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-The one who FINALLY got some vacation-
I watched it now and oh boy, it was a mixed bag for me and it even leans toward being a bit dissappointing.

Storymode? Seems fine and I hope they're making it more akin the Octo Expansion of the Splatoon 2.

Maps also seems to be mostly good. A lot more detailed and the map on the bridge is pretty interesting though the layout is the typical container level every shooter has but still made it look pretty promising as well as the other maps.

Special weapons...honestly I am not a fan of them and the Tenta Missiles are back and oh god what a stupid idea to have one of the most broken special back. Please nerf that thing.

Now the online mode. Super dissappointing. No map votes and the same two maps for each mode AGAIN which makes each gamemode even more repetive. Hopefully a better net code for the multiplayer but it's still Nintendo so I don't expect much.

And honestly, there isn't really much more. The 3 Way Splatfest are a neat addition and the Multiteam Mode is also pretty fun looking but I feel like Splatoon 3 is lacking a lot of new and original content because now it looks like it's gonna be a *insert Nintendo title here* Deluxe Version and could've been another DLC for the second title.


Eh, ragazzo!
What's even the point of Splatfests anymore when we all know Big Man will win 'em all.
I know this is a joke, but for a while in Splatoon 2, the most popular team would lose most of the time.
I'm hoping the balance is good for Splatfests in 3, and if not, I suppose they can balance it.

Ascended Dialga

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All aboard the Splatoon 3 hype train!

Splatfests with three sides and Tricolor Turf Wars ought to be interesting. Same with Big Run.

It's great to see the return of some Splatoon 1 maps that were absent in Splatoon 2. Welcome back, Mahi-Mahi Resort!

The loads of new customization features, such as the lockers, are a welcome addition to the Splatoon experience.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I'm definitely leaning towards Splatoon 3 feeling like a rehash of 2.5. There's just not much in the way of new modes and nearly everything is just recycled from 2. Skipping this one, and probably not getting back into this IP until they do stuff like a Battle Royale mode and/or an open world single player mode (plz for Splatoon 4 on the Switch 2?). That's the kind of stuff that would really make a new game feel like a groundbreaking step up, shamelessly following trends aside.


Eh, ragazzo!
I might play Splatoon 2 some more to prepare.
I may even try to 100% the Octo Expansion, as I only beat the climatic final boss, and not the bonus one.
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Eh, ragazzo!
This game feels a bit different than Splatoon 2.

I'm not quite sure what it is. Is it faster paced? Do the different (sub/special) weapons change up the strategy?

I was doing pretty awful at first, but I'm getting the hang of it. I think I'm get a better W/L ratio than at the beginning.


Eh, ragazzo!
I didn't mean how the game controlled. I was more referring to how the gameplay is different.

You mention Mahi Mahi Resort being different, and that may have a small part to do with it.

One of my strategies with Spatoon 2 is to fill up my gauge the first go round, and unleash my special before I get into conflict.
That doesn't seem as viable here. I feel like the gameplay is overall faster paced.


Eh, ragazzo!
I could get Splatoon 3 as early as tomorrow, or I may have to wait until Tuesday the latest for it to arrive.

I could just go to Gamestop and pick one up, but I'm trying to support my local business.
(I try to get games not called Pokemon or Smash Bros there. However, there are often shipping delays).


Eh, ragazzo!
Praying I get my copy by tomorrow. Tuesday may be the latest time it would feasibly come to the store I plan on getting it from.

I'm going through withdrawal right now, lol.


I can't Kominicate.
Aaand Splatfests don't tell you that they like forcing you into mirror matches with foes with the same weapon types in pro. That works against matchmaking because you may end up fighting the same team.
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Eh, ragazzo!
I think they need to tweek tricolor turf wars. You might as well hunt for a shiny in Pokemon rather than actually get into one of those.

Also, don't know if it's balanced if you actually land in one. Maybe buff defense or something along those lines.