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Spiritual Warfare: Sign-ups


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WARNING: This role-playing-game will revolve around religious topics. So if you’ll be offended, I wouldn’t suggest signing up. Also…

NOTE: I will be using plot points from Ted Dekkers Books of History Chronicles. So a minor spoiler alert! Picture is linked to it's source.

Spiritual Warfare

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places."
Ephesians 6:12

Well that’s fine and good to those who believe in the bible, but the question often asked is, “where’s the proof?” Sure people can stand up for what they believe in, yet nobody’s really willing to listen. Instead, we tolerate it, we hug it out, sometimes fight it out, but underneath, war is being waged over something we take for granted every day,

our souls.

No really! I’m not crazy! Just hear me out. Ya see, a long time ago there was this town in Colorado called Paradise Hills…

Your character is a part of the town in Colorado called Paradise Hills. They can be students at the local high school, grandparents who settled down in the little canyon town, or anything else you can think of. Still, all these people you create will have something in common. They will all have the ability to see a person’s soul. Alright, let me elaborate. Their entire world will suddenly become basic shapes in a dull grey while any spirit will glow like the sun. Or a black hole. Like Ephesians 6:12 says, those ‘mighty powers’ and ‘evil spirits’ exist as well as good and holy ones. They’re both fighting for the one thing that matters in this life,

our souls.

So your character can see demons and angels, that’s fantastic, but there’s more. As I said, they will be able to see a person’s soul, like these demons and angels. Just as there is a good and evil, so is a person’s soul black or white. Those aligned with Satin, or the evil rulers of the unseen world, will have souls of black. Those who have faith in God and follow Him will have souls that glow white. That’s the other thing, a person’s soul will shine brighter the more impassioned they are for their cause. People who are atheists don’t have the blackest souls and hypocritical Christians have some dull white souls as well. If you follow Satan, your soul is black. If you follow Christ, your soul is white. Easy right? Wrong. Sure you’ve got this power, but what do you plan to do with it?

The year is 2042. Some people are amazed the earth has lasted this long and for good reason. There was that global warming scare back at the beginning at the century, but that was fixed. Then there was the twenty year world war that nobody was willing to admit to. But it changed everything. The war started only a few years after peace in the Middle East was established. When the religious zealots were repressed, it only made them more impassioned to fight for their cause. So they fought. The other world powers had to suppress them again, but many people were concerned about how it was restricting religious freedoms. So the people fought too. Confusion spread as governments had to fight their own country for control and people got more and more heated about the implications. Freedom being undermined and all the terror religion was causing.

Well this obviously could not go on. Politics got working and came up with a solution. Not everyone would be happy with it, but the wars would end. Expressing religious intolerance became illegal at a constitutional level. An amendment to the first amendment, as it were. Sure people still had freedom of religion, but showing any intolerance of others would be punished. So the wars settled down and people slowly accepted living out their faith in gentleness to avoid the trouble they’d get into with the law. Nowadays, Christianity is not the major religion; in fact, just about every possible faith is expressed evenly throughout the population. It’s a different world and things are about to get funky.

Paradise Hills, Colorado

It’s a warm August day and the first week on the new school year has begun. Students have started settling in and parents are given a break to make their work easier. But not much happens in Paradise Hills. It’s a small town nestled in a box canyon way out in Colorado, the nearest city miles away. There’s the main road, a grocery store, a bar and grill, a salon, a post office, some farms, some houses, and Paradise Hills High School. The ages of the townsfolk are often from birth to young adulthood and past the forties. The only ones who care to live here are either growing up or have come back to settle down. Not much happens.

But this Tuesday, everything changes. The showdown makes its entrance on Tuesday. Things become clear, for better or for worse, Tuesday.


Name: First Middle Last
Gender: Female Male
Age: Ya know, that thing
Affiliation: Will your character's soul be black or white? Keep in mind they or any other character cannot see your character's soul.
History: Summarize key events. 2 Paragraph minimum.
Personality: Create a detailed personality. 2 Paragraphs minimum.
Description: Say how they look. 2 Paragraphs minimum.
Faith Statement: Give a quick testimony for your character, why they are where they are in their faith or lack thereof for either Satan of God.


1. Serebii Forum Rules apply.
2. Keep it PG-13 at least, limited to vulgar language.
3. Stay respectful and don’t be haters. Yes this is a religious RPG but if you are being extremely inappropriate, I will KICK YOU OUT.
4. Stay cool and accept debate. This RPG will have arguing, but keep it for the characters and try not to get offended. If you have a problem with something someone said, take it up with them OUTSIDE the RPG. If you plan on having a long argument with another player (in character of course), let them know and let me know.
5. If you don’t plan on following the rules and being reasonable, DON’T SIGN UP. I’m using caps to get your attention focused on the parts that matter; being respectful and understanding our characters will be bashing each other’s beliefs. Do so kindly and deal with it, or leave.
6. The RPG time starts on Monday, your character will wake up with their power on Tuesday.
7. Please have fun! RPG and religion can coexist (peacefully) and that’s what I’m hoping will be the case this time.

If you have specific questions about your character let me know. I'll put up my character in a day or two. Any general questions, comments, and reserves are now being received!

Felix Mundger: White~ Skillfulness
Nevaeh Claire Gideon~ Maree

Manaphy Mare

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Both reserved! And below is my character. The reason is says 't3e' is because t-e-e is censored.

Name: Felix Ryan Mungder
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Affiliation: White

History: Felix grew up with only his father, as his mother died at childbirth. His father is a doctor, a professional anesthesiologist who moves to different hospitals very often. Nearly every year until he was ten, Felix was in a new state with a new school. Still, his father was dedicated to raising him and so found every chance to spend time with him. Part of Felix felt neglected and when he and his father were able to settle down for three years when he was eleven, he made some new friends.

Anyone would say they were the bad crowd. It’s middle school and kids will experiment with anything and everything. Felix was one who did. He tried every drug he could get his hands on and attended every weekend party to drink all he could. His father was too busy to notice and Felix was able to appear normal whenever he spent time with his father. All the while, he knew this wouldn’t fill the hole in his heart left by a childhood of loneliness.

So freshmen year was around the corner and Felix was still bound to his addictions. One of his ‘other friends’ texted him one night with an invitation to a church retreat. Felix almost immediately turned down the idea, as he and his father were most definitely not religious men, but something bothered him. If drinking and drugs couldn’t fill the hole, maybe God could? Felix humored his friend and went, expected nothing. But the third night there, he was broken into pieces, turned inside out, and flooded by God’s grace and mercy.

That night he gave his life to Christ and made his way towards cleansing his sins. He started by slowly weaning his way off the drugs and alcohol. What also helped was that he moved again, to Paradise Hills, last year. This lead to his change in friends and nowadays he has a small group of first graders and regularly serves the neighborhood in some shape or form. To say he’s a changed man is an understatement.

Personality: Felix is a gentle man and shy at first look. He doesn’t go out of his way to talk to others and he keeps quiet about most everything. He’s also nervous, often ruffling his hair and pacing when something is on his mind. He’s a very intelligent young man who’s filled his mind with the knowledge of God. He understands people extremely well and is often approached by kids who have problems. He always has a way to help them, be it something small and personal or a trip to a church retreat, be they willing. Felix really cares a lot about others and really wants to see them dedicated to Christ. Those who know him will say Felix can hardly contain is passion for God, despite how shy he is in a crowd.

In fact, Felix is a very passionate follow of Christ. His history with God gives him good reason to be. To Felix, God is not only his Savior and Lord, but his Friend and Forgiver. Felix looks to God for everything and is grateful for all that He does. He understands that not everyone will like him for his faith and that times can get tough because of it too. Still, he is adamant in his stance for God, despite the tolerance in the world today and the few people who are faithful to Christ. It all only makes Felix more determined and passionate.

Felix is a fun guy and likes to party as much as the next guy. Now, he party’s clean and appropriately. One of his favorite sports is Frisbee and he journals, paints, and plays video games. Reading the bible is like doing his homework, necessary and informative. He also takes time out of the week to be alone with God, building on his relationship with Him. Felix is at his best after experiencing God, especially if he’s around his friends too. Being with people fuels his passion that he channels into trying to save others, like his father.

Description: Felix is around five foot eight, a bit on the tall side and weighs about one hundred and fifty pounds. In all ways, average. He’s skinny but has a fair amount of meat and muscle under his skin, mostly from being on the Frisbee team. His skin is dark like a Hispanics, but he’s technically a Caucasian. It only looks that way from all the sun he gets in the summer. His eyes are bright green and he has a grouping of freckles around his cheeks. He does have one white scar along his upper right thigh, a good few inches, from some drunk at a party he was at when he was younger. His hair is light brown and scruffy, sitting atop his head like a ruffled mop.

His outfit usually consists of a pair of worn-out jeans along with a casual t3e-shirt with a sweatshirt in the cold winter days or comfy cargo shorts in the summer. He has many shirts that display some form of his religious stance, but he has to be careful to not show any religious intolerance, so he also has a collection of simply colored t3es. He wears a small golden chained cross necklace, a gift from his friend, and will always have a pink plastic waterpark-type band around his right wrist. He gets a new one each six months from the camp he goes to with his old friend who first invited him.

Faith Statement: Felix was a broken child who was scooped up into the Fathers arms and saved by His grace. He owes his life to God and so he lives every moment for Him. Sure it’s tough sometimes, but Felix is determined to bring others to Christ as he was.
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reserve please :)


Fireball In The Dark
Name: Nevaeh Claire Gideon
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Affiliation: Black (it’s actually more gray than black, but for our purposes we’ll call it black)

History: Nevaeh was born and raised in Paradise Hills, Colorado. Her mother is a very devout Jewish woman, but her father... for like of a better term, is a hypocritical Christian. However, with all the turmoil and tension surrounding religion at the time of their daughter’s birth, Nevaeh’s parents decided not to raise their daughter in any religion and decided they would let her chose which religion – if any – she wanted to practice when she was older.

However, Nevaeh has no intension of taking up any religion anytime soon. It’s not that she doesn’t see how important religion is to some people or how much it affects the lives of others; she just doesn’t see a place nor need for it in her life right now. Religious titles are one thing she would prefer not to use but when it is necessary, Nevaeh will tell you that she is an atheist.

When Nevaeh started her freshman year at Paradise Hills High, she joined the Judo team since she needed an extracurricular and everything else was boring to her. She ended up having a lot of fun and now she lives for the sport. So a little forewarning to anyone who thinks they can kick her butt: you can’t. Don’t protest, just walk away.

Personality: Sarcastic. That’s the one word you will hear everyone describe Nevaeh with; SAR-CAS-TIC. (And also Random, but call her random and she’ll simply say, “I’m not random, I just think faster than you.”) The good thing about her sarcasm is that most of it is actually funny so people love to be around her because she makes them laugh. But Nevaeh knows that there are times when she has to be serious – i.e. her judo practices – or she is at a serious risk at getting screwed. Yeah…that’s defiantly one lesson she learned the hard way.

Despite her sarcastic view of life, Nevaeh takes her education very seriously – then again she kind of has to since her mother said she had to pull at least a solid B in every class or no more Judo. But since she has a memory that could out-last an elephant’s, she’d never had that hard of a time in school.

Lastly, Nevaeh is stubborn as hell – excuse the language - and her stubbornness works more against her than for her. Par example, when she’s trying to learn a new Judo move, she’ll keep doing it over and over again to the point where she’ll faint if she doesn’t stop, until she gets it down perfectly. Overall, Nevaeh’s a quick girl who people like to have around not only for comedic relief but as backup muscle as well.

Description: Nevaeh is on the shorter side for her age group at only five foot five and she weights approximately a hundred and thirteen pounds. She has an athletic build and her muscles are nicely toned thanks to the long hours of nearly-daily judo practices. Despite being outside literally every day in the summer, Nevaeh doesn’t have much of a tan to her skin. Sure, she has some color, but no one’s going to be mistaking her for a Latina anytime soon. Her eyes are a crisp golden brown color and are framed by long mascara coated lashes and rather thin eyebrows. She has a small button nose and pink lips that outline a pearly smile. Her straight dark brown hair is always pulled up into a high ponytail that ends in between her shoulder blades.

Generally, Nevaeh can be seen wearing a pair of shorts or black workout pants, a dark colored tank top, or a brightly colored t-shirt with some sort of cute saying on it. Her feet usually sport a pair of tennis-shoes, flip flops, or a pair of boots depending on the weather. And speaking of weather, when it takes a turn for the cold side, Nevaeh will usually pull on a hoodie to keep herself warm. Normally she doesn’t wear any jewelry - with the exception of three friendship bracelets that never leave her wrist – and she always has a thin black head band in her hair. Nevaeh also has a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist of a flock of birds. She got it as a sixteenth birthday present from her parents since it’s illegal to get a tattoo without parent consent if you’re not yet 18 in Colorado.

Faith Statement: Nevaeh isn’t saying that there isn’t a God; she’s just saying that she doesn’t believe in one.


「深弾幕結界 -夢幻泡影-」
Reservation please. Sounds like G-


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Maree: Very good job (and a clever name). I wouldn't use colors on the text, but that's just me. Anyway, ACCEPTED.

AzerWrath: Reserved, and yeah. I don't think kids should be exposed to swears so I leaned towards a higher rating. Apparently, if an F-bomb is used four times, it's still PG-13. But any metion of drugs and it's usually PG-13 too. [/rant]