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Splashing Howl

Yeah, I know, a kinda old deck set up, using mostly Pokemon from Holon Phantoms or Miracle Crystal. But who cares, as long as the cards are useable, right? Well yeah, I think most of you who are really into the TCG will be familiar with this setup, or maybe not. I got advice for this deck from another kid about my age. I also want to add that just like other decks I use, I add in one or two more energies than the maximum requirement, only because I'm lacking in the Trainer department, and so well...I just make up for this with two more energies. Just as a warning in advance for those who are going to come here and yell at me for using too many energies. But anyways, behold the Splashing Howl!

x2 Crawdaunt EX (HP)
x2 Corphish (HP)
x3 Mightyena EX (HP)
x3 Poochyena (HP)
x2 Absol (LM)
x2 Sableye (CG)
x3 Holon's Castform (HP)

x2 Holon Adventurer (HP)
x2 Holon Lass (DS)
x3 Cosmo's Discovery (HP)
x3 Fieldworker (LM)
x2 Bill's Maintenance (CG)
x3 Warp Point (CG)
x2 Potion (DS)
x2 Rare Candy (EM)
x2 Windstorm (CG)
x3 Energy Search (UF)
x1 Energy Charge (DX)

x4 Dark
x4 Boost
x10 Water

Pokemon: 17
Trainers: 25
Energies: 18
Equals: 60 cards

Now for the strategy; It's main purpose is to use Splash Back and Driving Howl to switch and return Pokemon to the opponent's hand, thus having them start anew and making me able to exploit this. Unfortunately, I don't have any cards to attack the bench directly, but who needs them when all I do is drive them away and return them. But as for everything else...Absol is there purely as a stall (Just like Skarmory is for many people who use Delta Decks still) and thanks to Extra Call, I can search for either Crawdaunt or Mightyena. Also, Feint Attack is nice for times when I need todamage other things on the bench (Sure, it's weak but it's better than nothing). Castform is obvious for being there. Sableye is another sort of search-and-draw card. I can use 2 or maybe even 3 ways. Firstly, I can use Excavate to see the next card, helpful because most of my trainers are draw-cards, not search-cards. Also, with the Energy Charge I can take back any energy I may have discarded in this way. Then Disable is used to stall.

As for trainers, pretty straightforward. They're mostly search cards, with other disruption cards added in. The majority of the search cards can find me either the EXs or the Dark/Boost energy, in addition to the regular cards. this helps for when I need some sort of card, so it means I don't need just one card for one purpose. The disruption cards (Namely Windstorm and Warp Point, as well as possibly Potion) are used to disrupt many current decks. Windstorm for any Battle Frontiers coming my way, and Warp Point to use whenever I need to and don't have Mightyena to use.

And the energies. Boost for Crawdaunt to do more damage, Dark for Mightyena to do more. Castform 'cause I just can.

~fuzzy out~