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SPPF Big Brother Season 4


Jameschar: (Claps nervously)


Chief of Staff
Staff member
Roger: Alright, so lets get started. The two houseguests I have nominated for eviction are:

Wobbuffet (@shoz999 )
Brian (@WizardTrubbish )

I have nominated you, Wobbuffet, and you, Brian. Obviously, being the first hoh is not easy since we have just begun to get to know each other. The main reason why I have nominated the two of you is because I see the two of you threats, it’s as simple as that. It’s not anything personal against either of you.

For the veto competition, the two nominees and myself have to compete. Both nominees get to choose one hg to also participate as well. I choose Snowball (@keepitsimple ) to play in the veto.


Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned
Soalce: *breaks loose of her space out upon hearing that she's been picked to compete, begins frantically pacing around the common room*


Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned
OOC: Hey, @xEryChan , how are we supposed to negotiate in secret if we can't directly message you?


Jameschar: Is this awesomeness flammable?...


God Usopp
Toaster Ernie: Heed my call everyone for the reckoning is among us. The powerful bloodlust from my shuriken hand seeks to sate its thirst for the true evil: those badly aligned Pokedolls!
Potato: I shall aid you in your valiant struggle against the evils of dolls being badly aligned!


Silver Soul
The veto competition will be Hide and Seek Hoenn.

Roger, Wobuffet!, Brian, Snowball, Tara, Solace

@xEryChan, @shoz999, @WizardTrubbish, @keepitsimple, @wolf jani, @TheWanderingMist

I've randomly hidden each of your tokens in a location in the Hoenn region based on the number (integer between 1 and 46 inclusive) you gave me + when you responded relative to the other participants. Each of you are free to divulge your token’s location to any of the other houseguests if you want to. Your job is to guess the general area where someone else’s token is hidden from the list of locations provided below. Each of you will post one guess in the thread each turn. If your guess is correct, the person whose token is hidden in that place will be out of the running for the veto. If your token is found, you are out of the running for the veto and will not make any further guesses. The houseguest whose token is the last one hidden will win the Power of Veto and the ability to change one of Roger’s nominations.

Post your guess for where another token might be in the thread, and remember don't search where your own token is or you'll be eliminated!

Once you've all posted one guess, I'll announce whether any of you have found somebody's token, and then we’ll go to the next turn.

  1. Rusturf Tunnel
  2. Petalburg Woods
  3. Mt. Pyre
  4. Verdanturf Town
  5. Slateport City
  6. Petalburg City
  7. Shoal Cave
  8. Mirage Tower
  9. Dewford Town
  10. Sky Pillar
  11. Battle Frontier
  12. Safari Zone
  13. Fallarbor Town
  14. Sealed Chamber
  15. Littleroot Town
  16. Abandoned Shop
  17. Secret Islet
  18. Mauville City
  19. Sootopolis City
  20. Seafloor Cavern
  21. Pacifidlog Town
  22. Cave of Origin
  23. Artisan Cave
  24. Jagged Pass
  25. Marine Cave
  26. Secret Meadow
  27. Rustboro City
  28. Meteor Falls
  29. Lavaridge Town
  30. Battle Resort
  31. Mt. Chimney
  32. Desert Underpass
  33. Trainer Hill
  34. Secret Shore
  35. Ever Grande City
  36. Granite Cave
  37. Mossdeep City
  38. Oldale Town
  39. Scorched Slab
  40. Southern Island
  41. Desert Ruins
  42. Fortree City
  43. Ancient Tomb
  44. Lilycove City
  45. Island Cave
  46. Terra Cave

P.S. I did another list randomizer after I assigned each of you your token locations.



Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned
Solace: *writes Desert Underpass on a note and hands it to the host*