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Spot the differences

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Seth pkmn

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Spot the differences between R/S to Emerald,
Note, nothing big like Battle Frontier/Battle tents, small things.

I noticed the font changed.


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I noticed the Safari Zone drastically changed its design.


I noticed that most of the building designs changed, for the better in my opinion; I really liked the addition of an actual rocket at the Mossdeep City Space Center.


The buildings, the outfits and Safari Zone changed. Didn't see the other small changes yet, I'm going to se that right now.

Trainer Sora

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I've noticed a few things. Though at this point I've forgotten most of 'em except:

Instead of the Vigoroth helping to move/unpack Its Machoke.

Also some of the trainers had their positions moved around.

Like on the route from Mauville to Verdanturf, the Tri-Athlete is running below the Berry Patch in R/S. But in Emerald he's running in a different part.
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In battles the level icon is different. There's a colon after the 'Lv' and before the level number, while in Emerald, it's just, 'Lv5' or something. And in RS, it's, 'Lv:5'
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