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SPPF Banner Contests [Hall of Fame]

John's Knight

Well-Known Member
Yush, this was approved by Sweet May.

Welcome to this wonderful and magical place that is the SPPF Banner Contest Hall of Fame! Such a big name, eh?

Instead of giving those crappy banner awards that no one ever uses (mainly because of their size, I'm sure >P), the top three in every contest will be posted here from now on.

To be remembered for all eternity! Click the spoilers for each contest (top is old, bottom is new, blah blah):

First Place: Fallen Guardian

Second Place: Charizard#1

Third Place: Inazuma | Mist Wolf | Turbonegro
(banners follow the above order)


First Place: Fallen Guardian

Second Place: Danny

Third Place: Nariko | Turbonegro

First Place: Turbonegro

Second Place: K-os

Third Place: Magne-2000lbs

First Place: Fallen Guardian

Second Place: Nariko

Third Place: Anime Chick | JsmnPsyche6

First Place: Magne-2000lbs

Second Place: JsmnPsyche6

Third Place: Inazuma

First Place: Turbo

Second Place: JsmnPsyche6

Third Place: K-os

First Place: Inazuma

Second Place: Nariko

Third Place: K-os
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The memories are flooding back :p

But it's a great idea, and it's cool to look back at the contests.

Azure Wolf

Well-Known Member
Sorry for stepping on your toes John, but hey; The thread needed a update.

November Banner Contest
First Place: Azure Wolf

Second Place: Turbo

Third Place: Jakotsu

May 2008 Banner Contest
First Place: big
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Officially The Worst
These are all fantastic, and are especially good for me as this is the first time I've ever checked this section of the forums.

Azure Wolf

Well-Known Member
The new wave of contests will commence from this month and, I'll be updating this thread or maybe make a new one altogether as John's quite inactive now unfortunately.