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SPPF Big Brother Season 4


Jameschar: If you forgot the tea then why are you asking if anyone wants any? Is this a cruel trick or... nevermind I need another nap. (Lies down on the floor again)


Leaked footage
*outside the house somewhere away from it*

Glen: Where are the people at? I’m hungry.

Sam: Follow your fate for quixotic C-Clamps, my friend.

Janice: Well when you put it like-*all three fall down in a chute that leads to a hidden area underneath the BB house* ...thanks for breaking the fall, Sam.

Sam: My graduates.

Glen: Where are we? And how do we get out? Where did we come in?

Janice: I don’t know but...what’s with this nicely decorated room?

Sam: *eats an ice cream sandwich from the fridge and another comes out* Ah free communism.

Glen: And air conditioning too? Beds? This is perfect!


Silver Soul
Remember Roger; Wobuffet!, Tara, Snowball and Skull can’t have any. The rest of you may enjoy them to your heart’s content!


Leaked footage
Toaster Ernie: *grabs berries* These fruits must have been harvested by the gods of old! I will name these holy treasures Berries of Falchion!

— underground room 69 feet down —

Glen: Look we can view something with this monitor!

*All see Toaster Ernie’s conversation with the houseguests*

Is he OK?

Janice: I’m sure they’re just auditioning for a play.

Sam: Do a duet, random carrot passerby.


Jameschar: Oh, I'll make some jam from those berries and then I'll set it on fire, jam tastes best when it's on fire, though that might just be a personal preference. Should I set these energy roots on fire? I think that'd improve the flavour.
Snowball: Nice to meet ya Drone and Jameschar

— elsewhere far away from the Big Brother house —

Nigel the Raticate: Where am I? *exploring the universe he found himself in, hours later coming to the realization that he'll never go home again*

Nigel: Well it seems I've found myself in an alternate universe where I'm no longer an escaped and wanted criminal. I guess I don't have to stay in transformation anymore *turns back into a Ditto*

Dan the Ditto: At least in this universe I can safely transform into Gardevoir again... now to start my new life here in this human-free world


God Usopp
*After getting over the confusion of other random pokemon appearing with no warning*
AHA! You thought the energy roots were on pristine condition, but while everyone was on their rooms, I, POTATO, rolled over them to mash them, for I knew someone would try to make some sort of jelly from them, NOW LET'S MAKE JELLY FILLED DONUTS!


Silver Soul
Actually the have-nots can only eat pure, unadulterated Energy Roots! Don’t worry though; we have plenty of them in storage, so you can use Energy Roots as ingredients for your own food as much as you like Potato.