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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Gallade Dark Soul, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Gallade Dark Soul

    Gallade Dark Soul Type: Psychic/Dark

    Ok, how should I start? Wassup future fans! :D No, too cocky.... Greetings to you all.... No too boring. You know what? Hi. This is rated somewhere between PG and PG 15, so it will be classed under as [E-E10]. Story has (sorta) racial issues, possibly love (still a work in progress), and kinda intense fight scenes. Just to cover a few things, when a character is thinking, I show this with italics. Also for all possible TwoKinds readers who find this, yes the whole amnesia and waking in a forest is a similar start, but ironically I found TwoKinds after thinking of this. Now that that's out of the way, I hope you all enjoy. This is Spectrum.


    This is the amazing and diverse world of Pokemon. There are many different varieties all over the world that it's clear us humans may never find for a long while. This world, however, is very different from the world of Pokemon that you or I are accustomed to. You see, hundreds and hundreds of years past what we know today, Pokemon evolution has taken an extreme advancement, allowing Pokemon to become more and more human like in appearance and nature. They became more knowledgeable, and began to even create communities and civilizations of their own. Unfortunately, humans have seen fit to ostracize these hyper evolved Pokemon, now know as nikuyo, causing most to create communities far from any human dwelling areas. Though there are humans who would rather befriend and collaborate with the nikuyans, the vast majority still see them only as beasts to do what they wish. Slave trading with nikuyans is a common thing now. As you could obviously tell, humans and nikuyans don't often get along due to this, so communication and peace between the two races is difficult to keep. As such, in an effort to eliminate the need for the nikuyan's special powers, humans have been using technology to the best of their knowledge to try to emulate these powers, such as immense strength, psychic powers, elemental control, and energy focusing techniques. Most if not all experiments, however, fail miserably.

    The world around the humans and nikuyans has also changed. What was once known as the nine separate regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Fiorre, Almia, Oblivia, and Orre, over time, has migrated and fused into one massive land mass, known as Terryn (pronounced: tear-ee-in). There is now just one large border across Terryn separating the areas populated by the two races, with very few and far between sections set off for those that can live together in peace. One power hungry fool, however, is soon going to throw off even these rare spots of peace, and only three beings have been chosen to stop this force.


    Ugh,my head, thought Masaru, what happened to me? Where am I, and why can't I remember anything?

    The young man, seventeen years of age, slowly stood up from his resting spot in the forest. He instinctively reached into his pocket to retrieve and check his TerraNav, a device given to all people wishing to leave whatever town they originated in so as to keep in touch with friends and family, and to avoid getting lost.

    Aw man! It says I'm in Relic Forest, thought Masaru, wait, why is that bad again?

    Before Masaru had any more time to ponder his predicament, he heard a scream come from nearby.

    “What the! Someone's in trouble,” said Masaru suddenly getting a determined look on his face. As Masaru sped through the forest however, he stopped suddenly thinking, Wait a second! What am I doing?! I can't fight! At least I don't think I can. Besides, what ever is going on probably couldn't be made any better by some amnesiac teenager.

    Before he had time to convince himself however, another scream rang out from the same direction.

    Ah, forget it! I have to try and help some way, he thought. At this he began bolting through the forest again. Upon reaching the source of the scream, he found a small child in a white dress being threatened by a scraggly looking man with a knife.

    The man appears to be just a petty thief looking for an easy target, Masaru thought to himself, the child though, looks different somehow. I can't put my finger on it, but something is definitely off. Maybe it's the green hair, or the red cowlick.

    “Hehe, alright kid just come with me nice and quiet and we don't have to make any messes on this nice forest floor, got it,” said the thief with a menacing look on his face, “I'm sure a young little eru tribe nikuyan will fetch a sweet price back in Castelia City!”

    The child simply continued to cower and back away from him. As he tried to take another step forward, he startled her causing her to let loose a small electrical charge at the thief.

    What the heck was that, thought Masaru to himself, did that kid just shoot lighting?!

    “Gah! You stupid brat! I was just gonna sell you, but I heard that Pyrite has some nice rewards for anyone who can prove they can kill a nikuyan,” he said with a crazed look in his eyes.

    As he said this he lunged at the nikuyan child. Before he even knew it himself, Masaru had leaped in between the two and deflected the trajectory of the assailant, causing him to slam face first into a tree.

    “Um, and don't do it again,” Masaru said with a quiver in his voice, what am I doing?! This guy is SO going to kill me, just then, Masaru noticed a glowing from his right wrist, huh? What's this glove? This is by far the oddest wake up I've ever been through.

    “Dammit,” shouted the thief as he stood back up, “Why can't I catch a break today?! All I wanted was to make a quick buck off this little, thing! Instead I'm getting resistance left and right! I'll kill you you ***!”

    “Just back away! Hey, little girl, you should run and find a safe place, ok,” said Masaru, “You just get out of here and I'll try to hold off this brute!”

    The thief lunged at Masaru, knife held out, ready to feel his steel pierce this interloper's skin. Instead, something strange happened. As Masaru held up his arms in a defensive stance, the odd glove he was wearing made one last, bright glow, and from it generated a large blade running the length of his arm. This blade, however, didn't seem to be made of anything, just energy, as though generated by a nikuyan. The tiny knife struck the energy blade and simply disintegrated. The thief stopped his attack and backed away as soon as he saw his knife begin to vanish. He now wore a frightened look on his face.

    “W-w-what are you?! How did you create a nikuyan attack,” asked the thief as he quivered against a tree. Masaru didn't answer, but instead walked forward, blade readied, and prepared to dispose of the brute. He didn't appear to have any emotion in his eyes.

    “P-p-please! Don't k-kill me,” begged the man. Masaru raised his arms and in a burst of energy, the man was gone.

    The man reappeared in a nikuyan prison, sucking his thumb.

    “Master, Kilick,” yelled an armored man from beside the cell, “someone just appeared in one of our vacant cells! He appears to have arrived here via a teleport attack. Do you think it was her?”

    As a man walked up wearing what appeared to be a more complex version of the guard’s armor, he stopped appearing stunned at the sight.

    “No, it wasn't her. I know this power,” said Kilick, “Long time no see.”

    “Sir, you know this man,” asked the guard.

    “Oops, no sorry, he's just a petty thief, keep him here. I was just thinking out loud,” said Kilick as he walked away, so you're finally back aren't you old friend?

    Back in the forest, Masaru's blade had dispersed, leaving him with a confused look on his face.

    What, what was that just now, he thought to himself, I think I lost consciousness for a second. I guess he decided he didn't feel like fighting or something and ran off. Hey wait! Where's that little girl?

    “Hey, little girl! Are you ok,” Masaru shouted into the forest. He then heard a rustling and a small 'oof' noise from a bush nearby. When he went over to look, he found the little girl had fallen on her face trying to run away.

    “Are you alright little girl? Here, let me help you up,” said Masaru reaching down to pick her up. He was suddenly stricken with an intense power just a couple feet away. He looked up to see what looked like a grown version of the little girl holding up a glowing hand to Masaru's head and an intense look on her face.

    “Try to touch her, and I swear I will warp your mind so bad people won't be able to tell the difference between your brain and a plate of scrambled eggs,” threatened the girl, “Lucy, come here now.”

    The little girl stood up, looked back at Masaru, and ran over to the grown girl as fast as possible. Once the little girl reached the older one, the latter began charging a dark sphere in her hand.

    “Hey, wait! I wasn't gonna hurt her, I swear,” said Masaru, terrified, “There was this bug guy attacking her and I just came over here to help her, I promise!”

    The little girl looked up at the older one for a second, ran over to Masaru, and grabbed onto his leg.

    “What the! Lucy get away from him! Now,” shouted the older girl.

    “No! Masa nice,” said Lucy defiantly.

    At this the older girl seemed shocked for a second, then promptly lowered her arm very willingly before walking over to Masaru with a smile on her face.

    “Well, if Lucy doesn't think you're dangerous then you're alright by me! Even if you are a human,” said the girl as she extended her hand to him, “I'm Kariin.”

    Masaru cringed for a second when he saw her raise her hand again, but soon realized the gesture and returned it.

    “Um, I'm Masaru. So, stupid question, but why do you suddenly think I shouldn't be shot at with, whatever that was,” asked Masaru, a little fear in his voice.

    “Oh, sorry about that,” said Kariin looking embarrassed, “I'm just very protective of my little sister! You see the younger of us can tell if a person has good or bad intentions simply by being in the vicinity of them. It's a trait we thankfully kept from our ancestors.”

    “Is that all nikuyo then,” asked Masaru.

    Kariin just stopped for a second and just stared at him in response, “Are you mocking me? Cause don't forget I attack through my hand, which you are shaking.”

    Masaru just stood there looking confused, and now afraid again.

    “You're serious? Wow, that's some BAD education,” said Kariin, “Then no, only the younger of my tribe can sense good and bad. Well, the Ruk clan can too, but I don't really like them.”

    As they had been speaking Lucy had been trying to get their attention, to no avail. She then proceeded to collapse, unconscious.

    “Oh, no! Lucy,” cried Kariin as she picked her up, “Quick, you! You said there was some guy attacking her, did she defend herself?”

    “Um, ya. I saw her hit him with some kind of electric attack, why,” asked Masaru.

    “That means he must have been a pretty terrible human, or she would never have attacked him. She must be in some kind of mental pain from all the odd human minds crossing into her,” explained Kariin, “I have to get her to back to our village. Thanks for helping her, but I need to get going.”

    “Hold on, I want to come with you to make sure she's ok. If it's human minds that messed with her that means it's partially my fault,” said Masaru, “I'm not sure why, but I already feel attached to her somehow.”

    This seemed to shock Kariin even more, and she started to giggle a little.

    “Well, maybe she's just that adorable,” replied Kariin, Oh, Lucy. You really opened yourself up to this human? You can't have seen that much good in him, could you?

    “Ok, you can come. I don't think the rest of my village will welcome you though,” said Kariin.

    “Thank you for allowing me to travel with you, Kariin was it,” asked Masaru.

    “Yeah, Kariin. You're Masa, right,” she asked, “at least that's what Lucy said.”

    “Masaru, actually.”

    “Well then Masaru, follow me. The trip to my clan is about an hour on foot and I don't want to risk teleporting with Lucy in this condition,” said Kariin.

    As the two trekked on, Masaru explained that he had only just recently woken up with most of his memories gone. Kariin said that it may have been Lucy's distress signal. Psychic attuned nikuyo can send out mental waves to express emotion, in this case extreme fear. Since Masaru's mind could not take the energy from a nikuyan pulse, this may have been what caused his memory loss. Taking pity on him, Kariin gave him a bullet point explanation of how society works now.

    “So there are humans who push your kind away, just because you're not simple beasts anymore,” asked Masaru, “that's just wrong! I mean, I've only known you for about an hour now and I'm already glad we met!”

    “Well, thanks for that, but it isn't just some humans. The vast majority of humans think we should just go back to being their obedient little slaves,” said Kariin with a choke in her voice, “Humans, how can they be so flawed in how they think?!”

    Kariin realized her folly in this last comment in a second though, “Oh, sorry not you! You're actually using your head!”

    “Um, thank you?”

    “Wait, before you said an hour right,” asked Kariin suddenly, “Oops!”

    Just then Masaru was flung back and slammed into a nearby tree. A young man, about Masaru's age, dropped down from the tree tops. He had on a vest jacket with red and green markings, baggy white pants, pointed ears, and green hair that had a large fo-hawk in it. He was also wielding two blades, his right one ran down his arm and his left was just a simple blade.

    “Kariin, take Lucy into the village and run! I'll take care of this human stalker,” he said.

    As he finished a similar, but sharper energy blade formed down the length of his right arm, and he rushed at Masaru, still pinned to the tree.

    “Arin stop, right now,” yelled Kariin, “I knew he was there, he was traveling with me!”

    He seemed to disregard what Kariin was saying and continued to charge at the teen amnesiac.

    “Lucy trusts him,” she yelled one last time.

    “What,” he said with anger and confusion.

    He immediately tried to stop and halted his blade just before it could cleave Masaru in half.

    “What do you mean she trusts him? He's clearly a human! Haven't you been teaching that child anything,” Arin said in a condescending tone, “She's just a child, she could easily make a mistake! I say we just kill him now and get back home!

    “Arin, he helped her when she was being attacked by some nasty thief,” Kariin replied, “If anything we should at least take him as prisoner, he is technically he is trespassing on eru clan grounds.”

    “Oh, I like that! I'm sure that master Sirnight can find a much better punishment for you than simply cleaving you in two,” said Arin as he grinned at Masaru.

    His eyes flashed for a second and Masaru fell to the ground. His hands immediately bound themselves behind his back by two energy rings. Arin walked over and forced Masaru onto his feet.

    “Ok, shut up, don't move unless I say so, and don't try to escape,” said Arin with his sword at Masaru's back.

    Sorry about this, but I did warn you, Kariin thought to Masaru, You're lucky I know Arin or you may not have been alive right now.

    Can you ask him if there's anyway I can check on Lucy once we get into your village, he asked.

    I'll try, she thought, “Hey, Arin. You think we can bring this human to see our healers help out Lucy? That way he can see just what it is those dang humans are trying to extinguish!”

    “Not a bad idea Kariin! Show him just how wrong he is before he meets his fate,” said Arin with a grin.

    As the three made their way further into the forest, Masaru was suddenly struck with a strong force. He winced for a second and when he opened his eyes again, he was shocked to see a fully populated village all around him.

    Our guards keep the village cloaked to avoid attackers, explained Kariin.

    While making their way through the village, Masaru noticed he was getting many nasty looks from the surrounding villagers.

    “Is that a human?” “Nasty thing.” “What's it doing here?” “Oh, look! It's Arin's prisoner!” “Bet it tried to steal one of us.” “Or even kill!” “He'll get what he deserves.”

    Wow, you weren't kidding when you said nikuyo don't like humans, thought Masaru to Kariin, Some of them are brutal!

    I know, I'm sorry, she thought back, first chance I get I'll get you out of here.

    “Ok, human, we're here,” said Arin as he pushed Masaru into a building.

    When Masaru got up, he saw a few eru clan children in beds, each with an elder looking over them, appearing to be in a trance.

    “As you can see, a large number of our young's minds have been damaged by you disgusting humans trying to invade our lands,” explained Arin, “Do you see yet the suffering your kind has caused us?”

    “Let's let him see Lucy be healed. Now that he understands the damage, he should see that we still have hope,” said Kariin.

    “Hmph, fine then. I suppose he should see one last miracle before the clan elder call his punishment,” said Arin reluctantly.

    They brought Lucy to a free table and set her down by an elder. He looked over the child for a second, and proceeded to go into a trance state like the others. He left almost as quickly as he entered, however.

    “The child is fine! There is nothing wrong with her mind,” said the now annoyed elder.

    Lucy promptly hopped up from the table and proceeded to glomp onto Masaru.

    “Masa! Yay,” cried Lucy.

    “What the?! Lucy! Get down from that human this instant,” shouted Arin, “And if you're fine, then why wouldn't you wake up?”

    “Lucy felt Kariin be mad at Masa. So Lucy pretended to go to sleep to get them to be nice,” she said with a big grin on her face, “Now Kariin and Masa friends!”

    Everyone, save for the working elders, gasped at this remark.

    “Kariin! Is what this child says true? Have you befriended this human?”

    The voice belonged to an older looking woman who was entering the room.

    “Lady Sirnight,” exclaimed Kariin, “No ma'am! You see he defended Lucy from a thief in the woods and so I thought that his punishment for trespassing could be lessened for saving her.”

    “You, defended Lucy? You defended my granddaughter,” she inquired, “You may speak boy.”

    “Thank you ma'am. Yes, I saw some nasty looking guy attacking her and I thought I should help her,” Masaru replied.

    “Why would you do this human? Did you just not realize she was a nikuyo,” she asked, still perplexed by this oddly behaving human.

    “No ma'am, I knew she wasn't human when I saved her, that didn't matter to me though. I only knew that she needed someone to help her,” he said.

    “Young man, why did you willingly come to our village,” she asked, “Surely you were warned you would not get a warm welcome.”

    “I was, but I felt attached to Lucy after saving her and when she pretended to collapse I wanted to make sure she was ok,” he replied.

    “I see. One last question,” she said, “Do you feel anything other than hate toward any of us?”

    “I'm annoyed at, Arin was it? I'm annoyed at him for smashing me against a tree, but other than that, no,” he replied once more.

    “Well then, I cannot ignore such a selfless act towards one of our own. Come here boy, and Arin release these shackles on him,” she ordered.

    “Y-yes, ma'am,” he said with anger in his tone. His eyes flashed again and the cuffs binding Masaru promptly vanished. He took a second to massage his wrists before proceeding to the clan elder.

    “Kariin is worried about you, I can sense it, something about amnesia,” she told him, “Let me into your mind so I can see if this can't be fixed.”

    She stared at him for a moment before placing her hand to his head. He saw a bright flash of light for a moment and found himself floating in a large white space with chains around his arms and legs.

    “What happened? Where am I,” he shouted, scared.

    “Do not fear, this is merely your own mind,” said Lady Sirnight from behind him.

    “My mind?”

    “Yes boy, now let me see about this chains binding your mind.”

    She placed a hand to one of the chains and was quickly blasted back from them. A moment after this happened he found himself back in the village's infirmary with Lady Sirnight standing in front of him looking as though she had an intense headache.

    “Lady Sirnight! What did you do human,” barked Arin.

    “Calm yourself! He has done nothing wrong, but I cannot fix what locks his memories,” said Lady Sirnight, “Something dark and powerful rests in his mind, and only he can disperse it. Though I wish him the best of luck with this task, he can't stay in our village. Whatever is in his head could warp the minds of our young ones. I do wonder why Lucy is not affected though,” she noted as the little girl swung back and forth on his neck. She took Lucy from around his neck and placed her off to the side. She then bent down to whisper to him, “I truly wish I could help more, but if I do not deal out some sort of punishment, I may lose faith in my clan. Don't worry though, I think you will find your travels to less lonely than you think.”

    As she escorted him to the gates of the village, she was making a decree, “This boy, for the crime of trespassing on our grounds, is hereby never to be allowed on our lands again, or the punishment will be immediate death!”

    To this many of the villagers cheered out happily, especially the warriors.

    “Hey human, come back any time! I need a decent target!” “That's how we deal with humans eru clan style!” “I can't wait for you to slip up so I can cleave you in two!”

    Once they reached the gates, Masaru noticed that Lady Sirnight was counting down to him behind her back. When she got to one he heard a voice come from the road they had just walked down.

    “Wait,” called Kariin, “We can't trust him!”

    As the warriors readied their weapons, Lady Sirnight calmly asked, “Oh? Why pray tell this sudden change in attitude, Kariin?”

    “I, um, just mean that he needs someone to make sure he never returns here! I believe that since I have the most experience with this human, for the good of our village I will accompany him out of nikuyan territory,” replied Kariin, trying to sound serious.

    “What a noble sacrifice, Kariin. Be sure to let one of us know when you wish to return so that you may come back to our side,” said Lady Sirnight, a wise grin on her face.

    “Are you mad, Kariin,” asked Arin, “You should let me handle this one. After all disposing of trash is a man's job!”

    “Exactly, so you go empty that trash back home, and I'll take this human to his,” Kariin snapped back.

    “Well then, I wish you the best of luck Kariin,” said Lady Sirnight, and to you as well Masaru, she thought to him.

    The two left through the gate and once again found themselves in the Relic Forest.

    “Well, thanks for helping me out Kariin, you should head back home now,” Masaru said turning to her.

    “What are you talking about? I can't leave you till I'm sure you're far from nikuyo territory,” she said with a wink.

    Deciding not to argue with the psychic girl, Masaru conceded and the two proceeded through the forest together.

    Prologue End
    Well, tell me what you think please! This is my first fan fic so any pointers are greatly appreciated!

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