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Spinda Cafe Drinks.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by JamesRaynor, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. JamesRaynor

    JamesRaynor Active Member

    Can everyone put the bonuses they've gotten from when Spinda has made a drink, made a rink with a good feeling, and made a miracle drink (With the item it was made with of course).

    I was to make a guide on how the Spinda cafe works (Since there was none).

    (There are all from my experience)

    Spinda Cafe Bonus:

    Gummi: Always +1 to random stat
    Joy Seed: Regular effect
    Ginseng: Regular effect.

    Good Feeling Bonuses:

    (Will always be followed by this line after spinning: Spinda: "I've got a good feeling about this drink!")

    Max Elixer: IQ increase
    Plain Seed: +1 Max HP
    Pecha Berry: +2 Max HP
    Gummi: IQ increase
    Oran Berry: +1 Max HP
    Big Apple: +2 Max HP
    Sleep Seed: +4 Max HP
    Reviver Seed: +1 Max HP
    Heal Seed: +1 Max HP
    Apple: +2 Max HP
    Violent Seed: +2 Max HP
    X Eye Seed: +4 Max HP
    Stun Seed: +2 Max HP
    Warp Seed: +2 Max HP
    Slip Seed: +1 Max HP
    Cherri Berry: +2 Max HP
    Vile Seed: +2 Max HP
    Blast Seed: +2 Max HP
    Reviser Seed: +1 Max HP AND IQ boost
    Rawst Berry: +2 Max HP

    Miracle Bonus:

    (Will always be followed by this line after spinning: Spinda: WHOAAAAAAA! This is... THIS IS...!! This drink is so wonderful, so amazing, that I couldn't have made it if I tried. It is so incredible that it is a miracle!)

    Normal bonus and +2~5 to random stat (or in some cases IQ boost).

    Bad Drink: Occasionally there will be a drink made that lowers your stats (Usually HP), it is very uncommon. More so then miracle drinks.

    Reviser Seed: -2 Max HP

    Two things that You should know this already is that you can unlock, get recruits, and get eggs from drinking though it's rarer then a miracle drink.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2009
  2. Silverninetails

    Silverninetails Quaaaaagggg~~~

    Vitamins- Original effect.
  3. JamesRaynor

    JamesRaynor Active Member

    You ever get the 'good feeling' bonus before?
  4. xdragonx

    xdragonx I'm baaaack. >:]

    I've gotten Miracle Drinks that add +2 to a random stat instead of 3-5.
    Also, before this "super-boost," these drinks add +1 to a random stat... at least they do for me.

    Also, if memory serves:

    Wonder Gummi: IQ increases tremendosly, and +3 to a random stat.
  5. Eeveefreak

    Eeveefreak Well-Known Member

    I have also gotten Miracle Drinks that boosted IQ, not a stat. No idea how much but it happened twice with Gummis now.
  6. JamesRaynor

    JamesRaynor Active Member

    I've gotten +5 DEF from a seed that had the miracle effect, the +X stat bonus from the miracle doesn't stack with the previous 'normal' bonus, meaning it will be displayed twice (If it's a gummi or similar item) if I recall correctly.

    Also, if you can double check the wonder gummi, I'd be glad to add it to the list.

    Okay, well you sure that it was a miracle and not a 'good' effect? (Because I know the good effect will boost IQ on gummies further)

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