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Spore Workshop

Duck Fella

Little Ninja
Here, you can make a request for a Spore Creature :p
It can be anything, a Pokemon, a Draon, a Llama, a fake design, whatever :D

Laws of The Workshop

1. Obey all Serebiiforum rules
2. Don't Spam
3. Use the forms provided
4. Have patience (some designs may take a while)
5. When your request is finished, post on here to inform me that you know it's done :D
6. Please give me credit
7. Only 3 requests at a time, 1 per person

Creature 1
Creature 2


Name of Creature -
Description/image (Or if it is a Pokemon/an animal, just provide the name of it :p) -



Ash's fangirl

Thanx in advance!

Duck Fella

Little Ninja
Okay, I'll give it a shot :D

Remember, with both of your requests, the colours won't be 100% the same as the patterns are different on Spore :)

Synyster Gates

Let's Play Fire Red
Could I get two Kecleons one Green one Purple trying to blend in with the background but the top half of the bodies are hidden and the bottom halves arnt? and Nice Sig The Rev will be missed 8^(