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Ascended Dialga

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A new trailer for Side Order was shown at today's Nintendo Direct. It appears to be a follow-up to the Octo Expansion. You play as Agent 8 once again, and you join forces with Acht, the singer of the Octo Expansion songs. And it appears to have action RPG elements, judging from all the numbers popping up as Agent 8 shoots enemies. This and the TTYD remaster are the two things from the Direct that I'm looking forward to the most.


The Indigo Disk
New update gives you the "Off The Hook" banner if you purchase the DLC pass.


Eh, ragazzo!
What is everyone picking for Splatoween?

I'm on Team Skeleton.


The Indigo Disk
Late victory reply but GHOST WINS! I guess everybody needs a casper in their lives.

This next splatfest is silly. I don't do either of those three things. But since I have to choose, I guess I'll go with fistbump aka "BOOYAH".

And finally...new season hype!!!


Easygoing Luxray.
Frye finally wins!

...In Japan's Splatfest.

Shiver wins the go-to greeting Splatfest, barely beating Frye and denying her a win, despite me never battling Shiver's team once outside of what were lucky encounters in Tricolor Turf War matches.


The Indigo Disk
Really close indeed, oh well GG.

I end 2023 with a 5-4 record (overall 7-4 record). Unless there's a holidays splatfest next month