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Sports you do during free time.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by zhixun, May 21, 2014.

  1. zhixun

    zhixun Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    What sports do you do during your free time and why do enjoy that sport? For me I enjoy long distance running and playing snooker. The former one is kind of testing endurance while the latter one requires some thinking skills.

    Feel free to discuss here and give a reason if you can.
  2. Post Moderation

    Post Moderation Invisible Presence

    It may not be a sport but I love to play chess. My brothers and sisters play it and it gives a good workout for my brain. It also gives me something to push myself in and become better at.
  3. zhixun

    zhixun Well-Known Member

    Strictly speaking chess is also kind of sport too and those people sometimes are also called sportsman although they may not be athletic. It is kind of mind games like snooker.

    I play the Chinese chess (go/ weiqi) when I am free.
  4. ebevan91

    ebevan91 Well-Known Member

    I used to play basketball in my free time. I became a decent shooter mid-range. Can't hit anything near 3-point range though.

    I never played competitively though. Just with friends or shot around by myself.
  5. Teebu

    Teebu Well-Known Member

    These days I just play golf in most of my free time like an old man, fabulous game. During high school/college I played a lot of football/soccer. I love other sports like tennis and snooker too though I'm absolutely useless at them.
  6. AuroriumX

    AuroriumX The Interceptor

    I play disc golf mostly. I also like to play basketball and badminton occasionally.
  7. Stoateyez

    Stoateyez Wears Boat Shoes

    Well, even though I officially quit gymnastics about five years ago, I still practice flips in my backyard or on campus. So gymnastics I suppose. But I really need to start playing basketball, I'm 6'4 and my friends say that I'm a waste of good genes lmao.
  8. zhixun

    zhixun Well-Known Member

    You are tall enough to become a goalkeeper in my opinion. Anyway height is just only one factor required to become a good basketball player. Skills are far more important.
  9. Clone™

    Clone™ Ded

    I dont exactly play baseball in my free time, but I play it competitively.
  10. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Well-Known Member

    I play pick up basketball in my free time, and I play in competitive basketball tournaments during the summer, i'm a point guard. I also play flag football competitively sometimes.
  11. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    I play B-Ball almost every morning.
    Isacc likes this.
  12. thunder2910

    thunder2910 Loves pizza

    I go for swimming every week
  13. Rakansen

    Rakansen Dowser

    I don't really do much sports, but I run and work out in my spare time. I also used to do mixed martial arts.

    Nice! I played disc golf once with my friend last year during Memorial Day. It's a really fun and relaxing sport.
  14. AuroriumX

    AuroriumX The Interceptor

    Yeah it is. I'm nowhere near as good as I'd like to be though but I feel like I'm slowly getting there.
  15. T5000X

    T5000X Indivijul

    Muay Thai is my favorite sport! Very demanding, though. The place I did it at closed down :( I hate living in the middle of nowhere.
  16. Silvijo

    Silvijo He went 420 once

    Mainly jogs and workouts. I don't really like playing on a team.
  17. zhixun

    zhixun Well-Known Member

    Same here for me too. I love playing individual sports such as running and snooker. For me I always have a feeling that I will make the team going bad. So I never play soccer or basketball.
  18. Skobby

    Skobby Fairy Slayer

    I swim competitively and train 20+ hours a week, third in Ireland in my age group.
    I also play football when I can.
    And I used to do gymnastics and still go sometimes, I can still do backflips and twists.
  19. zhixun

    zhixun Well-Known Member

    You are good and it is always nice to see that people doing sports competitively. My training regime during marathon training is somewhat 100 miles per week and the time spent is similar to you.
  20. FelipeGago

    FelipeGago New Member

    Football/Soccer, a good sport to spend time haha

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