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Splash Graphics


New Member
I'd like to request a simple banner from Splash Graphics
Images: Shiny Eevee
Background : Something metallic or snow themed
Text : Nothing please :)
Colors: Black, white, and blue
Extra : Please make it look as great as your other pieces of art, thank you :)


I'd like to request a Simple Banner from Splash Graphics
Images: Jirachi, Roserade, Pangoro (if I can only pick one: Pangoro)
Background : Sparklies, foresty
Text : R000
Colors: Green, blue, white
Extra : Thanks for making it! I know it'll look lovely.

wolf king

Resistance is futile
I'd like to request a Smudge banner from Splash Graphics
Images: http://media.animevice.com/uploads/0/3346/304091-jessie_and_james.png
Background :What ever you think looks good but i think the one from your example should work quite well (the jiracha one)
Colors:Again what ever you think looks best.
Extra : Picture to be in the middle please :), Have fun :).


to see you smile
I'd like to request a [B banner][/B] from Splash Graphics
Images: Duskull (you can pick the image)
Background : Whatever you want
Text : PokeYami Forums
Colors: Purple
Extra : Thanks in advance :)


Minecraft YouTuber
I'd like to request a c4d effect Banner from Splash Graphics
Images: Gardevoir, Scizor, Giritina origin form, Blaziken, Mewtwo, and Garchomp
Background : Anything you think would look awesome in black and white color
Text : The Ace Team
Colors: Pokemon-Normal Text- red and black outline
Extra : Make sure you can read the words :) sorry if its a big order!
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Dragons forever.....
I'd like to request a C4d effect Banner from Splash Graphics
Images: Mega Garchomp, perferebly in action
Background : Purple w/ Blue & purple fire
Text : Drago ( in cursive)
Colors: Pokemon-Normal colors
Extra: Please send this in PM form, also, please try to equally distribute colors of fire