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Vive la Revolution!
I was just wondering, in wi-fi matches, will other people be able to watch the match? That is other than the two or four people actually taking part.


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Are you talking about like Netbattle? Unless you record the battle for others to see there will be no spectating. I wish they had that feature, but they don't.


Vive la Revolution!
Well if i said: "In wi-fi battles" yes I obviously meant netbattle. -_- (that was sarcastic in case u didnt realise)


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Well Netbattle and Wi-Fi are two different programs so I was wondering if you were trying to compare the two. Don't have to go bite someones head off about it.

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That would such a cool feature. Imagine that last match of a tourney and everyone screaming your name...


Vive la Revolution!
Dammit, I wish you could, because now how can you ref tourney matches? I mean what happends if they both say they won! `--`


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Nope I don't think so. But I'm pretty sure there's double battles still if your close to the person like link up. I'm 50/50. I may have heard of someone doing a double battle, I'm just not certain.


I would love to watch other battles sometimes.

And, just because you find someone's battle style doesn't mean they can change it with a snap of your fingers.


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You can double battle with a friend, but not through Wi-Fi, but through wireless connection, just like in the GBA games. You can also double battle through Wi-Fi in PBR.

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I've trained my pokemon to battle in Single and Double battles...So it dosent affect me much...

We'll get Double battles over Wifi Probably in the Next Gen


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there will be a next gen, certainly after the response dp got in Japan and now everywhere else.