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Splash! Magikarp / Crown Yourself Slowking (1115)


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I can see writers were on Acid when they were making this one.

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So Go didn't catch anything? That's surprising, he usually catches at least one Pokemon per episode.


So the part I was hoping to be the best one was the wrost one, yeah I didn't enjoy the episode that much, but this type of comedy is for the japanese like I've said before...

That Boldore was at Sakuragi Park, I wonder if it was Satoshi's Boldore.

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I'd say the writers were drunk, but that doesn't explain the storyboard artists, animators, and voice actors.


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The way Jessie and James copied Ash and Go’s routine during the preview segment was hilarious. These episodes were really fun.

you guys definitely need to light up a bit more, these episodes were pure fun. I haven’t heard the Slowpoke song in a while it’s so crazy to have it appear in the anime :p
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Well, it wasn’t the best episode but it had some pretty funny moments, though Raboot’s expression in the Magikarp segment basicallly summed up my thoughts at the very beginning.

I also liked the little Diantha cameo through Jessie’s magazine and I honestly thought Goh’s Magikarp died in the vacuum of space until the end of the episode.
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Ok, that episode was something.

At least we got the generational "one of Ash's friends comand Pikachu to attack". Just didn't expect it here.


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This episode easily makes it to my top 3 most boring episodes ever. The only thing I liked was that Diantha easter egg at the end of the episode. Felt like they're trying to tell us there's a continuity aside from knowing by default this series takes places after SM. We have gotten so many continuity nods in 26 episodes so far.