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SPP Alt. Anime Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Rave, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Rave

    Rave Banned

    Welcome to the Alt. Anime Forums in SPP.

    This place is to discuss other anime, aside from Pokemon. Such as Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, Fooly Cooly, Gin Tama, etc.

    As much as I really loved Dogasu's rules, I had to take the liberty to revamp these rules, because, heck, we need it to get things straightened out here, because obviously, none of the noobs and spackering idiots are following them, and are just simply being silly.

    The next post I will be posting in this thread, is how I will be modding here, and how you can prevent yourself from getting into trouble with me and the other mods.

    So the following will be the rules I will be laying out here.


    1.) SPP Rules apply here. Meaning, yes, everything about the SPP rules work here too. Doesn't mean you're all exempt from them here.
    Haven't read the rules? Do so.

    2.) Please discuss only Japanese-animation here.
    That means, we will not talk about Avatar, Teen Titans, Ben 10 (yes, people confuse these), or whatever else that doesn't qualify as Japanimation/ Japanese animation.

    3.) No flaming. Dunno how much I can stress this.
    Yeah, we do this alot here, but to be precise, we won't allow downright stupid flaming posts. What are allowed, are smart allecky, sarcasm and witty insults, that's all. If it gets too course, action will be taken. If other people disagree with you, and a lot of people are siding against you, then obviously, it's you who is wrong, and that you should quit crying and suck it up and hopefully learn from your mistake. Hopefully, your logic will back you up, but if it doesn't, then you're on your own.
    And remember, your opinion =/= fact.
    Translation: Your opinion does not equal fact.

    4.)No Illegal Contents.
    In other words, there will be no talk of where you got the illegal contents, nor will anyone ask or request for them here. There will be no providing of links, and there will be no saying where you got them from. Even if you hinted it. There will be none of that here. For obvious legal reasons which can get you and this website in trouble.
    Meaning, no MP3s, no videos, no torrents, no Youtube, crunchyroll, or other online video providers. No fansubs (yes, this falls into it). None of that. Whatsoever. Also, we don't condone piracy at all. If you say that its alright, or go like, "oh don't worry, other people will pay for it" or "its ok, what's a download gonna do?" you will be infracted, because people that talk like that, should be ashamed of calling themselves anime fans for illegally downloading content, that people worked really hard to provide for fans such as us. You're obviously hurting the companies that provide this stuff for us. If you want to see what illegal downloading does to companies, go ahead and ask the anime company that went down, Geneon USA, and ask them yourselves.

    5.) Spoilers.
    I don't have a big problem with you all with this, but I stress that you all please, for goodness sake, use spoiler tags when needed. Alot of people don't like to be spoiled about what happens in the end, or what happens. So if you're about to mention something really important, use the Spoiler tag. Because nobody loves a spoil sport.

    6.) Thread redundancy.
    Now, we've had a really nasty problem with this for about... a while now, and it hasn't been taken care of, until I became modded. Now here's the deal. We have newbies, who come in here, and start up unnecessary threads, that we don't need. Threads about Naruto, Bleach or Death Note. Mostly the first one. If you have theories, you post in the official threads I have laid out for you. Questions, the official thread. Who can beat who? Official thread. You get the point. And make sure that you stick with that and remember this.
    We don't need anymore of these threads. We don't want anymore of these threads. You'll just be cluttering up this place, and you will force me to act as a mod, and infract you for spamming. This will not be allowed, and will not be tolerated.

    I have these threads here for a reason. There will be no more new Naruto, Bleach of Death Note threads. All discussion, including questions of said series, will be conducted here, and nowhere else. I'm really putting my foot down on this.

    Official Naruto Thread
    Official Bleach Thread
    Official Death Note Thread.


    7.) Official Threads.
    Another rule is, I will not allow anyone to make "The Official SPP __ Thread" without my approval. You must ask me to make these threads. Otherwise an infraction for disobedience will be thrown. The purpose of these threads, is to keep the thread to be the main place for the topic discussion. It also keeps the thread exempt from the SPP Dead Thread Rule.

    8.) Shallow Posts.
    Alright, I've seen this happen here a lot, and I daresay, I don't enjoy it the least bit. I support these rules. Meaning, I will not accept shallow/stupid posts such as, "yeah go death note!" as a post. As its stupid, and it contributes nothing to the thread. Meaning, if your post is considered shallow, and obviously is just there to gain a postcount +1, then it will be infracted for spam.

    These are some of the basic rules I will lay out here. I've updated these rules, because they need to be enforced, and people don't seem to take them quite literally. Failure to uphold these rules will be dealt with.


    Current mods who are stationed here.: Chris, Sweet May+ & Shadowfaith

    If there are concerns, ask any one of these.

    Any other contributions you all have about rules for this forum. Let me know thru PM. And we'll talk about it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 17, 2010
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