, Tangela, Trapnich, Yanma

    e6life is amazing
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018 at 10:40 PM
  6. LukeSteele

    LukeSteele New Member

    Been a while so reposting,

    Im looking to finish off my Dream Ball collection.

    LF: Dream Ball: Slakoth, Spinda, Zangoose, Seviper, Baltoy, Duskull, Castform, Cherubi, Glameow, Stunky, Carnivine

    FT: Check out what I have in my Rare Ball Checklist.

    PM me if you're interested in making a deal.
  7. Benvolia

    Benvolia New Member

    I'm lf:
    Loveball grubbin, frillish

    I can breed the following pokemon for trade.(K-Kanto form/A-alolan form). I haven't marked the ha on most of these so just ask of you are interested.

    Absol, aerodactyl, anorith, axew, Bagon, bellsprout, bidoof, buneary, Cacnea, carvanha, caterpie, chinchou, corphish, Cottonee, Cranidos, Dratini ha, drilbur, Eevee, electrike, elekid, exeggcute, Feebas, Gastly, gible, gligar, Horsea, houndour, Illumise, Jigglypuff, joltik, jynx, Kabuto, karrablast, koffing, Lapras, lickitung, Magikarp, mankey, mantine, mareep, mawile, meditite, meowth, minccino, munna, Nincada, Omastar, Phanpy, pikachu, poliwag, ponyta, poochyena, Ralts, rhyhorn, riolu, Seedot, seel, shellos(E/W), shelmet, shieldon, shinx, shuppet, skarmory, skitty, slakoth, slowpoke, sneasel, snorunt, solosis, spheal, spoink, squirtle, stunky, swablu, Tentacool, timburr, tirtouga, torkoal, tangela, togepi, Venipede, vulpix, wailmer.

    Axew, Bagon, beldum, Deino, dewpider, drampa 5ivs, dratini 5ivs, Eevee, exeggcute, Feebas, Goomy, gible 5ivs, grimer(a)5ivs, Honedge, Mareanie, mimikyu 5ivs, magikarp, marill, Oranguru, Pikipek 5ivs, Sandshrew ha(a)5 ivs, sandygast 5ivs, scyther, shellder 5ivs, slakoth 5ivs, snivy, stufful, swinub, Tepig 5ivs, togepi, totodile, trapinch, trevenant 5ivs, turtonator 5ivs, tynamo, Vulpix, Wimpod, wishiwashi.

    Abra, aipom, Bellsprout, Clefairy, cubone, cyndaquil, Delibird, deino, drampa, drowzee, Eevee, Gastly, gible, grimer ha(k/a), growlithe, Heracross, honedge, hoothoot, hoppip, horsea, houndour, Kangaskhan, Lapras, larvitar, Mareep, marill, meowth(k/a), mimikyu, minor, morelull, misdreavus, murkrow, Nidoran, numel, Ralts, Oddish, onix, oricorio, Pineco, pidgey, ponyta, poochyena, pyukumuku, Rattata(a), rockruff, Roselia, Sableye, sandshrew(a), seel, shellder, shellos, shinx, slowpoke, sneasel, snorunt, snorlax, swablu, swinub, Taillow, tangela, teddiursa, Vulpix(k/a), venonat, Zubat

    Absol, aipom, Bellsprout, bounsweet, buneary, Caterpie, chansey, cherubi, clamperl, clefairy, comfey, corsola, cutiefly, Dhelmise, dratini, Eevee, exeggcute, Feebas, fromantis, Gastly, gible, goomy, Hoppip, Igglybuff, Jangmo-o, Koffing, Lapras, ledyba, Mareanie, mareep, mawile, meditite, meowth(k/a), miltank, mimikyu, morelull, Nidoran, Oddish, Pidgey, Ralts, roselia, Salandit, sandshrew(a), slugma, snubbull, stantler, stufful, swablu, swinub, Togedemaru, togepi, torkoal, Vulpix(k/a), Zubat.

    Absol, aron, Bagon, beldum, Diglett, drampa,Geodude(a), grimer(k), Horsea, Jangmo-o, Kangaskhan, koffing, Larvitar, Machop, magikarp, makuhita, mawile, mudbray, Numel, Onix, Passimian, Phanpy, ponyta, Riolu, Sandshrew(a), skarmory, snorlax, stantler, sudowoodo, swinub, Tentacool, Wimpod.

    Bidoof, bounsweet, Chansey, Cyndaquil, Delibird, dewpider, Goomy, Heracross, Jangmo-o, Larvitar, Oddish, Oranguru, Pyukumuku, Ralts, rockruff, Seedot, Snivy, shroomish, sudowoodo, Yanma, Zubat.

    Abra, Bidoof, Diglett, dratini, Exeggcute, Growlithe, Klink, Magby, magikarp, mareep, Paras, pidgey, pichu, pineco, ponyta, Shinx, stantler, starly, sudowoodo, Torkoal, Vulpix(k), Zigzagoon.

    Abra, Bidoof, Cubone, cyndaquil, Dratini, Growlithe, grubbin, Jangmo-o, Kangaskhan, Mareep, meditite, minor, Passimian, pidgey, psyduck, Ralts, Rattata(k), rhyhorn, Sandygast, seel, slakoth, spearow, spoink, swablu, Weedle.

    Absol, Buizel, Carvanah, chatot, corsola, chinchou, Dhelmise, dratini, Gible, goomy, Heracross, horsea, Lapras, Magikarp, mareanie, marill, Poliwag, Ralts, Shellder, Tentacool, totodile, wishiwashi.

    Barboach, bellsprout, bidoof, Chansey, croagunk, cubone, Doduo, drowzee, Ekans, Gastly, geodude(k), goldeen, grimer(k), Houndour, Kangaskhan, koffing, Krabby, Larvitar, Nidoran, Oddish, onix, Phanpy, Rattata(k), rhyhorn, sandshrew(k), scyther, sentret, shroomish, spinarak, skorupi, spearow, Trapinch, tropius, Venonat, Wooper, Zubat.

    Caterpie, combee, Illumise, Kricketot, Nincada, Paras, pinser, Scyther, Venonat, Weedle, wurmple.
  8. Prozart

    Prozart Teh Proviet

    I'm looking for an Aerodactyl in a Premier Ball. I don't need it in any other ball. I'll offer any two of the following for one, or three if it has the hidden ability.

    GF Celebi (Timid)
    WIN2011 Celebi (Modest)
    GF Arceus (Adamant)
    Nintendo HK Jirachi (Jolly) (Shiny)
    SMR2010 Jirachi (Modest)
    SMR2010 Jirachi (Bashful)
    SMR2010 Jirachi (Brave)
    GAMESTP Jirachi (Mild)
    FAL2010 Mew (Quiet)
    GF Shaymin (Modest)
    GF Victini (Adamant)
    SPR2013 Meloetta (Bashful)
    GF Manaphy (Timid)
    TRU Manaphy (Naive)
    GTS Vivillon (Serious)
    XY Torchic (Quiet)
    MT. Tensei Marshadow (Jolly)
    2012MAY Darkrai (Timid)
    Plasma Deoxys (Jolly)
    SUM2013 Palkia (Brave) (Shiny)
    SUM2013 Giratina (Gentle) (Shiny)
    WIN2013 Keldeo (Gentle)
    TRU Regigigas (Sassy)
    RKS System Silvally (Modest) (Shiny)
    2018 Legends Dialga (Modest)
    2018 Legends Palkia (Timid)
    XYZ Xerneas (Hasty) (Shiny)
    XYZ Yveltal (Hasty) (Shiny)
    XYZ Zygarde (Hardy)
    Meleme Tapu Koko (Timid) (Shiny)

    Abra (w/HA)
    Scraggy (w/HA)
    Litten (w/HA)
    Rowlet (w/HA)
    Popplio (w/HA)

    If you have an Aerodactyl in a Premier Ball and none of these things interest you please PM me and I'm sure we can work something out.
  9. CapybaraMage

    CapybaraMage Member

    Lure Ball HA Totodile
    Beast Ball Eevee
    Beast Ball Emolga
    Friend Ball Jangmo-o
    Moon Ball HA A-Vulpix (Timid w/ egg moves Freeze-dry, Moonblast, Encore)
    Heavy Ball A-Geodude
    Luxury Ball Charmander
    Dream Ball HA Torchic
    Beast Ball Riolu
    Lure Ball Alomomola
    Nest/Dive/Net Ball Shiny Remoraid

    I can give any of these Pokérus upon request. I may also be able to add some egg moves if you need me to. Feel ask to ask and I can check.

    LF: Anything really. Open to offers. My favorite balls are Friend, Moon, Fast, and Safari. You could offer something without a special Pokéball, too. Just trying to help people with their collections :)
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
  10. Desdemona

    Desdemona crazy Eevee lady

    LF: Female (unless genderless/100% male) living dex additions

    great: gabite, poliwag , seismitoad, togetic
    ultra: aegislash, chandelure, exploud, golem alola, guzzlord, pichu, poochyena, seedot, shedinja, weezing
    master: aipom, granbull , salazzle, venonat
    dive: articuno, butterfree, croconaw, dratini, hitmontop, kingdra, lapras, omastar, porygon2, squirtle , swampert, walrein, xerneas
    dusk: grovyle , larvitar, yanmega
    heal: Aerodactyl, doublade
    luxury: braviary, dusknoir, emboar, ninjask, pidgeot, poochyena, typhlosion
    nest: bayleef, exeggutor, politoed, treecko, victreebel
    net: carracosta , crobat , grotle, monferno, nidoking, quilava, venusaur, weavile
    premier: aerodactyl, cloyster, dewgong, gardevoir, golem, gothitelle , gurdurr , hitmonlee, kingler, krookodile, pinsir, mightyena, primeape, slaking, slowking, swellow, togekiss
    repeat: blaziken, chimchar, gliscor, gourgeist, infernape, magby, , pidgeot, pidgeotto, pignite, starmie
    quick: croconaw, crabominable, guzzlord, minun
    timer: escavalier, gallade, hitmonchan, infernape , scizor, slowking

    heavy: bagon , beldum, mantine, poliwhirl, rhydon , vileplume
    moon: bagon, jumpluff, kingdra, lapras, walrein
    friend: bayleef, bulbasaur, flygon, politoed, reuniclus, sceptile
    fast: chimchar, garchomp , kingler, parasect
    level: ambipom, bidoof , kricketune, pallosand, persian, pidgeotto , quilava, seaking, staravia
    love: cloyster, grumpig, hydreigon, lurantis, meganium, milotic, muk, nidorino, slowbro, steenee, venonat
    lure: feraligatr, salamence, togetic
    safari: shiftry, shroomish, tyranitar, victreebel

    FT: My spread of bankballs - will trade 2:1 for high level evolutions

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