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SPPF Big Brother Season 4

Gamzee Makara

Flirtin' With Disaster
D.R.O.N.E.:I hEaR iT's AmAzInG wHeN tHe FaMoUs PuRpLe StUfFeD wOrm iN fLaP-jAw SpAcE wItH tHe TuNiNg FoRk DoEs A rAw BlInK oN haRa-KiRi ROcK. i NeEd ScIsSoRs! 61!


Jameschar: D.R.O.N.E. appears to be dying, should we have a funeral? I can help with cremations.


Jameschar: Maybe he's dying, in which case my other to help with cremations still stands.


Jameschar: Rotom is a ghost type, I knew this house was haunted!... Maybe this OOC ghost voice is the Rotom that possessed you?.... Show yourself OOC, you coward!!


Potato: Maybe if we beat him up, that coward HoH will give us a prize for the next competition!


Jameschar: Maybe the whole idea is that we don't know what the competition is? Maybe it's whoever's burns this place down first? That makes sense, well it does to me at least.


Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned
Solace: Well, I guess it's time to leave. If there's one thing you all should know, it's that me not liking sunlight isn't due to fear.

It's because I get so much energy that I can't hide my real personality while I'm in Sunshine Form.

*walks out the front door, uses Sunny Day*